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The pretty cascades of Jackson Falls in New Hampshire.

thank you my dear friends for your super kind comments and faves. As you may have guessed, landscape photography is not really my thing, but I embrace the challenge when it presents itself. This trip was all about spectacular landscapes so it wasn't a hard task to come up with a few decent shots.

Quiet evening along the shore of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.




Bob G.

With the work finished on the West Bend sub, Mr. G. Berkholz finishes up his paperwork while I snap a quick shot of our train at Jackson, before heading back toward DBR Jct., North Milwaukee and eventually Ackerville for the tie up.



WC 2006,3017

Jackson, WI.

April 2002

Another photo from the trip up to the Tetons in early May. Jackson Lake was still half frozen. But it was another perfect day out in the Grand Teton National Park.


This is straight out of the camera, sharpened. Have a great weekend!


Explored (#159, June 6, 2009)


B l a c k M a g i c


Hive Mind

Another view of Mt. Moran and Bivouac Peak, on a magical spring morning at Jackson Lake.


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Mt. Moran through the trees and reflected in Jackson Lake. Shortly after taking this shot I began my trek back to the West Tennessee and record setting heat and air quality warnings. It has been above 90F (32C) degrees every day since I have been back.


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA


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Colorful autumn trees on the shore of Jackson Lake.


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

A wonderful way to end the day. Can't beat the view from the shores of Jackson Lake.

Milky Way just after the sun had set, looking down towards Jackson Bay.


Composite shot, same location but an hour apart.

Just looking through some older photos this morning (something I really have no time for at the moment), and ran across this shot of sunset at Jackson Lake in the Grand Tetons. I remember this place very fondly, and even though the Tetons didn't exactly cooperate during most of our visit, this night they did.


I wish all of my Flickr friends a very happy and peace-filled holiday season!


Cool spring morning on the shore of Jackson Lake. With all the heat and humidity in the Mid-South , I sure wish I was there now!


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


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Jackson Lake on a stormy, but not gloomy day, in the Grand Teton National Park. A much more artful version of this scene has been posted by Jacki Goode Miller. Photographed on Jeff Clow's Dirt Cheap Photo Tour.

Jackson at mile post 9 on E Evans Crk Rd


Meg Puente


I recently had the opportunity to photograph this beautifully colored reptile, I think it is a Jackson's Chameleon, but if anyone knows for sure what it is, I will stand corrected.

Explored March 19th, 2015. Highest position 135.

Flat Creek near Jackson, Wyoming, as I headed north to Grand Tetons National Park and then Yellowstone. A fine September morning with a promise of things to come.

Jackson Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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This was the evening of September 27, 2010. I had driven around Lake Jackson on numersous occasions scouting out locations for sunrise and sunset photos. This evening the clouds were just about right.


So after having an early dinner at Bubba's, a favorite in Jackson for so many over the years, I threw in a CD and cruised to my site, set up the ol' tripod, put my ND filter on the camera and got my was a beautiful sunset as you could hear the coyotes howling and the elk bugliing in different locations...made for great memories.




My 2017 4-5 day photography workshop schedule:

ANP, Canyonlands & Monument Valley - March 24-29

Icons of the Southwest w/Ryan Smith - April 23-28

Jackson Hole, Wyoming spring - June 21-25

Jackson Hole, Wyoming fall - September 19-23


The great part is that in 2017 I will return to Jackson Hole for the incredible wildflowers throughout the valley and the surrounding mountains.


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Jackson not impressed with snow banks at Bowditch Field on February 22, 2017

Jackson Wyoming, Snake River Bridge.

Grand Teton National Park, WY - about 10 minutes outside of Jackson, WY

Jackson Ambro..5 weeks old.

Spring on Jackson Lake.


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA


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Late Summer on Jackson Lake

Being Jackson. I love him so.

Jackson's Falls Prince Edward County Ontario.

The short but steep trail at milepost 404.7 takes visitors to views of Jackson Falls, making it one of the most popular walks along the parkway. After dropping down 900 feet in elevation on a paved trail, you will find yourself in a small gorge. Your return trip will be a bit more strenuous, but well worth the effort. There are picnic tables at the trailhead, and a short trail to Baker Bluff Overlook.

Jackson Lake.


Yellowstone-Teton National Park, USA.

June 2006.


Taken using Nikon D70.


Shot in jpeg, post-processed in photoshop, saved in jpeg.


*Please do not download or use any of my photographs without first getting my approval.*


Jackson's 3rd Brigade near Larkin Bell's Field. Marker 404 on the Trailhead map.

Shiloh National Military Park

Shiloh, TN

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