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Our today's tour promised to be a long one, so we had to start before dawn in order to manage. Once dawn started, the icy road became the star of the show ;)


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(3 image HDR).. Took this earlier today.. as it's such a beautiful day here.. It is the pond at Cockwood.. View On Black


Thanks for looking.. Have a great day..

Exactly one year ago today I took up photography. I went out and bought myself a 60d pretty much on a whim - prior to that I owned a point and shoot and just took holiday and family snaps. It's been a tough year in many ways, but the photography has been something of a revelation in my life. I've discovered enjoyment in things I never imagined I ever would. Long may it continue. My only regret is that I didn't take it up earlier. But then, why should I have? I have no idea why I took it up anyway!


I decided to post this picture today as it kind of shows my improvement (albiet this taken in November!). I posted a similiar image taken in June last year, but wanted to revisit it and make a better version - sharper and brighter. Of course, I use a 5d mkii now, with some L-series glass stuck on front (something which meant absolutely nothing to me a year ago!), which helps, but I'd like to think my ability and vision have improved along the way.


Here's to the next year!


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Today I got up very early to catch this beautiful sunrise at the edge of a village.


The original photo is not edited or changed in any way. The only thing I did was adding the border.


Have a good weekend, my friends!!!

today we awoke to the first autumn frost

the warmth of the summer is all but lost

autumn has passed without a big sigh

and now we await the snow you cry !


but frosty mornings bring their appeal

as we walk in the sun and suddenly feel

the fresh crisp air blow through our hair

each season comes with its beauty so rare !


the ice maiden has come but melts in the sun

but before this she dances for fun

she jumps over leaves and floats over trees

dew drops and crystals behind her she leaves !




taken through the car windscreen early this morning !



2 months ago today, I finished work early so I could go visit my dad in hospital, little did I know at the time that it would be the last time I would see him alive. I am grateful I got to see him for at least half an hour before things took a turn for the worse. We waited a long 9 hours by his bed side for his body to give up and I can honestly say those were the most painful hours I have ever experienced in my whole life, and I really hope I never have to go through that again. The silence that filled his room the moment he stopped breathing was chilling, we were part relieved that he was in peace but mostly we were absolutely devastated that this was the end and we would never see or speak to him again.....


I had the greatest honor of delivering his eulogy at the funeral and I read out a poem at the end which I hoped would bring peace not only to us as his family but to his many friends and colleagues who were just as shocked at his departure and tonight it brings me peace so I would like to share it with you all too:


You can shed tears

that he is gone.

Or you can smile because he lived.

You can close your eyes and

pray that he will come back.

Or you can open your eyes and

see all that he has left.

Your heart can be empty because

you can't see him.

Or you can be full of the love

that you shared,

You can turn your back on

tomorrow and live for yesterday,

Or you can be happy for tomorrow

because of yesterday.

You can remember him and

only that he is gone.

Or you can cherish his

memory and let it live on,

You can cry, close your mind,

be empty, and turn your back.

Or you can do what he would

have wanted, smile, open your

eyes, love and move on.


Today reminded me of the early months of the 365 and the finger numbing cold of trying to take photos in sub zero temperatures!

Please view on BLACK, FULLSCREEN!


It was a beautiful day yesterday, with warm sunshine and a blue sky... back to the cold today, but hopefully, not for long!


Just kind of relaxing today watching the sun go in and out of the clouds so i decided to relive some old memories and go back through the archives. I am not really sure how I missed this one before...


Taken on a Northern Cascades trip back over Labor day weekend 2008.


Mount Shuksan in the sunrise over Picture lake on a very very cold morning.


Camera:Nikon D300

Exposure:0.067 sec (1/15)


Focal Length:18 mm


ISO Speed:100

2 stop soft grad to balance exposure in the sky

The Porta Nigra (Latin for black gate) is a large Roman city gate in Trier, Germany. It is today the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps and has been designated a World Heritage Site.


The name Porta Nigra originated in the Middle Ages due to the darkened color of its stone; the original Roman name has not been preserved. Locals commonly refer to the Porta Nigra simply as Porta.


