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Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California

Went up to Twin Peaks again tonight to see this awesome view of San Francisco. Hope you like!

Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

An icon of San Francisco and fun to ride! Cling Cling


10 peace L1

View overlooking San Francisco. I took this from 'Twin Peaks' whilst on a short guided tour of the city.


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Sun sets over the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona. 12-photo stitch.


'EXPLORED' - APR-04-2013


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A waterfall in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 24:105mm Singh Ray Vari ND


6 seconds (3 shot HDR)

ISO 100

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If you dont have time for the story behind this, at least VIEW this LARGE for all the juicy detail.


I'm off to Cabo for 7 days of shooting...I'll catch everyone on the flip side!




Here's something new, and old. I took this back in December and finally got around to processing it today. This is a stitch of 5 images, 21 mega-pixels each, of the San Francisco Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero.


Aperture Academy Night Owls Workshop last night and we took the group to this location and that reminded me that sitting somewhere on my hard drive was my shoot from December!


I first photographed this location a few years ago and at that time I shot it with a Canon 17-40mm...a lens that allowed me to capture the entire span of the bridge in the view finder.


While the composition turned out as I had envisioned there was always something about that shot that bothered me...the dark foreground due to the railing and the barrel distortion from the lens effecting the vertical-ness of the Bay Bridge towers.


So, last December, Scott Davis and I (aka Buttermilk) headed to the city for some night shooting. High on my list was a re-shoot of the Bay Bridge and I had decided that I wanted to shoot it as a panoramic so that I could increase the amount of data in the image for printing. I've got a 36x48 print of the original version in the gallery but I want to go BIGGER.


We arrived and I setup my pano gear (aka Nodal bar, etc) got all leveled out but due to the railing along the Embarcado there was just no way to get the rotation needed to get a full 5 frames.


Scott looks over the rail and says "how about down there..."


I look over...down about 7-8 feet is a small ledge, a few feet above the waterline.


"You think?" I said.


So the next thing you know I'm climbing over the standing on a 1 foot ledge down about 8 feet...


"Looks good actually!" I yelled up.


So Scott hands me down my tripod and camera...two legs folded leg folded back through the railing...Scott standing on the leg to keep things from falling over into the water.


I proceeded to level off, set the nodal point and pan through the scene...


"YES!" I proclaimed "this is perfect, I can get the entire scene and the foreground darkness is out of the way!"


I'm giddy. I start shooting.


Scott runs the timer, I mark the panning degree's and two minutes, by two minute exposures I shoot the scene.


I get about half way through and "airplane", sure enough...damn it! So I start over.


I get to the 3rd frame and a lady approaches down the pathway...she thinks I'm trying to commit suicide or something and Scott is talking me out of it...Scott assures her I'm just a crazy photographer and then she wants to take my picture.




"Lady!" I explain frustated..."please no flash, I'm exposing!!"


So we start again.


Third times' the charm, I get through the entire pan, all 5 frames at 2 minutes each.




I climb back up and thank Scott for his assistance with the captures and on into the rest of our night shooting we go.


I wish I could post the full res version without fear of it being stolen as the full image is SUPER detailed. Gotta love Canon! (sorry Nikon users, I mean no offense)

I caught this image of one of few remaining salt production facilities on San Francisco Bay while speeding by on the Amtrak train. Most of the salt ponds along the south end of San Francisco Bay near San Jose CA have been restored to natural wetlands. Copyright: Sweezey Pictures/Ken Sweezey.

This is a shot of the Bay Bridge as it leads into San Francisco. We shot this a little after 9:00 and the fog was starting to drop. The calm air left us with pretty good reflections off the water.

So during my trip with the girlfriend to San Francisco last year for Valentines Day, I was pleasantly suprised by the sculptures in Union Square. Hearts in San Francisco apparently began in 2004 as a fund raiser for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Like the famous painted cows, the painted hearts -- created from uniform molds and painted by individual artists -- decorate the city in areas like Union Square, until they are auctioned off at a benefit for the charity. New hearts are apparently unveiled each year. It was a really cool site and I think somewhere I have a picture of the actual heart as well pictured here.


