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FLPA Appalachia 2018

FLPA Appalachia 2018

This photograph has been awarded the "Special Prize", Bronze Medal at the the 46-th BENELUX Photo Salon 2011. The high resolution file is here.

Was exhibited at the 46-th BENELUX Photo Salon 2011.


Other 2 photos of mine were accepted and exhibited. You can find them here:

2) Eric le Mendiant

3) November Mourn


Vernissage: 10.09.2011 at 15.00 Kleinhulst 4, 9220 Hamme, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Exhibition on 14-15.09.2011 and 17-19.09.2011


46ste -BENELUX Fotosalon



Avec la collaboration :

- du Ministère de la Culture Flamande

- de l’ Administration Communale de Hamme

- de FIAP

- du C.V.B.

- de la B.N.A.F.V

- de la F.L.P.A.

- de la F.B.P.

- de Oost-Vlaamse Unie voor fotografie - de l’ O.V.U.

- De Koninklijke Antwerpse Verbroedering van Fotokringen - de l’ K.A.V.F.


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Fauna Press/ The Garden Collection/FLPA, copyright



Mondkind (DE), pcf, WIDatt FEB 2018


FLPA Appalachia 2018

FLPA Appalachia 2018

FLPA Appalachia 2018

Photo from ARKive of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) -

ere Wiltshire Chargus Midas powered Hang Glider ~ Simon Wooton ~ Simon Wooton and Murry Rose of Chargus Hang Gliding Gawott Buckingham, Bucks demonstrated a Midus E fitted with a Mc Culloch power Unit reved at 6000 to direct drive 24 inch prop

one of the first to actually take off from flat land

Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider FLPHGMere Wiltshire Chargus Midas powered Hang Glider ~ Simon Wooton, Murray Rose McCulloch direct drive

Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider FLPHG

Foot Launched Powered Flying Machine FLPFM

Foot Launched Powered Aircraft FLPA


FLPA Appalachia 2018

FLPA Appalachia 2018

FLPA Appalachia 2018

1978 Mere Wiltshire Len Gabriels Skyhook power assisted hang glider

Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider FLPHG

Foot Launched Powered Flying Machine FLPFM

Foot Launched Powered Aircraft FLPA


FLPA Appalachia 2018

Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider FLPHG

Foot Launched Powered Flying Machine FLPFM

Foot Launched Powered Aircraft FLPA


C-FLPA | Flightpath Charter Airways | Beech King Air 200 | Arriving as "Kinetic 200" from CNS7

The People's Trust for Endangered Species has supported a report in the Dec 2013 issue of British Wildlife Vol 25 (2) :103-109 that highlights problems for otters of declining eel prey. The report by Heather Beaton considers the River Dee in Scotland. On the River Spey problems probably also exist for otters from decline in eels. (Eels are also prey for birds like grey heron). For a review of scientific literature on population dynamics and migration of European eel Anguilla anguilla see:

Both the River Spey and Dee flow partly within the Cairngorms National Park and eg the River Spey SAC has otter, a European Protected Species, as a designated interest.

Photo credit Robin Chittenden/FLPA otter with perch; eel underwater Jack Perks /FLPA from the article by Heather Beaton in BW


BSCG photos left otter signs by River Spey in an area threatened by development and A9 otter warning sign Highland Loch Fleet area and bottom right otter casualty.

Bird - Stamps Set of 10

價格 (港幣): 60.00

Birds – 4 September 2007

A celebration of survival


There are some triumphal stories of survival among our endangered bird colonies, and the Royal Mail stamp collection is a perfect way to celebrate their comeback in Britain.


1st Class – White Tailed Eagle

This Norwegian bird was re-introduced to the Hebrides in 1975 after being extinct in Britain for nearly 100 years. It can be seen here swooping over waters, likely to be on the East Coast of Scotland, where it is making a steady recovery.


1st Class - Bearded Tit

Seen here perched in a reed bed as if to pose for the camera, this little bird is probably the most sociable of the stamp set. With its long tail, black moustache – rather than beard – and loud ‘ping’ call, its size certainly doesn’t match its presence.


