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Lucky! It missed them!!


Lucky - look close! (right on the horizon)


Lucky (me) - I snapped it.


Lucky - who'll believe me?


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I'm sending luck and wishes

All wrapped up in a hug

Good things should come your way

With this tiny ladybug.

-Author Unknown


Yesterday I noticed the water fountain in our front yard was low with water, then I saw this ladybug floating on top. I rescued it, and placed it on a leaf of the sago palm for a while in the sun to dry out. Watching as it opened and closed it's colorful wing covers as it dried of it's wings, taking pictures of the event. After about 25 minutes, I put my finger close and it crawled on it as I took a series of images before it flew away. This wonderful ladybug was very lucky today and I also was lucky to get some awesome images of such a beautiful creature of nature. The ladybug gets to live for another day.


Thanks for all your wonderful support on my work in Photography, Lol: Gaston.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View in large for awesome details of this beautiful Lucky Ladybug. Thanks,!!!!

We will move away from owls for a bit and post a warm location bird. White Ibis in breeding plumage with his lucky catch. Taken in Florida.


Thank you. Your visit and comments are very much appreciated.

lucky bay 2006


#1 on explore on 14 Dec 2007.

This is a "from the car" shot. This sight suddenly appeared on the other side of the fjord. The rain was on and off, with an occasionally sun beam breaking through.

Known for centuries as lucky bamboo, the plant is simply not a bamboo (scientific name: Dracaena) but a member of the lilies family that grows in the tropical forests . Its name Lucky Bamboo comes from its ease of Growth, by having been associated with the oriental Feng Shui practice, merging natural elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal into balance within the environment.

Lucky Bamboo generates Prosperity !!!

Happy St.Patrick's Day

“Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!”


[ Alessandro Sciarroni, Lucky Star, performance, 2010 ]


Daughter found three lucky clovers!! what a luck...

on the Louisiana coast last week and the sunsets there just amaze me. No one around seemed to be enjoying the incredible colors in the sky and on the water. I had this spot literally all to myself! how lucky are we to see this kind of beauty?

lucky dog

Zeeland, the Netherlands

FujiFilm X-S1

Lucky Series Day 4: I was driving around looking for anything when I saw a snake in the road. I first thought it was dead because I never find the alive kind! To my great surprise the rattlesnake was alive. So then I thought he's just going to slither off before I get any shots. He didn't. He was an amazing model for me. Let me get some nice shots, didn't leave and didn't try to kill me - lucky day!

It was raining hard this morning with bright sunlight lit up this bridge that created such lucky rainbow :) I was so lucky to see it at Fort Point:). This was my 2nd time to see the rainbow with this bridge tower. How many times have you seen the rainbow with this bridge?





#colors #sunrise #rainbow #luckyrainbow #三藩市 #luckysnapshot

Breakdown in the wrong place at the wrong time...!

Have a great week guys.Thank you for comments and faves.

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Golden Pig Means Prosperity, Good Fortune.. yes please.

I always feel lucky when a come across a flock of birds, was able to grab a couple shots with my iPhone, with no traffic behind me and only one car coming slowly towards me. Edited with snapseed and distressedfx for Slider's Sunday. HSS!

If you are still thinking whats lucky about it -- well here is the story.


BSNF runs two set of tracks in Northern Arizona, and I have seen trains running in either direction on either track. But this was the first time when I saw trains running in same direction on both tracks at once.


Seen above is a truck trailer consists on flat beds passing the rather slower and heavy-load double stacker. Both had 4 BSNF GEs at the helm.


It was a treat to watch this phenomenon.


Taken in Seligman in Northern Arizona.

từ hqua đến giờ có vẻ gặp nhiều chuyện hơi xui xẻo :(

Nhưng mình nghĩ rằng trong cái rủi cũng có cái may thôi . Rồi may mắn sẽ đến, cứ tin là như vậy đi ! mình đã tìm dc 1 số điều may mắn bù lại rồi đấy thôi... cố lên, i'm a lucky girl... :D


I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again

Lucky we're in love in every way

Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

Lucky to be coming home someday...

How good it feels to share the same ups and downs, and have each other and our little GYM to vent all of the frustrations and fun stories of nursing school. You guys are my lucky star.


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Nada como tener con quienes compartir las mismas altas y bajas que uno pasa en el intento desesperado por alcanzar una meta en común. Es dificil entender cuando no se está en la misma situación, por eso es que nos unimos cada vez más como un equipo. Estas locas que forman la estrella son parte de mi terapia diaria.



Charlotte Bar & Grill

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Lucky me ; driving around the island of Gimsoy at the Lofoten in Norway while the sky is displaying beautiful clouds and rainbows !

Our big boy, Lucky, stares up at me out on the back porch. I think he was looking for an invitation to jump up on my lap. And when you get an eighteen pound ball of fur in your lap, you know you've got something there. For as big as he is, he has the tiniest little squeak of a meow I've ever heard.

Cape le Grand National Park

Western Australia

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity~ Seneca


I was extremely lucky to get this humming bird, but I did prepare.


I planted Salvia greggi to attact them and then, for the last few weekends, when we came home from the beach, Paul sat on the porch with his beer, (on humming watch) while I shower. Then I get my glass of wine and took over. I tested my settings and waited!!


Many times they show up and I shot madly and get nothing! This Saturday, I got lucky, The hummer shows up and I start shooting. I hear the shutter click and saw the glint in the eye and I knew I got it !!


I bring it up in the computer and I had half of it!! The background was the side of a house. That's where the textures came in handy. Many thanks to Virtually supine ( I know I used that one) and to Skeletalmess, parrerica and Floribella, my main sources for textue.




I wish a lucky day for all my friends !

Lucky-Ducky has won a place in my heart

Lucky Lucy is a fishing boat, I do have it on good authority that this type of boat can make for a more choppy ride than the normal type of hull. One thing is for sure you are not going to catch me on this, I do not have sea legs!

A lucky combination of fog, sun, landscape and a couple of birds...




See where this picture was taken. [?]

Sometimes it pays to be lucky

I saw it out of the corner of my eye, swung the camera and pressed the shutter release.

My first in flight dragonfly at the poop to bottled water plant.

This photo was taken with my iphone.

Lucky Charms, Zion National Park, Utah


The Subway is probably the most recognized and sought after ovation in Zion National Park by photographers, and for good reason. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to hike to this location over eight time in the past ten years and it never ceases to amaze or bore me. In the past couple of years the silt in the canyon has really built up and fueled in many of the pools. While most would probably fret over this, I found the new shapes formed in the entrance to be quite intriguing and it immediately reminded me of a four leaf clover, hence the title of the image Lucky Charms.


Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


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acrylic/graphite on panel



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