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Number 4 in a series of ongoing collaborations with Harsubagh.


I've taken 4 of his images here and subjected them to a lot of further photo manipulation, mirroring and layering. In the first 3 collaborative pieces I kept H's images fairly untouched. Here I'm taking them on as raw material and running as far as I can with them ... in the spirit of H's own very experimental work.


Image was created in 2017.



© Richard S Warner ( Visionheart ) & Harsubagh- 2017. All Rights Reserved. This image is not for use in any form without explicit, express, written permission.


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I’ve posted his image before… but just re-worked another that I wanted to share along with the throwback memory … this was one of my first street portraits … I’d been carrying the camera for several days … but was just too timid to make a shot … …. was just so against my nature and habit to approach strangers on the street and ask to make their picture …. but … he was standing in the queue … his nyc bus was approaching ... seconds away … I was struck by his presence … compelled to capture that .... and the portrait was in my head before I made the shot …. happily he let my camera borrow his face … all these years later my only regret is that I didn’t give my contact ... never able to share with him the image ….it remains one of my favorites … at least I can share it here with you ….

I’ve posted his image before… but just re-worked another that I wanted to share along with the memory … Abraham lived in a residence for mentally disabled adults in a corner building by my last NYC apartment … each time I passed by his building he never failed to greet me with a warm and genuine smile …. followed by the the same “Hi …how are ya” …to begin the conversation …. that connection affected me so much so that I’d even walk out of my way sometimes for that extra long New York City block just to receive it …. and the day after I made this shot I was actually excited to bring him the print of the street portrait … I wasn’t sure how he’d respond … but happily his face gave off such a glee and surprise and joy … the memory of that reaction still satisfies and comforts me all these years later … I’m certain that Abraham didn’t have many worldly possesions … and also certain that he treasured that print as much as I treasured his reaction to receiving it …. it was my gift to him and equally his to me …. I miss that daily encounter … it remains one of my fondest NYC memories … and when I re-worked this image last nite it all came back to me with such strong and good emotion that I had to share it here … reminding again how much kindness and warmth and connection one to another can impact and affect the soul … I think …especially in these times … that’s not too bad a lesson to carry forward …

Josef Mánes - Antonín, his uncle and Director of the Prague Art Academy Václav, his brother Quido and his sister Amalie.[1]


His first painting lessons naturally came from his father. From 1835 to 1844, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, under Professors František Tkadlík and Christian Ruben. He continued his studies in Munich for two years. Upon his return, an affair with the family's maid had unpleasant results and created an estrangement with some members of his family that left him in a state of severe depression. He found refuge in the patronage of Count Bedřich Silva-Tarouca [cs] ,[1] living and working at his castle in Průhonice for twenty years. From there, he made many trips throughout Moravia, Upper Hungary (Slovakia) and Poland.


He took an active role in many artistic, literary and patriotic societies. He also participated in Sokol, an athletic organization for young men, designing uniforms and other materials for them. In 1857, he visited Italy and, three years later, took a trip to Russia, from which he returned mentally disturbed.


From 1866, his mental state worsened rapidly, afflicting him with bizarre behavior and obsessions. A recuperative trip to Italy failed to improve his health and he died in 1871, after much suffering. It is believed that his brain had been affected by syphilis or meningitis.


Work and honors


Mánes Bridge (Mánesův most), the first bridge downstream of the famous Charles Bridge, was in 1920 renamed in the painter's honour

He produced many paintings in every genre from landscapes and portraits to ethnographic and botanical studies. He even did paintings of the twelve months (Calendar plate) in face of the Prague Astronomical Clock. Although his work was little understood or appreciated in his lifetime, he is now considered to be among the greatest Czech painters.


In 1887, the Mánes Union of Fine Arts was created in his honor. One of the central bridges over the Vltava River bears his name and includes a statue of the painter at the Old Town end. His image has appeared on several Czechoslovak and Czech postage stamps.




My second collaboration with the Great Experimental Artist, Harsubagh.


I've taken two of his images here, placed them next to each other and then repeated the first one ( on the left ) 3 times and layered that abstract piece over itself in a sequence. I left image alone, for the most part, in terms of further manipulation but the second one I've altered in colour. But up to the top right, I dropped in the original as a way to acknowledge its original state as well as use it as a device to "punctuate" the general "abstract" impression with a quick jolt of relatively SOOC.


