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How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer's pride.

William Blake


hbw :)

Para Piluca y Francis, que nos llevaron aquí





How insensitive

I must have seemed

When she told me that she loved me

How unmoved and cold

I must have seemed

When she told me so sincerely

Why she must have asked

Did I just turn and stare in icy silence






textures by Lenabem - Anna


On Black


♫♪how insensitive ( sinatra & jobin )♫♪

Stumbled across this beautiful farm when we tried to take a short cut that finished in a dead end road...but well worth driving in circles.


Please take a minute to press L and view in large!


Peeblespair Website




Explored Mar 8, 2013 #369


Listening to How We Know by The Thermals.


you spoon water like love and I will take it

if you can take it


this is how we know

this is how we go

this is how we know

See the whole series on my website:

Or have a look at my book: "Fairytales and Nightingales":

That we are looking for knowledge about how the universe runs, almost the whole of our life. When we think we understand the universe, we die. The other moments we just enjoy this earth...

(University Greenwich)

How 'bout you just back on up canoe boy and get out of my face!!! The truth is that I likely could have thrown rocks at this Little Blue and he/she would have stayed put! This one was in the middle of showing off its feathers!! Photo taken on Horsepen Bayou!



Have a wonderful Sunday, girls and boys !!

...title...♩♪♫♬...Beatamines & David Jach...


...finally i´m back and i´m fine :-)


...hope you are all fine too :-)


...hugs & love...




@{-->-- ...thank you all very much my dearest friends....................................:heart:

Yes, it's true. I control the weather. And it's 50 degrees in late January in the Midwest. I might be doing this wrong. :)


Ethereal, for Me Again Monday.

a sharp sunset on the adriatic sea by lesina, italy


in explore 14dec07 - highest position: 303 on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spring is showing his first signs. Time to post the last winter pictures :-))



We've been trying to catch this location in the "right mood" so to speak for some time. On this occasion we expected a more vibrant sunset and though that didn't happen I still like the subtlety of the colours and the way the cloud is almost an inverse of the shape of the hill.

...In a summer, hot, spanish night...

Explore n° 78

Fotocamera Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Esposizione 0,008 sec (1/125)

Aperture f/14.0

Lente 105 mm

ISO 400

Exposure Bias -0.3 EV

Photoshop CS5


does Flickr have to shoot it's self in?

I hope this time they will listen to what their paying customers say before they make yet another lot of radical changes...


"ABSTRACT ART" challenge

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THANK YOU folks for stopping by and all your

faves, invites and comments, much appreciated ;-))

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today's acquisition at antique shop.

I get so little time on Flickr to comment that I miss finding out how you are!!

better when LOB'd

45 sec @ f/14

How did it come to this? Was it all too much, being locked in the tower, waiting for her Prince to find her? Was it careless footsteps while trying to get her Princes attention below? OR was it the murderous act of a bunch of pissed off doves?!


I guess we will never know because what happens at Corruption, stays at Corruption.


Location: Corruption - Princess Tower

That thing that we call poetry -

when asked where it began,

I’d say it started beautifully

before the dawn of man!


It glistened on the oceans

before man came to be.

It blossomed on the grassy cliffs

that met the first great sea.


It glittered in the moon and stars

and beamed on earth below

in meadows where bright flowers danced

and on the pristine snow.


It sparkled on the lakes and streams,

and when man came along,

he took sweet words that flowed to him

and turned them into song.


This was how it always was

before we knew of time.

The poet who begot us all

made it to be sublime.


Poetry has now evolved,

and as with many things,

there are many kinds. . . but I

still like it when it sings!


.........Andrea Dietrich


~ Photograph taken in Lake Como, Italy: July 2014


*.:。✿*゚‘゚・ This thing we call "photography" is proving problematic for me at the moment.... My pictures, well I can`t get them right. (or what my interpretation of `right` is) My inspiration is running a bit weak ;-(

I`ll hang on in there, I`m sure all will come right.....;-)

Enjoy your Sunday my dear friends xxxx


the silence.... can you hear it? :-)

ah, the bokeh. sort of painted i guess. i wanted a clever quote to go along with it but it's late and i think the picture speaks for it's self.

Spring Creek, Mount Isa, QLD.

How it looks when I'm not messing about with ICM

How low do you go?


Some people call that "Bad eye" or "Stink eye" . . .

This is a 4 frame panorama


I have quite a few panos from here on the two mornings I spent here in different light. This shows off the view the best although not as moody as the other panos ,its pretty wild terrain to state the obvious . This is a seven shot stitch .

Two 'L' trains pass in Chicago's West Loop. I added a touch of tilt shift in post processing. Wishing you an a-maze-ing weekend :)

View On Black


For jermai: thank you very much, oliver .. :-)


Bob Dylan - Blowin' In the Wind


(Thanks to adele for the beautiful texture :-)

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