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October 2013 #1

Chasing the Dragon wins NSFF Gold Medal for 'Best Landscape' in 3rd Arctic International Exhibition in Norway


October 2013 #2

Chasing the Dragon wins UPI Gold Medal for 'Best Landscape' at the Cairo International CIPAE 2013


August 2013 #1

CHASING THE DRAGON wins PSA ( Photographic Society of America Gold Medal ) in Taiwan's International Taichung Exhibition, accredited by FIAP (Federation International de l'Art Photographique)


August 2013 #2

Commended in the Welsh International Exhibition, accredited by FIAP. One of 10 acceptances into the exhibition and 2 commended images. This was my first attempt at entering an international exhibition so I was delighted to bag 10 acceptances.


July 2013

Awarded PAGB (Photo Alliance of Great Britain) Gold Medal after topping the landscape section of the 2013 Robin Hood National Exhibition (PAGB is the Photo Alliance of Great Britain).


April 2013

Hit #1 on 500px front page

Flickr Explore - April 19


Image Background:

Chasing the Dragon was taken in Barrika near Bilbao in Vizcaya (Basque Country). It was shot at 14mm (Nikon 14-24mm), f/7.1 (on infinity) for 13 seconds. It was actually pitch black at this point but I wanted to keep some texture in the water, hence the wider aperture and relatively short long exposure. These wonderfully reptilian rocks have captivated me for a while - I think I had the title in mind before I shot it! I wanted to get a distinctive, more dramatic view, so waited for some serious storm clouds and took my chances between showers.... Tough night's shooting (plus it's a steep climb) but one those times you go home with a glow knowing you have captured the moment you were hoping for....


#1 - Commended in the 2013 Welsh International Salon. One of 2 commended images and ten acceptances across the open, nature and travel categories. This was my first attempt at an international exhibition, so I'm pleased to have gained 10 acceptances (from 12 entries).


# 2 - Accepted into Taiwan's International Taichung Exhibition 2013, accredited by FIAP


Looking east over East River.... Manhattan Bridge on the left, Brooklyn Bridge on the right


Shot days after my tripod tipped over in exactly the same spot with a D4, Nikon 14-24 and Lee SW150 Filter system with a ND 0.9 grad filter.... Heart stopping moment!! Luckily, the only thing that broke was the filter ( sadly, this is a regular occurrence for me ).... Smashed to pieces. Scoured New York for a Lee stockist to replace the grad filter - contacted 7 outlets who claimed to be a 'stockist' but for the most part actually only really took orders. Step up The Filter Connection in New Hampshire who didn't have one in stock but that wasn't stopping Adriana (at least I think that was her name)... They got on the phone to Lee in the US and tracked down a SW150 0.75 ND Filter (2.5 stops) and it was shipped to me in New York overnight. I didn't even knew Lee produced a 2.5 stop in the SW150 format (in fact, I still don't think it's available in the UK) and it's completely filled a 'need' for me. There are mornings/evenings when a 3 stop graduation is a bit too much and 0.6 ND (2 stop) just doesn't give you enough - and this fits perfectly between the two - so what began as a disaster actually had a lucky twist in the end :)... The shot above was the first outing with the new filter..... A return to the scene of the crime as it were


Pleased to see seven of my open and travel images selected for the 2014 Villajoyosa International Exhibition, including a FIAP Honourable Mention for No Diving....


CHICAGO (circa minus 15C)


October 2013

No Diving wins NSFF Gold Medal for 'Best Travel Shot' in 3rd Arctic International Exhibition in Norway

Piccadilly Circus reflections in the rain

Well a few weeks ago i submitted a crop version of this to the "German International Photocup" (GIP for short) - it was accepted in three salons and it got me a gold medal from the FIAP



Photography awarded as "Image Sans Frontière Honourable Mention" in the "9th Holland International Image Circuit 2014"


The Holland International Image Circuit is an international competition based in Holland which is held every two years, with 5 salons. It has the support of several organizations, including the Photographic Society of America, FIAP, Fotobond Nederland, Image Sans Frontière, UPI and the Royal Photographic Society.

explored: #105


Accepted and exhibited photo in 8th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2008 (FIAP PSA ISF)


Spiral Staircase - Vatican Museum

Musei Vaticani - Roma (Rome - Italy).