The images that H sent me were all, except for one, what I would call, "Domestic" images, shots from around the neighbourhood or property and I launched off from there in titling and theme-ing these works around the idea of imagining this great and unorthodox creative mind ( H ) in amongst the most mundane of surroundings and how his neighbours might think of him.


This is pure, creative fantasy and imagination. For all I know, H lives in a very supportive and creatively enlightened neighbourhood. His altered and "Lynchian" domestic images sparked these ideas. I attached Tom Waits' "What's He Building?" to the first image as a music link to support this fantasy / flight of imagination. You could use the same song for this and the next image coming up, too.


The neighbourhood gossip I've added as text is a further development of that theme and something, sad to say, that's pretty universal. I had friends who lived in Shaker Heights, a very upscale neighbourhood in Cleveland, OH, that heard their neighbours saying these words over their bushes about them, almost verbatim. So drawing from memory, I included it here.


I look forward to doing more collaboration with Harsubagh as I think it's a rich mine we both have to explore.





© Richard S Warner ( Visionheart ) & Harsubagh - 2017. All Rights Reserved. This image is not for use in any form without explicit, express, written permission.


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Don't judge him by his looks.He is a kind scarecrow. :) :)

Original purchased image :

The rest is painting with photoshop CC 2015


music :

Lovely Mermaid


Arte Digital - Digital Art


Effect Painting - Texture


Double Exposure

Software: Pixlr; Windows,

Paint 3 D

Image created from editions of my original photos

Imagem criada a partir de edições de minhas fotos originais em Barra Grande, Piauí


I saw this beautiful mermaid at Barra Grande beach, in Piauí.

A mythical half-human sea creature, with the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish.

Of impressive beauty, with flowing black hair and iridescent scales that shone in the sun.

His image was reflected in the mirror pool formed by the low tide at dawn.

A fisherman came by and said:

- My dream is to marry this Mermaid!

Vi essa linda Sereia na praia de Barra Grande, no Piauí.

Uma criatura marinha meio-humana mítica, com a cabeça e o tronco de uma mulher e a cauda de um peixe.

De beleza impressionante, com cabelos negros esvoaçantes e escamas furta-cor que brilhavam ao sol.

Sua imagem refletia no espelho d'água formado pela maré baixa ao amanhecer.

Um pescador passou por mim e falou:

- Meu sonho é casar com essa Sereia!


Barra Grande, Piauí, Brasil


Art Week Gallery Group

Creative Shells



For my dad in his birthday

¡¡Feliz cumpleaños, viejito!!


"Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes

They call me on and on across the universe

Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box

They tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe"


Highest position: 24 on Saturday, August 8, 2015

His Majesty's Theatre is The largest theatre in the north east of Scotland. It is sited on Rosemount Viaduct opposite Union Terrace Gardens. St Mark's church is next door and then the central library. The Theatre can seat more than 1.400 and was designed by Frank Matcham and opened in 1906.

Best Viewed Here.

An image of a big, highway-cruising motorcycle is chiseled into the top of a tombstone in our local public cemetery. Presumably it memorializes the deceased man’s abiding passion.


Interestingly, for a country that generally has lots of rules, almost any kind of tombstone seems permissible in our cemetery.


For example, there are stones with overtly Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Islamic themes, plus ones like this that defy categorization. There are big stones, small stones, upright stones, horizontal stones, and non-stones; e.g. markers made of wrought iron.


For me, all of this adds a nice note of inclusion and community in what is otherwise, of course, a somber place. In addition, almost all the graves have pretty ca. 1m x 0.5m displays of carefully-tended, in-ground flowering plants. This is also highly individual and varied, although begonias are very popular every summer.


Location: Gottesacker, Riehen BS Switzerland.

In my album: Roaming Riehen.

Oh, I didn't mean his new toy is a Rainting, but this whole image is one. I couldn't figure out what to call his new toy? Ideas?





