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ID anyone? A few contacts have told me-- Borage-- great. Beautiful little flowers in the NC mountains, that hang down. You have to get underneath them to see the rather small flower. They are quite lovely. The stems and buds already had their own "fractalius" added, but I played around with it to add just an additional photoshop fractalius touch.


Taken 7/27/09, Posted 8/3/09, bit of fractalius added


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six in comments :)


sometimes I want to just crawl down into myself and feel sad, about all of it. but then I remember He's there, He cares, He's saved me. and that gives me reason to keep on, stay strong.


(157/365; October 29, 2010)

[4/52] august 15



model is Leyla. please view on large!


i've been really proud of my 52 weeks photos so far! for once in a long time, i am motivated and inspired and all that good stuff. too bad summer couldn't last forever so i could always have time to put 100% of my effort into my work.


we went down to the beaches today. the sunlight peeking through the trees was absolutely stunning. so, naturally, i voluntold my friends to stand in the middle of the bush to model for me.

shoutout to Leyla and Lindsay for standing in weird things so i could photograph you; hope there was no poison ivy ;)! i have such great friends :):)



and when I was weak unable to speak,

still I could call You by name,

and I said “elbow Healer, Superhero,

come if You can,” and You said “I am”




(that's dirt on my legs and it wasn't planned)


The whisper in the wind had fallen silent as the sun began to peek. The sky had been splashed with the most gorgeous shade of blue. The clouds were the dreamy type of clouds a photographer would carry around in his back pocket. I walked along a narrow, well beaten animal path through the tall marsh grasses. The early morning sun cast long shadows and the tread was softened by the layering of the well beat down grasses. I was in a land I wanted so desperately to be in. I wanted to be a recipient to the gifts that Nature had to offer me. I paused halfway through the marsh and clutched the shaft of the grasses and ran my hand upward. Touching and feeling in Nature is allowed and really in my book it is a requirement. The path led me to an open marsh area and I could begin to see the most beautiful fall colors in the trees off in the distance. The sun’s highlights made the trees just brilliant. The greens were deep and the oranges and reds were at their peak. I found my way to a spot along the shore where I knew I wanted to be. And just be I did. I found an old piece of dried cedar and found some comfort in it. It was at this moment I thought about all the things that go round and round in life, how repetitious the routine becomes and how this type of morning really does not fit in. To the front and left of where I sat a well weathered stump anchored itself in marshy shore. Along side of it another piece of cedar lay amongst the cream-colored mosses. The landscape I was a part of had perfect purpose and perfect meaning to me. I want to stay and watch the sun move all the way across the sky and I want to be more than just a visitor today. Today I make a promise to myself that I will never go without long walks along narrow paths. And never do I want to be without a landscape scene in all of my days to come. Blessed is a Life, when it’s touched by Nature.

Although I was shielded by a pretty sturdy fence (At least I hope I was !) just gazing into those eyes , sent a shiver down my spine.


© All rights reserved Ian Lindsay aka Lensbuddies. Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit written permission.

View down the Linville River, south of Spence Ridge Trail. Had enjoyed a cool mid-20s degree hike into Linville Gorge with new acquaintances Chris and his daughter Lindsay, from Florence South Carolina. Mark Houser, also on this hike, has known them for several years an invited them to this area to enjoy some of our scenery.


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I'm on vacation in NC.


I love walking in the woods and feeling the community in the forest.


Topaz Simplify Tweaking - toned down buzz slim. Colors looked good in Topaz- but now on Flickr they look too saturated and too yellow- green. Not sure why they look so different-- I was not going quite for this effect. Tried to desaturate and adjust hue in Picknik- but still the colors are off. So eventually maybe I'll post the original in the comment below.


Taken 10/19/10, Uploaded 10/22/10 , 2010 10 20_zR72_550_PicnikLightTSBSTweakEnhanceNCWoodsSunset_1659


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this is Kayla, the future supermodel ;)

(since she has such a good "model look" down)

except not in this picture because she's "asleep" lol

which is good :)

but in a different way


I ramble.

Well. That was an interesting year.


So, interesting story of the day: I fell in. This lake is the most beautiful winter scene I have ever seen, way up in the mountains... I woke up at 6:30 to get here while everything was still and quiet. It was -10 degrees. The edges of the lake was all ice. Those rocks look wet, right? That's what I thought until I took my first step onto them. They're absolutely covered in smooth ice... So of course, down I went, into the fresh mountain snow-melted water. How refreshing! Luckily it was shallow water, but still, the photoshoot was cut rather short after that. By the time I got back into the heated car, the white dress I was wearing was like cardboard... Totally frozen (and crunchy!). Thankfully I couldn't feel how cold it was... But that's probably because I was already numb enough that I couldn't feel even if I tried. But it was so worth it, just to see the lake and the towering snow-covered mountains... And yes, I am mostly warmed up again now.


