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the elephant believe he can fly ,

just like the butterfly in the sky.

every night and day,

he dreams to fly away.


just like this great song from R. KELLY


this super beautiul pic is made my michiel,i hope i edit beautiful too.

Damien Rice


from my archives - Nikon F4 - Fuji Velvia 50

Elephant (Kruger National Park).


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One of the best things about the Kingdom of Elephants in Ichihara, Chiba is

that you can see elephants walking outside of their cages.

Another piece of my elephant collection. The window gives weird reflections, suddenly this elephant has eyes.

elephant hawkmoth showing its lovely spotted body


South Luangwa, Zambia

Elephants shading under an Acacia tree in the Serengeti. Flickr EXPLORE 8/21/2013

A revisit to The People's Park at Yangon and to the magnificent Elephant fountain. The sun sets behind the outline of one of the beautiful elephants.

Photo By Steve Bromley.

A little origami-elephant family in red, what else ;-)) It's one of my favorite models. I hope you like it!

The designer is Fumiaki Kawahata.

Diagrams in Tanteidan Conventie Book 4 or tutorial.


Submitted to EXPLORE Worthy - The Number Games 3, Season 2 (Art from 2015)


Earlier this month I visited the central California coast for my granddaughter's high school graduation. While there, I visited Point Piedras Blancas where elephant seals often come ashore. A couple here sounding off.

Elephants are so powerful. Couldn't help but add them to my animal series.

@Lea13 - Cica Ghost World

This is an edited version of a photo taken last year. I did hope to find one of these magnificent creatures this year again but no luck so far. This was at Charlottetown gravel pit in sept 07.


one of the main touristic things to do in Chitwan is visiting the park on an elephant, but they need to train them , here you can see how good this one with young listens

Looks like the "elephant" is splashing about in the sea.

Our first game drive at Nottens was a complete wash out and we returned after enduring an hour of torrential rain. Open topped vehicles are no fun when it rains and I had sacrificed every waterproof item that I possessed in order to protect my cameras and lenses so I was dripping wet when I alighted from the vehicle.


When we got back to the room the bath had been run and the bathroom was festooned with candles and a bottle of champagne on ice was left strategically placed. I left Claire to enjoy this and after putting on some dry clothes I went for a walk around the camp with my camera.


I didn't have to walk very far as this herd of 21 elephants were quietly going about their business in the open area in front of Nottens. Not the best light but I watched and photographed them for at least half an hour before they slipped away as quietly as they had arrived.


Nottens Bush Camp

Sabi Sands

Kruger National Park


South Africa

Elephants at Chester Zoo

Elephant at warp speed trying to find the sun ;-))

African Elephant


The African Elephant faces an uncertain future. Although many exist in Africa, unregulated and illegal trade in ivory could lead to their demise. Human encroachment and the conversion to farmlands are also serious threats to their survival.


My elephant ear caladiums on a bright, sunny morning

Elephants walking along the river bank at Chobe National Park, Botswana. Viewed from a sunset boat cruise.

The first elephant we saw when we entered Sabi Sands at Shaw's Gate.


Shot at midday and the elephant was also a grey/white colour from whatever mud he'd recently rolled in which made the colour version look even harsher hence the B&W conversion.


Sabi Sands

Kruger National Park


South Africa

Mother and Baby

Another day at the Zoo . . .

Did you know that Elephants have the longest gestation period of all mammals, carrying their young for nearly two years before giving birth (22 Months).Long developmental periods are common among highly intelligent animals

2 elephants in the foresground at Okakuejo waterhole Namibia. There are Black Rhinos, and giraffes in the background

Elephant Waterfall is located about 25 kilometers southwest of Dalat City of Lam Dong Province. It's really the imposing waterfall with 30m high, and about 15m wide.

Elephant at the Natural History Museum.

Elephant Stable in Hampi. Can be found after visiting Lotus Mahal.


Hampi is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. It is 353 km from Bangalore. It is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The site is significant historically and architecturally. The topography abounds with large stones which have been used to make statues and temples of Hindu deities.


Currently , Hampi is one of the well known tourist destinations in Karnatka

Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea.

Wit grateful thanks to:

Elephants: :Anavrin2010:

Escaaltor :AbsurdWordPreferred:

Light Brush:

Background and Elephant at the top of the escalator mine


When I was small I saw a program about how elephants wander off away from their herd to die - and I remember being overcome with sadness about these beautiful creatures dying alone :-( Strange how some memories stay with you :-)


Stolen: !!!

This »Elephant(om)« is dedicated to Giordano who has written a wonderful testimonial for me ... thanks so much dear, I appreciate your kind friendship!

The Elephant's Trunk nebula is a concentration of interstellar gas and dust within the much larger ionized gas region IC 1396 located in the constellation Cepheus about 2,400 light years away from Earth.[1] The piece of the nebula shown here is the dark, dense globule IC 1396A; it is commonly called the Elephant's Trunk nebula because of its appearance at visible light wavelengths, where there is a dark patch with a bright, sinuous rim. The bright rim is the surface of the dense cloud that is being illuminated and ionized by a very bright, massive star (HD 206267) that is just to the west of IC 1396A.

Date of shoot: 6/9/14,17/9/14

Ha: 26 subs @900s 1*1

OIII: 10 subs @900s 2*2

SII: 21 subs @ 900s 1*1

Camera Starlight Express SXVR-H694

Sample Rate 0.98 asp at 1*1 , 1.97 asp at 2*2

Filter Wheel : Starlight Express Mini Wheel

Mount : Avalon fast Linear

Scope: Orion Optics UK AG10

Filters : Astrodon , Ha 5nm, OIII 3nm, SII 5nm

a crop of the baby elephant hair to show how fine this lens is :-)

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