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macro mondays ... the blues ...

hmm !


yeah, I can't wait to feel that bulge, to rub that horny cock and squeeze those heavy spunk-filled balls, till he cums and fills that well-worn, really well-wanked crotch with hot horny man-cum and then pisses that super dirty crotch and makes sure that a slut like me sucks his sticky pissy tight-jeaned groin....

Day 10 - Subject male stands tall.


This has been a study of one man and the fit of his jeans in the seat.


On day 10 the observer and the subject male got together to go over the findings of the study. The results are listed below in a quick and simple format.


Observer conclusions:


-Subject male wears only Levis and Wranglers.

-Subject male likes to wear his jeans tight.

-Subject male is not bothered by a tight fit in the seat, or wedge.

-Subject male prefers a wedge but will not admit to it.

-Subject male likes to draw attention to his butt area.

-Subject male buys jeans that are designed to fit tight in the seat.

-Subject male has become more and more comfortable with the attention of the observer and his camera over time.

-Subject male likes having his rear photographed.


I would like to thank subject male for his help with this study. If you have any questions about this study please contact me through this web site.


Thank you



Jean Michel Jarre | Heineken Music Hall | Amsterdam | 26 May 2009

By Anon Nymouse

The Second Life Times


Floris, Second Life – Rumor has it that the owner of the Chamber Society, Max Butoh decided that jeans will be allowed at the Reception of the Chamber Hotel. This is based on the pictures that were taken on the annual meeting between Max Butoh and his twelve other selves.

We asked Mrs Tre Kurtz about these plans of Mr Butoh, but she denied to know anything about such plans and considered it highly unlikely. Mrs Kurtz added: "While we at the chamber might like seeing everyone in those tight fitting denim pants, the chafing that is possible might make things rough."


The office of Mr Butoh was unavailable for any comments at this point in time. If there are any new developments then you are going to read it here.


This picture was taken at The Chamber Hotel.


Press L to see the big picture.

A raw blue jeans butt with a tight fit. These jeans are tight enough that the guy wearing them doesn't have to worry about them ridding up on him.


Good looking seat there bud. Be proud.

One of my favorite skirts.

A nice full ass in tight Levi's

This is how a pair of jeans should fit!

This is a great close up of a nice round man butt.

This boy has a great body, awesome jeans (Levi's of course) and an incredible ass. The fit is just perfect. Prime rim job material.

Nice wallet wear.

Day 298/366 - I got a new pair of jeans today --- with skinny legs. I have yet to try this out. But it really just comes down to how my ass looks.

Wonderful new jeans! They fit me like a glove and make my legs look so long and skinny!

My favorite jeans <3

and a LUCKY find! o.O

Talla 42, pero queda también en una talla 40.

Es azul oscurito

Totalmente ajustable si lo quieren convertir en pitillo

The wide stance of this young man shows a great and trim rear. A good fad pattern shows his care for the jeans. If this man takes good care of his jeans and stays as trim as he is he will be showing a good trim ass in these jeans for some time to come.

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f/2.2, 4.2 mm, 1/15, ISO 160

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