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Go back?" he thought. "No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!" So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and a pitter.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


# A peculiarity of the town are the mainline trains which run along the edge of the main beach and the Railway station, which is a fine period piece - an attraction in its own right.


A bit of History:

In 1830, Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed a railway, which operated on a pneumatic principle using a 15-inch iron tube. One of the pumping stations was in this town. The line ran right along the sea-front of the town, but Brunel ensured that the line was carried across the mouth of the stream on a small granite viaduct, leaving access to the beach.The atmospheric railway opened on 30 May 1846 and ran between Exeter St. Davids and Newton Abbot. The first passenger train ran in September 1847, but the project was besieged with problems mainly with the leather sealing valve, which after 12 months use needed replacing at a cost of £25,000. South Devon Railway directors abandoned the project in favour of conventional trains: the last atmospheric train ran in September 1848.


Damage: The track through Dawlish was swept away along with part of the sea wall during violent storms.. in early February 2014, completely cutting off the mainline railway service for almost two months


.:。✿*゚‘゚Working Towards a Better World

...with friends Sonia, Dwi, Fede, Mikki, Camille, Doda, Rosy, Wayne, Fiona, Stef, Carina, Dianne, Gabriele, Vera . .

. . and the list is ever growing :-))


p.s ...would you believe, it`s snowing :-))))))) (slightly)

© Linda Plaisted


Hey! remember this image I shot back in February of this year? well, its featured in File magazine right this very minute. I forgot I had even submitted it. (Thanks Beerzie!)


And also, in even bigger news, I was asked to show my work in the PixTour Project of the highly anticipated FotoweekDC that begins this weekend in Washington.


****THIS JUST IN- I was also just nominated for the "Best of Daily Candy' of 2008 in the "Best Nest" (home decor) category, so I'll let you know if you'd care to vote for me and my work!


EEP! It's been a kind of wonderful day.


More details to follow...

Viewing terrace. Tanguá Park, Curitiba, PR, Brazil.


This park was inaugurated in 1996, the Tanguá Park surprises with its beauty as an example of urban space being re-utilized - on one old complex of disactivated quarries -, and it is part of the Barigüi river preservation project joining Tingüi and Barigüi parks. This park with an area of 450 thousand square meters has two quarries connected by a 45 meter tunnel that may be crossed on foot by a path over the water. It can be visited by boat or on foot (hiking). The park has a cooper and bicycle track, snack bar, belvedere and Poty Lazzarotto garden.


Where we live - out in the woods with a LOT of insect-eating birds - we are lucky to see just one mayfly a year.


GOLD Medalist - THE BEE'S KNEES Daily Theme Contest - February 2010

Color Photo Award - PREMIER.

366 project

Shot and processed iPhone 4S

Winner in Arboreal the Art of Trees Showcase # 4, March 27, 2009

The Secret Life of Trees - Photo of the Week - February 16, 2009


Part of a seasonal set featuring this tree. Texture courtesy of Skeletal Mess


NOTE: This photo can accept ONLY Admin invites.

047/366 - Project 366 2008 - February 16, 2008


The center of my Spiderwort looks great on LARGE too ~


"Happy Valentine's Day My Flickr Friends"


Enjoy the video, Superb Animation!! and Wonderful Humour! accompanied to the music of John Paul Young! ~ 'Love Is In The Air' :))


Video 2!

Love is in the air -

In this short film, a love story is projected into the breath of a young couple on a cold February evening. Love hearts, a Cupid's arrow, a white dove and a red rose … all the usual Valentine's Day suspects play a part. Even the dog!

#360 in my photo-a-day project.


Spring :-)

A collaboration with Mark Pilkington.


Congratulations to everyone at The Impossible Project, who this week unveiled their first new instant film - if you are at all interested in the future of analogue photography, you need to get over there and support them!

52 / 366


Taken during a brief trip down to one of my favourite beaches, Petit Bot.


Long Exposure


Project 366:


Please drop by and join me on Facebook:!/pages/David-Gilliver-Photography/1751...

Day #39. Today is Tuesday, February 8, 2011.


Our Daily Challenge: DOORS


I like the way this doorway day I hope to have one just like it!


Mahalo to y'all!


*EXPLORED on February 8, 2011 #6.

