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i want b/w... she said that... because she didnt use make-up haha


love me tender



May cause prolonged delusion, unexplainable peace of mind, changes in appetite, spontaneous crying, temporary insanity, hyper-romanticism, selective memory loss, irresistible urge to write quotes, compulsive buying,giggles



2009.04.26 - chill out on black


morning mates!!!

I was suppose to upload this last night but feel asleep flickring.... around 9pm i guess(yeah, so early)... I know I've been not a good flickr friend this past week (i'm behind visiting your streams) really sorry... I'm not even halfway done visiting my contacts... so little time, try to catch up soon.... =(


Have a great week ahead!!!...


~about me~

I'm a hyper type of person, idle is not in my vocabulary...

I want things to be done, as soon as possible...

I simply want to value my time...


“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep

it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”

~ Harvey MacKay quote



But I do have time to simmer down... photography, chat with friends, watch tv series... *wink *wink



quiet little place - k's choice



May cause prolonged delusion, unexplainable peace of mind, changes in appetite, spontaneous crying, temporary insanity, hyper-romanticism, selective memory loss, irresistible urge to write quotes, compulsive buying,giggles

I hope the quality is ok, uploaded via my phone.

I live in the country but have to admit that my inner workings are often influenced by the hyper reality of the city. How else to explain the restless echoes that occasionally rattle the walls of my inner chambers. But I chart my course straight ahead wherever I might be and try my best to take whatever life has to offer--cityscape or lake. ;-)


Just in case you might wonder what "straight ahead" looks like, check this out. If nothing else it will definitely help you swing, and swinging is imperative:


Happy Sliders Sunday everyone and don't forget to swing.


San Francisco, CA

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Camer.a equipment: Cano.n 5D Mark 3, Canon 24-105mm f4L lens, Singh-Ray LB polarizer, 3 photo stitch-blend in Adobe CS6


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Sidebar: I don't like the way Flickr is allowing the hyper-linking of certain keywords through one's photo description w/o the user's consent. Hence why you see me using "p-r-o-fessional" instead of the word w/o hypens. Unfortunately, we have to be a little clever in combating this unwanted intrusion.


L-ast November during my visit to the Canadian Rockies, I wanted to capture some early winter shots.


I was there for 8 days and had the adventure of experiencing a Canadian snow storm. I arrived on a Tuesday and the next day it snowed from late evening Wednesday to around 5am Thursday.


So early Thursday, it didn't look good to get out but I cleaned off the 4 wheel drive J-e-e-p and headed north from Banff.


The T-rans Canadian Highway was fine but the Icefield Parkway was left unplowed. Not a problem with the j-eep so I headed up to Jasper with Flickr's Joalhi and friend. About an hour after sunrise, the clouds cleared out and we had beautiful blue skies all the way to Jasper.


It was around 30 below zero before sunrise the morning I stood by the shoreline with Flickr's Joalhi (Josy) to take this photo.



Time to chill out to Vangelis's song Will Of The Wind.


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Another bow to one of my greatest visual heroes - dadaist/surrealist Max Ernst and his famous frottage and decalcomania forests. These techniques of painting without conscious interference yields extraordinary, almost hypnogogic imagery that warrants hours of viewing. The original work then was used as a launching point to further dive into subconscious imagery that was painted into these effects. Works like the magnificent, "L'Oeil du Silence", perhaps one of Ernst's greatest pictures, are so full of the most extraordinary detail that many subsequent views reveal more and more hissing and furtively camouflaging figures in the hyper-real landscape.


There is a great story about Ernst's childhood response to a question put to him as a small boy. When he was asked, "What is your favourite pastime?", he replied ... "Looking". This response finds a deep resonance in me and motivates me to create images such as the one above.


Music Link: Brian Eno and Cluster - "Ho Renomo" from their album "Cluster and Eno".


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I have been tagged by fshfsh, zitona and fatooma

To write 14 facts about my self:


1-ana klah 3aizana if am at home or if it comes to studying .

2-I always smile for the camera .

3-“7btain” is my logo.

4-Klah mshta6ah o hyper .

5-Am very moody !