Okay, now about my 365... It was awesome. But to answer most of your comments on my last few photos: NOPE, I am definitely not going to start up another 365 tomorrow, or possibly ever for that matter. No way. Sorry to disappoint. This coming year of 2011 will go into attempting to graduate from school, putting more time into painting, and working with dogs and dog training. But that being said, I could never leave behind photography. I will regularly be uploading new photos, just not quite as frequently. ;)


Completing my 365 this year was so worth it. I never missed a day, and I really actually enjoyed it for the most part. Anywhere from 1-4 hours (often more) were put into my photography every day this year. Walking to all my locations (often several miles away), setting up, taking photos, walking back, editing... It all took a huge chunk out of my time each day... But I really think it was worth it, I'm incredibly happy with how I've improved, looking back on my older photos. It's helped me not only improve in photography, but in many other aspects of my life as well.


And who do I have to thank but ALL OF YOU GUYS?!?! Oh man, I don't even know where to start, you have all been so supportive and amazing. Thank you Lyle and Stuart, you guys never stopped leaving meaningful comments all year, and long before. Thank you Anna, Keely, Lauren, Aprille, and Zack... You guys were my biggest inspirations to start my 365. And thank you to the most wonderful friends I've grown to know and love along the way, Katie, Whitney, Steven, Andrea, Nicholas, Jessica, JJ, Lindsay, Shelby, and many many many more of you, I'll have to go around thanking you each individually. :) And thank you to my dork second-cousin-once-removed Emerald for spontaneously starting with me, enduring with me, and finishing with me, our 365's.


Oh, and of course, thank you SPARKY for coming with me on nearly every single photoshoot, for helping me set up, for posing for me, for protecting me from bad guys, for being cute, and for making me smile on the hardest of days. :)


WOOHOO I'M DONE. Time to party. I think I'll eat some chocolate.


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inspired a lot by Caiti :)

+++ <--- you really should.


ah yes, this picture specifically. the whole face down in the flowers thing ;) I <3 her pictures a lot.

I like night car rides with the windows down.

Building on previous hard light creative portraits I've done - inspired by Lindsay Adler's work btw - and if you don't know Lindsay - go check out her fantastic work at - I made some custom gobos ("GOes Before Optics") for my Lightblaster to create a slice of light on my subject.


I wanted blue tones in the shadow area, and used a small beauty dish with grid, and a mild blue gel, on low power to achieve this. I put an orange correction gel in the lightblaster along with the gobo to counter the blue in the lit area. I adjusted the white balance to get skin tones just a little on the warm side of normal - ie dialing the WB down towards blue.


Getting the light strip in the right place is the trickiest bit - and I used the "modelling light" feature on the Nikon flash system that pulses the flash very fast for about 2 seconds so you can see where it will land. The Yongnuo YN622 radio system faithfully sends this instruction so the modelling feature works off-camera too.


Incidentally, my initial plan to use the slave cell in the Lencarta SF600 I was using to provide the blue fill didn't work reliably as the light strip was too constrained to trigger it. So instead of using the YN622N-TX on the camera to trigger the speedlight in the Lightblaster, I mounted one of the receivers on the camera. The YN622 receivers, are actually transceivers. Ie they will act as trigger as well as receiver. They have no display though so you adjust the power of the lighting groups blind so it's not really practical for most use cases. However in this case I could just set the light in manual and adjust the power on the speedlight so this wasn't a problem. Now - how does this solve my triggering issue with the big studio light? Well the YN622 receivers have a hot shoe where you mount the remote light. In this case, I mounted the Lencarta WaveSync trigger on top of the YN622 on the camera, and used both radio systems at the same time. Works like a charm :)


Model: Nicky Phillips

View On Black and Large.

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Found this guy so loaded down with pollen and sweetness that he could hardly fly!! His posture and delight make me laugh. Always a surprise with Mother Nature. Another photo from my NC mountain vacation, although I'm back in Florida. I think the flowers are lupine-- but any help with ID is welcome, and as always, I so appreciate critical feedback and help so that I can improve and become better at photography.


As taken, 6/7/09, Uploaded 6/25/09 #5036


If you wish, listen to the song: Don't Worry, Be Happy, one of my favorites:

View On Black and Large. Explore # 51, 5/29/09 (Still in 9/6/09)

18/52 52 Weeks for Dogs

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My almost 9 month old poodle puppy, Jake. Taken the day after the storm, documented in the just prior pictures in my photostream, and one pic in the comment below. Such a lovely day, after such an awful storm the day before. The ups and downs of life!!


Taken 5/25/09, Uploaded 5/29/09 # 4767 Pretty much as taken, little Photoshop enhancement, and I did erase his tearing under his eyes. He's still teething,and sometimes gets bad tear stains. Maybe he'll always have this. I don't care. He's my Jake, and I love him. But I tried Photoshop's erase tool, and it cleared up the tear stains!! So I went with that.

