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Little dirty white. However, the Pantanal is spectacular with its fauna and flora.

Spring whispers it's sweet song to this horse in a field in Lee, Massachusetts.

See light box view!

textures from Nancee_art and Nasos3.

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...and it also looks nice On Black


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They're even more beautiful on black!


view in black

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horse prints

I spotted these 2 beautiful horses, while on holiday in Donegal. Initially I noticed the brown horse standing on the rock, which is what made me stop for a snap. The little grey one came over while I was taking the picture and kissed the other. It just put the icing on the cake for me! :)


by Orange Park, Montgomery, NY

Whilst out looking for Wheatears we came across this lovely horse (and it's trainer) enjoying a run on the beach at Skinningrove. We did spot a Wheatear, but it was far too distant to get a shot of it!


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I panned this fast moving chevalier as the horse galloped by ...

Horses grazing peacefully in the late afternoon sun, upcountry Maui.


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There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it. --Author Unknown


Textures: mine, Lenabem-Anna J, Topaz


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by Shawagunk Mts, New Paltz

I couldn't decide whether to post this one or not so I made a list of pros and cons.


1. The iconic shape of this small barn

2. The pretty morning light

3. The nice pink highlights in the sky

4. The neat rusty roof

5. And of course the fence HFF



1. The north end of the horse headed south. :-) I waited at least 20 minutes hoping he would turn around. No such luck.

Wild horses an a wild volcano (Mt. Hekla in the background). These two put up a pretty substantial fight - well, it happens in the best families.....


Have a great weekend, everyone! =)

I have the feeling by using this texture, that it has a southwest feel.

The wheat stacks could almost be like buttes.

I never got a close up of the little horse having a good roll.

A couple of horses enjoying the good life in rural Washington state...

Icelandic horses near the main road. Horses have very varied color in Iceland.




Cheveaux Islandais proche de la route principale. Les cheveaux ont des couleurs très variées en Islande.

We found them by tracking a path.

The history of the Shackleford wild horses is the same as that of the Ocracoke and Corolla wild mustangs. Like the Ocracoke "Banker" ponies, the Shackleford horses have often been referred to as ponies because of their size, but they are true horses. DNA studies prove they are descended from the Spanish mustangs brought to the Carolina coast by explorers beginning in the early 1500's. Turned loose from shipwrecks, or left behind when explorers had to flee failed attempts at colonization, they spread out all along the barrier island chain as they grew in numbers.

عمل جديد اتمنى يروق لكم


Long Horse Bridge was originally a wooden bridge that crossed the Trent at Derwent Mouth to take the tow path across the river so that horses hauling the barges down the Trent & Mersey could continue along the southern bank of the Trent navigation and vice versa for boats travelling up the river.


Following a thaw in 1893, the bridge collapsed when blocks of ice carried down by the river shattered the supporting legs. Bargees who had been ensnared by the frozen conditions attempted to protect the bridge by adding heavy loads, and by fending off the ice floes. When the bridge finally gave way, James Thompson ended up on afloat on the ice, and was washed downstream, but he later reached the riverbank unharmed. The wooden bridge was reconstructed after this incident.


In 1932 the Trent Navigation company rebuilt the wooden crossing at the same location using reinforced concrete. After 70 years the bridge was suffering from severe concrete degradation, and was subsequently closed in 2002 due to safety issues, and demolished a year later.


Rather than reinstate a similar bridge, it was decided to construct a wider multi-user crossing at a location some 140m upstream from Derwent Mouth. The main section of the new bridge was hoisted into position in September 2011 using large cranes, with the bridge opening in November the same year. The project to build the 60 tonne bridge which has a span of 52 m (170 ft), cost £1.4 million.


Nikon D750 - Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED - Lee Big Stopper + 105mm Landscape Polariser + 0.9 ND Hard Grad.





Two locomotives of Bulmarket waiting at Iliyantsi station

Keep telling yourself your a horse...Identity crisis for a 'singing' horse in a paddock above Hendy,West Wales,UK...No funny comments please...'Sounds a little hoarse'...and little chestnuts like that thank you.

This is a typical view of around my house. Mountain, field and horses. I like sometime to sit down near a ranch for taking pictures of horses. What an elegant animal, gracious and strong at the same time. It's not usual that I incorporated animal in my pictures on Flickr, but the weather is so bad since the beginning of the summer around here, that I have to search in the deep space of my computer for finding something original.


Have a nice day guys!


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Taken in hidden Pearse valley in Motueka, New Zealand. Here I was greeted each morning by hungry horses but on this particular morning the sunrise was glowing red behind the mountains and we both stopped to gaze at the colours.


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