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Where we live - out in the woods with a LOT of insect-eating birds - we are lucky to see just one mayfly a year.


GOLD Medalist - THE BEE'S KNEES Daily Theme Contest - February 2010

Color Photo Award - PREMIER.

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366 project

Shot and processed iPhone 4S

Meditations for my Friend


‘Listen’ is a larger series of images of the earth.

I make this series in memory of my dearest friend Gerard.

Natur was his home; he lived closely connected to the earth .


These are 8x10 negatives. Made with a Kodak 2D

on Foma 100 rated at 50asa.

I use the strange and special Slavich Unibrom,

make contactprints of the negatives and developed them in

Moersch SE5

Well not quite ! , the Gordon River Road heads west from Maydena and traverses the South West Wilderness to Lakes Pedder and Gordon. This sealed road was constructed to build the new Hydro projects out at the newly dammed lakes so tourists, bushwalkers and canoeists would be very happy that it's there despite a lot of agitation from conservationists about these newly formed lakes being originally formed.

Here the road winds through a valley flanked by Tim Shea ( 908 metres high ) and the Needles on the right at 950 metres high although you can't quite see the main peak. The beautiful rich greens of the button grass adds a richness to the scene.

Behind Tim Shea on the left can be seen the jagged form of Tyenna Peak.

Saturday 25th February, 2017,

Photo By Steve Bromley.

A collaboration with Mark Pilkington.


Congratulations to everyone at The Impossible Project, who this week unveiled their first new instant film - if you are at all interested in the future of analogue photography, you need to get over there and support them!

53/365 (419/731)


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Taken with my iPhone5 and edited with Snapseed on the iPad


Today's Offering for my February Heart Project. :)


Added to 52/2012 - Give Us Your Best Shot - Week 5

The Great 150 Scavenger Hunt: #38 Something Red

047/366 - Project 366 2008 - February 16, 2008


The center of my Spiderwort looks great on LARGE too ~


18. Molto allegro – F minor.


(Für die deutsche Version siehe bitte: )


What tormented music, bording on being dissonant. .At the beginning a question is posed - and not answered. Instead theres tumultous runs, chords - fen fires. At the end two big shocks. Nothing else. No answer....


Listen to it here eg:


Project for February 2013: photographic interpretations of Chopins 24 Preludes op.28


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Vlachbild (deutsch) | Andreas Vlach Photography (english)

Day #39. Today is Tuesday, February 8, 2011.


Our Daily Challenge: DOORS


I like the way this doorway day I hope to have one just like it!


Mahalo to y'all!


*EXPLORED on February 8, 2011 #6.

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Project 365 - 2017


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February 11 042/365

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Not much time for a fancy SP...I had wanted to post something in addition to my mugshot, but didn't get that far...trying to get my TTV's set-up...still experimenting...


Hope you all are having a great day...thank you so much for stopping so sorry for the delays in getting to your streams...working on it! =)

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One day, Laras, my little cousin, asked me to took photograph of her and her friends. They wanted to documented theirselves in their group birthday celebration which is on February 14th. They named their group as Graso, which is a combination of their names (G for Gadis, R for Ririn, A for Laras, S for Salsa, and O for Ola).

Happy birthday Graso. Hope your friendship last forever !


Medan, North Sumatra

February 14th, 2010


Thank you very much for viewing, and for all your wonderfull comments, awards, and any critiques. I really appreciate it a lot !

14 February 2009


Really, really late I know... I got sick and was in the mood for nothing recently.


Flickr you were supposed to be my valentine, but I didn't upload in time so, sorry.


I'm so sorry to my contacts! I have been a really crappy contact lately, but I plan to visit all of you soon! I just have to catch up in schoolwork, flickr mail, editing, my 365, and my chores first.


But anyway, I have a surprise for you...


Part of the Roped miniseries.


Explore #4! Thanks so much! That's the highest explore I have ever gotten!

Oh, I don't think I'll be uploading tonight, I'm getting ready to hurl as I type. Bye!