Highest Position - Explore #6 | 20.11.2008 (Thank u~ & a lovely weekend! :D)

Big thanks to Rachel for the initial explore position too! ;D)


As promised earlier, this is one of my several latest shots, which was taken over the weekend. Moonta Bay is a 90 minutes drive from Adelaide but this lovely place was our last stop for that day. We travelled a long way further than that & honestly I’ve to admit the journey was dead boring as... with nothing to see!!! I’m sure if I find some cow dung on the ground, I will be so thrilled & that would pretty much make my day haha! Good thing I wasn’t the driver, therefore I’ve heaps of time whinging to my friend as to what sort of shithouse place he was going to bring me to :P


The trip there alone almost sucked a full tank of my gas but that’s another story which I will tell you another time ;) Nonetheless, we managed to arrive here for the sunset despite the fact we were driving for hours & I shot nuts & wanted to head home! Best things indeed come to those who wait cos that evening displayed one of the most spectacular sunset I've ever seen for a long time. Within my 2 hours at the bay, the sky turned from blue to orange to purplish pink & red with lovely cloud formation. Really magical! Therefore I better take this chance to apologise to my buddy, Lindsay for all my shits & whinges he gotta endure from me over the 8 hours trip :P He could have easily kick me off the jetty & drown me there LOL!


Sorry to be such a chatterbox this noon & late post cos of work here :P Have a great Friday everyone! :)


View LARGE On Black to calm yourself down :D





The sunset with the red rocks at Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula


The Shot


Standard 3 exposure shot (+2..0..-2 EV) with tripod using Sigma DC HSM 10-20mm lens




- Tonemapped generated HDR using detail enhancer option




- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'curves' to increase the contrast

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (blues) to tone up section of the sky

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (yellows) to slightly enhance the sunset

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (reds) to slightly enhance the redness of the clouds

- Blended 1 layer mask effect of 0 EV single tonemapped hdr shot to enhance the foreground

- Used 'unsharp mask' (as always) on the background layer




All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are (as always) welcome




Santana ft. Rob Thomas - Smooth



I tried to take it easy on this shoot. Don't remember why I was tired, but I figured this was a good spot once we'd walked to The State House and just sat down in the middle of everything. I've been shooting in public and lying on the ground in well trafficked areas so long that I have no qualms about where I plop down and start plotting shots these days.


And no one questions it. Lindsay, Caroline, and Charlotte just went with it, had a conversation while they waited for me to do my thing. A comfortable, easy going shoot is a good shoot in my book.

From my set entitled "Twelve Mile Lake, 2008"

In my collection entitled "Places"

In my photostream


Every year, Karen and I, along with our friends, Bev Woodroffe and Henk Tiesma, visit Bob and Carol Barkwell, usually in the Spring, at their home in Lindsay, Ontario. Karen, Bev and Carol began their teaching careers together forty years ago.


This year, we went to Bob and Carol's cottage on Twelve Mile Lake in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario. The main focus of the weekend was the Haliburton County Studio Tour, which includes twenty-one artisans. We visited several studios, and also took in the town of Haliburton. The trip was extra special this year, since the Fall colours are breathtaking.


From Wikipedia:

Haliburton is a county of Ontario, Canada, known as a tourist and cottage industry area for its scenery and for its resident artists. Minden Hills is the county seat. Haliburton County was established in 1983, but had existed as the Provisional County of Haliburton since 1874. Haliburton County and the village of Haliburton, are named after Thomas Chandler Haliburton, author, statesman, and the first chairman of the Canadian Land and Emigration Company.


Haliburton is a village on Head Lake inside Haliburton County which is its namesake. The county also contains the village of Minden, as well as the smaller communities of Wilberforce, Gooderham, Irondale, West Guildford, and Eagle Lake. The county borders Algonquin Park on the north.


The county is serviced by two hospitals, one in Haliburton and one in Minden. Both are administrated by Haliburton Highlands Health Services.


Haliburton County's economy is dominated by the service sector based on tourism due to the regions many lakes and rivers, mainly due to people visiting vacation homes in the summer months, whose properties outnumber permanent residents 3 to 1.[5] Employment in this region primarily caters to the needs of this seasonal population, including residential construction, resorts, services and retail.[6] The region is unique in the sense that there is no resource, industrial, or agricultural base. Because of the nature of the economy, the area has a high rate of unemployment at 8.4% exceeding the provincial average, which skyrockets in the winter months to 35%.[7] Consequently, Haliburton County is the poorest jurisdiction in the Province of Ontario, with per capita earnings of $32 709 in 2005.[8]


The Haliburton Highlands is home to a thriving arts community. The County is dotted by galleries, both public and private, offering events, programs and workshops to the public. Artists’ studios can be found in almost every community, many offering public demonstrations, small galleries, and classes. There are murals and public sculptures in the downtowns of most communities, as well as in park settings such as the Haliburton Sculpture Forest, and the River Walk in Minden.


Heritage is also a focus in the County, with established museums in Carnarvon, Dorset, Haliburton, Minden, and Wilberforce, as well as many fledgling museums emerging in some of the smaller communities. Many buildings throughout the County are designated heritage sites by the province, and many others undergoing preservation through the interests of the public.


The performing arts also receive much attention. Haliburton Highlands Secondary School has strong drama and music programs, showcasing their talents throughout the year to the public. As well, the Highlands Summer Festival presents a wide array of theatre offerings throughout the summer, showcasing the talents of local and seasonally local actors and musicians. Numerous indie bands perform throughout the County, with open mic events being held at a number of establishments.