1st Class - Red Kite

True to its name, the Red Kite has been captured gliding through the open air, displaying its beautiful red wings. It is now part of the longest running conservation project in Britain.


1st Class - Cirl Bunting

This Mediterranean species is the rarest farmland bird, but owing to innovative farming practices, has been able to make a healthy comeback in Britain in recent years – especially South Devon.


1st Class - Marsh Harrier

Seen in this picture with long tail, light flight and broad wings held in a shallow ‘V’, the Marsh Harrier is that largest of all harriers. It is thought to now have a more secure future in the UK than ever before.


1st Class - Avocet

Having re-entered Britain after more than 100 years of being extinct, the Avocet symbolises the bird protection movement in the UK more than any other species, and is the emblem of the RSPB.


1st Class - Bittern

A very rare sight indeed, this all-over pale brown heron, with its camouflage-like plumage and secretive personality, is difficult to see at the best of times. It is currently one of our most endangered species in the UK..


1st Class - Dartford Warbler

This beautifully coloured long-tailed warbler is increasing in both numbers and range after its drastic decline in the 1960s.


1st Class - Corncrake

Another of our birds saved by enlightened farming behaviour. Those who are lucky enough may find the Corncrake hiding in the tall vegetation of the Western Isles during the warmer months.


1st Class - Peregrine

This magnificent and powerful falcon has survived centuries of persecution. Preferring to find their own nesting ground rather than rely on man-made ones, they are more commonly viewed from afar and found on church towers, sea-cliffs, rock faces and in quarries.


Feature Type/Detail

Number of stamps Ten

Design Kate Stephens

Photography White-Tailed Eagle © Mark Hamblin/Oxford Scientific;

Bearded Tit © Ernie Janes/NHPA;

Red Kite © Richard Brooks/RSPB Images;

Cirl Bunting © Mike Lane/NHPA;

Marsh Harrier © Duncan Usher/Ardea;

Avocet © Mike Lane/RSPB Images;

Bittern © Erwin Van Laar/Foto Natura/FLPA;

Dartford Warbler © Alan Williams/NHPA;

Corncrake © Robert Smith/RSPB Images;

Peregrine © Simon King/Nature Picture Library

Stamp Format Square

Stamp Size 35mm x 35mm

Printer De la Rue Security Print

Print Process Lithography

Number per Sheet 30/60

Perforations 14.5 x 14.5

Phosphor Bars as appropriate



mmm que es eso una pajaro, un ovni , batman , noooo es el airbus 380!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lagoinha do leste-Flpa-SC

Chaque année le "Challenge Goodyear" est organise par le Goodyear Photo-Cine Club Colmar-Berg, sous le patronage de la Federation Luxembourgeoise de la Photographie Artistique (FLPA), numero 152/13/02.



- vendredi, le 17 mai 2013 (19:00) au Centre Culturel de Colmar- Berg, Luxembourg.

Exposition publique:

- samedi, le 18 mai 2013 (14:00-18:00)

- dimanche, le 19 mai 2013 (10:00-12:00 /114:00-17:00)


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Title: Le commentaire royal, ou, L'histoire des Yncas, roys du Peru : contenant leur origine, depuis le premier Ynca Manco Capac, leur establissement, leur idolatrie, leurs sacrifices, leurs vies, leurs loix, leur gouuernement en paix & en guerre ... : ensemble vne descriptton particuliere des animaux, des fruicts, des mineraux, des plantes, & des singularitez du paiÌs : oeuure curieuse, & tout aÌ faict necessaire aÌ l'intelligence de l'Histoire des Indes

Identifier: gri_33125010862510

Year: 1633 (1630s)

Authors: Vega, Garcilaso de la, 1539-1616 Baudoin, Jean, 1590?-1650 CourbeÌ, Augustin

Subjects: Incas Indians of South America

Publisher: A Paris : Chez Augustin CourbeÌ ...


View Book Page: Book Viewer

About This Book: Catalog Entry

View All Images: All Images From Book


Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.


