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yesterday we drove down to Palm Springs.... ( the low desert in Southern CA ) see the giant windmills.........some were over 100 feet match the temperature of 111 F / 44 C ....LOL


SEE BELOW some of the details............ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.......HOT, HOT, HOT.......!!!

The retired F-111. A few have been retained for display at various air museums. Caloundra Air Museum was very fortunate to gain this machine to have on display. The people at the museum do a marvellous job restoring and maintaining an amazing array of planes.

26 August 2008 at Amberley RAAF Base.

This is not one of my images but an archive image that I post for historic viewing purposes.


USAF F-111 variants were retired in the 1990s with the F-111Fs retired in 1996 and EF-111s retired in 1998. In USAF service, the F-111 has been effectively replaced by the F-15E Strike Eagle for medium-range precision strike missions, while the supersonic bomber role has been assumed by the B-1B Lancer. The RAAF was the last operator of the F-111, with its aircraft serving until December 2010.


Air Force Imagery Register (AFIR)

No. 000178785_4_0356

6 Squadron Air show Practice


111 050 zieht RB 26581 von Offenburg nach Basel Bad Bf. 01.08.2013

Lappländische Fingerwurz (Dactylorhiza lapponica) im Tänndalen.

Jämtland / Schweden, 27.06.2016


Taken at the last public showing of the F-111 - at the 2009 Avalon Air Show. Australia is the last remaining operator of this aircraft in the world and is retiring its fleet during 2010 - after 35 years of service.


F-111 is doing a fuel dump and burn with the afterburners glowing.


Additional note - the F-111 was finally retired in December 2010. It did not make an appearance at Avalon 2011 and so this photo was taken during what proved to be its last appearance at Avalon.


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The F-111A was the first production version and saw service during the Vietnam war. After the war, in 1977, F-111As were assigned to the 366th TFW at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. My model represents one of their jets.

Airbus A320-111




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F-GUGE Air France Airbus A318-111 @ Frankfurt - Rhein-Main International (FRA / EDDF) / 04.08.2011

Air France

"Paris Ville candidate aux Jeux Olympique de 2024" titles on final for 09L at Heathrow Airport as Air Frans One One X-Ray Uniform (AF1180) from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG/LFPG)


111(F)Sqn F3 en route back home to RAF Leuchars after participating in the 2009 RIAT.


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Westgriechenland, 27.03.2016


After completing my F-105 and F-106 Century Fighters I got a fair few suggestions on what to build next. One of the most interesting ones and an aircraft that I'd already been thinking about, was the General Dynamics F-111.


My friend Ed Diment (aka. Lego Monster) had an excellent model of an F-111 a few years ago, and it was one of the inspirations.


Rather than the overall grey colour that F-111s wore in their last years in service, I decided to give mine South-East Asia camouflage. This made the build a lot more complicated, but also adds visual interest (and makes mine look less like a copy of Ed's model).

Firefighters with the 374th Civil Engineer Squadron put out a simulated aircraft fire during a training scenario at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Dec. 14, 2016. The training consisted of a training aircraft burning with two engine fires with leaking fuel spreading on the ground to simulate an aircraft on the runway needing assistance. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. David Owsianka)

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Recuerdo el impacto que me causo la primera vez que lo vi alla por el 2011 para luego en el 2015 verlo cerrado.. de hecho estaban trabajando en el para una nueva reapertura asi que cuando lo vi abierto de nuevo esta vez, me dije

"A ver quien es el guapo que no entra"


El Museo del Aire Americano en IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire, es el hogar de una gama de aviones de los últimos 100 años, desde bombarderos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial a un avión supersónico SR-71 Blackbird espía.

En el se intenta mostrar el papel clave desempeñado por el poder aéreo estadounidense desde 1918 hasta nuestros días.

Hay 18 aviones en exhibición, incluyendo un bombardero Mitchell B25K utilizado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, un helicóptero Huey utilizado en Vietnam y un F-111 que estaba en funcionamiento en la Guerra del Golfo.

Mustangs, Thunderbirds y Warthogs, minúsculos biplanos y un inmenso B-52 Stratofortress, así como un moderno avión de combate F-15.

El museo examina la guerra en orden cronológico, comenzando en 1918 y continuando hacia la Guerra Fría y los conflictos más recientes en el Golfo, Irak y Afganistán.

Alrededor de 30.000 aviadores y mujeres estadounidenses radicados en Gran Bretaña murieron durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. La cifra de personal de la fuerza aereaUSA en UK durante la II GM alcanzo casi el medio millón de personas en lo que se denominó la "invasión amistosa".

La exhibición incluye las historias particulares de algunos de ellos

La mayor reurbanización del museo fue financiada por una serie de patrocinadores, incluyendo el Heritage Lottery Fund.


MSN 1733






Frankfurt am Main (Rhein-Main AB) (FRA / EDDF / FRF)

Germany 4.2011


First Flight 2.2006


Del. 2.2006 to Air France F-GUGL (PICTURE)

Convair F-102A Delta Dagger



The primary mission of the F-102 was to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft. It was the world's first supersonic all-weather jet interceptor and the USAF's first operational delta-wing aircraft. Known to its pilots and maintainers as the "Deuce", the F-102 made its initial flight on Oct. 24, 1953, and became operational with the Air Defense Command in 1956. At the peak of deployment in the late 1950s, F-102s equipped more than 25 ADC squadrons. Convair built 1,000 F-102s, 889 of which were F-102As. The USAF also bought 111 TF-102As as combat trainers with side-by-side seating.


In a wartime situation, after electronic equipment on board the F-102 had located the enemy aircraft, the F-102's radar would guide it into position for attack. At the proper moment, the electronic fire control system would automatically fire the F-102's air-to-air rockets and missiles.


The F-102A on display served the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron "Black Knights of Keflavik" in Iceland. On various occasions, it encountered Soviet aircraft flying reconnaissance missions over the arctic. It was flown to the museum in 1971.

Sadly, today is the retirement of all F-111 aircraft. This picture shows the one of the final aircraft shutting down.


Canon 50D with Canon EF 400mm 5.6L. 1/640th sec at F11, ISO 400.

Airbus A320-111




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Airbus A318-111 de la compagnie Air France en approche piste 05 à Genève LSGG.

The Sundowners' Phantoms were my absolute favorite of F-4 color schemes as it fit the lines and mission of the aircraft perfectly. This one is shown at its home base, NAS Miramar, in April 1976 and is in bicentennial markings.


Interestingly, VF-111 was a member of Carrier Air Wing 19 (CVW-19) and deployed to the Atlantic Fleet aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42). This was that carrier's final cruise which was completed in April 1977. She was decommissioned on 30 September 1977 and scrapped. VF-111 subsequently transitioned to F-14's and was decommissioned on 31 March 1995.

@ Air France

Airbus A321-111

- MSN : cn 498

- ENG : 2x CFMI CFM56-5B1


@ History Aircraft :

# 10.JUN.1994 : First flight under test reg D-AVZK at built site Hamburg ( XFW ) Germany

# 30.JUN.1994 : Delivered to "Air Inter" IT & ITF with reg F-GMZA

# 12.SEP.1997 : Tfd to "Air France" AF & AFR with reg F-GMZA and config cabin Y212


Air France


Airbus A319-111

C/n 1271

Manchester Airport


15th April 2017

Airbus A320-111




Now with stickers electrical innovations flight lab.


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Airbus A318-111

Air France


In servizio di manovra a Genova Brignole il 31 Gennaio 1993.

RAAF F-111 performs a fly over the Clipsal 500 race track.

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