Certain scenes were filmed on location at Camp Wanakita and Kilcoo Camp for the Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock, starring the Jonas Brothers.


Pisco Bandito, the bandit fish, is described as being "in Haliburton near the Lake of Bays" in the song Pisco Bandito by the band Moxy Fruvous.

Twelve Mile Lake is one of the Haliburton Highland's premiere lakes. Part of a two-lake change, Twelve Mile Lake offers boaters miles of open water to explore.


Post Processing:

PhotoShop Elements 5: crop, poster, sharpen, watercolour, rough pastel


From left to right,


1a fila, top row:

Violetinha (Little Violet), Espanhola (Spanish), Noivinha (Little Bride), Moranguinho Arco-íris (Rainbow SSc), Cerejinha (Little Cherry), Brazileirinha (Brazilian) and Novinha Frutas e Flores (Fruits and Flowers Little Bride)


2a fila, sentadas, second row, standing up:

Bananinha (Little Banana- yellow hair), Hortenciazinha (Little Hortensia - blue hair), Margaridinha (Little Daisy), Noivinha custom, Melzinho (Little Bride custom as Little Honey), Moranguinho Laço de Fita, a famosa Morango (SSc Knot of Ribbon, the famous Morango), Moranguinho Laço de Fita, Lindsay (SSc Knot of Ribbon, Lindsay), Melanciazinha Arco-íris (Rainbow Little Watermelon), Uvinha (Little Grape - blue hair), Cafezinho (Little Coffee, Brown hair)


3a Fila, sentadas, Third row, sitting down:

Uvinha Arco-íris (Rainbow Little Grape - reclined); Moranguinho versão festa da primeira edição, Fifi (SSc first series, party version - violet hat, Fifi); Pesseguinho (Little Peach); Brazileirinha cabelo custom (Brazilian custom hair); Moranguinho Frutas e Flores (Fruits and Flowers SSc), Cerejinha cabelo custom, Polly (Little Cherry, custom hair, Polly), Rosinha (Little Rose); Moranguinho Frutas e Flores (Fruits and Flowers SSc); Maçãzinha (Little Apple);


Deitadas, Laying down: 3 Moranguinhos americanas, 3 american SSc


Headed out this morning with the NSW seascpapers Group - For a change and shot the Lawson Waterfall Circuit.

Pouring rain 14 of us met up and started our trek down and the rain just got worse so some retreated and some continued. I think it was well worth getting absolutely saturated from head to toe and our gear was a little damp as well... Breakfast was sensational at Norman Lindsay Gallery.

Colin you did an amazing job heading up this day.. Even holding an umbrella up for us so we could get some shots but he didn't get many himself - Legend...


I'm going to do a series with Psalm 23 :)

it will be a little out of order, but that's okay




Check out Josh's Flickr. He's on staff at Hemlock, which is the best camp ever, which means he's cool. :)


(69/365; August 2, 2010)

Model: Jordan Keali (Maxim)

MUA: Lindsay Ambrosio


Lighting: Up front speedotron in a large softbox. up top above for hair highlight, speetordon in a small softbox directly aimed down. back left and right two ab800s in stripboxes aimed at model at 45 degrees for slight rim. Triggered by PocketWizard TTL1, received by PocketWizard TTL5 units.

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First Battalion Irish Guards Band go through their routine -, Armed Forces Day, 24 June 2017, McKee Clock Arena, Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland

I found this (working!) lamp at the antiqe store marked down! I got it for Lindsay for Christmas. It's a weird height, but perfect for the application. Sasha wouldn't get off of the couch, so she ended up being the model.


With the photos back on the wall it totally looks like Sasha owns the house. At times I'm pretty sure she thinks she does.


On a technical front, this is just a full photo right out of my camera. Every now and then I'm content without even editing things.

A few days down in Austin allowed me the chance to get out and shoot one evening.


The Texas State Capitol is located in Austin, Texas, and is the fourth building to be the house of Texas state government in Austin. It houses the chambers of the Texas Legislature and the office of the governor of Texas. It was originally designed in 1881 by architect Elijah E. Myers, and was constructed from 1882 to 1888 under the direction of civil engineer Reuben Lindsay Walker. A $75 million underground extension was completed in 1993. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. The Texas State Capitol building is 308 ft (94 m) tall.~ Wiki

Sorry for posting another shot of this Ferrari 500, but I revisited the car after the garage door had been put down, so I shot a few more angles while it was quiet and like the way this one turned out.


Dave Adams Automotive Images

View large: click B l a c k M a g i c, or if the large link does not work, change the magnification (lower right of screen), to 150% or 200%.


What do you see when you look at the water? Stillness? Reflections? Colors?


Some warmth, sun and color for all my Flickr friends in colder climates. Actually, it got down to the 50's here overnight-- cold for Key Largo. But still quite lovely.


Key Largo, FL is a fairly narrow island, for those of you who don't know. We are not far from the ocean or the bay, at any point.


Taken 9/26/09, Uploaded 11/28/09, #7897, TS, Explore # 182, 11/28/09


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A trip down memory lane in 1979 to visit Hal Far, Malta where dad was stationed in 1946, while in the Royal Navy. Dad and Lindsay heading towards the kitchens and mess hall.

