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A magnolia in a vase in front of a window.

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One of the wonderful (and difficult) truths of having Magnolia trees is that they bloom virtually year round. They are beautiful but require raking up leaves constantly. Trouble but worth it. I love them.

Caerhays Castle gardens, Cornwall

La Magnolia stellata originaria dell'Asia orientale, arbusto dallo sviluppo limitato alto fino a 5 m, foglie decidue, fiori bianchi e profumati con petali aperti e sottili di aspetto leggero. La Magnolia stellata esiste anche nella varietà a fiore rosa: Magnolia stellatavar. Leonard Messel, ha lo stesso sviluppo della varietà a fiore bianco in più è profumatissima. Le Magnolie stellate sono adatte ad essere utilizzate nelle siepi anche miste e a portamento spontaneo, anche se ne esistono degli esemplari alti anche 5 metri di regola non arrivano a 300 cm.

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Finally spring is manifesting herself with display of delightful magnolias! :-)

Compassion is the radicalism of our time…..the Dalai Lama

Magnolias Swooning. On black.

Taken yesterday from a Magnolia tree in the grounds of Nunwell House, Brading Isle of Wight (UK). I added the second part of the image as II wanted to capture the inside of the bulb leaves to show the delicate core. Comments (Good or bad ) are welcomed. Thank you for viewing my images.

a White star magnolia bud opening. Magnolia stellata



Something has been drawing me to magnolia blossoms in the past few days. Maybe it's their fragrance, or because they are here for only a short time and my photographer's eye has been seeing them everywhere for the past two weeks. Ever since I saw a beautiful Magnolia Blossom photo by Imogen Cunningham I've been wanting to see inside of one, and photograph those uniquely curly tendrils.


Yesterday I got in my car with my camera and my step ladder and went on a mission to photograph the jewel inside the blossom. I went from neighborhood to neighborhood making many stops, and discovered that these are very private flowers. The beautiful white petals hug the insides tightly and the moment they do let go, the sun and heat start to brown the entire flower and it all begins to wither away.


I couldn't get inside the flower without prying it open with my fingers (while swatting away bees) which was impossible because I needed my hands to shoot. As I was about to give up and go home I saw one more tree at eye level and as luck would have it, the leaves of the tree had gently forced the magnolia open just enough to see inside before it all started to wither away.


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I always think that Magnolias look best when you see a whole tree in full bloom but the individual Magnolia flowers are lovely too, especially if they are as perfect as this one.

I add another capture of a Magnolia tree in the comments. The photo (as well as the first shot) was taken at Wilhema, our local zoo and botanical garden. The buildings in the background of the photo in the comments are greenhouses.

Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)


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Best Viewed Large On Black


Magnolia headdresses : Lode Head Accessory in double peach, double white (rare), single white and single yellow. Now at The Arcade Gacha.

Collar : May’s Soul – Bolena Collar. At Fantasy Room.

Wings : May’s Soul – Forest Tales – Wings (rare). At Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Bra : May’s Soul – Coral Set – bra bronze.

Skin : Glam Affair – Alice – Europa 01F. At Shiny Shabby.

Open mouth : PXL – Sweetlips, with Glam Affair appliers. At Shiny Shabby

Hair : Mina – Kaya. At Shiny Shabby.

Grass : Vita’s Boudoir – animated dancing grass. New very realistic looking moving grass.

Secret Magic Pond : Vita’s Boudoir. Comes with a rezzer, very easy. New.


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Oslo, may 2014; Magnolia trees are blooming in the botanical gardens at Tøyen. Photo: Heidi Voss-Nilsen

"Magnolia Buds"

One of my favourite things at this time of the year are magnolia buds backlit by the early evening sun. I think they look so mystical! — at Bath Park Botanical Gardens!

National Botanic Garden in Meise, Belgium.



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EXPLORE 360 on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My magnolias are starting to bloom so I will be taking a gazillion pics of them! I will try to make each one unique and interesting :)


The common magnolias are a pure white, a perfect symbol for dignity. Other magnolias come in tinges of pink, mauve, purple, cream and yellow - all varying from pale to the darkest and most vibrant of shades. Sometimes, magnolia blooms are a combination of the aforementioned colors.


The flower is associated with nobility, perseverance, dignity and a love of nature. The magnolia tree is a symbol of magnificence because of its impressive height and enormous flowers.


In art, specifically Chinese art, the magnolia is used as a symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty. In China, magnolia flowers are symbols of purity and nobility. In Japan, the magnolia is used as a medicinal and ornamental plant. The flower is called Hanakotoba in the Japanese system of flower symbolism. This means that the flower is sublime, natural and shows love for nature.


**Taken at my neighbour's front yard. :bouquet:This one is for you Shelly. :)


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One more magnolia shot...

E’ il loro momento. Dovunque ci giriamo, in città come in campagna, ecco grandi fiori romantici rosa e bianchi trionfare in ogni angolo, catturando immediatamente il nostro sguardo. Si tratta di magnolie: la loro particolarità è che fanno i fiori prima delle foglie, assicurando uno spettacolo primaverile del tutto unico.

Magnolia (Nederlandse naam beverboom) is de naam van het typegeslacht van de Magnoliafamilie (Magnoliaceae). Het geslacht is in West-Europa niet inheems en is hier het bekendst vanwege de rijk bloeiende soorten en kruisingen die in veel tuinen en parken zijn aangeplant.

