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Longjawed Orbweaver

on Lady Fern

Anderson Center

Red Wing, Minnesota

Leucauge venusta


Howard Co. Conservancy Bio Blitz

Woodstock, Ellicott City Quad, Howard County, MD

12 August 2017

Longjawed Orbweavers (Tetragnatha sp.)

TEXAS: San Jacinto Co.

Big Creek Scenic Area in Sam Houston National Forest @ USF 217

Coldspring, 6.4 mi NW


J.C. Abbott #2767 & K.K. Abbott

The Underbelly


Probably the most colorful spider in these parts.

Bemidji, Minnesota

July 2014

A female long-jawed orbweaver spider (family Tetragnathidae, genus Tetragnatha) found on sedges at the edge of Lake Beltrami. longjawed orbweavers and their webs are a common site along the water's edge.

Leucauge venusta


Arachtober 21, 2010

These Long-jawed Orb-weaver Spiders are difficult to identify, but I think this is either Tetragnatha extensa or Tetragnatha montana. Any help would be appreciated.


These spiders have long slim bodies, and usually found in vegetation close to ground level and frequently close to water. This spider typically made its web horizontally over a pond, so as to catch newly emerging insects.


'Tetragnatha' literally means four jaws, and these spiders do have some seriously large chelicerae, that are hinged with fangs at the tips, and when mating the male has to lock his jaws on the females to prevent her eating him!


When disturbed these spiders lie flat out with their legs stretched out in a straight line. allowing them to hide behind thin grasses. and escape predation.


Thank you for your comments, favs and invite. I very much appreciate your support. Have a great Wednesday :)

113in2013 52 Cobweb

ODC May 1 - Heroes & Villains


Spiders are often seen as villains but in reality they are heroes, especially in the garden, by trapping and consuming many pesky insects.


This one is in my garden, hanging around in the rhubarb, waiting for the unsuspecting.


I think it's a Tetragnatha elongata (Longjawed Orbweaver) Please correct me if I'm wrong.



31 Arachtober 2013 - Halloween Blitz 2 of 4


Orchard Orb Weaver, Leucauge venusta

Great Falls, MD

longjawed orbweavers

Genus Tetragnatha

Tetragnatha sp.

sub-adult male


Funk's Pond Recreation Area

Conowingo Dam Quad, Cecil Co, MD

29 April 2017

I came accross a colony of LARGE longjawed orbweavers at a nearby park. I was stunned to see some many large females and a couple of (much smaller) males. Sort of a longjawed shindig, it would seem. This one was suspended in front of me with blue sky behind it. The flash version of this was ok, but I liked it with the natural light better, even though it's mostly just a silhouette.

Now you know how to say "pretty spider" in Slovak. =)


Orchard Orbweaver, Leucauge venusta

Alexandria, VA

Orchard Orbweaver, Leucauge venusta

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Longjawed Orbweavers (Tetragnatha)


Here are some links

Don't know what kind this one is. Pretty cool though.

Likely same on from last pic.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Longjawed Orbweaver

A longjawes spider holding onto the deck.

A 'Long-Jawed Orb Weaver'

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