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Ostrava, Czech Republic

August 2014


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A photoshpere experiment using LGG5 mobile phone

City Centre, Birmingham. Frame taken from DxO FilmPack.

Some selective black and white of the modern apartments down on the riverside in Frankfurt




1 Texture by Skeletal Mess


For some reason I just don't imagine rows of houses like these in Chicago... but there they are.

While Max and Sierra are at work Zoe and Aiden have gotten pretty cozy in the apartment. The way Zoe is lounging around you'd think it was her apartment.

Old apartment in hong kong

Nik Color Efex 4: Tonal contrast, Sunshine, Glow, PS dodge and burn.

Built in 1928 as a apartment/hotel this Hollywood landmark has had quite a sordid history throughout the years and also some notoriety for being the location for the back album cover of the Eagles "Hotel California"

Read all about the Lido and it's history here:

The view from the roof top of my brother's apartment. Long Island City to Manhattan

corner apartment

that was then

new york city, february 2012

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..there are simply too many abandonments in Gary, so I just applied numbers to them.

49 Apartments in Public Housing in Kong Kong, Kennedy Town

I took this in Chicago, Illinois on one of my summer trips there. The one on the left is called City Front Place and the rents go from $1400 to $3500 a month. Sadly, rents are getting higher and higher here in Austin as well. I'm starting to think about moving to another town.

Anyway, I'm not promoting Chicago apartments but this shot looked pretty good after I finished processing it so I figured I would throw it up here..;)) Happy Hump Day..:))

The Cheesy Animation the apartment designs made by the design team incorporate stunning movement, sound and visuals that bring life into projects. Specializing practical experience in a range of styles, we can adjust and properly make any style of elevation design that best fits the project and the desires of the client. With changing patterns in architecture, the inventive team at The Cheesy Animation has willingly volunteered to make visualisation which is surreal yet makes a correct replica of the customer's imagined loft subject. We are the world pioneer and genuine pioneer in entire 3D Apartment Rendering presentations for architecture and new property developments.


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Riverside Apartments - A building set in the near distant future. I was inspired by many 1950/60's concepts of how architecture would look in the future. I went through many ideas about what I should build before I settled with this idea. I wanted to have varying levels in height and depth but also to show a pleasant side to the future with greenery and water effects. The upstairs apartment interiors are minimalist in decoration and the ground floor houses a cafe/restaurant of sorts. Other features I have included are a greenhouse on the top floor, a reinforced wall to combat the rising river levels and an magnetic road which does not require wheels, where transport simply glides over the top!

This photo was taken in the Panier (Old Town of Marseille). Did you know that Marseille is one of the oldest cities in Europe?

A woman speaks on the telephone from her fire escape. View from the High Line park on West 26th Street.

Typical apartment building, Fortress Hill. Given the soot and pollution, I don't know how useful it was to hang the clothes outside.

Abandoned apartments in a Tokyo suburb.

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