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kettle house of this strange powerplant

This was made quickly at Brickfair NJ. It was made with a very limited selection of parts including the new 2015 Bionicle masks.

Light painted using iPad. Built up using 4 layers.

-I don't have instructions for this, please don't ask.-

-I buy pieces from


This is an Infestor from the game Starcraft 2. It was commissioned by Nannan: []


I made it in 2 colors because I prefer brown while Nannan preferred black. From the pictures, I think I like the black more now.


While building this I realized that building with Bionicle is getting harder and harder as the supply of Bionicle online has decreased significantly. My old style of building will soon die out. The newer style isn't nearly as fun.

Well I'm honestly not a huge fan of the Chima theme, but for round one of the Bio-Cup I had to build something from the theme. So I built a member of the raven clan who is stealing a Chi gem, with a big ol' spear.

Coccinella septempunctata. A voracious predator that may eat as many as five thousand aphids, hemiptera, and bionicle mask bugs in its brief three- to six-week lifespan. Or until I take it apart. Bold red and black markings warn larger creatures that ABS tastes awful and is hard to chew.


With all those studs, perhaps this one is more "model team" or "creator" than "technic"? It's technic on the inside though. Simple functions. The legs are driven by the black twelve-tooth bevel gear. And the wings, once deployed, flap together from the dark bley eight-tooth gear.


The big 3,000 piece UCS version with motorized legs, elytra, and wings is still under development…


Ldraw file and more photos:




yeah I can't think of anything good to make right now

This updated version has different handle and left side with bigger cover, also exhaust is little bit different. So it should look more realistic. Here you can watch a video:

Closeup of the angled joints for my Lego Technic radial truss design.

This ship floats on the waves, here is the video:


There was a contest organized by Kris Kelvin on and LUGPol to build realistic ship. I dont like building ealistic things, so i didn't care much about it, but then i got this idea. Unfortunately it was late enough to miss the deadline. But i finished it and here it is. This was a hit at Pyrkon 2014 and you will ne able to see it on Lego Fan Weekend this year.

Ravage and Laserbeak were made to a be compatible with Soundwave as part of the commission requirements.


Laserbeak can actually perch on Soundwave's shoulder. I made connection locations for that area. But Soundwave isn't stable enough to hold him so I used a stand to help him stabilize.


...And I'm done posting for today.


Please support my Cuusoo creation Gyarados:


If you're interested in a commission, email me at

Check out my Youtube Channel for reviews, stop motions, and slideshow!:


This updated version has different handle and left side with bigger cover, also exhaust is little bit different. So it should look more realistic. Here you can watch a video:

Lego Technic 42006 Excavator was released in 2013.

Lego Technic 42038B Tracked Pickup Truck.

This is the alternate model of Lego 42038 Arctic Truck.

The set was released in 2015

Using an old school 1x technic plate for 180° SNOT. Everybody needs some of these. Discussed at

My first Mech, and of course for the PowerMiners cave my son and I built today. The bot is built around the pull-back-engine (not for function, but it has a great build to it). Faitly stable, although the gatling-arm is a bit too heavy for the Bionicle joints. 2,5 hours build time - my longest yet. I still have no good lights for fotography...

Lego/Lego Technic tractor with functional rear linkage and steering (LDD model). And here you can see assembly instructions:

Color modification of Lego Technic 42065 RC Tracked Racer

Talk about building in uncharted waters way outta my comfort zone. About 95% Bionicle and Technic and pretty stoked on the result.

A simple wing-flapping mechanism

lego technic unimog u500

Lego Technic Six Wheel Truck from the Idea Book 8889.

Was a bit tricky to collect all the parts but it is now exactly as it's in the construction guide.

A strange build but based off the ancient shrimp-like Cambrian arthropod, this was a huge predator, growing up to 1.8 meters in length. Also included is a small trilobite as some prey for its long grasping appendages.

Motorized Lego Technic APC with 2 PF Motor M (Steering and drive), 1 PF LED lights, 1 PF IR Sensor and 1 Lithium Battery


Lego Technic 42028 Bulldozer was released in 2014.

Well, this is what I've been working on for the last two days. It's my first serious venture into the Technic world, it's a buggy of some sort with functioning steering, Tatra suspension and a working twin-cylinder engine.

Right side of the model. Here you can see the alternator (geared motor), which makes all the cylinders and pistons move.

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