6-I love being surrounded by friends

7-A7b anrfz ilnas o a5leehom y36boon but its hard to make me angry bsr3ah :P

8-I don’t know what to do or say if someone cries in front of me ☹

9-Akthar wa7ed a7bah fee my family is 3bood <3

10- I love sleeping

11- 3 imprtant things in my daily life ( labtop , camera , mobile).

12- A7b il a’3any ilm’3brah < 3la golat remeya :P

13- amoot 3la ilbar fee ilshita

14- a7b il animals but I hate il cats !

15- one last thing I love being called “ jaz, jazmina ,jzjzani, jzz, jz2ty and jazjaz” but not Jzjz :S


Ps shraikom fee my new cover ;D

>>> brillo.!


So Beautiful by Manafest


Another show, another freestyle another note,

Another seed sown deep into the hearts of those

Through a microphone speaking in a hyper tone

Flights around the globe from Japan to Calico

I'm only one man with one chance, and one command

God as my witness I won't given, I'm all in

No matter how big or small or monies involved

I won't falter or fall I'm giving you my all


Every time, every mind, every music note,

Man, it's beautiful, it's so beautiful

Every city, and every town, every decimal,

It's irrepressible, I'm a professional

Every kick, every snare, every line I write,

It's because you are my light

Every vision, every dream, every sleepless night,

Is right there when I hold this mic


You called me again called me your friend

Even when I didn't call back ye still lent me your hand

When I didn't have a cent, and on the floor we slept

You still kept a close eye though I didn't understand

Every mile I drove every city and home

Another mile stone, wild you never left me alone

Though I don't always get it, I could never forget it

How you saved me made me, forever I'll tell it


Every time, every mind, every music note,

Man, it's beautiful, it's so beautiful

Every city, and every town, every decimal,

It's irrepressible, I'm a professional

Every kick, every snare, every line I write,

It's because you are my light

Every vision, every dream, every sleepless night,

Is right there when I hold this mic


When I'm out of line,

You're always by my side,

And when I fall behind,

You pick me up

When I try to climb,

And feel like I'm losin' my mind,

You, I can always find,

You're beau-ti-ful


Every time I fell down you knelt down to help out

Ye so proud of me now, you called me to reach out

With these sounds and freestyles overseas to speak out

I can see it now you had it planned for awhile

When everything else fails you are where I dwell

Wind under my sails, thunder that brings health

Wonder of the earth, love and cover my hurts

Up and coming so stunning you've been healing my world


Every time, every mind, every music note,

Man, it's beautiful, it's so beautiful

Every city, and every town, every decimal,

It's irrepressible, I'm a professional

Every kick, every snare, every line I write,

It's because you are my light

Every vision, every dream, every sleepless night,

Is right there when I hold this mic


Every time, every mind, every music note,

You're beau-ti-ful

Every city, and every town, every decimal,

You're beau-ti-ful

Every kick, every snare, every line I write,

You're beau-ti-ful

Every vision, every dream, every sleepless night,

Is right there when I hold this mic

This is going to be a 10x20 print as a gift to my hubby for Valentine's day! :)

what do you think!??!?


I cannot believe HOW GOOD my pups were today, they let me take SO many good pics of them! and on these tables, looking straight in the camera, and not even trying to jump off.. and not even having to bribe them with treats! I AM SOO HAPPY that i got this shot... i never thought it was possible considering how hyper they can be!


PS: no cloning involved :)

(Perspective & Point of View) - Please Press L


Have a nice weekend to all my friend here and enjoy this song=)

♪♫ HYPER ACT - Harapan ♪♫

if we put frame right from the camera... we cant crop it



May cause prolonged delusion, unexplainable peace of mind, changes in appetite, spontaneous crying, temporary insanity, hyper-romanticism, selective memory loss, irresistible urge to write quotes, compulsive buying,giggles



Found this in midhurst on the way back from Festival of Speed.


Hear it roar!

Whenever I change the sheets on a bed Bubs is right there to get in my way. Today she decided to stay under the top sheet for quite some I had to get the camera, lift the top sheet and take a photo. Don't let her fool you...she may look scared, but she was hyper and as we say "she had the devil in'er"


She is now resting from the 5 minute ordeal.

