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Mixing Marxism with the Bible is not the Gospel.

Bruno Catalano sculpture on the road.

The Evangelical Church, Bakewell. A nice plain and simple building , very Derbyshire, very white peak with its limestone walls and gritstone corners. Standing at the top of North Church Street, at the corner with Bagshaw Hill, lronic that the street name refers to All Saints Parish Church , the Cof E church 200 yards away. This church is furthest up the hill, is that a status thing,😞 only the Catholic church is at the bottom of the hill, almost directly below this .


All Saints parish church is obviously the largest, and oldest, although I supose it could be argued it started out as Catholic. The Methodist Church is across town off Matlock Street on Chapel Row, with the Quakers, Friends Meeting House just behind.


Makes me think, HE has so many houses, of so many shades, nice that he's started sharing a few of them .


Merely musing not trying to make any point, before i get shot down for causing offence.

Igor praying...


American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation is one of the best books I've read this year...should be read by every American!!!!!

A cyclist observes the view from the summit of the Gospel Pass road overlooking the Wye Valley from the Black Mountains in South Wales.

This is gospel for the vagabonds

Ne'er-do-wells and insufferable bastards

Confessing their apostasies

Led away by imperfect impostors


Don't try to sleep through the end of the world

And bury me alive

'Cause I won't give up without a fight

Gospel Movie Clip "The Gospel Messenger" (3) - How Pastors and Elders Treat the Return of the Lord



The Lord has returned in the last days, uttering many truths and doing the work of judgment. It should stand to reason that since pastors and elders serve the Lord, are so well-versed in the Bible, and frequently interpret it for others, they should be able to recognize the coming of the Lord and be able to lead believers to welcome Him. But how do these pastors and elders actually treat the return of the Lord?

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Image Source: The Church of Almighty God

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Yesterday found us once again out on the bikes. Hubby has been wanting to do the Gospel Pass ( highest tarmaced road in Wales, only just higher than Bwlch y Groes in North Wales) for a long time. So we set out later than planned (thanks to a busy week having caught up with me) to Llanvihengel Crucorney from whence we started the ride.

He had looked at the route beforehand and had told me that it was flat for miles and then there was the gospel pass to climb and then down hill. Somehow, probably because we were busy chatting in the lanes we missed a turning but we were blissfully unaware of this until the road just slowly but surely started to incline. It just got steeper and steeper and then would undulate a little before once again ramping up again. We did realise that we must have been on the wrong path, but the lanes were so quiet that we opted to continue on this route rather than go back and try to find the correct route.

By the time we found the signpost for Capel-y-Ffin we had done a significant amount of climbing and had just dropped down a lovely hill too in, as otherwise you'll think we were trying to ascend Everest here in Wales!

The Gospel Pass itself then didn't feel too bad from a climbing point of view as there had been steeper climbs earlier.

The remoteness and sheer beauty of the climb was truly stunning. As you can see it was overcast and did throw some rain drops, but not enough to hinder us.

The Gospel Pass is named thus as early Christians used this route to get to different communities in centuries gone by.

The open scenes of an American Werewolf in London were also filmed up here.

A truly fabulous day out, we've said that we'll go back again to do this ride again, but might just make sure we start with the flatter route next time!

Thanks for stopping

Clip | Gospel Movie | "The Gospel Messenger" (1) - What Did the Lord Jesus Mean When He Said "It Is Finished" on the Cross?



Many people in the religious world think: "The Lord Jesus saying on the cross 'It is finished' proves that God's Work of saving mankind was finished. Simply by believing in the Lord, we are forgiven of sin, justified by faith, and saved by grace. When the Lord comes, He will bring us up into the kingdom of heaven. He can't possibly do any more work of salvation." Is this view in line with the facts of God's work?

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She was part of a gospel choir who performed at one of our little church's Friday Evening Concerts a few years ago. This one was outside, in a little courtyard by the sidewalk, as were most of our summer concerts. They attracted quite a crowd inside and outside the fence.

This is just one of those places that you discover something new every time you go, and the place just keeps calling you back... and then rewards you for coming. I had never even noticed this organ before. I had to climb over piles of chairs to get to it.

Gospelkonzert in Speyer

The fascination of Lisbon

long story... long challenges... the daily score of this work


...chair created from Gospel Voom!

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Ottosohn-Foto. Budapest. Fujifilm X70.

Oh #gunterthefog, you always know how to add drama to a photograph.

London Overground 378207 calls at Gospel Oak on a Stratford to Richmond service.

This abandoned church is located in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery near Maxville, OH.

Blessed Weekend Dear FriendS

The lost gospels of rust and crust.



The Gospel and the Wolf @The Red Eyed Fly, Austin

Last night under the arch in Washington Square Park


More Slice of Life

Ironbridge England UK

Springfield West, PEI


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