▪ Acceptance - 3rd SPA International Digital Salon 2014 (FIAP Patronage: 2014/144), Section: "Travel"


▪ Acceptance - Artfoto 2014 (FIAP Patronage: 2014/150), Section: "D. Travel (Color or Monochrome)"


▪ Acceptance - 2nd Olympic Photographic Circuit 2014 - Salon Zeus (FIAP Patronage: 2014/275), Section: "Travel"


▪ Acceptance - 2nd Olympic Photographic Circuit 2014 - Salon Aphrodite (FIAP Patronage: 2014/276), Section: "Travel"


▪ Acceptance - 2nd Olympic Photographic Circuit 2014 - Salon Hermes (FIAP Patronage: 2014/277), Section: "Travel"


▪ Acceptance - 2nd Olympic Photographic Circuit 2014 - Salon Apollo (FIAP Patronage: 2014/278), Section: "Travel"

Fiap, Romanian Salon 2015 PSA Ribbon

Photo médaillée FIAP au Salon "Le Catalan"

My first exhibited photo!!!

VII Lumix 2008 Hungary. Travel category. :))))


Accepted and exhibited photo in 8th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2008 (FIAP PSA ISF)


© Graeme Webb 2008 All rights reserved


2.3.09 FIAP Gold Medal, Great British Small Print Circuit, West Cumbria Salon.

كل الشكر للاخ بو حسون

والاخت ردينه

في المساعده على التقاط هذي الصوره :>


This photo was awarded the SILVER FIAP AWARD in the International Photo Contest "MINIATURE 2014" in Slovenia.

من نتايج رحله التصوير في فيلكا

اداره التصوير الفوتوغرافي - النادي العلمي




HC in RPS Travel Group annual pdi competition 2014


UPI Gold Medal - BSPA Super Circuit 2015 "FREEDOM" Bangladesh


FIAP silver medal in 2nd international fotosalon. - my journey 2015.


Selected for EAF exhibition, dpi 2015 and chosen to go forward to PAGB.

Available as FineArt print. Contact me at


Just (2010-04-19) got the info that this shot won me a FIAP Gold Medal in the really difficult contest "Aqueducte 2010" ( This contest is every two years and has a large number of competitors from all over the world.


Model: Melanie

Daknong, 3/2009 [Accepted FIAP - Austria 2010]

The 92th Scottish International Salon of Photography (FIAP) | Colour PDA

The 7th International Photographic Salon 2015 (EUROPHOTOART) (FIAP)

7th C.P.N.O. International Exhibition of Photography (FIAP, PSA)

Colaboración con la empresa INSIDEWING (New York).

Empresa publicitaria que lleva la publicidad de PANTENE en Latino América.


Solicitaron mi colaboración para aportar el fondo de la imagen final de este proyecto, debido a que necesitaban hacer la foto sobre una vía y por el temporal de nieve que azotaba NY en esas fechas les era imposible.


Así que las vías del tren son de la FEVE, corresponden al tren que va de Cartagena a Los Nietos. ;-)


El anuncio ha entrado como parte de una campaña y además como pieza individual para concursar en dos Festivales:

Festival de Cannes



espero que tengan mucha suerte.


Frisbee And Ball.

More info. Ref: D800_1469



Eskiden çizdiğim ( ) ve sonradan objektif aracılığı ile aynı duyguyu anlatmaya çalıştığım bu fotografım, beni sevindiren bir derece aldı.......

