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Had an odd morning - planned on visiting a wood I had never been to. I knew nothing about it other than what GoogleMaps showed me.


So make an early start, turn up, only to discover a wood so dense and overgrown that there was simply no way to penetrate it. I suspect people have not ventured into it in years.


Still - every cloud has a silver lining. Spent a bit of time simply driving about and exploring the area.


Found this little spot and a little woodland and spent sometime there instead.


This is one of my most vivid memories of Scotland. It was soon before I was moving out, it was actually one of the very few sunny days, and misinformed by googlemaps I ended up being forced to walk for 3 hours in blazing heat to get to the destination, having half a bottle of water on me. Talking about good planning.

The place is absolutely amazing, but quite creepy- during those three long hours I saw from the distance around 4 or 5 people at most (one of them was a naturist hiding in the dunes), and I think I was the only one who actually ventured to cover the whole way by foot. It was worth it, although yeah, next time Id definitely reconsider it :)




Small Island.


Photographed on Lamu Island:

ALB DREAM FASHION - AnaLee Balut design - LAMU island gardens, LAMU ISLAND

(Link to the Destination)


More of my pictures from Lamu Island (Follow this Link)



Lamu is an Island in the real world too and you will find some authentic places an objects on the sim:

RL Location Lamu: (GoogleMaps)


The sim build lis inspired from the original Town Lamu in Kenia, whitch AnaLee vistit so often and fell in love with.


The Old Town of Lamu is an UNESCO World Heritage Site

Look at pictures of real Lamu from other Flickr photographers in my gallery -> follow this link




There are some guided tours of the island


Historical Donkey Tour of LAMU TOWN gives you a lot of information about history and life in real Lamu:

Link to the starting point)


Camel Tour of LAMU ISLAND

Link to the starting point


Ballon Ride to Palace of Lamu Island

Link to the starting point


Palace and Hang Gliding

Link to the starting point


Make a break at the Meditation Area

Link to the location




The "Somewhere in sl" picture series (or "The Adventures of WuWai in Second Life") is my guide and bookmark folder to wonderful, artful, curious or in other way remarkably sims of second life with travel guide WuWai Chun.


More pictures of WuWai's adventures: (Follow this link)


Después de fotografiar la primera circulación tenía cerca de dos horas para buscar un lugar para darle caza a la segunda, remolcada por una pequeña locomotora de vapor desde Erfurt a Bad Lagensalza. Había buscado sitios con GoogleMaps, y visto otros desde el tren, pero muchos de ellos eran inaccesibles ya que eran caminos agrícolas que sólo permiten el paso a los trabajadores. Así que sin ningún sitio interesante donde ponerme y con el Sol en contra en cada uno de los lugares a los que sí pude acceder decidí probar un punto de vista algo diferente en las proximidades de Döllstadt.

The Breakers Mansion in Newport RI


See this picture on black.


This image is the winner in a contest for Topaz Software <<< Thank you!


Part of my Artistic set.


Also mapped in Panoramio and Google Earth.

I spotted these steps a couple of years ago on GoogleMaps, but never got round to visiting them. It was only after seeing some recent excellent work of this location from Keith Aggett and Spencer Brown that 'gee'd' me up, and I decided to head down to see what I could come away with.


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I Normally Don't Do These kind Of Images Where You Cheat But I Was Going 4 A Futuristic Look Of The Manhattan Skyline So Yes The Reflection Is Not real But As You See This Was A Long Exposure Shot Of 55secs Just thought It Would Look Cool Like This Hope You Like My Future Image Of Manhattan Look best On Black Back Round ! via 500px






@UK ロンドン


With new technology u can never get lost.

Please, do not use this photo without permission

Por Favor no usar esta fotografía sin permiso

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I have found that someone going by the name of 'TaffTravels' has stolen my picture and is using it without my consent and under their name on Google Maps.

I Took This Photo A Few Month's Back And I Was Really Fortunate To Catch The Sun Reflecting Oƒƒ The Window's Oƒ The Building Causing A Beautiful Glimmer In The Water And An Awesome Glow In The Building W'ell Thank You 4 Your Visit And Support Like ✔ Comment ✔ Share ✔ Follow ✔ via 500px

On this day, I was so barely possible go out at night, I was going to take a night view from two observatory. But both was closed day. I decided to look for a pedestrian bridge in GoogleMap.

There was unexpectedly much pedestrian traffic here. It might be thought that I was a suspicious person.

On April 26, 2015 in Tsukiji.






Barn next to Gravel Road

County Road 430 (according to Googlemaps, the map here says 439)

Clifty, Arkansas

Madison County (you can actually see this barn from AR 12 on googlemaps streetview)

Friday July 31, 2009


Large, on black


2-shot stitch

Exposures: ¼ and 1/6 sec

Aperture: f/8

ISO: 100

No filters


I know the use of textures is very subjective and I am neither 100% for or against them. I think they have their place, and I think it worked here. There was a lot of fog in the area, but here the fog sort of worked against me. Back behind the barn it was so thick that it caused everything to blow out – totally white. So I converted to a sepia-ish tone and added a texture from Skeletal Mess. Feel free to let me know what you think.


The challenge on this particular morning was that I was scouting and shooting all at the same time, racing the good light. Unless I strike gold so to speak with both the light and the subject I find myself constantly wondering what’s over the next hill. What’s down that gravel road just a little farther? Should I stay here and shoot an OK subject in OK light? Or risk losing a little time and light for a much better subject that may or may not be just out of sight. Oh well.


I believe that this is the view from Deadman's summit on Hwy 395. I didn't take notes cause when I took this, I was still busy trying to outrace a big winter-like storm, but from a googlemap search, have come to believe this is the place. I remember the name anyways, and am pretty sure.




