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Sometimes the flashes the photographer and the (most frustratingly) the triggers are not in synchrony! IF SOMEONE can recommend something better for the price of the elinchrom skyport speed please speak up!

oh hey. i'm on rituals now.

there's a ton of wonderful photographers on here so i'm pretty excited.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

This scene grabbed my attention immediately when considering

the various methods of communication within it from none verbal, verbal, the written word, and how society has progressed from the standard phone boxes/booths to the cell phones with their texting , games, TV, radio and Skype, the latter we now take for granted.



Newton's method, and the story behind it is sad. How? Exactly.


ODC Theme: All Mixed Up

Taken: 29 Dec 2013


I was a bit undecided with the post processing (if any) I'd perform on this. I spent 30 mins going around in circles. To me this is an indication to go back to basics, so I applied a simple blue hue layer at 80% to give a slightly metallic finish which I liked. Sometimes less is more.




i've been feeling pretty inspired and more creative than usual. i just kind of recently discovered the "brenizer method" and so here is an attempt at it! there are some flaws here and there, but i can only hope i get better because this method makes photographs seem a lot more interesting. anyways, i'm sure this concept has been done before and so if it has, and you're seeing this photo- it's pure coincidence!!


anyways, i feel like my fire has been lit. i feel like most days all I want to do is create, take photographs, and make things. but work takes up so much of my time. I hope to start uploading more and taking more photographs. i don't upload as much as I used to, but i plan on changing that soon! hope everyone has a happy new year! :)

original crayon drawing by: Bill Rogers


Please visit The Red Lantern and all my recent works.


inverted scan/unwaxed

Vidalon Vellum-I need to wet this paper before sensitizing

to avoid the ripples

*interesting to note, I let this negative dry out for about an hour, then exposed it for 3 +minutes while the sun was going down, and waited another hour to develop it, which showed me that Talbot's method doesn't require the negative to be wet or damp which I didn't know.


A total of 15 images stitched together. Original is a bit over 90 megapixels. This was the first time it actually went right.

Brenizer method w/ a Canon 135mm f/2.0L

@ Old School, Getafe


this picture was taken on Canon 300mm F4 @ 108 shots merged

eh, I don't know how much I like this. I tried something kind of new with the editing and I'm not sure if I like the way it came out. This will definitely be something that I can redo/experiment with later on. Also would you guys be interested in asking me questions for a Q&A? I'm thinking about doing one but i want to know if people would actually ask questions before I do it. Also I kind of want to do a speed edit video soon. I hate to think that summer's already starting to come to an end. It went by so fast and now I'm busy finishing up my summer gym and summer reading. I hope to keep up with photography when school starts as much as I am now.

First time using the Brenizer Method! You can kind of tell because part of the lamp is gone and everything is all slanted... but not too bad for a first-timer, right??


Taken at the Filoli Estate in Woodside City


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Made in Python using the Pillow, Tkinter and OpenVision libraries


Boardwalk, Miami Beach, Florida. I've always thought this photo had a weird vibe about it, so I've held back on posting it. Friday the 13th seemed like a good time to let it out into the airwaves.


Happy Fence Friday!


Best viewed large on black.

Concierto Method Man @2010

Tokina RMC 135/2.8 F4 ( 9 photos


crop sensor × 1.5=202mm f/6.1 × 9photos.. f/6.1÷9photos= 0.67 hmm if I have Calculated this right the final image has an Aperture of f/0.67


dont realy know how to calculate this brenizer method.



*Needle Threader




Please note this is my process of doing a knot method mohair reroot. You may find that another process works for you :).

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