Text Appearing Before Image:

flpas à croire combien il fut cftimc de ceux duPâïs, qui ne pouuoientscftonncraffez^de ce qu vn fipetit corps auoit pu traucrfcr défi vaftes mers,&arri-ueriufqu a Cozco, après vne fi grandccftenduc dechemin, quil y a parterre, depuis lEfpagne iufquesen la mefmc ville. Or ce que nous parlons de fi petitsoyfeaux, eft pour faire voir combien plus grande fe-roitreftimc quony feroit des plus grâds & des plus vtilcs, tes que font Icls perdrix dEfpagne,& ainfi desautres appriuoifez, dont le Païs fe peupleroit auflî ai-fcment que de toute autrechofc. Du Bled. Chat IT RE XXIV. Près la relation que nous auons faitedes oyfeaux, il eft à propos que nousparlions des grains, des plantes, & desicgumes, dont le Peru auoit faute auâtque les Efpagnols le conquifTenr. Il n yauoit iamais eu de bled en mon Pais ,1 iappelle ainfitout rEmpirc des Yncas) iufques à ce qu vne grandeDarne., quon appelloit Marie JtEfcà har^ qui eftoitfemme dvB Gcntiih-ommc,nommé D/<g« de ChaneK»


Text Appearing After Image:

frai LIVRE NEVFIESME. 1147 tous deux natifs de Truxillo, saduifa d y en faire trâf-porccr. le me fouuicns de lauoir connue dans maville, où elle sé alla demeurer plufieurs années aprèsfon arriuce au Peru : mais non pas luy, pourcc qu ilmourut enlaville des Roy s. Ccfutà Rimac, quieftdans le Peru, où apporta premieremét du bled cetteYcrtueufc Dame > Ce que ceux de mon Pays ne fceu-rent pasreconnoiftrc comme il falloir, au lieu quepoarvnemefmeadian, les Gentils adorèrent ancic-nement Gérés, & la tindrent pour vne grande DeeC-fe. Il me feroit bien difEcilc au refte dafleurer au«vray, en quelle année elle y tranfporta ces grains;-tout ce que ien puis dire, cft quils furent en fort pc*tite quâcitéi & que ceux du Païs les côreruercnt,& lesmultiplièrent trois ans durant, fans en faire du pain^pourcc quils nen auoient pas à iuffifancej de maniè-re que durant ces trois premières années , quand on-vint à partager ces grains, on nen donna que vingtou trente Ã


Note About Images

Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

The vernissage of the BENELUX Photosalon 2012 is going to take place on the 8-th of September 2012.

I have 2 acceptations, I won the Bronze Medal BFF in the Monochrome Section.


Exhibitions are held in Hamme, near Bruxelles, Belgium, between:

> 9-16 September 2012 from 10:00- 18:00

> 15 September from 14:00-18:00

> 17 September from 10:00- 16:00


The event has been held under the patronage of:

Met de medewerking van :

- Het Ministerie van de Vlaamse Cultuur

- Het Gemeentebestuur van Hamme


- Het C.V.B.

- De B.N.A.F.V.

- De F.L.P.A

- De B.F.F.

- De Oost-Vlaamse Unie voor fotografie

- De Koninklijke Antwerpse Verbroedering van Fotokringen


Avec la collaboration :

- du Ministère de la Culture Flamande

- de l’ Administration Communale de Hamme

- de la FIAP

- du C.V.B.

- de la B.N.A.F.V.

- de la F.L.P.A.

- de la F.B.P.

- de l’ O.V.U.

- du K.A.V.F.

If around feel free to step in, there are many photos worth seeing.

A Southern elephant seal bull has its nose picked by a bird of prey called a Striated Caracara on Sea Lion Island in the Falklands. The bird explored the elephant seal's nose for three minutes, feeding on parasites.

Picture: Dickie Duckett/FLPA/Solent News & Photo Agency

ARKive image GES024990 - Hooded plover

Black-browed albatross, photo by Frans Lanting (FLPA)


Both albatross parents are involved in raising their chick, and make long trips to find food. The failure of just one parent to return, after being caught on a fishing hook, can result in the death of the chick.


The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife, helping to create a better world for us all.

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