Their is nothing better than some chocolate when your Happy or even Sad or Hyper It fits all the moods!!

its Girls Best Friend Trust me we cant live without it!!!


"Man cannot live on chocolate alone; but woman sure can."


“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

Water !!!! The most powerful substance on earth !!!! Powerful enough to destroy cities and to form waterfalls !!! To shape mountains and to create on-earth "paradises" !!!! Like the one we see above !!!


It's the third frame in a row that comes from the same photo-shooting session and a few more will follow ... We are still around the small but amazingly powerful river called Angitis ... A river that flows vigorously at the area of Drama, shaping for many centuries now the foundations of a broad-based hill, thus creating the only cave of the Balkan peninsula with flowing water inside it ... The cave of Maaras.


What you see above is the habitat about a hundred meters aways form the cave's entrance ... What you see in the hyper-link at the end of this sentence is the cave itself !!!! Welcome to an AMAZING WORLD my friends !!!!


Since it was very early in the morning the cave was not open for public visitations yet ...


God willing, I will soon pay an extra visit to this place again for some serious in-cave photo-shooting session this time !!!!


EXIF: NIKON D90 with Nikon Nikkor 18-55 lens, Manual mode, f 13, ISO 200, focal length 18 mm, manual exposure selection, auto-focusing mode, white balance adjustments were made manually, pattern metering mode, shutter speed 1/10 s, HDR processing was made after a single frame, exact lighting conditions are successfully conveyed to the viewer, use of tripod, no flash, original RAW image dimensions 4288 X 2848 pixels ....


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See where this picture was taken. [?]

Effloresce, 2011, 8"W x 10"H, Mixed Media on Wood Panel.


A new hyper-collage image created for the beginning of Springtime. Even though it's still cold here in Minnesota this piece gives me hope that the snow will finally go away and be replaced by warmer weather. I essentially wanted to try doing a predominantly white background with a rainbow of colors set against it.


Click here to see a large detail view of the final image:


effloresce, v.i. 1. to begin to blossom. 2. to blossom out; flower.


Thanks for taking a look!

Processed by: mavenimagery Labs Inc. Los Angeles, California.

Hyper-realistic HDR (High Dynamic Range) PROCESSED with IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology)

IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology and MavenFilters are products of mavenimagery Labs Innovation)


Briefly: Crossroads of the World has been called America's first outdoor shopping mall. Located on Sunset Boulevard and Las Palmas in Los Angeles, the mall features a central building designed to resemble an ocean liner surrounded by a small village of cottage-style bungalows. It was designed by Robert V. Derrah and built in 1936.


Once a busy shopping center, the Crossroads now hosts private offices, primarily for the entertainment industry. It has been used for location shooting in many films, including L.A. Confidential and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, in TV shows including Dragnet and Remington Steele, and in commercials by McDonald's, Ford and Mattel. A reproduction of Crossroads' iconic tower and spinning globe can be seen just inside the entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida.


Today, Crossroads is the creative home of a variety of music publishers and producers, television and film script writers, film and recording companies, novelists, costume designers, publicists and casting agencies-Wikipedia


maven's note:Crossroads of the World soon will be featuring in my short story as "Rodent Mews". Story of an eleven years old, multiple personality psychopath schoolboy Caelid Cunnlife, who revenges on the neigbor evil-gossipmonger Mrs Nagel and the school principal Dick Deacon. You can read some excerpts in maventalk blog soon.

Spoiler: A rat zaps across the room. The rats and roaches and secrets, probably the oldest residents in Rodent Mews (hence the name) multiplied like crazy.

Such was Rodent Mews, or Rotten Mews as the locals called it cruelly, in the afternoons, where time stood still under the blazing summer sun… this his is the Mews and anything that can happen will happen.

Another Mansory car cruising around Monaco!

This carbine was designed for security units and VIPs needing a versatile weapon that can fit in a trench coat it comes with a custom quick draw holster made for trench coats the ammo the KASUMI uses is 5.56mm-H.V (Hyper-velocity) rounds that shatter on impact

More 'fantastia' on the window frost theme. One imagines all kinds of imagery when looking at ice crystals and frost, frozen into fractal patterns on the window.


