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Out with Davy at Portencross and he brought the equipment for some fire spinning. Super cold but excellent fun. Cheers to him for organising.

Klasse Nachmittag mit meinen Flickr-Freunden

Auf Tour mit Annabulf & xmyrxn & pe_ha45 &

angelus_beep &



For retread Thursday,the origional is below,

Park Wilhelmsthal, Calden

Found some interesting ice chunks from the glacier, perhaps thousand's of years old?

oana had a lot of fun

Yes, even the dogs want to have "Bubble fun"!!!

I jumped in to this photo I couldn't let Brad have all the fun. at this point the fog was so thick the lights just glow. The Big Dipper is in vertical position with the handle down on the right

I'm not so crazy about this picture. Just another fun with drops :)..on a rainy day.

Its not really easy to shot a drops, i do admit that but the real challenge is to find a spider's web with a 'dewdrops'.


These are the horses that made the tracks in the last picture.


Not a lot of realism here, but sometimes its better that way IMO.


I've had a few people questioning processing recently. Processing is half of photography for me, the first half is getting the RAW material and the second half is making it into an image. Very rarely do I post SOOC. Photography for me is about dreams and fantasies and I use my camera and software to the best of my ability to achieve that. I'm not a purist, even when it comes to wildlife shots... I will take the best picture I can but if its worth improving I will try to improve it. In my hands, camera and software always lie and I don't feel a lack of integrity because of it, my aim is to make pictures, not to show reality.


Just thought I'd mention that so we all know where we stand :o)



Just having some fun....


Have a great weekend everyone :)

Special thanks Mr.n.

You are God of my photograph!




Just as I was getting ready to capture this sunset, this little dog came speeding across the sand and went straight into the sea, so I knew I just had to capture his fun.



Merci beaucoup à tous pour vos gentils commentaires et favoris!!

Thanks a lot for your faves and comments


Thank to the group Administrators



Macro Mondays - Bubbles


Got so carried away I ended up just playing with bubbles and my dogs for quite awhile. They like bubble fun too! HMM!

Juste pour le fun .... oui je sais expression des années .... euh je ne sais plus quelles années en fait ... hier ? oui c'est cela hier !

Meeting Pomeranians on the beach.

A scientist observes a small tadpole...


You can turn the objective lens, and twist both knobs. Check out the videos for the functions!

Knobs function

Objective lenses function


The seed part is the lime telephone.


My fourth build for the ABS Builder Challenge.

Link to group:


had Fun with u =\

part 1 ♥

part 2 ♥

part 3 ♥


Clssic & ED.HARRDY a7bkom Both ;$

Just having fun today.

The Strip !!!


Click on Image for Large !!!

we just clicked the camera like crazyyyy and now i'm out of film huhu:( awwrrgg anw today was so freakin fun :-bd.

What fun! Sitting at my garden table, holding camera in one hand, berries in the other, dipping them in water and trying to find the right height, distance, angle, while squinting through the viewfinder. And all in the seconds before the drop dropped. Multitasking, it felt like. Manual focus, so move the berries, and then the camera to find focus. Oh! That Sony camera did get to feel heavy.


Then suddenly all three drops came together, with good images. I'd got it!! Push the button -- Oh B*l*a*h!!! I'd run out of memory. So this one will have to do for the moment.


Actually some of the images that appeared on my monitor were much more interesting. Lucky catches of drops just about to drop. Not something I could do deliberately. There was only one flower. (See below.)


And I hadn't realised I was also taking pictures of my house.


It is more visible Viewed On Black


Try it Large On Black to see the fourth refraction between two berries.

Another photo from the fair Dippemess in Frankfurt. The sky that day was very kind to me. I like the colors here a little more.


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Despite having been unwell since the start of November, and still in the midst of lots of invasive and stressful tests (with no clear answers so far!), Poppy continues to enjoy every day to the full! Here she is loving the snow in the field by my house---black dog in snow=tricky exposure :D

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Penultimate evening of our Norway holiday - Sjolyst Marina, Oslo.


„She who must be obeyed“ had good fun with the bubbles and I had good fun taking some pictures against that backdrop.


Sometimes having fun with your best friend is all the therapy you need <3




Check here the beautiful version of my bestie ♥

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Taken at the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach, CA.......I used various Lightroom presets from both Rebecca Lily and from the infamous John Mueller (Extra Medium)..(John is giving a whole set of cool presets away) ...but I didn't write down which ones exactly and I ran these presets on the three different images that make up this one finished one..some I know for sure Rebecca Lily's 1960's Glow on my "Angelic" clouds texture and John's "Old and Dreamy" preset on the Ferris Wheel image. And some Lightroom generic ones on all images..esp. the hawk..

Added in my Glorious Nature Art "Angelic" cloud texture *see my profile* and also this new in-flight bird which I believe to be either a Cooper's Hawk or a Red Shouldered Hawk..which I captured the other day at Shipley..but he was super far away and I had to process the heck out of him..but thought he made a nice finishing touch within this image...

Added in Isabelle LaFrance's Soulful "Glow" Texture

Also used Florabella "Milk n Honey" and "Tea Stained" overlays as well..

And Finally added in Jill (Borealnz) and Paul (Paul Grand) Flypaper Texture "Caramel" which i used in "difference" mode at 100% to create this strange and interesting effect...which I really think came out cool...I did all this on Friday .. started in the morning after making comments and ended at 1:49pm...can I have breakfast now please!!!!!!!! ;-D But wait there's more..after i saved all this as a .tiff file..I flattened the image and saved as a .jpeg..and then used Natalia's Sweet Treat Action "Light It Up" as this image was even darker than what you see here...okay..lunch!


Posting early in case I go take some new pics in the a.m. before it gets too hot out!..Have a wonderful weekend everyone...!


Take a Ride Back in Time........Definitely need to view a bit larger to appreciate the details I think....


While your awards, comments, visits and faves are very much appreciated....Please NO MULTIPLE INVITES or GLITTERY graphics!!!


Sis' Icelandic horses. From L to R. Sigyn, Gunlöd, Beisla and Fengur.

holi is actually a lot of fun...for all....


thank you for passing by :)


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“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”

― Dr. Seuss

Fun City. Starting to look it's age.


Taken with iPhone 3Gs. Processed with CrossProcess

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just 4 fun

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