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Hallowscream 5. Luna Park Sydney, AU.

I backcombed the heck out of my hair to do this. Practise costume run for what I'm wearing at Scarefest! (yay, soooo excited!).

September 25, 2009: Bored at home, missed out on going to Hallowscreams because of my poor judgment. I should eat better so I don't get sick like I did. :/ Hmmmm. Took pictures with my pets. This is the least embarrassing. c:

Haunted Barns pick of the night. Very dark (aside from the strobe light slaughterhouse bit) and the girls ~ Alice & Georgia~ seemed genuinely apprehensive. Which is what you pays your money for I guess...

I worked at Hallowscream at York Maze during October 2018 for my work placement and this is one of the actors makeup I created, his character had a puppet that had supposedly scratched his eye then once he was in character he would go around scaring customers as Hallowscream is a scare park

Hallowscream 5. Luna Park Sydney, AU.

Halloween wraps fear in innocence,

As though it were a slightly sour sweet.

Let terror, then, be turned into a treat...

Cliff pup Teddy...he's such a sweetie!!!

Hallowscream 5. Luna Park Sydney, AU.

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