Music Link: Brian Eno - "Cavallino", from his album "The Shutov Assembly". Eno's delight in creating music that is 'macro' in many ways, with infinitely subtle details and immense spacial depth, with it's quiet, thought-enhancing ambience makes for my desired compliment to this series of ice and frost images.


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Ce n’est pas que je sois très attirée par le courant (hyper)réaliste de la peinture même s’il faut avouer que certains artistes font preuve de ce qu’on appelle une véritable « virtuosité froide » qui peut être amené à ne pas laisser indifférent. J’aime que la toile laisse transparaître la teinte et la patte d’une émotion, qu’elle soit figurée ou abstraite, voire minimalisée, sans quoi je me tourne vers l’expression de la photographie. J’ai pourtant été récemment très touchée par le travail intime de cette artiste Italienne. En dehors de la précision anatomique et analytique de son travail, tout l’univers de ses tableaux gravitent autour de la fragilité de l’enveloppe charnelle, étant elle-même fascinée par la texture de la peau, je trouve que malgré tout, Vania Comoretti laisse passer une véritable émotion de l’humain, que ce soit dans le détail des gestes à la limite de regard chirurgical et psychanalytique, et encore plus dans l’expression des visages qu’elle transfigure de manière microscopique dans des (di) triptyques, sans même le moindre effort physique apparent. C’est sans doute du fait que V. C. met en valeur lumière l’empreinte métamorphique et imperceptible que le labyrinthe du Temps laisse trace sur notre corporalité dans des fluctuations infimes et infinies que tout son travail prend un sens profond, émotionnel pour ne pas dire existentiel. La seule certitude demeure cette cristallisation autour de ce qui fonde l’humain, le langage intérieur de ses sentiments, ses passions, ses sensations, ses émotions et qui au fond constitue la magie de l’existence. Et ces portraits, malgré leur réalisme, au-delà du réalisme, emportent avec eux, une part de cette magie ambigüe, une part de légendes si spécifique et fondamentale au caractère de l’être humain.


« Le sujet central de mon travail est la représentation figurée du corps humain, de la peau, et des marques temporaires ou définitives qui en modifient l’aspect. Je suis fascinée par ces transformations qui interviennent soit naturellement, soit à la suite d’événements intérieurs ou extérieurs. La peau devient le réceptacle de toutes les angoisses et de toutes les marques du temps qui passe. Je ne fais pas de portraits au sens littéral du terme, mais tous ces visages enrichissent mon investigation sur le mystère insondable de la vie et l’observation des émotions qui modifient la texture même de la peau. »


Une véritable introspection intérieure à travers l’apparence extérieure, une exploration de l’inconscient, l’explosion d’une chrysalide, ce qu’elle appelle « le passage du temps intérieur » tout en conservant une part de secret et de mystère qui nous subjugue autant qu’il nous révèle une part que nous avons-nous en commun. Lumière du Temps sur l’âme et la matière. De manière sublime, Vania Comoretti leur arrache le voile.


::::::::::::: :::

Vania Comoretti ©

hi guys

im just so sorry for the absence

well where to start

last week i was sick because of eating too many peanut butter and because

i catch a virus (i was intoxicated) and all i did was sleep:S

but now im fine:D:D


im hyper haha and all i can do is sit and eat because i

lost too many weight


also im about to change my camera but im not sure yet

because i have a nikon d3000 and i want a canon t2i

and i have to sell it before the 26 and i dont have a client

if you are interested please flickr mail me, im also selling 3 lenses

-18-55mm -55-200mm -75-300mm

all of them are nikkor


and last




hahah THANK you if you read all my random thoughts:D



watch this video, is a coke commercial but i think is one of the best things i've ever seen, it makes you see the world from a different view and appreciate more everything:)

Processed by: mavenimagery Lab, Universal Studios, Californa.

Hyper-realistic HDR PROCESSED with IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology)

IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology and MavenFilters are products of mavenimagery Labs Innovation)


Inspired by Stephen King's short story 1922


maven's noteThe story opens with the confession of Wilfred James to the murder of his wife, Arlette, following their move to Hemingford, Nebraska onto land willed to Arlette by her father.

