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St. Bega's pre-Norman Church, 950 AD. Bassenthwaite Lake, Lake District, Cumbria, England. About as Film Noir as I can make it!


St.Bega was a Celtic Saint, a 7th Century Irish Princess.


‘…to a chapel nigh the field,

A broken chancel with a broken cross,

That stood on a dark straight of barren land’.

-Tennyson, Morte D'Arthur

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. Just a split second before his head moved forward out of the reflected light, I just loved this shot - enjoy!


New Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Glasgow, 12th December, in association with Wex Photo Video -

A little bit different to my usual style with this one. I don’t usually do cityscapes, but I couldn’t resist taking this shot of the Railways Station. I really enjoyed creating a film noir feel for this shot, and going back into cinematic imagery, whist also making sure to have a touch of my usual landscape vibe in there.

München Ostbahnhof - Munich East Station

Hi Everyone, As I have mentioned before I love the Film Noir from the 1950s and 1960s, they were cheesey and silly but also fun and gritty and make great watching on a rainy Saturday afternoon, so I wanted to do a photo inspired by my love of fashion and dark and dangerous side of Hollywood from her golden age. Have a wonderful day and thank you again or allowing me to share my photos with you. :)



Into Your Heart L2

This is Magic L2

Munich underground - U-Bahn München

#sonofphotography #photographer #germany #blackandwhite #color# #portrait #street #fashion #lifestyle #shooting #model #light #shade #clairobscur #passion

Saturday Self-Challenge theme Film Noir

Place Saint-Marc, Venise

Switzerland, Basel, St. Alban Rheinweg. Foggy night. Mirrored.


Red Hot Chili Peppers "Parallel Universe"

Lapa Palace Hotel, Lisbon


Nikon D850, Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 @ 1.6

Award Tree challenge 134 - ' Movie Night! '


Link to more info on the movie is here:


*For those of you outside of the UK who don't know what 'rock' is, it's a type of stick-shaped boiled sugar confectionery! :-)


I was leafing through an old book the other day. One I read as a kid and still have all these years later. It's an illustrated guide to weather. Have always been fascinated with the weather, and perhaps this little book is part of the reason why. It's so weird to hold something in my hand now that I once held as a child (very few such artifacts have survived). The pages have become brittle and yellowed, but the content is still clear and readable. For me the most compelling aspect of this book, then and now, was the illustrations. Not a single photo, everything was hand drawn. The effect was one of near realism but with a slight painterly quality. Today I marvel at the deceptive simplicity of the pictures. Each one effectively tells a story, but it's done with as little structure as possible. Don't think I understood this aspect as a kid. But what I did realize was the way the pictures drew me in (see what I did there) to whatever scene or story was being depicted. A drawing about winter snow showed some figures pulling a Christmas tree on a sled along a rural pathway. In the distance a white church is shown, and snowflakes fill the sky. I imagined myself in the scene, helping pull the sleigh. I felt the chill, even if it was the middle of summer. Other pictures showed tornadoes in the sky and I found them scary yet exciting. It's not just that the pictures showed tornadoes, but the manner in which they were shown, the colors used and the darkness all contributed to the overall feeling. These drawings seemed so real to me in an era way before internet and reality TV. These little illustrations were my reality. They helped form my outlook and the effect (and even some of the images) have stayed in my head all these years. Looking back as an adult I recognize now just how effective they were, telling a story with just a glance. Pictures that caused me to react based on how they made me feel. I had much the same reaction the other day watching a brooding sky over a cornfield. Stalks swaying and leaves rustling in the wind. Everything you need to know about this scene (and a healthy does of atmosphere) conveyed in the first glance. Like a page right out of my old weather book.

one said to the other.... HFF!

My photography is now available for purchase on my store site at the link attached (click it, click it). If anyone is interested in anything and they don't see it on my site, please contact me here on Flickr mail or on my website email service and I can add it to my store. Thank you for looking!


I so swore after I downloaded the photo there was a body in the front seat of that car. LOL


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Not overly happy with this portrait - the focus is a little soft on the far side of his face. Didn't have the chance to set up a shot for this weeks theme, so reedited an image taken the previous week


For 52 Weeks: the 2017 Edition: Week 9 Film Noir

For Macro Mondays Theme: Film Noir


#sonofphotography #photographer #germany #blackandwhite #color# #portrait #street #fashion #lifestyle #shooting #model #light #shade #clairobscur #passion

Saint-Marc, Venise

Saint-Marc, Venise

#sonofphotography #photographer #germany #blackandwhite #color# #portrait #street #fashion #lifestyle #shooting #model #light #shade #clairobscur #passion

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