To view large in windows click Control + a few times, and then Control 0 to return to normal view. Explore 8/10/09, # 23 and featured on Explore's Interestingness page, Front Page


1st place winner of Friends' "Aniimal Expressions" Contest: 4/12/10 and Front Page on Friends


3/9/10 Update: Jake is especially happy because one of his photos sold for use in a very nice web-site:

made by Flickr member michael.petras. Scroll down on the page to see his photo on the website, if you want to see it. Good luck with your website, Michael, and thanks for spotting my Jake. 3,570 views, and 80 favs, and getting more all the time, when Michael posted this photo to his website.


30/52 Weeks for Dogs


Or, Bliss on the Blue Ridge


Jake is my 11 month old standard poodle puppy. I'll see what else the week brings for pics of Jake. I return to work and Key Largo, FL at the end of the week. Still in North Carolina on vacation. My other poodle, Lisette was on the other side of the car, curled up, and not wanting her picture taken. There is blue sky, for Happy Blue Monday.


We went for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Jake had a fabulous time-- his first such ride. The black contraption he's wearing is his doggie seat belt. He still needs a hair cut badly-- but it will wait until late next week, after we are back and settled in Florida. I did razor his face a little, but I'm not good at doing overall hair cuts.


Taken 8/9/09, Uploaded 8/10/09, #6266, as taken

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scroll down, 5 below


I love stars so so so so so much and they make me catch my breath in awe of God's creation.

Dear Bill Major,

As I wrote earlier today: I re-listened, this time to some of the FIM (Frankfurt’s Indeterminables Musiqwesen) CDRs. This out-put of CDRs on the print-on-demand-label recout (here a remained selection) were launched in 1995 through my production of the CD "Endlos / Endless" – a memento "50 years after WWII" for an exhibition in Poland, for which I invited the FIM trio Parallelaktion, plus singer Corinna Mayer.


What I auditioned today was "Hot Deals" by "Imperial Hot" (Christoph Korn – gt, Bertram Ritter – dr, A23H – reeds, tp, and Casio). I do not want to describe the music. I just love the feel of these 15 year old recordings. There is also "Rent Art Quest" by the "Stern4et" (Daniel Franke – as, cl, comp, Micha Daniels – kb, Bertram Ritter – dr, A23H on bari sax, bcl and ts, comp) from some years later – a lovely birthday present those talented younger musicians gave me. It was recorded during a "Jazzferien" session I had set up at a castle in the Spessart mountains in 1999, with Micha Daniels – kb, Bertram Ritter – dr, and A23H – ts. There is another beautiful session made in a Frankfurt bunker in 2000, "House of Thee". Together with Christoph Korn I had a duo "Canada dry & 20" recorded in 1992-1994 with drummer Vladimir Tarasov as a guest. Of course there is more from that period I could tell you about. For today I'll finish by mentioning "Cassini", a nine-piece band which I assembled in 1998 with members from my bands "Hale Peat", "Imperial Hoot" and the theater ensemble I put together for my Frankfurt-am-Main production of West Side Story (Harry Petersen- as, cl, Stefan Lottermann – tb, Martin Lejeune – gt, Christoph Korn – gt, Marcel Daemgen – sound system, Peter Antony – kb, Bülent Ates – dr, Günter Bozem – dr, and A23H – ts, bcl, arr). This recording sounds to me like an early version of Otomo Yoshihide’s orchestra ONJO, in which I was a member, as you know, during 2005-7.


Alfred 23 Harth / Lindsay Cooper / Phil Minton – the three musicians on "Trio Trabant a Roma" – appeared at festivals in Moscow & Volgograd prior to this recording as members of Lindsay’s "Oh Moscow" (we hope to do a new recording in 2010). Especially for Lindsay and me, the impressions from this journey were so deeply strange that even after returning to "the West", we felt like we were still in another mental state – the "State of Volgograd." I formed this trio at the invitation of the Budapest Festival in 1990, called "et all ways Budapest." It's been twenty years now since The Wall came down. In those days, we were just beginning to see the odd spectacle of cars coming from the East mixing into traffic in Western cities. One East German car was called the "Trabant". I liked that name, since trabant also means a planet orbiting a star, so I called the new trio "Trabant A Roma". Earth was under a new "orbital tent" after the Iron Curtain had come down. It was funny to see those strange cars from the East making long distance journeys through Western Europe – finally "all ways lead to Rome!" The fourth title refers to a festival in Strasbourg where we performed (see CDR Le Cadran Bleu). At that time I also played the Farfisa organ, Casio keyboard, and other miscellaneous stuff, all part of the search to express the strange by-products of technology emerging at that time. The trio didn't last long – "Oh Moscow" played its final concert at the London Jazz festival in 1993 due to Lindsay’s worsening illness (which I didn't know of until 1998, when Sally Potter confirmed the facts concerning Lindsay’s declining health).