Little did I know when shooting this, that those clouds ahead would be trying to blow my car off the road with 60+mph winds across the ice covered road between Mammoth and Tom's Place. Snow was pouring off the mountains in sheets and making conditions miserable as I tried to make it through to Bishop. Lets just say that though I didn't have to use them, I was very happy to have snow chains in my possession.


I'll freely admit right here and now that It's completely true that when shooting and post processing this image, that I completely ignored the rule of thirds. How could I adhere to it, when both the sky and the landscape were looking so beautiful? Yes, I threw that rule right out the proverbial window with this shot.


I can't wait to get back to the desert.


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I Love When I Go To Brooklyn To Make Photo's To Be Honest I Really Enjoy Shooting Here, Most People Come To Take Pictures Of The Manhattan Skyline But I Really Enjoy This Area More Then The Main Area Where Every One Goes To Shoot Please V&F I Appreciate Your Support via 500px

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As The Sun Was Rising Off To The Right Of Me I Was Lucky Enough To Catch The Glow Of The Sun In The NYC Building's Took This One Some Time A Go 5/2/14 Thank You 4 UR Like ✔ Comment ✔ Share ✔ Follow ✔ if you like what you see. I recommend to view it on black background for a better experience. via 500px

I always look for photography places in GoogleEarth. And I check the distance to there in GoogleMap. In the case of here, it seemed to be necessary to walk over some seas.

I was not able to watch much moon on that day. However, I was able to take brightness louder than a month.

On November 3, 2014 in Harumi Wharf.


ぼくはいつもGoogleEarthで撮影場所を探します。 そしてそこへの道のりはGoogleMapで調べます。 ここの場合、少し海の上を歩く必要があったようです。

この日ぼくはあまり月を見ることが出来ませんでした。 しかし月よりも大きな輝きを撮ることが出来ました。


3D stereoscopic (cross eyed technique) photograph of Auckland, New Zealand's One Tree Hill Obelisk monument:,_New_Zealand and googlemaps link:


An inscription in Latin on the monument reads "Si Monumentum Requiris Circumspice" or translated: if you seek his monument, look around.


This is part of my current creative conspiracy craze. I am interested freemason symbolism such as Egyptian obelisks and especially their prominent positioning geographically. This obelisk is a memorial to Logan Campbell and it is positioned on one of Auckland's highest points. I find it interesting that we take these symbols/monuments for granted, what do they mean and why are they (and their meaning) hidden in plain sight? Are they a symbol of a secret elite society's domination over a profane population living in ignorance?


I like how the obelisk's pyramid capstone has a HAL (from 2001 A space odyssey) like red light on each face which looks quite sinister. Beyond it's red light function, it also references the all seeing eye.


I captured the two images with my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera in RAW format and post processed them with Adobe Photoshop CS5. With only one camera, these was a short time delay in the two captures (left and right eye captures) which is evident in the background clouds not lining up well when viewed in 3D. It was a windy day so the clouds were whipping through the sky so lesson learned.

Fluidr | Flickr Hive Mind | DNA | Website


Please add COMMENTS and FAVES. I hope to replicate as soon as possible!!! :)


This Is A Blend Of 3 Exposures Chosen Out Of 300+ Images Of Lightning Flashes, With Sum Light Lighting, Pulled These Out Oƒ The Time Lapse I Done But This Is What I Really Took These Photos 4 Enjoy And Thank You 4 UR V/F via 500px

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Woke Up Early 4am On 5/2/14 To Get A Sunrise Over Manhattan But At The Time I Was inexperienced On Where The Sun Would Rise From In This Area, So As It Rose Way Off To The Right I Set My Gear Up Thinking All Along To Myself That This Is Not The Spot I Should Be In And When I Look To The East I Seen The Sun Rising Fast And Was Like Dam Man Get It Together lol But Truth be Told I Was Just Happy To be Here At 6:30am And Putting My Brand New Tokina 11-16mm To Great Use This Would Be The Start Of Many Ventures To Brooklyn, Always On A Mission To Find New Place's To Shoot From Next I Will Explore Some Roof Top's In The Near Future God Willing If You Like My Images Please Follow Me Here And On MyFaceBook via 500px

Oxbow Bend is a beautiful spot to view the Grand Teton mountains. On this particular day in July 2010 it was a brillant blue and this single flower caught my eye.


In Flickr Explore at #64 for October 8 2010!


Also mapped in Panoramio and Google Earth.


Found this monument using googlemaps. It’s in the foothills of the West Lomond near Falkland and was built in memory of the fantastically named Onesiphorus Tyndall-Bruce (born in the 18th century) who is responsible for Falkland as we know it today. He also built The Temple of Decision which is quite possibly the best ever name for a garden shed in which to get away from your wife to drink and ponder the wonders of the universe. Took some effort to get there in the pitch black as after trying to drive up the track I grounded and nearly beached my car. After a quick reverse down the hill, Joe and I hiked the mile in the pitch black with head torches to get to the monument. Small miracle we found it in the dark, not many people come up this way. Could only find another 2 pictures of this monument on flickr. It has fantastic views north over the Howe of Fife. The ghostly apparition on right is Joe.


This is 159 x 30 sec exposures blended together using the startrails program. Two exposures were blended for the foreground with a handheld off camera sb-900 flash with frost and red gels used.


30 secs, ISO 320, 10mm, f/3.5






A beautiful sunset in NYC. via 500px

Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


PS. Click the image to view large.

A beautiful sunset in NYC. via 500px

When I first saw this photo, I thought it might have been taken in Bisbee, AZ, but after looking on Googlemaps, I've changed my mind. Any ideas?

"Badger of the Sea" Isles of Shoals


Also mapped on Panoramio and Google Earth.

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