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Arches 140#CP


Funny thing about landscapes -- we like what we like -- no matter where in the world we go. Visiting Germany and Italy, I still found that my heart skipped a beat with each RURAL landscape - despite the incredible beauty of the architecture ... I guess you can take the girl out of the 'country,' but can't take the 'country' out of the girl! LOL


Here is a painting of an Italian farmstead using traditional watercolor paints and techniques. This view appealed to me because of all the greenery and of course, the field of poppies! LOL


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Il pastore Valentin, Fossernica di dentro, Caoria, Trentino, italian east Alps.


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italian hills.

mercatello ( pesaro&urbino ( marche ( italy ( europe ( earth ( milky-way ( solar-system ( universe ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Ponte del Diavolo - Lucca - Italia


much better large size and on black - molto meglio in grande e su sfondo nero

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ancora oberato di lavoro, scusate...


still busy with overwork, sorry...



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White Frame Collection for 2011


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My favorite wine is Amarone. Like all Italians, I have not met one that I did not like.



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Stesso campo di ieri sera, diversa luce, nuvole diverse.

Il cielo di oggi è magnifico: spesso Aprile sa regalare delle magnifiche atmosfere di contrasto, grazie ai passaggi di fronti freddi nell'atmosfera.

Buon lunedi :)

Montecatini alto,

Tuscany, Italy


km.........168.675.........and now??

thanks my friend....

Not photoshopped

- Taken with Chouchou cinematic HUD


Taken at Paradise Palm Island

Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV


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Old stones, Great sky, Bold colors and some Tricks ;-)


Taken tonight, where we live.

Castello di Valdengo, Piedmont Italy


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For the history lovers amongst us. This is the inside of two nissen huts that were converted by world war 2 Italian prisoners of war. The walls and ceiling were hand painted to look as if they were tiled. Here's the Wiki link

These pretty blue flowers were growing by the track between Padworth Mill and Alfermaston Wharf. After looking them up in my nature book I ID them as Italian Alkenets.

Alfa Romeo 4C


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Vacation time. I want to say hello to all my friends and contacts of this site. Have a nice time and see you soon!

Sono sposato con quattro figli, la mia famiglia mi aspetta in Romania.


Giovanni Baiu, pastore, S. Vito di Valdobbiadene, Treviso


backstage di Marina


il pastore Piero Cadorin, boscaglia del Piave, Vas

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Il compositore Nildo Sanvido.


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Ascolta Audite forte di Nildo Sanvido, esegue l'Arsenale diretto da Filippo Perocco


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leggi Giancarlo Rado autofocus su Golden Garden


Andrea Salvotti, operatore subacqueo, molo frangiflutti al largo del bagno Ausonia, Trieste

poppies fields in Emilia Romagna, near CastellArquato; Italy

Lamb Holm, Orkney


In 1942 five hundred and fifty Italian prisoners of war, captured in North Africa during World War II, were brought to Orkney. They worked on the construction of the Churchill Barriers, four causeways created to block access to Scapa Flow. Two hundred of the prisoners were based at Camp 60 on Lamb Holm, one of the Orkney archipelago. In 1943 Major Thomas Pyres Buckland, Camp 60's commandant, and Father Gioacchino Giacobazzi, the camp's Catholic priest, agreed that a place of worship was required.


The chapel was constructed by the prisoners with the limited material available. Two Nissen huts were joined end to end. The corrugated interior was then covered with plasterboard and an altar and altar rail were constructed from concrete left over from work on the barriers. Most of the interior decoration was done by Domenico Chiocchetti, a prisoner from Moena. He painted the sanctuary end of the chapel and fellow prisoners decorated the entire interior.


This facade was created out of concrete, hiding the shape of the green Nissen huts behind, making the building look like a church. The light holders were made out of corned beef tins. The baptismal font was made from the inside of a car exhaust covered in a layer of concrete.


When his fellow prisoners were released shortly before the end of the war, Chiocchetti remained on the island to finish decorating the newly consecrated church.


It was not fully completed until after the end of the war, it was restored in the 1960's and again in the 1990's. It is now a popular tourist attraction, and a category A listed building. It is still used as a place of worship and when I took the picture was closed to the public for one hour for Mass.


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