It was the brief period of time after the Sovjet Union collapsed in 1991, when all of us were curious about Eastern cultures – the curiosity was mutual among those in the former Soviet bloc. Moscow TV offered to produce a filmed portrait about me in February 1992; this led to my appearance at the "Open Mind" festival in St. Petersburg alongside members of the Russian musical avant-garde. The film's title "Balance Action" is taken from the name of a famous saxophone from the early Cold War years. It also refers to the "balance action" that finally led to the breakdown of the Communist regimes. In old Leningrad (freshly rechristened St. Petersburg again) I met Vladimir Tarasov. He told me that before the Wall fell, he and his compatriots were forced to smuggle my records through a narrow, secret tunnel. He also claimed that, in the old CCCP avant-garde circles, I was a celebrity on the order of Michael Jackson (probably a Russian exaggeration). In fact, I did receive one of my very first fan letters from Moscow, in 1970 – somebody who loved the "Just Music" LP (ECM 1002). With Tarasov I formed the Quasar Quartet in 1992 with Simon Nabatov (Russia) and Vitold Rek (Poland); we performed together with Dmitri Prigov. But, just as fast as it arose, this cultural exchange period ended – astonishingly quickly, compared to the decades-long span of the Cold War, which had threatened the entire globe with doom.

Because my group "Just Music" played in Prague in 1970 I knew how serious audiences loved what we brought to our music from the West – they had witnessed the disappointing Prague Spring revolution two years before and heard reflections of those heady times in our music. After 1972 I had numerous opportunities to reach audiences throughout Eastern Europe – Dresden, Leipzig, East Berlin, Krakow, etc. Last year another listener from Prague told me how important it was for them to hear "Cassiber" in 1984. With that in mind, it is a bit sad that 7K Oaks cancelled its October tour which would have brought us to the Wroclaw festival (where I had played with "Just Music" in 1972 and with "Gestalt et Jive" in 1986(?)).

Now I am patiently waiting at the border of Stalinist North Korea to play my music beyond the split – my heart is already there. Who knows what the ongoing imperialist wars within the holy Sufi countries will bring in context of the metastasis of capitalistic asymmetries and Western weapons mass-production…


Alfred 23 Harth, in September 2009


For the Lindsay Adler Creative Live contest. Breaking the rule that the subject should be the brightest area of the image.


For Flickr Group Roulette and "The Lying Down Project - Physical Graffiti".


I'm pretty sure I subjected myself to a case of poison ivy and chiggers. I'm willing to suffer for my art... ha!


I walked into the woods, got ready to take the shot and realized I forgot my memory card. Went back got the card, returned to the woods and guess what? No remote. Had to resort to the 10 second dash on this one.

This is really weird for me. I'm legitimately in tears right now, and I didn't expect to get this emotional.


This photo means the world to me. These people have been there for me throughout this entire process, through thick and thin, through the crappy and the fantastic and the long and brutal and the fun and quick photoshoots; they've been there for them all and I literally could not have achieved what I did without them. I've become so much closer with each and every one of them because of this project, and it's really been amazing.


There are notes naming everyone pictured here, so I disabled notes so that no one gets confused.


There are also many more people who have helped me immensely with this project who weren't able to make it to the shoot. These include: my mom, my dad, Ilene Ramacieri, Jett Myers, Eric Amores, Rebecca Lopez, Lindsay Hunt, Chad Thoman, Robert Sayerwin, Natalie Cruz, Karen Rack and Jake Torii. I love you all, and thank you all so much. I really owe all of this to you.


For the past three months, I've been debating about what I'm going to do next. For a while, I was set on doing another 365, starting on January 1st, directly after this one ended. However, I decided that it wasn't really practical to do another one, considering the fact that I want to start focusing more on my school, career, jobs, and relationships. I didn't want to just stop, though, because the structure of a project like this really helps motivate me and I want to make sure that I'm still picking up my camera regularly. So, I've decided to start a 52 weeks project, beginning next week.

I will have themes for each month, and sub-themes by week, which I'll release as each month begins. This way, I'll be able to actually plan out my shoots and prepare for them in advance, and I'll really make sure to produce the best possible work that I can.


It's been a wonderful year, overall, mostly because I'm happy today and I was happy for a lot of the days out of this year. And even though I went through my fair share of down times-- I experienced my first heartbreak, said goodbye to some amazing people, went through a lot of my own small changes and losses and small daily heartbreaks--I feel so strong. I know I am capable of things, lots of things, and I am so ready to do them all. I am so in love with life, and I'm stoked to just live it, for me and for all of you and for my pictures and just for the things that matter, really.


Thank you all, so much, for being a part of this and for supporting me. I've met so many amazing people, and I love you all and I know this sounds stupid and structured and cliche, but really, I love you guys and I could not have made it without all of your love and support and little conversations.


We did it :')


P.S., I know these pictures aren't super fantastic or anything, but we went through HELL to get them. It was freezing and raining on us the entire time, I had to set up an umbrella to cover my camera, which ended up knocking it over into the sand, and it was windy and freezing and just generally terrible. Everyone was so wonderful though; no one complained really, everyone was super willing to do the shots, and it was just fantastic. I love them all so very much.

Please spare a minute of your time.


This is kinda gross, haha.