The Porta Nigra was built in grey sandstone between 186 and 200 AD. The original gate consisted of two four-storied towers, projecting as near semicircles on the outer side. A narrow courtyard separated the two gate openings on either side. For unknown reasons, however, the construction of the gate remained unfinished. For example, the stones at the northern (outer) side of the gate were never abraded, and the protruding stones would have made it impossible to install movable gates. Nonetheless, the gate was used for several centuries until the end of the Roman era in Trier.


In Roman times, the Porta Nigra was part of a system of four city gates, one of which stood at each side of the roughly rectangular Roman city. The Porta Nigra guarded the northern entry to the Roman city, while the Porta Alba (White Gate) was built in the east, the Porta Media (Middle Gate) in the south, and the Porta Inclyta (Famous Gate) in the west, next to the Roman bridge across the Moselle River. The gates stood at the ends of the two main streets of the Roman Trier, one of which led north-south and the other east-west. Of these gates, only the Porta Nigra still exists today.


In the early Middle Ages the Roman city gates were no longer used for their original function and their stones were taken and reused for other buildings. Also iron and lead braces were broken out of the walls of the Porta Nigra for reuse. Traces of this destruction are still clearly visible on the north side of the gate.


After 1028, the Greek monk Simeon lived as a hermit in the ruins of the Porta Nigra. After his death (1035) and sanctification, the Simeonstift monastery was built next to the Porta Nigra to honor him. Saving it from further destruction, the Porta Nigra was transformed into a church: The inner court of the gate was roofed and intermediate ceilings were inserted. The two middle storeys of the former gate were converted into church naves: the upper storey being for the monks and the lower storey for the general public. The ground floor with the large gates was sealed, and a large outside staircase was constructed alongside the south side (the town side) of the gate, up to the lower storey of the church. A small staircase led further up to the upper storey. The church rooms were accessible through former windows of the western tower of the Porta Nigra that were enlarged to become entrance doors (still visible today). The top floor of the western tower was used as church tower, the eastern tower was leveled, and an apse added at its east side. An additional gate - the much smaller Simeon Gate - was built adjacent to the East side of the Porta Nigra and served as a city gate in medieval times.


In 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte dissolved the church in the Porta Nigra and the monastery beside it, along with the vast majority of Trier's numerous churches and monasteries. On his visit to Trier in 1804, Napoleon ordered that the Porta Nigra be converted back to its Roman form. Only the apse was kept, and the eastern tower not rebuilt to its original height. Local legend has it that Napoleon originally even wanted to completely tear down the church. Allegedly, locals convinced him that the church had actually been a Gallic festival hall before being turned into a church. Another version of the story is simply that they told him about its Roman origins. It is claimed that this prevented the destruction of the building and persuaded Napoleon instead to convert the gate back to its original form.


In 1986 the Porta Nigra was designated a World Heritage Site, along with other Roman monuments in Trier and its surroundings.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 everyone! May today mark the beginning of many new joys and accomplishments and a continuation of all of the good things that you have already achieved. Thanks for the friendship and sweet memories last year and i'm looking forward for more amazing photos from your all this year.

My New resolution is to stop being soooooo lazy in everything!


~Love from Nora :)


From my series of shots a few weeks ago, this was a vertical that I've cropped to create some sky-water symmetry.

A late night yesterday meeting parents of my students for the year has caused some morning grogginess today. I need something to brighten up my day---like this scene :)


Banff National Park, Canada

1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


As a final step for the exhibition, I went through some of my boxes of paintings and came across this one. It's a small painting but against the frame of plum (a bit more pink than shows here), I really loved the mood of it. I remember painting it, and hunted through my flickr uploads thinking I had posted it and could find the name I had given it. After 90 minutes, I gave up -- and could find it - surprised that I never posted the painting. So I named it last night after it was matted ... funny. The view is familiar to me and one I often paint - it's inspired by the many ponds and lakes we have in my area and those wild grasses that seem to catch my fancy.


My son and his new bride came to dinner last night, so good to catch up!


I'm mighty tired today after such an intense'll be a while regaining my momentum ....


Have a terrific week!




Got up early today, met the sun.


Looks best

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© Jeff R. Clow


First light on the Canadian Rockies at the Crowfoot Glacier in Banff National Park.


If you have a moment, press "L" on your keyboard to see this at the larger size.