We had another sunny day today - for the most part - and Marc was trying to work out what to photograph.


He was fascinated by the pots with Cyclamen and the spring bulbs just beginning to appear and we dicided that the changing appearnace of the 'garden in a pot' and the 'pond in a pot' through the year might work as a new project as the weather improves.


To set if off, Marc has used my Nikon - it proved a challenge - as it was handy at the time, rather than his Lumix, but we will return to that he is comfortable with for the next shot.


We also spoke about framing and after a lengthy debate - he doesn't like change - we agreed this new project could look slightly different by adding a drop shadow, rather than the polaroid effect he has been using.


I hope you like the idea and his new photo's.


Many of you know our story, but if you have just dropped by, this album contain a series of pictures, that our son, Marc, will take through his own camera. Marc needs significant support to ensure he lives as inclusive a life as possible. A wheelchair user with limited mobility and senses, we have organised a camera and tripod positioned so he can use the shutter button with the camera in a 'portrait' setting while sat in his chair.


These pictures are straight out of the camera (SOOC) though I will edit slightly by cropping to remove anything obviously unwanted in the image, and adding a frame.


This project is also being used by Marc to create memories of activities and days out, to help him recall experiences and calm his anxieties.


I hope you will continue to enjoy his journey and achievements as we embark on this project, and new theme together.


I do encourage Marc to sit with me and comment to you, which he usually does very well, but there are occasions where he is not up to it, and for that, I do apologies, but thank you so much in anticipation of you having taken time to look and maybe even comment to him.

18 February


Wake up

Open your sleepy eyes

Stretch out

Make up the bed now


Kissing your face again


Coffee is waiting


Soap up

Rinse all your cares away


Keeping your mouth clean

Dress up

Walk out the front door

Turn on the radio talk show


Oh oh oh oh

This is a brand new day

Oh oh oh oh

And it's getting better every single way

Oh oh oh oh

This is brand new day

Oh oh oh oh

And I'm feeling better when you say

La la la la la la la love

La la la la la la la love

La la la la la la la love


Haha, I'm in love with that song, thanks to my lovely friend Savannah for showing me it!


Sorry for the lack of uploads, I'm still doing make-up work. Yeah, I know, I had a lot of it =[


For this shot, jumped off a wood chair which had been sitting outside for 2 years. The entire time I was like "Just one more shot, just one more shot," and I didn't want to stop shooting. But, the chair broke. Any rational person would be happy with the shots they already had. Haha, not me. I got the other chair and did it again. Let's just say, I ended up with a huge splinter, and nice yell from my mum for two broken pieces of furniture.


Not fun.


Anyway... So what's up with you guys? I have to visit all of you when I get done with my work. I'll get there though!


This is the last of the roped miniseries too. I think this really fits my mood, I was getting bored with the blue wall in my room...



Explore #6, thanks!

15th February 2009

Cairns Lagoon - Tropical North Queensland.

6.20am - Early Sunday Morning Swimmers


I always love to collab with the oh-so-fabulous Hara. This time around, we went for an ultra girly and sugary setup by using a couple of items from The Chapter Four. Most of the February creations are all about amour, which is quite suitable for the month of love. [read more...]



Details ▸

Untitled by Maritza de la Vega.

Unconditional, February 2015, the 12.12 project


"The world spins. We stumble on. It is enough."

-Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin

The Saturdays of 2012 - 11th February


A chilly day, walking along the King's Road. Don't think I warmed the film well enough after taking, hence the ghostliness. Looking down towards the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.


Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Sonar with Impossible Project PX100 test film.

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walking with my friend jonny jonno

Project: Tracks

Yes, I’m comfortable…

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Project 365 - 2017


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February 18, 2017



"What greater gift than the love of a cat." - Charles Dickens


* * * *



Sophie was only a year old.


I wish I still had the color version, but the fact that I have this is great.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.

