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Fall colors and reflections at the Kankakee River.

A fall day on the Manitowish River near Boulder Junction Wisconsin. Manitowish means dwelling place of the Great Spirit.

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Brecon Beacons. South Wales.

A five bracketed exposure of the rocks and falls along the Potomac River at Great Falls National Park.

River Glencoe in the Glencoe national park Scotland

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara on Canadian side


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- - another Niagara image. Every time I look at one of these I can feel being so close to the power and inconceivable energy of these falls. Here we are at the drop-off of the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side.

There is a different path to the drop-off on this side. The river is like a big flat plain, a vast expanse before reaching the edge. From a long view it looks less active although upon a closer look one can see plenty of activity leading to the is just more widespread. On the American side, the river narrows and the whitewater becomes very turbulent, going every which way, teaming and lapping and splashing upon itself right up to the brink of the falls.

I love how here one can see the water colored by the dark bed of the river as one element . Although without a lot of white caps, there is plenty of evidence of the significant movement and speed of the river flow.

Then there is the temporary suspension in air of the water dropping off, now a pure aqua color since it is only colored by itself at this point.

Below that the 'white wall' of unbelievable power, the sound if which always comes back to me when I see the pictures. So amazing. I can't do it justice.

Check out the map...using the hybrid view so you can see the river and falls from both sides.


Julie Weber PhotoImages | Me-FAA


taken across the bridge in my last image...i got under a tree next to the water and shot the tree branch and its reflection... then flipped the image...freakylicous!

Guide Falls, just south of Burnie, northern Tasmania.

Very little water flowing, but you do get to get a better view of the amazing rock formation behind the flow.

...and submerged. Autumn colors.

While the water flow was relatively low, it was still an incredible experience visiting Elowah Falls just as the leaves were starting to turn colors.

If you like to be near water like I do then Montana could be a place you could fall in love with. Here you will find an abundance of lakes, rivers and waterfalls. And if you listen carefully you might even be able to connect and communicate with this force of nature. Last weekend I went on a hike and found myself mesmerized by nature’s secrets. It speaks the language of true beauty.


I asked:



Show me

How do you fall

Giving your all


She said:

You must give your all

Be clear

Trust and have no fear


I said:

You always move

You never look back

Do you have any regrets


She said:

No, no regrets

I keep living

I keep feeling

And I only fall

For love.



Don’t be surprised when you find yourself dancing with a waterfall.

… and falling deeply in love.


Pine Creek Falls - Montana

Fallen Tree Over Brackenstown Reservoir Lake Ward River Valley Swords Co. Dublin Ireland Just walked along the trunk out across the lake. could have broken & I would have fallen in!

A small hike from the Bonneville Dam is Wachella Falls. Like so many other places in the Columbia River Gorge (a National Scenic Area) the trail to the Wachella Falls is inspiring. You cross a bridge that goes right over a respectable falls on the way to Wachella. I think that poor waterfall never gets any respect. I was sad for the poor fella. I think he may have been taller than Wachella but the scene was not quite what his big brother is, and it falls down rocks instead of off of rocks, so its just not as captivating. Sorry lesser falls. :( Once past that the canyon gets more and more impressive. The trees get bigger, the creek gets bigger and you start to climb in elevation, passing over bridge after bridge. Then the trail turns and heads back down in elevation and starts back down towards the river. Its like it was designed to take you up to see the tops of the trees and then drops you back down in just to intensify the experience. Over a few more bridges to make it even more fun, then you hear the falls, you can't see them yet, but you hear them. But nature is not done controlling your experience yet. With the sound of the falls beckoning yo, the trail goes into this cave-like depression in the rock face, with water falling down the inside of the cave and ferns growing form the ceiling of the cave. Forget about Wacella, you could turn back now and you would have had a great time. The over one last bridge and BAM! There's Wachella and a series of fantastic moss covered boulders. Like Spirit falls, no normal image would do here. Anything but a panorama would not do this area justice. I could almost hear the spirit of the falls saying, bit*h, you better not take a normal image of me. Ok, ok pushy spirit, no need to swear. Panorama it is. She smiled. She is rude, but she smiled. All were happy and a good time was had by all.

Fall colors are in style along the Merced River in Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, in November, 2013. El Capitan is reflected in the water.

Made Explore Jan 2, 2009 #215


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Rio Grande

El Paso, TX

Nov 2008

On the way to Marble Arch Cave; Ireland

This morning at Kings River Falls. It would have been nice to have remembered my tripod but I don't think I would have gotten as good a shot as this with the cool green moss in front if I had the camera mounted on the tripod.


Other than very minor fixes this is straight from the camera.


By the way.............the water is really that color.


Previously at Kings River Falls below.


My TOP 50


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daisetsuzan national park, Japan 大雪山国立公园

This is nearly Natural....that is a dam wall. The Mettowee River. is natural... those are natural rock formations. The back is a small dam built many years ago to control water flow during spring run-off.


Someone placed a "Crop" note that I deleted. Those can sometimes be helpful but in this case it was annoying....I shot this from a bridge and although it's against the almighty "Rule of Thirds" in my eye it is best...cropped blocking out it's true appearance would take away from the beautiful rocks on both sides.

Valley of Desolation, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

Douglas Falls in Thomas, WV during to fall of 2013. Yes the water actually is that blue. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Autumn color offers a perfect compliment to some of the most insanely beautiful waters in the Columbia River Gorge.

A peaceful walk in a winter landscape.


Falls Creek Falls is on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge and about 14 miles inland. It is a little off the trail, so to speak, of the other Columbia River Gorge falls and is a fantastic site to behold. Thank you for looking.


Michael Brandt Photography

of water, into the Snake River Canyon, Idaho

Fast moving Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana.

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Lower Lewis River Falls Skamania County, Washington

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Lockin Garth Falls is in Deepdale is on Deepdale Lane to Dent.

It’s a stunning water fall in any weather condition and is easily

accessible as it is just At the side of the road .


Fall Colors along the Potomac River at Great Falls Virginia

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Life is filling up and spilling endless waterfall

Cascade Falls, Osceola, Wisconsin.


Little photowalk Saturday April 5 with dotKay and Dave.


I believe "It's only water!" is what I said to Dave when we looked at each other under the falls and wondered if we were about to drown ourselves and our cameras.

Venta Rapid (Latvian: Ventas rumba) is a rapid on the Venta River in Kuldīga, Latvia. It is the widest rapid in Europe – 249 metres (817 ft) and up to 270 metres (886 ft) during spring floods. Its height is 1.80–2.20 metres (5.9–7.2 ft) and it changes depending on the water level in the river. It also features the widest waterfall in Europe. It is 110 me wide, but only two metres high. Fishing weirs were carved into the stone. They were used to catch salmon and sturgeon. The fish that didn't make the jump up the river were swept by the current back into the canals where they were caught in hanging baskets

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Falling leaves, falling water, vibrant moss. Fall in the Southern Appalachians. A glorious place to be.

View on Croton river from the top of the New Croton Water Dam in Westchester County.

While cleaning my computer from unwanted photos I went across this one that I completely forgot about.


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