Rainting is a word I coined describing a painterly effect, achieved by photographing the subject through glass that is being rained on, like a windshield or other. It achieves an oftentimes pretty or soft flowing effect, and sometimes other-worldly. It is usually creative, fun, and fluid, seldom harsh in my opinion. I have an album of them on Flickr. Rainting is already in "The Urban Dictionary" but I would like it to also be in a more sophisticated/educational type of dictionary. I started a public Flickr group of Raintings on New Year's Day 2020.


The more collegiate type of dictionaries say that the word has to actually be used by people before they're likely to publish it. So if you like the word and my idea, say it loud and say it clear and take a few Raintings and post them to my new group. Using my word and trying my new group are not inclusive of one another.



"My thin white border is not so much a frame as a defense against Flickr's all dark background"



This picture is SOOC. I re-sized it, but not changing any dimensions, composition or colors, and I added my thin white border and copyright-initials. My actual image is right out of my camera. The rainting part of my image is explained above. The movement was purposeful. When I took the picture I thought it would be fun to intentionally move my camera. I love the way this one came out.




GENESIS 1:27 'So God created man in His image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.'


Timer shot


Many thanks to all for faves and lovely comments, much appreciated...!!!

Reprocessed from image #65.

An infrared image at the Marina area in San Francisco. Taken with some Kodak Aerochrome film, that was hand cut, and rolled by Dean Bennici in Germany. This image is dedicated to Dean, in homage for his efforts in promoting analog color infrared photography.


Technical: Kodak Aerochrome Film. Fuji GX617 with 90mm Fujinon. Fuji 2x center weighted filter. Tiffen No. 15 deep yellow filter. Taken at 1/8th of a second at f22. E6 processed by Oscar's Photo Lab in San Francisco.

his screams were like… dinner music.



this image is from 2011, but i edited again this week to play around with the mood.




Image All Rights Reserved

No use allowed without a license.


For licensing inquiries, email me directly.

A man and his image . . .

Collaboration: Paul Swift and Terry Hancock

Paul and I both captured NGC1333 recently and as his image was captured using a much longer focal length with much more detail especially in the HII regions than in my version we decided to combine the data.

Paul captured NGC1333 from his home in Valencia Spain 8360km from Terry Hancock who captured his data at Grand Mesa Observatory, Purdy Mesa, Colorado


Image Capture Details Paul Swift:

Optics: AG14 Newtonian astrograph.

camera: Starlight Xpress Trius SX-814

Filters: Chroma HaLRGB

Dates: Over 5 nights DEC 2017

Rx 24, Gx24, B 24, x 400 L 30x 400 and Ha 1800 x15


Image Capture Details Terry Hancock:

Optics: Takahashi FSQ-130

Camera: QHY367C OSC CMOS

Dates: Over 3 nights SEP25 2017, Dec19 2017, Jan7 2018

110 x 240 sec


At the edge of the Perseus molecular cloud, lies the reflection nebula NGC 1333. The nebula, with its characteristic blue color, appears in the center of the image surrounded by dark dust clouds. Containing hundreds of new stars that are less than a million years old, and lying at a distance of less than 1,000 light years away, NGC 1333 is of the nearest star forming regions.


Paul's Facebook link to his original image


Paul's original image in High Resolution on Flickr


Terry’s original image in High Resolution on Flickr


His Highness, Mr. Meowzer, strikes a pose on a deck railing high above my summertime garden.


"Dogs have owners, cats have staff." ~ Author Unknown


"One must love a cat on its own terms." ~ Paul Gray


Thanks so very much to all my Flickr friends for your visits, faves, and kind comments - I appreciate you all and delight in viewing your awesome images!

BLOG:Credits & Slurls & More:

Featuring:Infinite, Mudhoney and much more!

“His own image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan. To be born in a duck's nest, in a farmyard, is of no consequence to a bird, if it is hatched from a swan's egg.”


Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly Duckling

We had been observing two male lions resting on the side of the hill when this one decided to come down and lie in the shade. He looked so healthy and so majestic. He actually came within about thirty feet of us and what a thrill it was. His friend perhaps his brother came shortly after but had injured his paw causing him to limp slightly. I do not think it was too severe and hopefully he will mend quickly. He was gorgeous !


Wishing nyou a beautiful and blessed Friday !

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature

the new tyrant is not only cutting him off from the miracle of his surrounding, it parches his mind turning him to a true slave and he doesn't know it.