One of my favorite songs<3


I had to stand on my piano bench for this, hahahahaha.

The camera fell off the tripod. :[ I think Lindsay has my tripod clasp-thing, haha.


Inspired by l in dai sy.


View On Black, puhlease.


Best at #304.

Leaving the hustle & bustle of Waikiki, one of the definite stops is the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout (or just Pali Lookout) which provides a spectacular and extremely windy view of the Pacific Ocean, Mokapu Peninsula out in the center, Kailua and Lanikai Beach. While here you can read all about the famous battle. We only had 15 minutes on our tour so I was in hurry up mode to capture this. I am very surprised I was able to have this turn out as it did with the amount of wind blowing and no bag of rocks or sand to weigh down my tripod. Thanks for checking this out. Enjoy!

I think it's been years since I've used a 35mm camera even though I have 5 or 6, but after meeting Carly on Tuesday and shooting with her three times between then and Saturday, I've been inspired. She takes phenomenal photos with her 35mm Nikon, so I dusted mine of and gave it a shot. Between the two of us we got some of the best photos we've ever taken.


Carly is like my better (photographic) half. We push each other, inspire each other, and work off of each others creativity with ease since we look for the same things when we shoot even though we search for different types of shots. We're going to have a lot of adventures from here on out.

View large: click B l a c k M a g i c


After all the wild play, some calming down play. First chase and box and wild play. Then hang out together, side by side. I just love Mia's (border collie) expressive face, and Jake's (one yr. old standard poodele) cute gestures. He was so sweet with Mia. My 10 yr. old Lisette joined in a little, but at 10 she is not into the same rough and tumble play. In the original below, you can see her typical position as Jake and Mia were in the thick of the play. We are at a friend's house.


Oops-- I meant to keep this private and accidentally set it to public-- so fine to comment if you want. I just posted the photo without the hats yesterday, and added the hats with PIcnick today to include in some fun e-mails. So it's one from the very recent archives- with santa hats added. I did not mean for my contacts to have to comment twice on the same photo-- so just ignore it if you wish-- or look at it if you like.


Taken 12/6/09, Uploaded 12/14/09, Santa Hats added 12/15/09, #9690 (PS Enhance- slightly, crop)


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today was so insane. i pretty much just got home which is late for me.


So, I woke up around nine AM and last night, I had made plans to hang out with Shannon (and Bradley, as we would be shooting and he would hang with her younger brother).

So, I've had this concept in my head for the longest while, but Bradley forgot to bring a lighter. So, I decided it was time to go into the creek as I've wanted to do that for the longest time as well. Into as in lie in though.


uhm, so. first. i made shannon climb a tree.

then i made her walk in the freezing cold creek.

then i decided to gather my guts and lie in the creek.

i tried my best to rest my head on the muddy not so wet areas, but well. D:


my clothes got super dirty and muddy, and none of my photographs came out well.

i was pretty annoyed because when i got out my feet were numb and i was dripping wet. xD


so, we get back to shannon's house.

i rinse myself in her shower and i put her pjs on. (:

well. her normal sweater and pj bottoms. :D

her bathtub afterwards was FILLED with dirt and sand.



we then hung my jeans and sweater on her shower bar thing and tried to use two blow dryers to blow dry it for half an hour.


we gave up and watched a horror movie.





sorry. anyways.

we also pigged out on popcorn and chedder+sour cream chips that i only tasted sour cream. LOL

WE ATE TWO BAGS OF POPCORN. i finished a 1/4 of the second bag. :D LOL


then we went back to blow drying my clothes.

her ultra blow dryer was actually impressive. LOL

but we never dried the whole thing. so

we still wanna go out and im liek: guys. let's go.


so i put my pants on and kept shannons shirt on. LOL

and then we went to a big field. it was cold.

and shannon's leggings ripped cause we were climbing a fence (Y) (i'm sorry!!)


and when we walked home, i see mom park into shannons house and im like: FFFFFFFFFFFFF. GUYS. I GOTTA GO. BUT MY SWEATER... GIVE ON MONDAY LOL THANKS SHANNON

and i went in for my jacket and left with shannons sweater :D



so. i go home. eat dinner and go out for halloween haunt. :D

kay so. basically. the highlights.

behemoth- i felt like i was flying. at night. :D

uhm. zahra told me some good news.

uhm. getting lifted up by a scary monster and he spun me.


truth or dare.


so. first we went on a rollar coaster. and then we went club blood.

there were strippers. |: that's all i saw. and some monster followed us in the beginning- but i realized though i was a little scared xD

the whole haunted house. i just looked down. covered my hands with one hand- other arm was clinging into steph and i just closed my eyes. i heard so much screaming in front of me. when i looked up- i saw strippers LOL



we lined up, got to the door "jess, do you wanna go?" "..." "let's not do it." "OHKAY!!" WE BOUGHT. LIGHT. SABERS. INSTEAD. well steph did. and then. homgs. homgshomgs. we went to check out the exit, and this monster holding a hack saw tried to scare us. and steph was like "CAN I HAS A HUG" and it gave her a hug! and i opened my arms and it actually lifted me and spun me and ohmygod. IT WAS SO AWESOME. LOOOOOOOOOOOL

and then i heard steph say "arms" turned around and there was another monster.