Balloon Journey is the name of the heart


Someone else caught it...


More info about this great idea is here :


As an afterthought, I always like to look at pictures I took and look at the people and zoom in on things and discover stuff I may have missed or moments I have captured maybe on accident... anyone else do this or am I just wierd?

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Skyscrapers at Embarcadero Center: San Francisco, California. Took it around sunset time when bit of last sunrays were still left coming from the side with clouds on top.


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San Francisco -- The largest light sculpture in the world will go dark for 11 months starting next week, and the public is invited to free celebratory events Thursday night and early Friday morning.


The Bay Lights sculpture on the west span of the Bay Bridge will be taken down for nearly a year to allow for bridge maintenance. The lights will go back up by Feb. 7 in time for Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.


Fist time to test this Haida ND1.8 (64x) Optical filter. The result is nice, neutral , no color cast. See the blue and orange during the 10 minutes exposure time. The shot was done with Lee 3 stop hard edge ND filter + 6 stop Haida ND filter. The lens is the 24mm tilt shift lens. I titled a bit for she soft effect in the far side. It is a good buy of this Haida ND filter IMO. low price. Look for it in ebay or amazon.


PS. there was one bird at that time when I took this shot. ending up with 3 in the frame after this long exposure.


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The place where I was born…


…well, actually a bit more inland than downtown San Francisco actually, but yeah, this is the city of my birth and where I spent many of my formative years. After living across many parts of Northern California, I eventually returned to dwell once again in this fine and fair city on my own in the 90's as a musical artist, and young bohemian, ...and though I now live elsewhere (sorry for the cliche) my heart still resides there.


Shortly after I took this photo I was kicked out by security...

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2015 New Year's fireworks celebration over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.


I was going to go back to the same spot as last year, where the Transamerica building lines up with the Golden Gate. Even though I was the only one set up specifically for photos there last year I worried it might be more crowded with photographers this year. Sure enough there were already 4 other guys, each with multiple cameras set up, when we showed up. They said they'd staked out the spot since 4pm!


I didn't want to get in their way so I headed up to the next curve in the road and got the other alignment, with Coit Tower and the bridge. There were only a few people walking up and down to Hawk Hill so I figured this would be a good place for the family and the cameras to sit.


Not sure if I like this view as much. At the other spot I thought the silhouettes of people on the hill at Battery Spencer, lit up by the fireworks reflections, really made for great detail. This one was just the city, bridge, and reflections. It doesn't give as much of the size and depth to the image that the other had.


I think next year we'll head back down to Ft Baker. It's easier to get to, less crowded, and a better place to sit with the family.

Part three is here


San Francisco, 2011

See the full series here.

San Francisco, California. 140 New Montgomery Street. PacBell, a.k.a Pacific Telephone Building. Lobby.

Architect: Miller and Pflueger (1925).


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Beautiful sunset in San Francisco.


Tech: Canon 5d Mark iii, Canon 17-40mm f/4.0 L II USM, Lee Filter (2 stop), Processed in LR, CS6 and NIK software


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Location: top section of the famous carousel at Pier 39 in San Francisco. The painting inside the frame is at the beginning of Chinatown, on the eastern edge, near the Financial District.

Aperture Academy Photography Workshops




The San Francisco Bay Bridge, and skyline, at night shines a little brighter during the month of December. Traditionally, the TransAmerica Pyramid, and a few other buildings, are only lit up for the holidays, making the normally breathtaking horizon glow brighter than usual.


On this rare, fogless night, the city is truly magnificent. The Embarcadero Center is festively outlined in lights, and the famous Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf are hugging the ink-colored shoreline, lending a drama that does the Bay Area justice.