~John C. Maxwell


The February selection for my Page 233 Cookbook Project was Empanada de Pollo. It was quite complex and the recipe spanned three pages. The Empanadas had good flavor and I liked the blend of Chicken, Lemon, Olives and Tomatoes with sauteed Onion for the filling. The pastry...well, I'll have to keep trying because when all was said and done and they were out of the oven, they were just laughing at me!


The cookbook is "The Complete Book of Caribbean Cooking" by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz. It was published in 1973. About this recipe for Empanada de Pollo, the author writes, "This is an old Cuban dish from Oriente Province. The recipe was given to me by my friend Nieves Rendules who was given it by her mother-in-law. It has been handed down through the generations, and goes back to early colonial times when the family received land grants from the Spanish crown."


Isn't it great to have a recipe that's been handed down so many generations? I do have some recipes that have been handed down to me, they only go back one generation, though. My Mom was an excellent cook. This was one of her cookbooks.


What about you? Do you have recipes that have been handed down through generations?




@The Arcade Gacha (March 1st)

■Vagabond Set: -DRD- Vagabond Gacha

+ Trailer: 1 – DRD – Vagabond – Trailer – RARE

+ Wood Sign: 5 – DRD – Vagabond – Wood Sign – Girl Out There

+ Drop Lamp: 8 – DRD – Vagabond – Drop Lamp

+ Hutch: 11 – DRD – Vagabond – Hutch

+ Table: 17 – DRD – Vagabond – Table

+ Red Chair: 18 – DRD – Vagabond – Red Chair

+ Hippie Swag: 21 – DRD – Vagabond – Hippie Swag

+ Wall Tiles: 22 – DRD – Vagabond – Wall Tiles


@The Liaison Collaborative

■Metal Heart Set: -DRD- Metal Heart Set

+ Sofa: DRD – Metal Heart – Vintage Lounge – PG

+ Tall Vintage Candle: DRD – Metal Heart – Vintage Candle – Tall


@SaNaRae (February 26th)

■Skin (Applier): more more. maehwa skin_milk

■Eyes: {S0NG} :: Ells~ Brown Eye

■Hair: *barberyumyum*89(FAT)


@Creators Collection Box

■Rabbit Set: :::c*C*c:::Immorality of the rabbit

+ Rabbit Ear: :::c*C*c:::Immorality of the rabbit Ear

+ Rabbit Flower: :::c*C*c:::Immorality of the rabbit Flower

■Earrings: *:..Silvery K..:*Feather Earrings – Pink

■Torso: +LunaRosarie+ L+R case#4 Rachel G30:6 Gacha

+ 4 L+R case#4 Rachel G30:6 Decay torso Chocolat



■Crown: Astralia – Bish crown with HUD

* BishBox Headquarter


@The Kawaii Project

■Choker: .Quirky. – Pom Pom Choker


@REWIND: A 90’s Throwback Event

■Outfit: :Curemore: 90’s Splash Collection Gacha

+ Outfit: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Patched Salopette/ RARE

+ Shoes: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Glitter Jellies /ROSE

+ Icecream Cup: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Icecream Cup / ROSE

+ Icecream Cup: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Icecream Cup / PURE

+ Foolby: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Foolby / NOIR

+ Foolby: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Foolby / LILAC

+ Foolby: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Foolby / PURE

+ Brick Game: CUREMORE / 90’s Splash! / Brick Game (Lilac)



■Macarons (Hand): DISORDERLY. / SWEET SPRING Gacha
















■Facial Expressions: HAPPY DISPATCH

– [HD] bento Facial expression HUD for 6doo HUCI-01 ver1.12 * Update!! * How to receive update products

Mesh Head (BENTO): CATWA HEAD Catya

Hands (BENTO): VISTA Bento Prohand v.1final




EXPLORE! February 12, 2009! My 10th Explore!


Oh, how difficult it is for Willa to obey the long 'down' stay command. She's quiet and still as long as she doesn't allow her curiosity to rule her thoughts. Eventually, she can't stand it and she peeks over Baxter's shoulder to see what I'm doing.


