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A nice St. Patrick's day present ;-) Northern Light from Dun Brista Co. Mayo 17th March 2015

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" God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed".

Luis Bunuel

Original-Luftbild auf meiner Homepage erhältlich

Original-Luftbild auf meiner Homepage erhältlich

it is an old shot but i like it

To its west rise the fells of Cat Bells

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.


Ralph Waldo Emerson


When Gods are bergaining by local vendor

More from Greece, this time Theogefyro (θεογέφυρο, meaning "God's bridge") near Lithino, Zitsa, Epirus (Λίθινο, Ζίτσα, Ήπειρος). A small chapel sits atop the natural stone arch and can just be made out in this shot. You could easily miss the arch unless you were looking for it as it's quite invisible from the road (which goes over a metal bridge above the stone arch).


5DII, 17-40mm, B+W polariser. Manual blend of 3 exposures, though I chose to leave the sky through the arch close to blowing out otherwise it looked too unnatural.


New River Gorge National River

West Virginia


5 Image HDR


After a failed sunrise attempt at the Main Overlook at Grandview in West Virginia's New River Gorge myself and good friend Jeff Burcher left the overlook and made our way over to Turkey Spur with the hopes that maybe the fog had lifted but it had not. I was still in severe need of gas so we began the ride through the park as we passed the park maintenance area I noticed the light was breaking through the fog among the trees so I pulled over and Jeff soon followed. We got out of our cars and I told Jeff, "I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I have a feeling this is going to turn out pretty cool." And boy did it, after setting up the fog lifted and even more gorgeous rays of light shown through the mist, it was truly beautiful!


Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mother's in the world...0))

happy to be one,,,:o)

...and in case you are wondering about the title here is the explanation: my hat flew away in a wind blast just after breakfast that day! ツ ... The lucky hat stayed behind in Santorine to forever enjoy a holiday fit for the gods!...ah,but I did manage to bring back my mojo with me this time!...


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I asked God to take away my pride,

And God said "NO"

He said it was not for him to take


But for me to give up


I asked God to make my

handicapped child whole,

And God said "NO"

He said her spirit is whole

Her body is only temporary.


I asked God to grant me patience,

And God said "NO".

He said that patience is a byproduct

of tribulation,

It isn't granted, it is earned.


I asked God to give me happiness,

And God said "No"

He said He gives blessings,

Happiness is up to me.


I asked God to spare me pain,

And God said "NO"

He said, "Suffering draws you apart

from worldly

cares and brings you closer to me.


I asked God to make my spirit


And God said "No"

He said I must grow on my own,

But he will prune me to make me



I asked God to help me love others

As much as He loves me,

And God said, "Ah, finally you

have the idea."




Have a BLESSED and FRUITFUL day my dear friends!!!


Just hot off the camera.

I finished my dinner at around 6 o'clock when my niece rang me to ask if I was shooting the storm. I didn't even know there was one.

I went for a drive down to Botany Bay and shot about ten decent shots of this lightning storm. This was the biggest one.

I was planning to post a flower shot today oh well.

Made Explore Apr 14, 2009 #3

Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA

"Who plants all the seeds for these beautiful flowers...?"


"I don't know, honey, they just grow here..."


Well, then I think they just must be God's sunshine...



Tune: Ancient Egyptian Music - Horus


“I, Horus, son of Osiris, claim the throne of the heavens as my birthright!" he shouted."What was once mine shall be mine again.Is there anyone who would challenge me?"

The gods flickered and glowed. A few scowled. ”

― Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

God like Signal



Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel


Body: [Signature] Gianni - BODY


Song: Sonic Entity - The Signal ( Original Mix )


Greetings: Ramsa Luv

The sight - Netherwood


The sound - God Made Girls - RaeLynn


Inspired by the video and done at the request of the model, the beautiful Sephie Frost

Took this pic on a little walk up Snowdon, in North Wales U.K.. The view changes every minute, along with the weather as well. Brilliant, lovely scenery. A stunning and beautiful place


A capture of a thurderstorm hitting the city of Athens in May 2017, during which there were times when the whole north part of the city was covered by thunders. Athens, May'17

Smiles on Saturday.