The story behind this video is that my cat is not really on drugs but he has always been hyperactive as a kid and he always did this when playing and luckily for me i captured this funny moment.

The video is also on youtube (Share it with your friends)

used Base.. v.v; I hate only using a base.. But i can't draw well on the laptop in small space.. D: Imma Re draw this in my style!!! I hate this e.e This is me from a nightmare a guess. Why always in a Nightmare am I a guy?! I guess my dream Was highly influenced by megaman.... The character looks anyways.


~ Everyone Walks in to a Room about 30-32 people. They are all waiting for what they called in here for.~


Mey: -Sits in the last row with Sei-


Lorrin: [Is a guy O.K!? xD] You stupid People are soo easily influenced and useless... -Chargeing his Hyper Hydro Blaster.-


Everyone: !?!?


Lorrin: -Starts shooting his blaster at everyone Causing them to get knocked out everyone in the first 5 rows-


Mey: Hey..... Sei...... I think that His blaster is much more then just that....We should go..


Lorrin: -Starts shooting everyone in the last row; everyone is knocked out but Sei and Mey- SUBMIT!!!


Mey: Sei! stand back!


Sei: O-okay...


Lorrin:- Starts shooting at Mey- Stop trying to be the hero! just give up like a good little boy.


Mey: -His dimond shield's come out as he starts deflecting the Shoots.- Tch!!


Lorrin: Oh, What fun! -Shoots with more power-


Mey: -starts getting pushed back at the amount of force- !!?


Lorrin:.;.... -starts walking closer smileing evilly-


Mey: -still getting pushed back- Tch...


Sei:..... -In panic-


Lorrin: -Jumps over Mey and Hold him from behind- Got ya~


Mey: !! S-Sei!!


Sei: MEY! -attacks Lorrin-


Lorrin: - Turns his blaster the other way and shoots Sei-


Sei: I-I'm sorry Mey..... -passes out-


Mey: -Trys to go free- L-Let me go!!!


Lorrin: -smirks and hold him even more tightly- Oh, no...You resisted me. -Holds mey as tight as he can so he can't move-


Mey: Ugh! -Can't move anymore- L-Let me go!!! -starts chargeing his hyper blaster-


Lorrin: -Licks Meys neck- and grabs meys hand with the blaster-Oh, Your bad. But i'm your nightmare. -puts his hydro blaster to meys head and charges it- Why don't you sleep like a good little boy? -Shoots his cannon-


Mey: !!!... NO! ..... -passes out and falls-


Lorrin: -catches Meys limp body-


Mey: -looks Troubled-


Lorrin: -smirks again He has will power; Perfect test subject. Heh heh. -gets out his phone whille still holding on to Mey- Hey. I have them all and one interesting Extra. -chuckles-


???: Good, I'll send the team over.And whats the extra?


Team: -runs in and starts takeing everyone-


Lorrin: A Good Test subject. He's actually fighting the Sadation inside of him.


???: Oh? He'll be the first to be tested on then. Is he fully human?


Lorrin: No.


???: What about everyone else?


Lorrin: No clue.


???: Bring 'em over... Heh.... I'll get the lab ready for the "Extra" See you here.... -Hangs up-


Lorrin: -puts phone away and looks at Mey- You're going to go through hell kid. -Smiles and laughes evilly-


Thats All. Then i woke up e.e I hate dreams like this where i'm the main character and something like this happens! DX Oh welll.... I wonder what they where going to use me as a test for..? All the letters in his name mean something Btw. ^^ If you guys can guess it i'll draw something fer you! :D


4, 3, 2, 1

Earth below us drifting, falling

Floating weightless, calling, calling home -Shiny Toy Guns


~5.7min exposure

Explore #428 Goooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddd Morning all...I have just got home from taking shots this morning. I went to do some sunrise shots, but it was a little cloudy, then by the time I got myself organsied I had missed it.


I decided to try and get this water reflection shot that I have been looking at everyday on the way to work and when I got there a man was mowing the area lol


So I then took myself instead to the city to get another shot for my photo group for the looking up challenge. I have all three now. (so if you are in the group - don't look ) lol


I also got some reflection shots of the city and the river which I will work on later....I just wanted to get this too you hot off the Nikon lol


I have taken shots of this building before a lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time ago it seems now.


