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The Pars Museum is a museum in Shiraz, Fars Province, southern Iran and is located in Nazar Garden.


The octagonal building was the place in which royal guests were hosted during the Zand dynasty of Iran. It was also used for holding official ceremonies.


It is also the burial place of Karim Khan Zand.



Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

sisakht zone

Deylaman , Iran

This pic was one of my Explored and most Intresting one

747SP EP-IAC of Iran Air high over the Caspian Sea in a left hand turn. HDR

La Mosquée de Nasir ol-Molk dite mosquée rose, construite sous la dynastie quadjare au 19° s.


La Medrasa du Khan fondée en 1615 à l'époque safavide.

Muqarnas : niches ou alvéoles géométriques, curvilignes ou rectilignes, ressemblant parfois à des stalactites. Elles décorent les coupoles, les fenêtres, les iwans, les portails, ainsi que les niches d'angle qui assurent la transition entre une coupole et la salle carrée.



khajo bridge

(for my m.m)

Green is HOPE, although the way is long and difficult.


(location: Varzaneh plain, West Azarbayan, Iran: on the border with Iraq near Mirabad of Piranshahr)


Le mausolée de Shâh Cherâgh


Palangan village, Kurdistan province, Iran

La faïence bleue traditionnelle de Shiraz ! Souvenirs, souvenirs !


Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province

hojat abad


this little city located in irans middle desert. the background of this city isn,t known exactly I just can say there is a 4000 years old sypress tree in this city.

here is a view of Abarkoh from its southern hills and what you see in right hand is ALI dome(1000 years old) one of DIELAMI,s king tomb.

Walking in this city reminds you old eastern stories

Coordinate(31 07N - 53 18E )

see in larg please



شهری کوچک که قدمتی یقینا بیش از انچه که تا کنون معلوم شده دارد و سرو چهار هزار ساله آن دلیلی بر این مدعاست

این عکس(سه فریم) از تپه های جنوبی گرفته شده ودر سمت راست گنبد عالی دیده میشود آرامگاه یکی از شاهان دیلمی است.


Village situé à plus de 1000 m d'altitude, classé au Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, pour son originalité et l'homogénéité architecturale. Construites à flanc de montagne, les maisons mélangent la pierre, le bois et l'adobe et s'imbriquent les unes dans les autres.

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new years greetings from Gina

A view of city of Kashan, Iran with a beautiful mountain range in the background.

The photo was taken from the rooftop of my hotel room in early morning.


Kashan (Persian: کاشان‎‎, also Romanized as Kāshān; also known as Kachan)[1] is a city in and the capital of Kashan County, in the province of Isfahan, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 248,789, in 67,464 families.[2]


The etymology of the city name comes from the Kasian, the original inhabitants of the city, whose remains are found at Tapeh Sialk dating back 9,000 years; later this was changed to "Kashian", hence the town name. Between the 12th and the 14th centuries Kashan was an important centre for the production of high quality pottery and tiles. In modern Persian, the word for a tile (kashi) comes from the name of the town.


Kashan is cited in the neighbourhood of two of highest peaks of Karkas chain, Mount Gargash to the southwest of Kashan (the home of Iran national observatory, the largest astronomical telescope of Iran) and Mount Ardehaal in the west of Kashan, also known as "Damavand of Kashan" and the highest peak of Ardehaal mountains (end part of Karkas chain in central Iran).


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Décoration murale du Hammam Vakil, bain maure qui date de l'époque de Karim Khan.

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