I've had a lovely meal out and a good chat with a friend tonight. E has been a lot better today but slept in this morning so mr aspidistra copped for the sleepless toddler tonight. When I got home she'd not been asleep long!


What a gorgeous day today - the tadpoles have all hatched and the magnolia has just opened up. I'm looking forward to a good display this year - it's taken a while as the plant was tiny when I bought it but it's coming on now. I just hope the frost doesn't catch it. I love the furry buds and the flowers are so pretty.

A Magnolia tree seed pod spitting out it's seeds. A beautiful tree at times, but what a nasty mess it makes throughout the year..

The Magnolia has its buds wrapped in a furry coat at the moment, hope we don't go back to those below zero temperatures though.


Better view

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston S.C.

photo take 4-11-2013

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One more today!! :-)) One of my contacts Betty Jo posted a shot last week of a magnolia with a texture. I liked it so much, I decided to "borrow" her idea. Thanks to

dog ma for the texture!!


Magnolia denudata Desr. in Lamarck, 1792.

This name is accepted.

(Synonym : M. heptapeta (Buc'hoz) Dandy, 1934.)


Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Ai Nikkor ED 400mm F5.6s(IF)


A lovely 'Magnolia stellata'.. flower..


Have a happy.. peaceful.. blessed Sunday..


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A rare magnolia is this cross between magnolia acuminata var. subcordata “Miss Honeybee” and magnolia stellata. It gained flower shape fro stellata and colour from acuminate. Goldstar has medium sized flowers with 14 narrow petals, very similar to star-shaped magnolias. The colour is a delicate creamy-yellow and as the shrub flowers abundantly it brings a little bit of spring sunshine to your awakening garden. The flowers come out about a week or two later than stellata types.


Deciduous leaves are obovate, mid to deep green, bronze when young. Some say this magnolia has prettier leaves than flowers, some even claim this variety has the most beautiful leaves of all deciduous magnolias. It grows slowly or moderately, first forming a V-shaped shrub, growing wider with age.


The best place to plant it is in front of an evergreen hedge or dense and large conifers where it can make a superb display of its delicately coloured flowers on bare branches. It is ideal as a free-standing specimen or sensitively situated in a group of compact conifers of Japanese style and / or other, smaller growing magnolias of red or purple colours.


Do view large to see the pink and green centre

Taken Thursday at the Halifax Public Gardens.

LA NATURE éclate et les BOURGEONS se libèrent !




Ce genre a été nommé Magnolia par le frère Charles Plumier (1646-1704), en l'honneur de Pierre Magnol (1638-1715), médecin et botaniste français, qui fut directeur du jardin botanique de Montpellier. Une autre hypothèse veut que ce soit Carl von Linné qui ait créé le mot Magnolia, également en l'honneur de Pierre Magnol et de son concept de famille, utilisé dans la classification botanique.


Les fleurs de magnolia attirent les insectes pollinisateurs. Les carpelles des fleurs de magnolia sont extrêmement robustes : ils ne sont pas endommagés par les coléoptères pollinisateurs. Les magnolias sont apparus avant les coléoptères ; des spécimens fossilisés de Magnolia acuminata datent de 20 millions d'années et des spécimens appartenant à la famille des Magnoliaceae de 95 millions d'années. Un des aspects primitifs de Magnolia est leur absence de distinction entre sépales et pétales.


Whippoorwill's singing

Soft summer breeze

Makes me think of my baby

I left down in New Orleans

I left down in New Orleans

Magnolia, you sweet thing

You're driving me mad

Got to get back to you, babe

You're the best I ever had

You're the best I ever had

You whisper "Good morning"

So gently in my ear

I'm coming home to you, babe

I'll soon be there

I'll soon be there


Magnolia by Beck (cover from J.J. Cale)


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Magnolia; public garden, Mogadouro, Portugal.

Front yard Magnolia tree is in full bloom ,for a few days at least. Beautiful flowers that give off no noticable scent.

Nice in LightBox.

It was raining a lot last saturday (today its sunny and about 20°C here) and some magnolia leaves lay on the ground.. the rain left some nice droplets on the leaf..


Tried to experiment with an abstract shot here...

Hope you like it.


Thank you all for your views, comments and faves!

Enjoy your weekend!


Named after the French Botanist Pierre Magnol, Magnolias have always been historically associated with the Southern United States.


Magnolia grandiflora is the official state flower of 2 states of the US, Mississippi and Louisiana.


It is also the official state tree of the state of Mississippi.


A day old, wilted Southern Magnolia.

Magnolia grandiflora

Family Magnoliaceae

Roadside Landscape tree, Windermere, Florida, USA.


We had an opportunity to shoot a Brazilian beauty by the name of Kássia Magnolia Alves or in short Magnolia. She was wearing a blue blouse and it sort of blended quite well with the blue timber gate. What a great opportunity to take a few shots here. She was also wearing a white top and she took it off for the blue colors to come into effect. And with a smile to go with her pose, it was left for us to take that shot. I decided to do a pseudo-HDR processing to enhance the textures of the blue timber.


Talent - Kássia Magnolia Alves

Make-up and Outfits - by model

Coordinator - Outdoor Shooting Malaysia, Logan Goh

Photographer - halee1953

Date - 24th September 2011

Location - Kuala Lumpur


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