Thanks - as always - for stopping by my photostream today. Much appreciated.

Saw a sculpture on "may the best house win" earlier today. Thought Rock paper scissors would be a good idea. These are all my hands, spliced together in PS. It was a darkened room with lo fill flash from my 580exii. Adjusted the contrast and in lightroom.


Flash. Off camera TTL cord, to the left. pointed up on a gorillapod with a stofen omnibounce on ETTL -1 flash compensation


Looks great on Black. Please press L



this a slightly post processed iPhone photo taken earlier today


have a great weekend! :)


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© Jon Downs 2012 All Rights Reserved


The snow was flying early today when I snapped this pic at the side of the roadway. It was scary and dangerous to even stop !


It's not sensor dust you see, it's large snow flakes!

Today early morning while i was traveling to Anuradhapura i went Kalpitiya Lagoon, and could capture this shot. All are busy with their meal and its great view.

Made an early morning trip to Point Arkwright today, met up with greenplasticdave & camocarzi.

When I stepped outside in Gympie it was 4deg C & here I was thinking that the coast would be nice & warm..Ha..It was blowing a gale from the south straight along the beach & freezing.

The sun was blocked behind a low bank of cloud out to sea but we did get a short burst of sky colour.

Canon 50D & 10-22@12mm.

2.5sec@f8, ISO100. CPL & Cokin P121.


Aerial combat in the grey skies above Holme Fen earlier today.

Seen in Explore.


Popped out early this morning for this, the scene is not yet lit by direct sunlight allowing a fairly dark sky to seem bright in comparison. The dark under the tree is not shadow but a lack of wheat that close to it. Second "yellow" themed landscape today, though this is more of a golden brown, hey, close enough.


At Michaelstone-y-Fedw between Cardiff and Newport.

Today we went for shopping. And he bought me this cute cheburashka. I love this little one. Coz i used to watch his cartoon when i was kid.


Story about him:


Cheburashka (Russian: About this sound Чебурашка​ (help·info)), also known as Topple in earlier English translations, is a character in children's literature, from a 1966 story by the Russian writer Eduard Uspensky. He is also the protagonist (voiced by Klara Rumyanova) of the stop-motion animated film series by Soyuzmultfilm studio, the first episode of which was made in 1969.

According to the story, Cheburashka is a funny little creature, unknown to science, who lives in the tropical forest. He accidentally gets into a crate of oranges, (possibly American or Australian as the crates are labeled in English) eats his fill, and falls asleep. Cheburashka is not a personal name; it is a species name invented by the puzzled director of the shop where he is found. The salesman takes the animal out and sits him on the table, but his paws are numb after the long time spent in the crate, and he tumbles down ("cheburakhnulsya" (чебурахнулся), a Russian colloquialism, "tumbled" in English) from the table onto the chair and then from the chair, where he could not sit, for the same reason, onto the floor. The director of the shop, who witnesses the scene, called him Cheburashka. Words with this root were archaic in Russian; Uspensky gave them a new lease on life. (The Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language of Vladimir Dal gives the meaning of "cheburashka" as another name for the roly-poly toy.[4])


More about him :

Song from movie:

I got finished work early today and my plan was try and get a few HDR shots of this old pier at home...was not looking great until the dark clouds moved then this vibrant sunset just happened was great getting out shooting!


© All rights reserved

Daniel Bradley Photography

early this morning in de Betuwe ( Netherlands )

I saw this earlier today


"I live in my own little world................


But it's OK..............


They know me there"


I don't know who said this first but it kinda sums things up for me.


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The early Polynesian settlers called the country Aotearoa, meaning Land of the Long White Cloud. It is a name by which New Zealand is quite often known.


Close to the Australian continent, New Zealand shares much of its history and culture with Australia.


Captain James Cook sailed around New Zealand in the Endeavour in 1769 on his voyage of discovery of Australia. On his three voyages around the New Zealand coast, he not only mapped the area but also provided place names, many of which still exist today.

I visited Melin Court Falls earlier today. I climbed up to the higher falls where the steep banks leading down to the river make access a bit precarious. Hope you like the images. Note;- All my images are :copyright: All Rights Reserved, and must not be used without my expressed permission via Email:

Frank and I came to Anglesea for the weekend to take lots of photos. We got up early and caught this beautiful sunrise. Even though I'm still having my flickr break, I just had to share this one with you guys. Frank has posted a photo of me taking this shot here Have a great weekend everyone!