53/365 (419/731)


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Taken with my iPhone5 and edited with Snapseed on the iPad

February 11 042/365

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Not much time for a fancy SP...I had wanted to post something in addition to my mugshot, but didn't get that far...trying to get my TTV's set-up...still experimenting...


Hope you all are having a great day...thank you so much for stopping so sorry for the delays in getting to your streams...working on it! =)


Today's Offering for my February Heart Project. :)


Added to 52/2012 - Give Us Your Best Shot - Week 5

The Great 150 Scavenger Hunt: #38 Something Red

14 February 2009


Really, really late I know... I got sick and was in the mood for nothing recently.


Flickr you were supposed to be my valentine, but I didn't upload in time so, sorry.


I'm so sorry to my contacts! I have been a really crappy contact lately, but I plan to visit all of you soon! I just have to catch up in schoolwork, flickr mail, editing, my 365, and my chores first.


But anyway, I have a surprise for you...


Part of the Roped miniseries.


Explore #4! Thanks so much! That's the highest explore I have ever gotten!

Oh, I don't think I'll be uploading tonight, I'm getting ready to hurl as I type. Bye!


18. Molto allegro – F minor.


(Für die deutsche Version siehe bitte: )


What tormented music, bording on being dissonant. .At the beginning a question is posed - and not answered. Instead theres tumultous runs, chords - fen fires. At the end two big shocks. Nothing else. No answer....


Listen to it here eg:


Project for February 2013: photographic interpretations of Chopins 24 Preludes op.28


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Vlachbild (deutsch) | Andreas Vlach Photography (english)

San Francisco, CA; February 2011


A Polaroid that got rained on


Impossible Project's SilverShade Film; Polaroid Instant 600


© Kathleen Mercado. All Rights Reserved.

You need my written permission before using my photographs in any way. Do not blog or reproduce my images without my permission. Thank you.

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explore #98


LOVE project


started in Japan by Keiko


Photo: Kamila Pinto Keith



"February's Theme: "Unchained & Connected”" A Photography Project.

The Castle of D C is a Neo-romantic castle and/or residence located somewhere in Portugal.


The project was conceived and executed in 1915. The construction was suspended in 1919, at a time when the interior of the home, was still in a state of basic comforts. Uncomplete, its budget rounded 370 contos.


On 20 February 1985, the property was classified as a Imóvel de Interesse Público (Property of Public Interest).


After going through several hands, it is currently owned by the Portuguese Republic, but it is clearly abandoned.


18 February


Wake up

Open your sleepy eyes

Stretch out

Make up the bed now


Kissing your face again


Coffee is waiting


Soap up

Rinse all your cares away


Keeping your mouth clean

Dress up

Walk out the front door

Turn on the radio talk show


Oh oh oh oh

This is a brand new day

Oh oh oh oh

And it's getting better every single way

Oh oh oh oh

This is brand new day

Oh oh oh oh

And I'm feeling better when you say

La la la la la la la love

La la la la la la la love

La la la la la la la love


Haha, I'm in love with that song, thanks to my lovely friend Savannah for showing me it!


Sorry for the lack of uploads, I'm still doing make-up work. Yeah, I know, I had a lot of it =[


For this shot, jumped off a wood chair which had been sitting outside for 2 years. The entire time I was like "Just one more shot, just one more shot," and I didn't want to stop shooting. But, the chair broke. Any rational person would be happy with the shots they already had. Haha, not me. I got the other chair and did it again. Let's just say, I ended up with a huge splinter, and nice yell from my mum for two broken pieces of furniture.


Not fun.


Anyway... So what's up with you guys? I have to visit all of you when I get done with my work. I'll get there though!


This is the last of the roped miniseries too. I think this really fits my mood, I was getting bored with the blue wall in my room...



Explore #6, thanks!

February Polawalk in DTLA.


TIP 680 Color shade Opac. film shot with a OneStep box camera. Love this film and I love this building!!! Thank you again Toby!!!


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One day, Laras, my little cousin, asked me to took photograph of her and her friends. They wanted to documented theirselves in their group birthday celebration which is on February 14th. They named their group as Graso, which is a combination of their names (G for Gadis, R for Ririn, A for Laras, S for Salsa, and O for Ola).

Happy birthday Graso. Hope your friendship last forever !


