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Longjawed Orbweaver

on Lady Fern

Anderson Center

Red Wing, Minnesota

Possibly a long-jawed orb-weaver, a young one as it was ver, very small. Seen between the wooden slats of a picnic bench, Brownsea island, Dorset

A youngster, possibly Tetragnatha extensa (Commonly called Long-jawed Orb-weaver or Common Stretch Spiders). This one is not stretching as per it's name, it is trying to balloon I think. Very very small, it was only a few mm in body length. Seen on a picnic table on Brownsea Island

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Longjawed Orbweavers (Tetragnatha)


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I really love the colors on these beautiful spiders. View embiggened for more lovely colors.


Leucauge venusta


Arachtober 5, 2010

Arachtober 26th. Longjawed Orbweaver, Tetragnatha

Longjawed Orbweavers (Tetragnatha sp.)

TEXAS: San Jacinto Co.

Big Creek Scenic Area in Sam Houston National Forest @ USF 217

Coldspring, 6.4 mi NW


J.C. Abbott #2767 & K.K. Abbott

Bemidji, Minnesota

July 2014

A female long-jawed orbweaver spider (family Tetragnathidae, genus Tetragnatha) found on sedges at the edge of Lake Beltrami. longjawed orbweavers and their webs are a common site along the water's edge.

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