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Finally... The Royal Household of Wiffyville is getting round to posting this excellent photo of Beano (@Beano33070406) to the pose album. Beano is an astronaut and a gnome (an astrognome). Thankfully Beano has NO connection to our arch enemies - The Low-Flying Gnomes. #Fart2018

An excellent photo of Film Director Yasmin Fedda @YazAboutTown with a copy of the second Princess Pumpalot book "Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery" by @Robin_Mitchell #Fart2018

Found it! It's Ewan Pumpalot. With both books. The photos are five years apart. #Fart2018

From South America #Fart2018

This photo was taken in Drogheda, Ireland. Although the boat behind says the 'Hebble Sand Dundalk, it was at the time stationed in Drogheda harbour. #Fart2018

Ken 'Jaffa Cake' Pumpalot #Fart2018

A brilliant ‘Pumpalot Pose’ photo from Eric & El Murdoch. This is Daniel Jack McLeod Murdoch with both Princess Pumpalot books. At the tender age of 3 days and 20 hours, this is by far our youngest addition to the Pose album. #Beautiful #Fart2018

Oisín - Scotland's Only Leprechaun with BOOK 2 for the POSE album. #Fart2018

Travelling from #Fart2017 to #Fart2018.

It's Napoleon Pumpalot! A photo of the new Princess Pumpalot book taken at the Monument to Napoleon (1858) by sculptor Armand Le Véel in #Cherbourg, #France. #Fart2018

It's Pierre Pumpalot! #France #Fart2018. Full Pose Album here:

Another great photo for the album from Tomas in Argentina #Fart2018

From France. It's Camille Pumpalot. #Fart2018

It's Robert Pumpalot with BOOK TWO for the pose album #Fart2018

It's a double Pumpalot. All the way from Yorkshire. #Fart2018

What can you say!? #Fart2018

Enjoying the sun in Mar del Plata #Argentina #Fart2018.

Fantastic photo of Scarlett with both books. #Fart2018

Anthony 'Superman' Pumpalot for the pose album. Anthony has now posed with both #PrincessPumpalot books which is a very (very) good effort indeed. Please keep sending in the photos! #Fart2018

A lovely photo of the latest incarnation of Princess Pumpalot (Gillian Goupillot) #Fart2018

It's Candice Pumpalot. Thanks Candice! #Fart2018

Another great pose from Normandy, France #Fart2018


It's Michelle from Bournemouth with a copy of the original Princess Pumpalot book. Thanks for sending in the pic. #Fart2018


It's Elise Pumpalot. Good look! #Fart2018

Princess Pumpalot at #Cherbourg Harbour #France. Thanks for the photo Tom! #Fart2018