and then we were kicked out. LOL


and then we were walking. and we saw the clowns near the water falls. and then. holy shit. BRADLEY. YOU ASSHOLE. he got one of the creepy clowns to say "hello jessica" in his creepy voice to me. and i just flipped out. i screamed and just DUCKED to the floor. and inside, i knew it was either bradley or he asked a clown to do it (we discussed playing stephanie earlier) but i didn't want to find out. LOL so i just kept looking down and beat up bradley (:


anyways. after that, we went to some pole dancing show called the 'psycho circus' and they were so mean. they made fun of lindsay lohan. ):


uhm. after that. we lined up for drop zone, but we had to go as it was 11.

so. yeah. :D


now i'm back at home.

i need to change and im just ready to collapse.


this weekend. i am buckling myself for some hardcore working.

Model: Jenna

MUA: Lindsay Ambrosio

Location: My Studio


Natural light augmented by an AlienBees B1600 in a beauty dish camera left of the model, turned all the way down. Triggered by PocketWizard TTL1 and TTL5.


Copyright © 2011 Jeff DeHaven - DeHaven Digital Photography

Today is a pretty big milestone for me, as my Facebook page just passed 100,000 followers! I recently entered a new chapter of self-employment in my life, a new chapter defined by the gift of photography I have been blessed with. I have been overwhelmed by my opportunities, and having the opportunity to share my artwork with so many beautiful people online is no exception! Thank you for showing me you care by sending kind messages and always giving me feedback, and essentially being a beautiful supportive community for what I love doing!


I pray that as I continue forward, God would bless my endeavors and continue to let beauty and joy rain down in my life. I don’t know what the future holds, but I thought this photo was the perfect one to share at this moment to express the splendor and chaos that take place when a new chapter begins. You don’t know what to expect, but if you trust in the good that exists in the world, there is no way the outcome won’t unfold beautifully!


A huge thank you to Lindsay Anne of LA Birdie Photography for modeling in this picture, I could photograph her a thousand times and never get tired! Also thank you to Carol Persons for makin it rain! This was shot in the most beautiful old abandoned cathedral, same as my last image!


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Shot with Pentax K5 and Sigma 170-500mm :copyright: Craig Lindsay 2017. All rights reserved.

Oh where to begin! I've had quite a week...I've been to New York and St. Louis teaching tons and bonding and exploring...It has been an incredible week. I rested a bit yesterday, which was much needed, because I taught 14 classes in the last 5 days. I wouldn't change it for the was amazing. Teaching just sparks something in me. If I can walk away knowing that one person looks at the world a little bit differently, I too look at the world a little bit differently.


Speaking of teaching, this image was taken during my NYC workshop last weekend. The amazing designer Michelle Hebert put this dress together for me based on my notes and I couldn't be happier with it. I wanted a mermaid, and I got a mermaid. The dress actually took up half of my suitcase! It is a monster! The fish tank was much harder to was extremely heavy and had to be carried to the second floor of a mansion and down the steep steps that you can see on the sides of the pool...yikes! Filling it with water was hard because it had to be carried in buckets down from the 3rd floor...then taking the water out was even harder....the drain in the pool didn't work, so we had to scoop the water out and take it back to the 3rd floor. Whew!


Have an extremely inspirational weekend everyone. I am off to explore a castle today and play on some sand dunes! :-D


New NYC workshop announced as part of my new [Framed] series, "The Concept", taught with Lindsay Adler!


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Assistant: Lila Purdy (

Designer: Michelle Hebert (

Model: Brittney Panda (

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My first attempt at the "book, ring, heart shot". I've always admired others' creations. I'm not thrilled with this version-- had many other ideas, but ran out of time. So I think this will be my card for my husband for Valentine's Day. And it's my wish for all of you to celebrate love in your life, in whatever way it reaches you. Have a great Valentine's week-end.


Took this outside, with sunlight, as my Canon Powershot does not take great in-door photos. But had thoughts of playing around with light through red tissue paper, red flowers on the page, etc. This is my engagement ring, with a ruby. I love it. I also had hoped to find a book of poetry, but grabbed Montaigne essays instead. The poetry books did not open well. Then the text seemed too distracting-- so I tried it upside down- still distracting, so finally just blurred the text in photoshop. I only had 10 minutes at lunch to try this shot, but it was a fun experiment.


Other versions of my card attempts below.


Taken 2/210, Uploaded 2/13/10, #1136, layers, blur background, TS tweaks


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“A mermaid found a swimming lad, picked him for her own, pressed her body to his body, laughed; and plunging down forgot in cruel happiness that even lovers drown.” — William Butler Yeats


Photography Challenge: Create a Silhouette


:copyright:2014 Linda Sue Kocsis -

Model: Jenna

MUA: Lindsay Ambrosio (



Speedotron in a huge softbox top- behind the model

Beauty dish in front aimed down at the model (Alien Bees B1600.

Stripbox to the models top (camera right) for a touch of fill.

Triggered by PocketWizard TTL1, received by TTL5.


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