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not quite there yet. needs a little more work on my part working the proper placement of the flashes.


3 flashes all at 1/8th. one in the box fired once, 2 on the sides fired twice. 1 LED flashlight snooted at 1/1



One snooted SB-24 with yellow gel @ 1/8th power fired with PWs into the heel air pocket, one snooted LED flashlight at 1/1.


at lunchtime, the beach emptied out making this look deceivingly deserted. just a few seconds after this was taken, some people started preparing themselves to have a volleyball match.'s just a box.

nikon sb-24 with diy grid spot on a stand and behind me.

Had to wait for the rain to slow down a bit. I wanted to ride through it, but I don't think I would've been able to see where I was going.

i am in love with skateboarding. she will always be there for me no matter what. i don't see her for a few weeks, months, years; she'll still take me back. she doesn't nag me, bother me about trivial things. she takes me as i am.


our relationship is not without its pains. broken ankles, sprained wrists, twisted knees, dislocated shoulders, broken teeth, concussions...i don't mind, because the good has always outweighed the bad :)

2 Double-doubles animal style with one animal style fries. Thanks to Halo for the heads-up.

Believe the hype.


Not a let-down for me.

SUPER SONIC Exclusive 5th Anniversary "C@NDY"

"Buck-a-Taco" is all day Saturday and Sunday.


It's that good!

When in NYC, do as Peter Parker.


I think I needed one more grid/snooted light at camera left for this to work to my liking...or moving that back light to camera right.


Info: SB-24 with coro-grid in frame. 580EX bare @ camera right 1/16, zoomed to 105mm to get a tight pattern on the wall.

Amusement Parks


Don't remember all of the details...Just remember one Speedtotron head with a grid on the background paper, maybe two sbs on either side slightly back and a ring flash for fill–i think. it looks like another sb from below too.


very geeky...gotta love it.


How could I resist...totally naked 580EX II on a gorrillapod slr camera left. Fired with PWs. I thought I was synced to the screen refresh rate, not quite, but close...maybe 1/60th would have done it.

I think I am ready!!


Here's the stuff I plan on bringing. I am just not sure all of it will fit in the crumpler ;)


I think there will be plenty of stuff to go around. Just wish I had more PWs or hand't I lost my optical triggers last week at a playground...oh well.


April 21, 2007 - The emptiness and the fluorescent lighting of this scene remind me of the Matrix.

I wonder what the four letter word could be? Rich? Dead? Good? Food? Rock? What do you think you might get?

The building where this mural is hosted was at one time completely painted in that brick shade of red. Some years ago, the owner had the old paint blasted off so it could be repainted. Under the many coats was the remnant a Coca-Cola "billboard" advertising a bottle for 5¢.


This mural is a completely different design than the original restoration.

I need a bigger desk. I have changed up my workspace since my iMac has become a Front Row station in my room...this will probably change once i get a MacPro


Still life for Pedestrian Boutique on South Street in Philly. Thanks to ashvartsphoto for coming by and helping out. After looking at this for so long, I think it needs a grey background with grid to separate the elements a little more.


One SB-24 camera right, into collapsed umbrella at 1/4, one SB-24 snooted at 1/8 camera left, one 580EX II snooted camera left slightly behind subjects handheld by ashvartsphoto at 1/16. Photoflex light panel with silver fabric to camera right just out of the frame. All fired by Pocket Wizards.

Spidey had a hard time keeping away from the cheesesteaks...

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