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T.Z Poses - Pose

Clef de Peau - Skin

Modulus - Hair

Hevo - Suit

Never Totally Dead - Never Forgive

Krescendo - Apoxwagon

Milk Motion - The Loft



The Chapter Four


♫♥♫Sweeney Todd - The Worst Pies in London♫♥♫

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A meat-eating plant, quite pretty in its own way, captured in Glasgow, Scotland. The wet droplets are not water droplets, but glue used to capture food :)

Macro Mondays: 02/OCT/2017 Member's Choice Theme - Found In The Kitchen.




... is used to measure the internal temperature of meat


Macro Mondays, September 24: Measurement

HDR 5 frames stack

Made in germany

On the Spring Festial Market in Kunming, the capital of the Chinese province Yunnan. This meat comes from the far north, the Tibetan part of the province at the edge of the Himalaya.

Milan 6/12/2019

Helior Prime roleplay. "Meat" Clones.

Trying to practice handheld focus stacking with my new MP-E lens. This is a stack of 2x magnification photos of a meat tenderizer.

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A street butcher in Hongkong

Perhaps in the back of our minds we already understand, without all the science I've discussed, that something terribly wrong is happening. Our sustenance now comes from misery. We know that if someone offers to show us a film on how our meat is produced, it will be a horror film. We perhaps know more than we care to admit, keeping it down in the dark places of our memory-- disavowed. When we eat factory-farmed meat we live, literally, on tortured flesh. Increasingly, that tortured flesh is becoming our own.


Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals

1846, 21st November to 1847AD, 20th March - The String of Pearls: A Romance is published in eighteen weekly parts, and so begins the long life of Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett).


The parts were were published in Edward Lloyd's The People's Periodical and Family Library, (issues 7-24). The authors are believed to be James Malcolm Rymer and Thomas Peckett Prest, who took it it alternating turns to write the parts. Later in 1850AD the story was published as a book titled 'The String of Pearls' subtitled "The Barber of Fleet Street. A Domestic Romance". Since then it has had a number of different literary, stage and eventually film adaptations forms being expanded and often drastically altered from the original story.


This rendition of Mrs Lovett's meat pie shop is based on Tim Burton's movie version of the musical: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, with some tweaks to make the building work properly. Thanks to MinifigNick for the pies!

My arrival in Portoferraio on the island of Elba coincided with the start of the 80th Rallye Elba.......large crowds, TV cameras and lots of colourful but noisy rally cars.


The was a carnival atmosphere in the town that night and many street food vendors had set up to take advantage of the crowds.....

There is a substantial Islamic community in Tibet, especially in and around Lhasa, the capital. Here, a young Moslem vendor sells Halal meat in front of his makeshift 'fast food' tent-restaurant, along one of the busy old town streets. There are many Islamic food sellers in this area.


Check out my Tibet album or my Photostream for other images of Tibet.

..such a weird word if you think about it.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid. 2018.

Hannah's Pies on Harris Street.


The meat pie is an Australian institution. Hot, meaty and holdable in one hand (the other is for your stubbie), the meat pie is the brickie's breakfast, the football fan's belly warmer, and the best lunch a bloke could hope for...GrabYourFork blog


Ultimo, Sydney, Australia (Friday 6 April 2018)

Meat cove, NS


my brother and I camped out on the beach with our own little fire since the camp site above was closed.

/ Tateishi, Katsushikaku, Tokyo

// 立石7丁目 / 葛飾区立石



Bad alley for vegans.

Last food shot for a while, promise! :)

Noo idea what type of meat it is, I was just told it was rare, and it made for a good shot ;)


View On Black

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Trinidad,Colorado. 6.3.2015.


Help. I can't take it anymore. Let me out of this body; out of this cage of meat. My brain is a sick tyrant, and I'm locked in here with it. Let me out, so I can be free of this pain, this confusion, and from the burden of being conscious.


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A stall in one of the meat markets in the non touristy parts of Havana.

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