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Hogwarts at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

I wish all my Flickr-Muggle-Friends a magic weekend!



Harry Potter Theme Song

A HDR photo of Hogwarts (with a little magic from Nik and PS Elements) taken last month while we were at A Celebration of Harry Potter.

Pour les français c'est plus connu sous le nom de Poudlard et c'est le chateau d'Harry Potter :)


Harry Potter's castle :)




best view in big of course

Universal Studio@Orlando

Can I let go all my worries here, Mr. Potter?

I went the second day it opened, it was amaaaazing!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

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[June 30, 2011]


please look here, to see the letter


okay, so i know this is really cliche but there really is only 15 more days until the very end.

this is a Hogwarts letter my best friend made me about two years ago.


188 In the beginning of seventh grade, I hated Harry Potter. Actually, I despised it. All I thought of it was a stupid book about magic and kids on brooms. When I told my junior high librarian this, she was appalled and convinced me to give the series a try because she said "One day when you're older, people will talk about this series and you will regret not reading it."

So I did, and it changed my life. And then I told my best friends, and they riduculed me at first until they read it and then it changed their lives too.

If there was one thing in my life I don't regret, it would be reading Harry Potter. And photography of course.

Located at : Hogwarts

This beautiful sim can be visited on monday only.

This is Hogwarts School in Universal Studios Japan.My daughters love Harry Potter and they must come here even we must wait 3 hours for only a game.I do not have so much interesting about this school and I hope they don't really attend the class in this school.I don't like some day they come home flying with a broom.

Please view here and click full screen


No images or links in comments, many thanks!!!

Found in an abandoned manor house.

I traveled up to Oxford over the weekend and visited the university. I didn't realise that Christ Church dining hall was actually the filming location for Hogwarts Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies.


Dining Hall scene:


*one more in comments*

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*happy express bokeh wednesday*

London, Uk

December 2013


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The famous "Hogwarts Express" in Scotland. Expelliarmus!

" But Hagrid, there must be a mistake, this says platform 9 and 3/4. there's no such thing..


is there?" - Harry.


tehehehee, harry potter world was way too cool!

Located at : Hogwarts

This beautiful sim can be visited on monday only.


Pologne 2015 - Jour 4, Université Jagellonne de Cracovie. (ou le Poudlard Polonais)


C'est par hasard que nous sommes entrées dans une université de Cracovie, qui ne visite pas vraiment... Nous avons demandés si nous pouvions faire un tour à la secrétaire, qui n'y a vu aucun inconvénient. Alors, nous avons joué aux apprenties sorcières, déambulant dans cette faculté comme si l'on était dans les couloirs de Poudlard !


Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Kensington (Londres)

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