Here it is if you care to look.... This one is from a different angle.


Now it is Saturday for me ...and I have had my photo fix, now it is time for MORE coffee ....not that I am addicted, no no no no ( insert hyper voice) then maybe a little sit on the veranda with the doggies before the heat sets in.. so Happy Sat morning, Friday night and Sunday sleep in...... xx Car


Today's Carsounds -

( I cannot stop listening to this song)


283/365. Hey, I'm a hypocrite sometimes when I say I hate pictures taken towards the sun, but I couldn't pass this one up. Washington sunrises are beautiful. This is Steven, by the way. He's my best friend and I guess you can say I'm his 'photo-partner' in Photo I even though I'm a teaching assistant that period.


Took this in the morning, around the time where I had one of my episodes...where my heart beats really fast and really hard out of nowhere. I've been experiencing this problem since I was 7 years old and the doctors haven't said anything is wrong with me. I think there is, but I'm not going to waste money to get something looked at for nothing again. It stopped shortly after I took this.


I read an excerpt from a Ronald Regan V-Day speech during an assembly today in front of the whole school. It was interesting. I've never been put on a spot such as that, but I can usually maintain myself under pressure. And I usually do very well with speeches in my classes.


I feel so light-headed and sick right now, I was hyper all day and need to rest up...


One more SOOC in comments.




Highest Position: 151.

Two gorgeous Ferrari 599 GTO's at the Halloween Supercar Sunday.


Might be shooting this grey GTO on the next few weeks!



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Flies attracted by light. The original version of my last entry "Electrified"


By request from ĢŕąρĦĭĊĩЏą

This is from last year, but I haven't uploaded anything new in a while, so I figured I'd upload these cutie-pies. :)


I have been so busy lately training and looking after the new puppy, so I've had to put all my photo adventures on hold over the past few weeks. I greatly miss photo-shooting regularly (not that I ever did photoshoot regularly, except back in my 365 days)... At the moment I'm spending this week attempting to keep Pepper Puppy calm and in-active (he was neutered on Monday and needs several days of no running or jumping), which is proving to be a challenge considering he's so playful and hyper (I blame the border collie in him!). By this time next week, I hope to kick off 2012 by going on lots of new photo adventures and hikes with the pups, and I will soon be filling my flickr stream with new treasures once again! ...Unless it rains. In which case I'll probably just stay home and eat chocolate. Or perhaps I could try some indoor photos.

YAY! Made it through to the second round. I am so excited now, even more than for the first. now that the challenge has become more playful.

So this calls for another armoire rumble and tossing and choosing, and God knows there's nothing i love more than to suit up.


I was so nervous for the previous round, especially when i found out i was the first to "walk the plank" for the judges. And there were so many awesome people there all dressed up, prim and propper, and most of all looking fabulous.

Good thing i had Madonna to keep me hyper enough so as not to shake like a chihuahua and i thank the big man that you can't stumble on the catwalk in SL.


So here's [My sonG] for this outfit. A bit too "the Devil wears Prada"? Nhaaaaaa. Already did the run and struggle for a job at a publishing company in 2007 when i applied for a job as an art director at Conde Nast France. So i got to be Andy once. :P


Also a link to my inspiration for it:





Sham3at Qtr ♥

Jolies Femme's


Baby [Z]ee™


10 Fact's 3anii XD

1. Love my friends wayed

2.a7b ath7k wayed XD <<actually it's my life

3.hyper and sleepy <<don't know how it's work =S

4.Hate kidz <mob wayed weyahom(7ashra)

5.<33 going to spa also beauty saloons =D also malls

6.travelling my fav* one can make me feel bad about myself <<high self steam =D

8.hate salads <<waa3 asta'3fer allah

9.My phrase "al-7aya 7elwa bass nefhamha " =D

10.Music i can't live without it !<i always sing XD


hope u like it =D


First shot of my Coté d'Azur Trip!


Rembrandt Edition vs. P1 vs. LaFerrari!


Cannes 2014

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