I have a colour version ~ in my opinion monochrome is so much more spectacular....


© Cosmopolitan Photography | All rights reserved.

Do not use, copy or edit any of my images without my written permission.

「His intention」


From the eyes of the child

From an action

From anything

Take things well

It seems to be me who am good


I took such an image from a photograph.













George and his image, painted by his owner John Dolan a Shoreditch local. September 2016

Google "John Dolan" to read his interesting story.



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This is a collaborative effort with my photoshopping husband, David.


He always offers to PS my images, and I always refuse.


I love working levels, but there is a part of me that doesn't like adding or subtracting something digitally from my images. Until today.


I shot two pictures - the chairs was shot mid-morning to my right, while the cloudy sky was shot just after sunrise, to my left.


I thought it would make for a more dramatic image to see the two photos together. So, I gave in.


I think the result is quite nice.


If anybody on this cruise thought they were going to work on their tans, I think they have quickly learned that such is not to be the case during an Atlantic crossing in April. Skies are stormy, misty, and very grey.





Check out David's work. He includes wacky serial-type stories with his images.

A reflection in a lake.

Canon EOS 6D - f/13 - 1/5 sec - 100mm - ISO 200


- for challenge Flickr group 'Smile on Saturay!;) ,

theme: 'Crazy Couples'

- Thanks to Joeke P., who's comment on a lily photo inspired me.


- His Master's Voice, abbreviated HMV, is a famous trademark in the music and recording industry and was the unofficial name of a major British record label. The name was coined in the 1890s as the title of a painting of a dog named Nipper, listening to a wind-up gramophone.


The trademark image comes from a painting by English artist Francis Barraud and titled His Master's Voice. It was acquired from the artist in 1899 by the newly formed Gramophone Company and adopted by the Victor Talking Machine Company in the United States.

According to contemporary Gramophone Company publicity material, the dog, a terrier named Nipper, had originally belonged to Barraud's brother, Mark. When Mark Barraud died, Francis inherited Nipper, with a cylinder phonograph and recordings of Mark's voice. Francis noted the peculiar interest that the dog took in the recorded voice of his late master emanating from the horn, and conceived the idea of committing the scene to canvas.


See picture in the first comment !

This title refers to Narcissus who fell in love with his image and finally died of starvation. I had a series of pictures with this hero(n) in a perfect mirror image. The heron was less clumsy then narcissus, and crushed his mirror image in this picture, and he surely didn't die because he caught a fish. The picture was taken in Vancouver in Stanley park in a beautiful almost pristine spot.


From 11 june till the 25th of July, I traveled in Canada. Starting in Brighton Ontario, where my sister lives at the border of an amazing part of lake Ontario, I flew to Vancouver, and Vancouver island where I took the boat at Port Hardy to take part 1 of the Inside passage, to Prince Rupert in BC. Two days later I took part 2 to Skagway in Alaska. When coming from Skagway Alaska, you can take the train to Carcross. it is a very scenic train ride that halts at Bennet lake.


And then to Whitehorse and further on by car to Kluane National park in the Yukon district. Whitehorse is situated at the border of the Yukon. Frow there I flew back to Vancouver, rented a car, and traveled three weeks in the BC- and Alberta Rockies, visiting the famous, and less famous Nature parks like Banff and Jasper. Last few days back to Brighton Ontario to enjoy lake Ontario once more, before going home. A picture of my itinerary can be found on Facebook (


4000 pictures later, it is quite a task to show the right stuff, although the stunning scenery guarantees at least a few great shots to share. Objective will be to make a book (for myself mainly), and that might take a while.


I hope you will enjoy the impression of my travel, one that equals earlier journeys to Alaska and south America, this journey was the first in the digital era, and equally intensive because of all the hiking activities every day on and on. I loved every minute of it.