He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.


1 Peter 1:20 (New International Version) May your Sunday be filled with blessings and love from the Master Creator!


One of the most important gods in the Egyptian pantheon, whose temple at Karnak is the best surviving religious complex of the New Kingdom. He is first mentioned (along with his wife Amaunet) in the 5th-Dynasty Pyramid texts, but the earliest temples dedicated solely to Amun appear to have been in the Theban region, where he was worshipped as a local deity at least as early as the 11th Dynasty. Amun’s rise to pre-eminence was a direct result to the ascendancy of the theban pharaohs from Mentuhotep II (2055-2004 BC) onwards, since politics and religion were very closely connected in ancient Egypt. In the jubilee chapel of Senusert I (1965-1920 BC) at Karnak he is described as «the king of the gods» and by the time of the Ptolemies of Zeus.


This statue made from Gold

22 Dynasty ,Third Intermediate Period

From Egypt; Possibly from Upper Egypt, Thebes, Karnak

Metropolitan Museum Of Art, USA.



Cat-Goddess and local deity of the town of Bubastis «Tell Basta», whose name means, She of the bast (Ointment jar). She was regarded not only as the daughter of the sun God but also as the more protective aspect of the mother-goddess, in contrast to the aggressive image of the Lioness-headed «Sekhmet». In her earliest known form, carved on stone vessels of the 2nd Dynasty ruler Hetepsekhemwy (c.2890 BC) at Saqqara, Bastet was represented as a woman with the head of a lioness, frequently holding both the ankh sign and a sceptre (as well as, occasionally, a Menat necklace).


By the first millennium BC, However, she was widely portrayed as a cat-headed woman, sometimes accompanied by a small group of Kittens. Her name was commonly inscribed on blue glazed ceremonial ‘New Year’ flasks, perhaps because, like other lioness-goddess, she would have been linked with the five epagomenal days in the Egyptian Calendar.


Goddess Bastet represents her as a woman with cat's head wearing a heavily patterned long garment, she carries in her hand to symbolize the other facet of her personality, for it is a musical instrument connected with merrymaking. Originally there were two horizontal rods inside the hoop bearing metal discs.


This Bronze statue of Bastet, from Lower Egypt, Bubastis.


Late Period, C.900BC-600BC


British Museum


The land of the free. God Bless America.

DR-1391-NY.9-26-2001.(New York City, NY) God's House

As dark as night when chaos come,

but as bright as day when they are gone.

Tears of blood flows when in pain but

tears of joy gush when victory is gained.

God never fails, He is our forever Hope ...


These are a couple of pics that I did some post process for my friend Nate... Off the coast of Florida...


Contact me if you're interested in my shots (no digital version requests).


I'm also now on imagekind!


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Some beautiful light over Crab Island, Doolin, Co. Clare

On a walk (Großer Kreuzweg, Coesfeld, Germany) today with my new Canon EF135mm f/2L USM ... ;)


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Just some Adobe Lightroom processing.

Shot from Champakulam Lake, after the Boat Race , Alleppy , Kerala


This the output of DRI and Layer Blending and some light painting. I dedicate this upload to my fave man & Mr. Inspiration. Ragstatic


All Credits to you Rajesh.


We had some pretty amazing storms come through today. The very edge of the storm left me with this shot. See the son coming through God's window?

Here the gods created human, but they forgot to make them greedless

Here the gods created knowledge, but they forgot to stop barbarism

Here the gods created world, but they forgot to save it.


Keokaradong, Bandarban. Bangladesh 2010


Copyright: Adnan Arsalan



[All rights are reserved. DO NOT use, copy or download this image without proper permission. Using this photo without permission would be a violation of international copyright law.]


Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth, Hampshire


Creative angle with the old G1 thanks to the flippy out screen. Single exposure, processed as HDR

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