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Created for the Kreative People Treat This Challenge #44:


Created for the Award Tree Beyond Abstraction Challenge:


Source Image by Mike:


Monet-esque texture by Painted Works by KB:


9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


When I was in New York with my mom and sisters, I spent most of my days in the hospital with mom. When she slept, I'd sit in the break room that happened to be across from her bed, so I could keep an eye on her room while not disturbing her with any of my own activity. I found a work of art on the wall across from the seat I typically occupied ...and as time permitted, used it to inspire this work. I could never make out the artist's name, but what appealed to me about it was the seasonal light. It spoke to me of hope, warm weather, and yet the turning of the seasons.


And so, bit by bit, I painted, and with the act of painting, wove the hopes and prayers for my mom, and hope for another season of her life. She's improving daily, and I know that each time I view this image, it'll bring me right back to that room, right back to the memories of this particular season.


It's funny how the act of capturing a certain time, scene, or feeling in words or images can have such emotional attachments. I suppose that is what 'art' is all about ...and I'm grateful for it.

~God never made an ugly landscape. All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.~


texture by:



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landscape of tree casting long shadow over ploughed field in winter

Quiver tree, Namibia

kokerboom, sundown

Nikon D80

For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life - the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value.


-- Claude Monet


This series is the second published part from the set "Landscapes from a farm park south Milan" and they are enclosed in my first personal expo i had in 9th of september 2010 to 19 with my friend Mirko Bozzato, graphic designer and photographer. The farm park of south Milan is a reality which Mirko and I appreciate it's the biggest green area of Milan: a beautiful reality that needs to be protected by building speculation.


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there's a gap in between

there's a gap where we meet

where i end and you begin


and i'm sorry for us

the dinosaurs roam the earth

the sky turns green

where i end and you begin


i am up in the clouds

i am up in the clouds

and i can't and i can't come down


i can watch but not take part

where i end and where you start

where you, you left me alone

you left me alone.


X' will mark the place

like parting the waves

like a house falling in the sea.


i will eat you all alive

i will eat you all alive

i will eat you all alive

i will eat you all alive


there'll be no more lies

there'll be no more lies

there'll be no more lies

there'll be no more lies


All the textures used for this work are from: JoesSistah... , Lenabem , pareeerica , skeletalmess , les brumes , Sooper Tramp , Eddy 07 , una cierta mirada , Boccacino , Keyimagen-Javi , Sick Little Monkey , xd360 , s3ptic-stock , adamned art, rubyblossom, Visualogist , Brenda Starr , Ava Verino , encounter - Laura , cleanzor's photostream , Dirk Wustenhagen's photostream .Thanks very much for their awesome creations.


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[Landscapes from farm park south Milan Series] 01/06

Texture thanks to Lenabem-Anna. Try it on black--click image or press L.



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:copyright: 2012 Licensed under Getty Images

I always say and believe that landscape photography is one of the most diffecult filed in photography.

You have to go up and down and may risk your life for a great picture.


Canon 20D + Canon 100-300



Langs het Spaarne Haarlem 2009


Runa Photography, Daniel :copyright: 2017

:copyright: All rights reserved, don´t use this image without my permission


En geomorfología y geología, un cañón es un accidente geográfico provocado por un río que a través de un proceso de epigénesis excava en terrenos sedimentarios una profunda hendidura de paredes casi verticales. Es, pues, una especie de desfiladero ensanchado por la larga actuación de los procesos de erosión de hielo. Cuando el cañón es muy estrecho, apenas algo más de un par de metros, se conoce como cañón de ranura.


Otros orígenes de los cañones son:


Cañones kársticos, producidos por la incisión de una corriente fluvial más la karstificación.

Cañones asociados a fracturas, en las que también puede haber karstificación o un cambio del nivel de base.

Cañones de carácter estructural, como las cluses producidas en los relieves apalachanos.

En general, los relieves tabulares favorecen la presencia de cañones profundos asociados a fracturas, como sucede con las gargantas en terrenos calizos o cársticos.


Fuente: wikipedia

.Thax friend for urs continous supported..

Holga + Fujifilm Pro 160C

Ringvaart Schalkwijk Haarlem september 2009

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“During the winter months in the Po Valley , the fog is a part of the landscape, cold, dump, almost tangible.

Fog is moisture in the nostrils, is a limited landscapes. You feel isolated, almost blinded by the white. The gaze is limited and the fog tracks the boundaries.


There are places you always pass by, common places that turn invisible, canceled by the chaos of buildings and constructions.

The fog, greedy of space, grants you the crumbs of what encompasses, defines the boundaries forcibly, giving back, sarcastically, the most common details.


These details turn unique, eye-catching, aesthetically ready for photographic consecration.

The streets, the buildings and the fields are transformed into landscapes that you can only imagine. A pole, the wires of the light, a gasoline station is all that you can see.

They are the boundaries the fog gives you.”




"La nebbia in pianura padana, nei mesi invernali, è parte integrante del paesaggio, fredda, umida, quasi tangibile.

La nebbia è il freddo, l'umidità nelle narici, lo sguardo che fatica, il paesaggio che si chiude per isolare e delimitare lo sguardo, tracciare i Confini.


Ci sono luoghi davanti ai quali si passa spesso, luoghi talmente presenti da diventare anonimi immersi come sono nel caos dei fitti fabbricati dalla pianura.

La nebbia ne riscatta il loro valore; isolati dal resto del paesaggio, assurgono a linee di confine oltre le quali tutto è celato, misterioso: il paesaggio padano diventa metafisico, non più fisico. Lo senti, lo percepisci ma non lo vedi.


La nebbia è avida di spazio. Ti concede briciole di quello che ingloba, delimita forzatamente i confini, valorizza i dettagli, concedendoti sarcasticamente quelli che più vendono trascurati.

Li rende unici, accattivanti, esteticamente pronti alla consacrazione fotografica.

Le strade, gli edifici e i campi si trasformano in paesaggi che puoi solo immaginare. Un palo, i fili della luce, una stazione della benzina è tutto quello che ti viene concesso. Sono i confini forzati che la nebbia, avida, ti restituisce."


On Explore: May 31, 2008

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Molen de Hommel

Verenigde polders

Schalkwijk Haarlem 2010



Sometimes you have to get a little dirty and messy


3 textures by Skeletal Mess!!

1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


This is another landscape from Virgil Carter's landscape class and based on the same view of a pond near my home. My intent here was to use contrasts and so while this is 'green' in some areas, I used yellow and Payne's grey - they made a neat green--- fun.


We're off with guests today on a tour of area potteries. While we as gardeners try our best to amend the clay soils around our homes in order to better grow plants, the talented potters in our area use the clay for some of the most wonderful vessels ---!!


I'll be gone until late this evening - so I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow! It's going to be brutally HOT -- stay safe and cool!



A Dutch landscape in wintertime, although in reality far more grey ;-))

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