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:copyright:please do not copy or use without permission. shot in lawnswood cemetery, leeds.

For Macro Mondays Theme: Film Noir


I am not at all a people and a street photographer, It simply scares me to shoot, as if am spraying bullets on them :D

jokes apart , this place will seriously give you some moments to shoot street and people pics... The fushimi inari shrine in kyoto..

The 1000 vermilion tori gates are just amazing. And whats more amazing is to see myriad people walking through them , The light through the gates in shreds looks beautiful and the Japanese letters printed on the gates add a lot to them ..

heres one such monochrome pic from the amazing place ...

On the road for a chunk of the Monday will catch up later!


HMM! Theme: Film Noir

Im Gegensatz zu Hamburg war das Myfest in diesem Jahr in Berlin friedlich und zum Teil voller Liebe. Zeugnis davon diese Aufnahme. Ich liebe das Motiv, die Menschen drum herum und vor allem die Farben, die ich nur gering in der Nachbearbeitung noch verstärkt habe, die aber eigentlich so aus der Kamera kamen.

~~~ Flower Noir~~~


What evil lurks in the heart of a flower?


What dark secrets are held in the softness of a scented stamen?


What whispers congeal in the dew clinging to a silken petal?


What strange notions evolve within the confines of a reedy stalk?




A friend of mine, who has left Flickr for a while, is perfecting his "film noir" still shot style.


So, I thought I'd brighten (er, darken) his day with this image.


Film noir (French term for "black film) has its roots in German Expressionism. This cinematic style was hugely popular in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s.


RKO Studios kicked off film noir in 1940, with a movie called, "Stranger on the Third Floor." And, in 1958, Orson Welles delivered a "Touch of Evil," the film that put an end to the dark genre.


These sleek and gritty cinematic expressions were usually crime dramas, with morally questionable heroes, heroines, and bad guys; characters whose desperate desires drove them to deadly acts.


That film noir movies were all B-movies, simply isn't true. A great example is, "The Postman Always Rings Twice." Not the newer version with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange (although that is one dark and intriguing film).


If you are a fan of the film noir style, here is an outstanding essay by Eddie Muller.


So, Richard, this one is for you. Enjoy your dark quest! Keep those whites hot, and those shadows murky, my friend!


And keep an eye out for those morally-bereft flowers with evil in their heart.




Polaroid Colorpack 80 + Agfa Solinar 4.5/85 + Type 85 testfilm (expired)

PP with Flypaper Spring Painterly textures

better bigger on black!

Taken in Tempelhof, Ceiram from on top of Germanica.


Finesmith : Arena (wings, dress, ear adornments)


Pure Poison : Le Goldet Pumps


ContraptionN : Masks - The First. (FREE group gift still available in main store!)


ieQED : Burst Metal Crown

Street Photography By Ömer Diyelim.

Previous 'road work' series here.


Das Thema für Macro Mondays - Film Noir

Shot from the top of Mont Royal overlooking Rue de la Montagne in Montreal. Taken with an infrared filter. Adjusted the contract and structure of the image but preserved the natural grain finish that came with the shot.


Song: The Grand Optimist

Artist: City and Colour

Album: Little Hell

searching for the music

aka Fin "The Fidget" Flanagan. :o)


Hehe, well he was! I'm starting to take pics, and notice the hat...left, right, up, down, resize...we finally decided to leave it off. Then the tie...on, then off, then back on again. Eyes...a gorgeous blue, but shifting left than right...


Seriously, the squirelliest shoot ever. But dang if the results didn't come out rather impressive. I was going to do this in black and white, but it lacked the punch of the color shot, so I left it.


And...say it with viewed bigger.

Images themed from actual Film-Noir movie titles.

Invasion 2014 Deep Ellum, Tx

OK, it's actually an old roll of KodaColor but in black and white who can tell!


HMM! Theme: Film Noir

Street Photography By Ömer Diyelim.

:copyright: 2010 All Rights Reserved


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Zeiss Ikon with Leica Summicron 35mm lens, Fuji Acros 100 film, developed in HC110e

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