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Land's End , Cornwall 1991







































It's kind of "Underground palace"

“Oya stone” used for structures throughout Japan. Located just outside Utsunomiya City


It was very very dark light but F1.4 worked out this time ;) f1.4 1/15 handheld


Ilford HP5 + Leica M4-P + Summilux50asph.

T-Max developer



all these useless dreams..


















Somewhere in the University of the Philippines


© 2009 Bong Manayon | FB: Bong Manayon Photography

Pentax K2 + SMCP A 135/2.8 + Ilford HP5 Plus


Field Maple in the back garden



She moved her mouth but there came no sound


















Finally got round to deving the film from the Pinhole taken a few weekend ago.


Taken on yet another sunny day and something that is quite welcome after all this rain we’ve had. The walk to the lake also has us counting the avian wildlife we saw in an hour, for submission to the RSPB’s Garden Watch. While the lake isn’t our garden, the rules allowed the location. Birdwatching is something completely new to both of us, and while watching whatever comes to the bird feeder results in the frantic leafing through bird identification books for even the simplest of species. We did persevere though and noted what we saw for final identification when we got back home. What the RSPB does with all this info is anybodies guess.




















I am terribly sorry, but I got the wild and crazy idea of cropping this picture so it would be more square, and I kind of like it that way.


the other one:

The Ridgeway, Oxfordshire


Agfa Super Isolette

Ilford HP5

Prescysol EF

ilford hp5+ || olympus pen ee


Leica Standard (conv. Leica II), Leitz Elmar 3.5 50mm Gelbfilter, Ilford HP5, MeinFilmLab

Cold, misty, frosty morning at the Eton Rowing Lake, Dorney, Berkshire.


Agfa Super Isolette

Solinar 75mm

Ilford HP5

Prescysol EF


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Figueres 2017

Yashica Mat 124G Ilford HP5


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Leicaflex Super Angulon21

lithprint on Agfa_mcc111

hasselblad500 ilfordhp5+ moersch Finol


Fuji GW 690, Fujinon 90mm, 6×9cm Ilford HP5 + @ EI 400, N development in Rodinal 1:50. From that point on my work is digital - curves and toning.


canon eos 5 / ilford hp5plus

..ho fatto un sogno,


ero un gatto..

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