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at Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple complex , Srirangam,Trichy,Tamil Nadu,India



The chaos summarized in a single picture. From the top of the Charminar monument and using a slow shutter speed to give some emphasis on the motion.


Picture chosen for a Nikon article about travelling:

Travelling photography


Image selected for I'm Nikon 2015 short video.


Thank you all for your appreciation.


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Spent a week in magical Ladakh, India. It was a truly eye-opening experience for me. Beautiful landscape with mountain-top monasteries. Beautiful people who are made stonger by the harsh environment.

With it being so windy here recently, I'd had an idea that a shot of the beautiful autumnal field maple at the bottom of our garden, blurred and blowing in the wind, against the still leaves on the ground might make a nice contrast. I was spurred to get round to it after then seeing Mike Robinson's Blurred Lines (, and also seeing it so windy again this morning---the leaves aren't going to be on the maple much longer!

I used my neutral density filter to get a long exposure, 30 seconds here.

Also, having downloaded a free trial of the Google Nik collection, I jazzed the shot up a bit with an inappropriate-sounding (considering the weather!) Indian summer filter.

Seconda città del Rajasthan e già capitale della regione storica del Marwar, è un'importante meta turistica per l'abbondanza di templi e palazzi di interesse storico e artistico, oltre che per l'imponente e maestoso forte di Mehrangarh, che da sei secoli domina la città da un massiccio di 130 metri. Soprannominata anche Sun city per la costante presenza del sole e di tempo sereno (siamo nell'area del Deserto di Thar), ma anche Blue city per il gran numero di abitazioni dipinte con tinta indaco. Wikipedia - Diario di viaggio

Singapore Chinatown


The Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple. It is an agamic temple, built in the Dravidian style. Located at No. 244 South Bridge Road, in the downtown Chinatown district, the temple serves mainly South Indian Tamil Hindu Singaporeans in the city-state.

The Sri Mariamman Temple was founded in 1827 by Naraina Pillai, eight years after the British East India Company established a trading settlement in Singapore. (Wikipedia)


Acrylic, watercolor, indian ink on paper 250g

42x30 cm

Setting up the Photojojo (Temporary) Satellite office in Siolim, Goa, India. :D


(and this is only for 5/10 people at Photojojo Workcation 2011! more coming later.. don't worry, we'll take pics!)

✕ アイゴ[藍子](aigo) = "mottled spinefoot" (Siganus fuscescens)

✓ アカエソ(akaeso) = "red lizardfish" (Synodus ulae)

✓ アカハタ[赤羽太](akahata) = "blacktipped grouper/rockcod" (Epinephelus fasciatus)

✓ アカハタ[赤羽太](akahata) = "blacktipped grouper/rockcod" (Epinephelus fasciatus)

✓ アナハゼ(anahaze) = "perch sculpin" (Pseudoblennius percoidis)

✕ イサゴハタ(isagohata) = "bluespotted snapper" (Cephalopholis)

✕ イシダイ(ishidai) = "striped beak perch" (Oplegnathus fasciatus)

✓ イソカサゴ(isokasago) = "shore rockfish" (Scorpaenodes littoralis)

✕ イソギンチャクモエビ[磯巾着藻蝦](isoginchakumoebi) = "high-tailed shrimp, dancing shrimp, squat anemone shrimp, sexy shrimp" (Thor amboinensis)

✕ イトヒキベラ(itohikibera) = "threadfin wrasse" (Cirrhilabrus temminckii)

✓ ウツボ(utsubo) = "brutal moray" (Gymnothorax kidako)

✓ オニカサゴ(onikasago) = "hairy stingfish" (Scorpaenopsis cirrhosa)

✕ オハグロベラ(ohagurobera) = "cocktailfish" (Pteragogus flagellifera)

✓ オルトマンワラエビ(orutomanwaraebi) = "?" (Chirostylus ortmanii

✕ カゴカキダイ[駕籠舁鯛](kagokakidai) = "stripey" (Microcanthus strigatus)

✓ キタマクラ(kitamakura) = "brown-lined puffer" (Canthigaster rivulata)

✕ キュウセン(kyūsen) = "multicolorfin rainbowfish" (Halichoeres poecilopterus)

✓ キンギョハナダイ(kingyohanadai) = "threadfin red bass" (Pseudanthius squamipinnus)

✕ キンチャクダイ[巾着鯛](kinchakudai) = "bluelined angelfish" (Chaeotodontoplus septentrionatis)

✓ クマノミ(kumanomi) = "goldbelly anemonefish" (Amphiprion clarkii)

✓ クロホシイシモチ(kuroboshiishimochi) = "spotnape cardinalfish" (Apogon notatus)

✓ コケギンポ(kokegimpo) = "moss fringehead" (Neoclinus bryope)