While the Bay Bridge takes up the majority of the image real estate, the San Francisco skyline makes this image whole, to me.




Hello Fello Flickrites!


I have three agendas with this no particular order...


Agenda #1: Recently, Flickr sent me a "canned" email stating that if I did not remove outbound links from my posts that my account would be terminated. I was also told that I could not promote myself in any way on Flickr outside of my profile.


blink...blink, what? Isn't Flickr a social media platform? Isn't this what it's all about..sharing? Are you telling me you will govern what I "say"?! Last time I checked the First Amendement had my back here.


So I wrote back, asking them to elaborate and help me understand such a request. I turns about that in the fine print of the terms and conditions this is illegal behavior in the eyes of Flickr/Yahoo. I complied with the request and had to be "audited"...then they reinstated my account.


I then asked to speak with someone...explaining that as a customer I would like to be heard. A few days later I got a "half canned" email from a "supervisor" restating I had violated the rules and that they "apologized" that I did not understand that. HAHA! Thanks Fuc...I mean Flickr...thanks for pointing that out!


I wrote "her" back and said that I was very suprised at such a policy and shared my viewpoints, as a paying customer, that may/may not be good fodder for future terms and conditions assessment. Here's what I wrote:


- Links in photo descriptions are text that people read but people don't have to click on them


- Outside of a search, the only people that see my posts are those who are my contacts -- if they are not happy with the content that I post then they can easily remove me as a contact


- I have thousands of contacts and have never once had anyone complain, to me, about a link that takes them to learn more about what I do as a professional photographer


I then came to find out that it wasn't just me...Flickr was on a mission and many others were "canned" for being bad.


I sent this email over a week ago and I've recieved NO response so here I go...I admit it, I'm a rebel...


"Hello everyone...I am a professional photographer...I own the Aperture Academy and we teach in-field workshops, Photoshop and Lightroom classes and throw giant parties every 3-4 months in our 4,000 square foot gallery where we have guests such as Canon, Bay Photo and others present their goods and services. If you're interested in learning more, check us out at!"


Stepping off soap box now...


Agenda #2: To share with you my last post of the year...FINALLY, after years of trying to capture this scene, this year conditions finally all lined up. Oh sure, this spot has been shot (under the Bay Bridge) many times before by others (and some great stuff at that!) but I wanted something a bit more...I wanted the holiday lights on. Last year the conditions were sweet but the TransAmerica building wasn't lit due to budget cut backs...this year they have a selective schedule but at least some nights it's being lit.


So I present to you "Holiday Bay", a shot that was on my bucket list that I can now check off!


Agenda #3: As 2010 comes to a close I'm headed out the door this afternoon to spend the next three weeks in the desert southwest. I want to thank everyone for your support and well wishes over this past year and wish you the best holiday season and a kick ass 2011!!


photo & editing by: me

place: san francisco, california

شفت رجال صيني اياكل النوارس فالعباره

وصدت هاللقطه


hope U like it


all size please =)

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During our trip, we were lucky to stay in a hotel fairly high up, with a wonderful view towards the east. Naturally, used to be awake at sunrise after the three weeks, I wanted to see what it would like, with the financial district in the morning. This is the result. We had a nice combination of clouds covering the sky without getting in the way of the sun, rendering wonderful morning colours. I did a whole series of shots in the fast changing light, this one, with the sun just popping out above the horizon, probably being my favorite.


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Another fresh one! Taken a few hours ago! View from Mount Tamalpais over downtown San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz island, and Sausalito harbor at dusk. The light trail at upper left corner is an airplane taking off from Oakland airport. No Lee filters used this time though.


I've been wanting to do this for years, but the weather conditions are rarely this clear, and the traffic, even though it was quite unpleasant this evening, was relatively manageable because of the holidays, it still took 3.5 hours, on a regular day it could have taken easily 5 hours to drive up there and back (at that hour). I'm not going back there again anytime soon, but will upload a wider view in the future.

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