MUTLUYUM .....:)






Geese Abberton Reservoir

A Burmese Village Woman

... 10th FIAP Club World Cup, 2016, 20 out of 21 points

... Port Talbot Salon, 2016, Accepted

... Bristol Salon, 2016, Accepted

... Southampton Salon, 2016, Accepted

... WCPF, Members, 2016, Selector's Choice

... South Devon Salon, 2016, Accepted

... Wrekin Salon, 2016, Accepted

... Cheltenham Salon, 2017, Accepted

... Midlands Salon, 2018, PSA Ribbon

Por motivo de ter ficado felizinha interrompo a programação de esporte radical pra dar um pulo na tranquilidade do fim do mundo!!!!


Acabei de receber via correio um comunicado informando que esta minha foto, que ainda não estava aqui no flickr, foi selecionada entre as 3100 enviadas por 35 países para ser exposta no 43o Salão Internacional de Arte Fotográfica de Jaú.

Em 2006 tive essa foto selecionada entre 1650, a quantidade de fotos participantes dobrou!!!


Claro que precisava dividir com vocês essa alegria já que é aqui que encontro o maior incentivo pra, pelo menos tentar, melhorar a cada dia, por isso essa é de vocês meus amigos!!!


A viagem a Patagônia só me traz alegria, e agora mais uma!!!


Beijos super azuis e super congelados, literalmente!!!


Enviei minha foto como sócia do Salvador Foto Clube e além da minha foto foram selecionados/ as:










Parabéns galera, parabéns SFC!!!


Copyright © 2007 John Powell.

All Rights Reserved.


View On Black


Projected Digital Image (PDI) for use in National & International exhibitions, as organised by the PAGB, FIAP and PSA.


More images can be found in my PDI Exhibition Set:

(FIAP Exhibition Award, 2015)


FIAP 2015/021 German International DVF-Photocup 2015 - Niedersachsen

Can still be alone in a crowded place.....

Location: Salmi - Kuwait's Desert


From FIAP مصورين الاتحاد الدولي - الكويت Workshop on Wednesday 10th, Dec 2008, Special thanx for Teacher Mohammed Al.Attar and his team ;)


To see the coverage of the workshop



Gear: FUJIFILM FinePix S5Pro


Exposure Time: 1004 sec.


F-Number: 8


ISO: 100


Focal Length: 16 mm


Lens: Sigma 10 - 20 mm - f/4 - Wideangle


Exposure Program: Manual


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Accepted (awarded if specified)) in the following international salons under FIAP patronage:


2nd International Exhibition of Photography “Ecological Truth 2014 – Banja Luka (Bosnia Herzegovina)” (FIAP 2014/107)

In The Blink Of An Eye.

More info. Ref: D800_1808







Gold PSA medal at "PORTRAIT 2013" BULGARIA


Seeing the Light: Lighting Photo Contest Merit

Taken inside the Antelope Canyon (Scattata nel 2010 nell'Antelope Canyon)

1° Place Polaris Photo Contest 2011 category "Wildlife Shots"

FIAP Silver Medal 6th Croatian International Digital Photo Salon (2012)


ACCEPTACIO INTERNACIONAL COLOR A PERPINYÀ (2011) A: Le Jordi d'Or, 5ème "Jordi d'Or", concours photographique organisé sous le patronnage de la FIAP

Cursa cavalls Pujada al Castell de Balsareny - Tercera classificada

Accepted (awarded if specified)) in the following international salons under FIAP patronage:


2nd Cork International Salon of Photography (FIAP 2014/349)


8th Exhibition of Photography "Zajecar-Tourism 2014 – Serbia (FIAP 2014/326)


1st Exhibition of Photography "Konya-Tourism 2014 - Turkey (FIAP 2014/328)


1st Circular Exhibition of Photography "Bistrica 2014" - Aleksinac (FIAP 2014/316)


WPG Grand Circuit - 1st International Exhibition of Art Photography - Bosnia&Hercegovina (FIAP 2014/342)

2x Antatt 17 Grand Tour

BRONSE NM vår 2013

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