✓ コケギンポ(kokegimpo) = "moss fringehead" (Neoclinus bryope)

✕ コシオリエビ(koshioriebi) = "?" (Galathea ternatensis)

✓ サラサエビ(sarasaebi) = "camelback/camel shrimp" (Rhynchocinetes uritai)

✓ サラサエビ(sarasaebi) = "camelback/camel shrimp" (Rhynchocinetes uritai)

✕ スズメダイ(suzumedai) = "whitesaddled reeffish" (Chromis notatus notatus)

✓ ソラスズメダイ(sorasuzumedai) = "heavenly damselfish" (Pomacentris coelestis)

✓ ソラスズメダイ(sorasuzumedai) = "heavenly damselfish" (Pomacentris coelestis)

✕ タナバタウオ(tanabatauo) = "crimsontip longfin" (Plesiops coeruleolineatus)

✕ チョウチョウウオ(chōchōuo) = "butterflyfish" (Chaetodon)

✕ トゲアシガニ(togeashigani) = "flat rock crab" (Percnon planissimum)

✕ トゲウミトサカ[海鶏冠](umitosaka) = "Dendronephthya soft coral" (Dendronephthya)

✓ トラウツボ(torautsubo) = "leopard moray" (Enchelycore pardalis)

✕ ネンブツダイ(nembutsudai) = "Indian littleperch" (Apogon semilineatus)

✓ ハコフグ(hakofugu) = "blackspotted boxfish" (Ostracion immaculatus)

✓ ハコフグ(hakofugu) = "blackspotted boxfish" (Ostracion immaculatus)

✓ ヒトデ(hitode) = "starfish"

✕ ヒラタエイ[扁エイ](hirataei) = "sepia stingray" (Urolophus aurantiacus)

✓ ピカチューウミウシ(Pikachūumiushi) = ウデフリツノザヤウミウシ(udefuritsunozaya umiushi) = "?" (Thecacera pacifica)

✓ ホシノハゼ(hoshinohaze) = "Hoshino's goby" (Istigobius hoshinonis)

✓ ホンソメワケベラ(honsomewakebera) = "bluestreak cleaner wrasse" (Labroides dimidiatus)

✓ ホンソメワケベラ(honsomewakebera) = "bluestreak cleaner wrasse" (Labroides dimidiatus)

✕ ホンベラ(hombera) = "seagrass wrasse" (Halichoeres tenuispinnis)

✕ マダコ[真蛸](madako) = "common octopus" (Octopus vulgaris)

✕ マハタ(mahata) = "sevenband grouper" (Epinephelus septemfasciatus)

✓ ムチヤギ[鞭](muchiyagi) = "sea whip" (Ellisella rubra)

1.Linderhof 2.Backwaters (India) 3.Cudillero 4.Jellies 5.Lago Enol 6.Marienplatz 7.Colourful "Little Italy" 8.Vintage


9.Nubble Lighthouse 10.Coto de Doñana 11.Jelly 1 12.Guadalquivir 13.#29 14.Cochin (India) 15.Roman Theatre, Volterra 16.Lüftlmalerei


17.Catedral de San Salvador (Oviedo) 18.Nicht mit uns! Think flickr, think !!! Against Censorship 19.Because the Night 20.Flatiron Building, New York 21.Covadonga 22.Sevilla - La Maestranza 23.Sevilla - Real Alcazar 24.Wieskirche


25.Maulbronn Monastery 26.Down by the Lake 27.Reflections in Blue 28.Dreitorspitze 29.Give Peace a Chance 30.Blaukissen 31.Impressions from Bubu-Island (Thailand) 32.S - H - O - P - P - I - N - G


33.Kiwi 34.Daffodil 35.Knock on Wood 36.Cádiz - View from my hotel room 37.Santa Maria del Fiore / Firenze 38.Por las calles de Sevilla 39.Vejer de la Frontera 40.Sur les toits de Ronda


41.Sevilla - Real Alcazar 42.Frühling am Starnberger See 43.What was first, the chicken or the egg? 44.Mandarinente / Mandarin Duck 45.Würm 46.Fuente de la Judería 47.Massachusetts State House 48.Lüftlmalerei in Mittenwald


49.Ventana en el Fontan 50.Across the River and into the Trees 51.Das Licht am Ende des Waldes 52.La Giralda 53.Portland Head Light 54.Malerwinkel 55.Don't Drink and Drive 56.Something sweet in between for you my friends. Serve yourself!