© 2016 Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott


Having an incredible amount of reach allows you to do some unique things with a lens. Being able to focus closely helps even more. Tamron improved the minimum focus distance on the new 150-600mm G2 by nearly two feet, allowing to focus closer and get more magnification. This cougar was coming up near the wire mesh of its cage and looking out (I was the only one around). I moved to the side so that I could capture the detail around his beautiful eyes. When looking at the image large, however, I could see reflected in them both the bars of his prison and the freedom beyond. I thought that sharing the crop would be more effective so that you can see what I saw. There was freedom in his eyes. You can see more images that I've taken with the lens here:


Technical Information: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5.-6.3 DI VC USD G2, Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, and Alien Skin Exposure X2 (use code "dustinabbott" to get 10% off)


Want to know more about me or make contact? Take a look at my website and find a lot of ways to connect

Thank you for taking the time to view fave & possibly make a comment. Your view on my images & my narrative is always appreciated. Thank you. Happy Days Happy Ways Happy Sunday to one & all 🙏

Popa Chubby is a seasoned performer, blues singer and composer. At his game for about 30 years, he started by listening to the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Cream. His blues is known in North America and also in Europe. His guitar skills are undisputed. Born in tough Bronx, NYC as Theodore Horowitz, his image mirrors his upbringing. I have a feeling, that he is not a pussycat.

Current line up includes Tom Curiano - Drums, Paul Loranger- Bass, Dave Keyes- Keyboards.


33. TMR 2019-04 July, P1220223, Popa Chubby (FIJM 2019 day 9-No 33); Uploaded 03. October 2019.


There is a little story behind this image. I will be brief. I was contacted by Michael, whom you see here on the right. He lives in Portland Oregon and is a landscape oil painter. He viewed some of my images on flickr and wanted to use a few of them to paint off of. He submitted his image proposals to our new local library. They were looking for artwork to hang permanently in the new library. I am happy to tell you that two of my images were selected for him to paint and be displayed there.


The image you see here is of me (on the left) and Michael Orwick the oil artist . He did a wonderful job on the paintings and it was a real honor to have my work used in this way. You can see part of one of the paintings in back of were we are standing.


The links to Michael's paintings and my original prints are below.. Hope you enjoy them as much I do. He is an amazing artist... :-)

I reworked his image and decided that the color cast from the Lee Big Stopper filters looked funny. Since I have basically no clue on how to fix this problem (my son is not home to help!), I decided on giving in to this crop and toning.


The archives have been fun to go back into. There will come a day when my hiking adventures will ramp back up and new work will return.


In the meantime, thanks for having a look!

I borrowed the original image from Mr Happy Face - seen below and did some post processing here. I really wish I had more time for textures/computer time. I must have come up with about 4 images of which each displayed a different mood/feeling. I landed up going with this one.

Thanks to Jimmy B. (Mr. Happy Face) for letting me use his image.

His Pioneer Farming Series has many images on his page here:


Fynn thinks that his image of a handsome nice fellow needs to be polished. He wants to be taken seriously. I'm not sure if his new tactics will work. Most of the other kitties already respect Fynn. The main exception is Cleo and I doubt that an encounter with new cool kitty Fynn will change her attitude.

his image is of the beautiful aquamarine colors of Spirit Falls wrapped in the lush green canopy of Spring. Spirit Falls is located on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. Finding these mysterious falls takes some doing, but once found one feels a real sense of discovery of a hidden treasure of the natural world, one of the most beautiful places along the Columbia Gorge, and with its aquamarine colored water, definitely the most unique feature of the Columbia Gorge.

Roseate Spoonbill reflecting.

J. N. "Ding" Darling NWR

“His Love”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography


Did you notice the heart on the ladybug? I noticed it while editing the image.


Valentine’s Day was last week—some people love the holiday because they have a significant other. Some don’t enjoy it because they don’t have one. They may have even lost their loved one to death.


You may not think you are truly loved on Valentine’s Day or any day, but you are. God loves you very much. His love for you is deeper than you can even imagine. Deeper than any human can fathom.


“But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:8 “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


To purchase wildlife and nature fine art prints, please visit my website:


Location: Athens, Georgia at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia

When taking this image, I decided to give this dominant Red deer stag, centre stage, as befits his standing on set.

He was one of two dominant stags, with sizeable harems at Bushy park this year, with many sub-ordinates vying for position, but, not quite having the maturity, or size, to have any success.

This was my first season of watching, and photographing this amazing event, it's been a steep learning curve, and hopefully I've learned a lot about their behavioural inter-action, how to approach safely, when to photograph, and, more importantly, when not to. It will definitely, not be my last season, and will be looking forward to next seasons performance with these amazing animals.....improving my images, whilst watching the dramas unfold.