All Rights Reserved.

Copyright: © Jenny Gandert

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Impossible Moment in Time: 22 February 2014

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Project: Tracks

16 February 2009


Many days late, but I'm catching up!


Well today I got a crap load of makeup work for the 3 school days I was absent. I have to make up 6 tests throughout the week too. Being sick sucks...


Thanks for all of the recent explores too!


Part of the roped miniseries.


Explore #36 thanks!

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This shot has barely been edited at all, I straightened it slightly, added a touch of clarity and darkened the top.


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15 February 2009


Wow, I don't know how many days late this is. All I really know is that it's very late...


I know everyone does one of these, but here's my shot at it.


Anyway, sorry for the major lack of uploads. I have been in bed with the flu for a good 4 days, and as a result I have officially missed 3 consecutive days of my 365. I guess I'll just have to tack 3 days onto the end then. Today was the first day I could actually manage to get out of bed, so I'm sorry.


Thanks to Grisamanecer for the new testimonial! And thanks to the others before her.


Oh, while I was practically dead, my Valentines day shot, Love Is All Around You, reached #4 on explore! Thank you all so much! I am so happy! That's the highest explore I have ever received! You all deserve a huge party!


I am also sorry if I haven't answered any of your messages yet. I am still trying to sift through the 200+ I that have accumulated in my inbox these past few days while I was out. So if you sent me mail, hang in there, I'm getting to you!


Sorry for the overload, quite a little bit happened these past four days.


This is also part of my roped miniseries. Before/during/after?


Explore #101, thanks!

February is a rainy month, here.

Carnival? the usual chat is about the probability and amount of rain on those days. ;) Should we cancel the parades or not?

I don't like the nowadays fake carnival. And I don't like rain, either .

So, let's go back to basics!

Let's return to our first half of Winter.. Those marvelous golden days that I love.

My next posts will be all about December and January .

And this Winter was particulary radiant :)

My usual garden ~one of the esplanadas

This set of images were taken December 13. ~~But it it could be on any other day.

See the boy with a t-shirt? :)

A city trademark ~ always a t-shirt in the city, no matter the month.


Btw.. at the moment.. a shy sun.. Hum... But I think we'll have showers, lately...


I'm trying to visit my contacts and replying to invites

Although Flick is working better, I still see a lot of blank spaces. And always so slow.. On different computers, and with different browsers.

I'm afraid I'm loosing my interest for Flick.

The only place where flick works fine, in on mobile platforms.

Not by accident, but for a deliberate option of this site. Well defined some years ago.

But in my most humble opinion... photographic\creative work is absolutely incompatible with tiny tiny sizes and no control \ inter-action buttons.

There is a positive fact here. Suddenly I have returned to other.. different and older interests of mine... Not bad.

It's like visiting old friends.

And I realize now how much I miss those friends ;). I might stay more and more with them :).

Because Flick as I see it.. and if I'm interpreting well it's latest options... is an almost finished project. At least for me.

A deposit for photos, for browsing and giving faves in the subway or in a cafe while waiting for my croissant .. .. not my cup of tea ;)

So, forgive my absences. But many many times I can't even open your photos. I have to wait for those precious 10 minutes when everything is working... But then Flick shuts the door again :)

And I'm losing interest in the daily quest for those golden 10 minutes ;)

Have a great life, everyone ! xx

Light snow today. Just enough to make everything white again but not enough to shovel. My kind of winter.


Explored February 2, 2013 #245.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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Lincoln Castle a Grade I Listed Building constructed by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century. In Lincoln, Lincolnshire.


Lincoln Castle was during the late 11th century by William the Conqueror on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress. The castle is unusual in that it has two mottes. It is only one of two such castles in the country, the other being at Lewes in Sussex.