57.Blaues Haus, Kuhviertel, Münster (Westf.) 58.St. Leonhard zu Froschhausen 59.Laterne 60.Explosión de primavera - Harbinger of spring 61.St. Coloman 62.Der Schwan 63.San Miguel de Lillo 64.The Visitor


65.Brooklyn Bridge 66.The Rock 67.Untitled 68.Blick auf Garmisch-Partenkirchen 69.Westpark 70.Caleta de Velez 71.Ursa Maior 72.Andalucia


73.I still know how it was last spring 74.Spanische Wand 75.Tinaja 76.Thai-Sala (Detail) 77.Patio Andaluz 78.Volkach - Haus Behringer 79.Saints by Pierre et Gilles 80.Pöcking


81.Japanese Cherry 82.In Memoriam Stefan 83.Baum im Leutstettener Moos 84.Knock Three Times ... 85.Lastres – Asturias 86.Primavera 87.Colours of Autumn 88.Windows III


89.Hórreo 90.El Campo 91.Lakefront 92.SMILE :-) 93.... und die Kuh macht "Muh" ... 94.Baeza 95.El Torcal 96.The Fog


97.Lindau 98.Picnic at the Lake 99.Look ... there is absolutely nothing behind WINDOWS 100.Oviedo – Universidad 101.Roses 102.Foggy Landscape 103.Salò am Gardasee 104.Die Laterne


105. 10.000 BC 106. Field Geometry 107. The Bridge 108. Red 109. Cangrejito 110. Girasol 111. Wasserburg (Bodensee) 112. Magnolia


113. Blowing in the Wind 114. Alhambra 115. Pabellón Mudejar 116. Countryside 117. Herbstimpressionen von der Vogelsburg 118. With this ring, ... 119. Center Piece 120. Sky High


121. At Nightfall 122. Sweets for my Sweet 123. Misty Morning 124. Kleiner Kiepenkerl 125.iaaaaa! 126. Orchid 127. CLOSED 128. Palm


129.Who wants a beer? 130. Prinzipalmarkt 131. Where the Peaceful Waters Flow 132. The Wall 133. Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze 134. Le Cygne 135. When the Day Goes Down 136. Rotling


137. Granada 138. Landscape with Flock of Sheep 139. Green Tree 140. ♫ ♫ Es klappert die Mühle am rauschenden Bach ... ♫ 141. Im Schlossgraben 142. Radio City Music Hall 143. Cactus 144. Holiday Feeling


145. The Green Green Grass of Home 146. Lettl 147. Electric Field 148. Schlossmühle 149. Echinacea 150. Nymphenburg 151. Into the Blue 152. Windows I


153.I want to ride my bicycle 154. Tricolore "CADIZ" 155. Fly Away 156. Summertime 157. Schloss Burgsteinfurt 158. μονόπτερος 159. Let there be Light 160. Maximilianeum


161. Indian Summer in Franconia 162. Sunset 163. Backyard 164. Bench 165. Der Himmel über München 166. St. Mauritius 167. Altes Rathaus – Lindau 168. Green Field


169.Duck 170. Volkacher Kirchberg 171. Upright 172. Setenil de las Bodegas 173. ┃┃┃┃┃ 174. Palacio Carlos V – Patio 175. Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

Yogibara Rd Mcleod Ganj, India.

at a street vendor out side kalighat kali temple

Everything about the actual inside and more on

A must-have!

One of the main streets in Hyderabad from the top. People walking, shops, rickshaws, chaos, pollution, etc. all in a single image.


Thank you all for your appreciation.


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Without doubt the most important date in the Anjuna diary, market day sees scores of local and expat vendors descending on the market site at the far south of the beach, to haggle the day away over clothing, jewellery, souvenirs and a good deal, these days, of usual tourist tat. Pick through the rubbish (underfoot, quite literally) to seek out treasure, including sparkling ceiling hangings, dancing dolls, and posh frocks made from dazzling saris. Even if you don’t come home loaded with shopping, it’s an unmissable event, where you’ll find Goa’s old faithful hippies mingling with I Heart Goa–clad Indian tourists, package-holiday Brits and Russians, and young backpackers in search of bargain.


Read more:

Identifier: dollsoftusayanin00fewk

Title: Dolls of the Tusayan Indians

Year: 1894 (1890s)

Authors: Fewkes, Jesse Walter, 1850-1930

Subjects: Hopi Indians Kachinas Indians of North America

Publisher: Leiden, E. J. Brill

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

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The World (almost) - Anchorage - Bay of Bengal - India - 22/6/2015


Name: -

IMO: -



Callsign: -

Vessel type:Bulk Carrier

Gross tonnage:24,533 tons

Summer DWT:42,584 tons

Length:188 m

Beam:31 m

Draught:8.7 m

Home port:Monrovia

Class society:Bureau Veritas

Build year:1997

Builder:Split Shipyard

Split, Croatia



Panasonic Lumix DMC GF5 14-42mm

1 3 4 5 6 7 ••• 79 80