P.s......I took to the high ground (not too much of that at Bushy) to photograph this stag, as I wanted to look down 'the barrel of the gun' If you get my drift....


Cheers to everyone who bothers to look at my images, sometimes fave, and comment....always appreciated.


P.p.s......Happy New Year ......!!!!!!

In his book, Legends of Siamese Pagodas, HRH Prince Damrong Rajanubhab wrote that the most beautiful Lan Chang Buddha images were Pra Suk, Pra Serm,and Pra Sai. which were commissioned by the three daughters of the King of Lan Chang Empire.


During the Casting Ceremony the furnace had been attended by a number of Buddhist monks and novices for seven consecutive days. In the late morning of the eight day when there were only one monk and one young novice, a white-robed ascetic appeared and asked the monk and the novice to have their meal and he would help with the furnace. However, what everyone saw were many white-robed ascetics attending the furnace, but after the gold was filled in the three sockets, the ascetics were no longer seen.


Originally, the three Buddha images were enshrined at the capital city of Lan Chang Empire in Laos. In 1778, during the Thonburi Era, they where housed in Wiang Kham before being moved to Vientiane, Laos. During the reign of King Rama III, the three Buddha images were moved to Thai territory. On the way from Lan Chang to Thailand, a gigantic storm caused the sinking of Pra Suk, at the mouth of the Ngum River. The spot where the Pra Suk was sunk was called ”Wern Suk” After the sinking Pra Suk remains at that spot up to present day. Only Pra Serm and Pra Sai were successfully brought to Nong Khai and enshrined in Wat Po Chai and Wat Ho Kong (modern Wat Prasit Thammakhun) respectively.


Pra Sai has been greatly revered because of its holiness and the many miracles it has shown. People believe that Pra Sai can protect them, from dangers and evils. Many people have traveled great distances to show their respect to the Buddha image.

Pibb the Sandhill Crane Chick was testing out his wings today, and I predict he will fly in a couple of weeks, and be able to really fly away with Classic and Cherry in about 3 weeks. They will return to the property and their nesting area each evening for some weeks after that, and then, they will go elsewhere, hopefully even the empty lot next to our house to forage, but I will see less of them.


I was photographing the family today, and getting some shots of the parents for a change, when I saw Pibb fluffing his wings out of the corner of my eye. The first shot, I clipped his right wing a little, but I still think it’s pretty darn cute. My favorite is the one I titled, “I Believe I Can Fly!”. It will be a four photo series. I’m posting them one at a time, and once I have done so, I’ll put them at the beginning of my Sandhill Crane set as a slideshow in case you want to see these four shots in order.


I am a Craniac! So this is a special time of year when my photostream gets very Sandhill Crane-ee! I hope my fellow craniacs and flickr friends enjoy them. I definitely can’t help myself. I have been photographing this family for four seasons now. It never gets old, and I am so blessed to watch their lives and be able to share that joy with others. I also hope people will find it educational.


For more information on these and other cranes, go to Also check out Many crane species still need our help, and the whooping crane migration project is fascinating and inspiring!


Hugs and thanks for viewing! =o)


***All rights to my images are STRICTLY reserved. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing my images or if you are an educator or non-profit interested in use. copyright KathleenJacksonPhotography 2010***


These two secretive Sparrows look similar and share a similar habitat of marshy areas bordered by grassy fields. I found both of these on the same day and about 300 M apart.


The LeConte's Sparrow (top L) has a blue bill like the Nelson's (top R), but the breast is paler and it has a less vivid orange colour on the head and breast. The LeContes also has much whiter feather edges on the tertial wing edges. The Nelson's has wider white feather edges on the cape.


I think the best tell is looking at the crown. The LeConte's Sparrow has a thin white medial crown stripe. (lower L). The Nelson's Sparrow has a wide gray crown bordered by a black line and a brighter orange stripe than the LeConte's. (lower R) The nape of the neck on the Nelson's sparrow is a solid gray. The nape of the neck of the Leconte's is streaky often with purplish tones.


Parkland County, Alberta.


Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade

Activists for birds and wildlife


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