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Bemidji, Minnesota

July 2014

A female long-jawed orbweaver spider (family Tetragnathidae, genus Tetragnatha) found on sedges at the edge of Lake Beltrami. longjawed orbweavers and their webs are a common site along the water's edge.

I came accross a colony of LARGE longjawed orbweavers at a nearby park. I was stunned to see some many large females and a couple of (much smaller) males. Sort of a longjawed shindig, it would seem. This one was suspended in front of me with blue sky behind it. The flash version of this was ok, but I liked it with the natural light better, even though it's mostly just a silhouette.

A 'Long-Jawed Orb Weaver'

Longjawed Orbweaver

Taken on day 2 of camping trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park, at Frijole Ranch and Smith Spring Trail.


Smith Spring was beautiful. The water was clear and flowing, the vegetation was lush, and the rocks were textured by remains of the Permian Reef. I spent over an hour hanging around exploring and watching birds come in to drink and bathe.

Don't know what kind this one is. Pretty cool though.

Likely same on from last pic.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Orchard orbweavers (Leucauge venusta) are a common species from Southern Canada to Panama. Sometimes the patterning is dull or absent.


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BAM! Happy Arachtober, dropping into your monitor like a spider suddenly dropping from above!

12:00 a.m. I am on the BALL!!


1 Arachtober 2013


Orchard Orb Weaver, Leucauge venusta

Alexandria, VA

Click Here and stare long and hard enough at this and you will see a freakish devil woman with 8 arms and huge horns. Happy Halloween!


(Longjawed Orbweaver)


This is a crop of this photo. I had been sifting through some photos and had zoomed way in on this and then as I was staring at the screen, my mind was drifting to other things I should be doing (ala work)... when I snapped out of it, this freakish nightmare creature was descending upon me!

Surf Beach, Santa Barbara County, California

Weedon Island Preserve - St Petersburg, FL

... a pretty spider. =)


Orchard Orbweaver

Leucauge venusta


Arachtober 30, 2010


This is about the extent of the birds we saw at this Audubon Nature Preserve in Houston.


total count for the day:

2 Blue Jays

1 massive bullfrog

1 longjawed orbweaver

1 red eared slider

1 squirrel

1 rabbit

1 wading bird of undetermined species (flew away, hid in leaves, looked to be female yellow crowned night heron?)

1 welcome lack of ubiquitous golden silk spiders. I mean, TOTAL lack, which was very odd. I can only assume it has to do with the food source, as the other conditions they seem to like (near water/open areas/flyways) seemed to be present.


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This Longjawed Orbweaver (Tetragnatha) male was laying down some web material on the tops of various plants. I have no idea how he could get the silk to go out like this - I guess he was throwing it with one front leg while holding it with the second pair of legs. I think he's a bit more agile than I am!


Found at Wickiup Outdoor Nature Center, Iowa.


Corrections appreciated.


My #108 spider for 2015.

Male Longjawed Orbweaver (Tetragnatha)


From my Florida trip (longing for sunnier skies again). Positive this is one of two Leucauge sp. but don't have the angles to really call it. "Tufts" on back legs might suggest L. venusta, Orchid Orbweaver, but I'm not sure.

Arachtober 25th: Longjawed Orbweaver.

Sorry Indee! ;-)

I like the way the light comes through her body and legs, making them look like glass.


Orchard Orbweaver, Leucauge venusta

Another very large Longjawed Orbweaver (Tetragnathid) which was almost right on top of me when I looked up in a structure that was built at the park. I love the brown and mute green tones in the abdomen design.

Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve, Santa Barbara County, California

Longjawed Orbweavers Tetragnatha at Estero Lilano Grande State Park, TX

All Rights Reserved MPNavest `2012 Orsinome lagenifera member of the longjawed Orbweavers fam Tetragnathidae

I love that distinctive feature on these spiders. This was a tiny speck out in my yard; I actually found a bunch of them last night, stalking in the darkness. What do spiders do over the cold of winter? Do they hibernate? If they're just babies now, I can't imagine they're supposed to die with the cold.


Orchard Orbweaver

Leucauge venusta


Arachtober 27th

Long-jawed Orb-weaver (Tetragnatha Sp.) ID. confirmation welcomed.

Oso Flaco Dunes, Guadalupe, San Luis Obispo County, California

Some type of longjawed orbweaver found in North East, Maryland. Shot with my 100mm f2.8 macro lens.

I finally got decently-focused dorsal (left) and ventral (right) shots of this one. Nephila clavipes, Family Tetragnathidae (Longjawed Orb Weavers).


This is the same spider I photographed on June 3, but now I have her in better light/focus. This was taken around 10:30 AM. She measures approximately 12 mm. Females can grow up to 50mm, so this one's just a little tyke. Thanks to Jeff's and Sasha's photos on Bugguide.Net, I finally figured this one out.


I guess the blobs are a practice stabilimentum (which usually appears as a linear, zigzag pattern in the web) as she learns her weaving skills. Also, her web has a 3D depth to it, more like a chamber than a wheel. (These are probably barrier webs, which this species weaves.) When inadvertently disturbed as I tried to get a good position, she set up a pretty impressive vibration for a few seconds, then calmed down.


She is also called Banana Spider, Golden Orb Weaver, Golden Orb-Weaving Spider, Golden Silk Orbweaver, and Calico Spider. Says Bugguide, "This is the only Nephila species known in the Western Hemisphere. Other Nephila species are found in the south Pacific, SE Asia, Madagascar and Australia."


Bugguide continues, "The gold dragline silk of this spider's web has attracted interest for its amazing tensile strength. Scientists have analyzed its content and attempted to reproduce its proteins artificially for use in high-strength fabrics. See here for article in Science News Magazine, 1996.


More detail can be seen in the large view (click the magnifying glass).

Leucauge venusta. Also known as the Orchard Spider or the Longjawed Orbweaver. "The genus name Leucauge is Greek for “with a bright gleam,” and it is actually the only spider name created by Charles Darwin himself (Cameron 2005). The specific epithet, venusta, is Latin for charming, elegant, or beautiful." -- (

Circle B Bar Reserve, Polk County, Fl.

Dec 31, 2011.


Surf Beach, Santa Barbara County, California

Orchard Orbweaver (Leucauge venusta) - Female, spinning its web, West Harrison, Westchester County, New York


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