When William the Conqueror defeated Harold Godwinson and the English at The Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066, he continued to face resistance to his rule in the north of England. For a number of years, William's position was very insecure. In order to project his influence northwards to control the people of the Danelaw (an area traditionally under the control of Scandinavian settlers), he constructed a number of major castles in the north and midlands of England. It was at this time that the new king built major castles at Warwick, Nottingham and York. After gaining control of York, the Conqueror turned southwards and arrived at the Roman and Viking city of Lincoln.


When William reached Lincoln (one of the country's major settlements), he found a Viking commercial and trading centre with a population of 6,000 to 8,000. The remains of the old Roman walled fortress located 60 metres (200 ft) above the countryside to the south and west, proved an ideal strategic position to construct a new castle. Also, Lincoln represented a vital strategic crossroads of the following routes (largely the same routes which influenced the siting of the Roman fort):


Ermine Street - a major Roman road and the Kingdom's principal north-south route connecting London and York.

Fosse Way - another important Roman route connecting Lincoln with the city of Leicester and the south-west of England

The Valley of the River Trent (to the west and southwest) - a major river affording access to the River Ouse, and thus the major city of York.

The River Witham - a waterway that afforded access to both the Rivers Trent (via the Fossdyke Roman canal at Torksey) and the North Sea via The Wash.

The Lincolnshire Wolds - an upland area to the northeast of Lincoln, which overlooks the Lincolnshire Marsh beyond.


A castle here could guard several of the main strategic routes and form part of a network of strongholds of the Norman kingdom, in Danish Mercia, roughly the area of the country that is today referred to as the East Midlands, to control the country internally. Also (in the case of the Wolds) it could form a center from which troops could be sent to repel Scandinavian landings anywhere on the coast from the Trent to the Welland, to a large extent, by using the roads which the Romans had constructed for the same purpose.


The Domesday Survey of 1086 directly records 48 castles in England, with two in Lincolnshire including one in the county town. Building a castle within an existing settlement sometimes meant existing structures had to be removed, and of the castles noted in the Domesday Book, thirteen included references to property being destroyed to make way for the castle. In Lincoln's case 166 "unoccupied residences" were pulled down to clear the area on which the castle would be built.


Work on the new fortification was completed in 1068. It is probable that at first a wooden keep was constructed which was later replaced with a much stronger stone one. Lincoln Castle is very unusual in having two mottes, the only other surviving example of such a design being at Lewes. To the south, where the Roman wall stands on the edge of a steep slope, it was retained partially as a curtain wall and partially as a revetment retaining the mottes. In the west, where the ground is more level, the Roman wall was buried within an earth rampart and extended upward to form the Norman castle wall. The Roman west gate (on the same site as the castle's westgate) was excavated in the 19th century but began to collapse on exposure, and so was re-buried.


The castle was the focus of attention during the First Battle of Lincoln which occurred on 2 February 1141, during the struggle between King Stephen and Empress Matilda over who should be monarch in England. It was held but damaged, and a new tower, called the Lucy Tower, was built.


Lincoln Castle was again the site of a siege followed by the Second Battle of Lincoln, on 20 May 1217, during the reign of King John in the course of the First Barons' War. This was the period of political struggle which led to the signing of Magna Carta on 15 June 1215. After this, a new barbican was built onto the west and east gates.


As in Norwich and other places, the castle was used as a secure site in which to establish a prison. At Lincoln, the prison Gaol was built in 1787 and extended in 1847. Imprisoned debtors were allowed some social contact but the regime for criminals was designed to be one of isolation, according to the separate system. Consequently, the seating in the prison chapel is designed to enclose each prisoner individually so that the preacher could see everyone but each could see only him. By 1878 the system was discredited and the inmates were transferred to the new jail in the eastern outskirts of Lincoln. The prison in the castle was left without a use until the Lincolnshire Archives were housed in its cells.


The castle is now owned by Lincolnshire County Council and is a scheduled ancient monument. In 2012, a three-year programme of renovation began at the castle. Work involved creating a new exhibition centre in which to display Magna Carta, building visitor facilities, and opening sections of the prison within the castle to the public. The scheme was completed in April 2015, to coincide with the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta.


Nails for breakfast


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