Medan, North Sumatra

February 14th, 2010


Thank you very much for viewing, and for all your wonderfull comments, awards, and any critiques. I really appreciate it a lot !

Beautiful sky on my run home tonight.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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I've got a bit of a SSC project on the go at the moment, so I've been working through a lot of my old shots. I've come across this one which I took back in February, and I'm surprised I hadn't already posted it.

I'm thinking that I convinced myself at the time that although I love the lighting, the colour was just too much. Looking at it now however, I'm not quite so sure.

Maybe its a bit of a marmite shot.

Would welcome anyone's thoughts


-Added to theCream of the Crop pool as my best of 2008.

My first sunrise photos after hundreds of sunsets. Yes I am more an owl than the early morning bird. I need a couple of coffees before having a touch of inspiration. So it is logical that I started my sunrise HDR project during Winter holidays. In my view only bakers and the NSA should get up early. And the NSA should be first in case of suspicious bakers....

West Horndon, Essex | February 2011


26/02/2011 - 14:00 UTC


Polaroid SX-70 [Red] | TheImpossibleProject PX70FF


[Losing Focus] | [Twitter]

[All photographs © Toby Marsh. Please do not re-use without permission.]



15th February 2009

Cairns Lagoon - Tropical North Queensland.

6.20am - Early Sunday Morning Swimmers


(Für die deutsche Version siehe bitte: )


Start of new project: for February 2013: personal photographic interpretations of Chopins 24 Preludes op.28


1.Agitato. C-Major.


Short, very short. C major, one of the most used and most sunny keys, just gets less the a minute of playing time. The arabesque melody itself is quite uninteresting itself - only its accompaniment gives it subtlety and results into a tiny, very beautiful gem. One without the other is boring, both together form something beautiful. Chopin was in haste when he wanted to meet his lover George Sand in order to move to Mallorca .....

Listen to it here eg.:


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Vlachbild (deutsch) | Andreas Vlach Photography (english)

Meditations for my Friend


‘Listen’ is a larger series of images of the earth.

I make this series in memory of my dearest friend Gerard.

Natur was his home; he lived closely connected to the earth .


These are 8x10 negatives. Made with a Kodak 2D

on Foma 100 rated at 50asa.

I use the strange and special Slavich Unibrom,

make contactprints of the negatives and developed them in

Moersch SE5

On Explore! Highest position: 36 on Saturday, February 21, 2009

walking with my friend jonny jonno

Project: Tracks

16 February 2009


Many days late, but I'm catching up!


Well today I got a crap load of makeup work for the 3 school days I was absent. I have to make up 6 tests throughout the week too. Being sick sucks...


Thanks for all of the recent explores too!


Part of the roped miniseries.


Explore #36 thanks!

Yes, I’m comfortable…


EXPLORE! February 12, 2009! My 10th Explore!


Oh, how difficult it is for Willa to obey the long 'down' stay command. She's quiet and still as long as she doesn't allow her curiosity to rule her thoughts. Eventually, she can't stand it and she peeks over Baxter's shoulder to see what I'm doing.


All Rights Reserved.

Copyright: © Jenny Gandert

Large View

15 February 2009


Wow, I don't know how many days late this is. All I really know is that it's very late...


I know everyone does one of these, but here's my shot at it.


Anyway, sorry for the major lack of uploads. I have been in bed with the flu for a good 4 days, and as a result I have officially missed 3 consecutive days of my 365. I guess I'll just have to tack 3 days onto the end then. Today was the first day I could actually manage to get out of bed, so I'm sorry.


Thanks to Grisamanecer for the new testimonial! And thanks to the others before her.


Oh, while I was practically dead, my Valentines day shot, Love Is All Around You, reached #4 on explore! Thank you all so much! I am so happy! That's the highest explore I have ever received! You all deserve a huge party!


I am also sorry if I haven't answered any of your messages yet. I am still trying to sift through the 200+ I that have accumulated in my inbox these past few days while I was out. So if you sent me mail, hang in there, I'm getting to you!


Sorry for the overload, quite a little bit happened these past four days.


This is also part of my roped miniseries. Before/during/after?


Explore #101, thanks!



For Our Daily Challenge: Creativity.


Sorting out threads from a cross stitch kit. I haven't spent nearly enough time stitching lately.

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