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Today I'm Feeling Mellow, So Let's Start Our Day With Happy Yellow


Today Completed Gail's Radiation Treatment, they removed her

Catheter without problem, yet it was a bit painful for her. Next

Thursday she has an appointment with the Surgeon, then following that

she will return to the Cancer Center for a follow up. We now have to

wait for the Oncotest to come back, based on the results of that will

determine if any Chemo is necessary if not she will still have to

take Hormone Medication for (5) years....She retired early this

evening as she was extremely tired and in some discomfort from today's

ordeal. Anyhow the prognosis is good, we are comfortable with it and

kind of have some peace of mind for a change....I wish at this time to

thank everyone for the support, kind words, thoughts and prayers you

have offered, it was and is so awesome the people on Flickr that took

the time to empathize with us during this emotional and fearful event

in our lives....God Bless You All !!


I've just shot this scene today, early morning, with my new compact camera while driving to work... I just had to stop and contemplate after so much snow in the last days.... Bright and peaceful view of the sky mirrored on the gold water. Naturally beautiful.

Any other comment, I'll leave it up to you.


No PP, just posted as shot, the camera set automatically in Sunset Mode and did it like this


Ho scattato questa scena con la mia nuova compattina stamattina, andando al lavoro... Mi sono dovuto per forza fermare e contemplare tanta bellezza dopo la neve appena passata... Una vista placida e luminosa del cielo riflesso sull'acqua dorata. Naturalmente bella.

Gli altri commenti li lascio a voi...


Nessun ritocco, la macchina si è settata da sola in modalità Tramonto.

Today, January 2nd, is the fourth anniversary of my Flickr account[1]. Before Flickr, I used to post on my "daily" photoblog, seen objects. This is one of my favourite photos from that period, and I thought posting it here was a nice way of celebrating.


Michael had recently turned 7, back then; now he's 16!.


The original description was:


Make a wish, dad, was what Michael said to me. I imagine I was wishing the wrong kind of things, because all I was hoping for was for the dandelion and his lips to be in the plane-of-focus at the same time :-).


Details: Nikon 105mm 1:2.8 macro, ~f/5.6, 1/125s, ISO 200.


1. Actually, I created a Flickr account in the early days, but was too timid to post in a "social" environment. I think the account didn't make it past the switch to Yahoo logins era. (I guess because I didn't try to log in within some period of that transition.)

I have had the best day today, woke up early to discover the amazing snow so hopped out of bed to wake my daughter up, she was already up but hadnt looked out of the window yet, so I showed her and straight away she wanted out! GMTV reported that all schools were closed in Somerset so a day of fun in the snow were to be had, we built a huge 3 tier snowman, the likes of which have never been possible in our garden. I then did a little self portrait photo out in the garden (checkout my stream), in the evening Alysia went to my parents for the night and so myself, my partner Trevor and a friend of ours Jason went upto Blagdon Hill with our cameras, the snow up there was incredible, fields of virgin snow and a wonderful sunset made for heavenly photography, we had a little contest with an 11pm deadline to post our best pic on facebook and tag each other, this is my entry...

Not content with my encounter earlier today, I went out again this evening to feed my Sika addiction.


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today i rise more early than usual.offer my fajar prayer to a different mosque.go to one of my old spot the man do not want to stand up.but i am very much determine...

Much Better Seen Large on Black


This was my view looking out the window on the ramp of my morning flight today......I have been seeing this view a lot lately......


Taken with the new Canon G11

In Florida today, we have been facing lots of rain and some winds from the outer bands of T.S. Andrea. Kind of strange, since it made landfall hours away near Cedar Key. Seems like the T.S. is also forecast to affect many others as it crosses through northern Florida and heads up the eastern shores of the US. When we were in Oregon, we had a lot of rain as well - looks like I brought it home with me. So, I thought I would post something bright and cheery with everyone tonight.


This is, of course, another in my series of images captured while at Steptoe Butte in eastern Washington state. I still look at the images and go ... WOW! It was so beautiful and instilled such awe over the fertile hills and farmlands of this region. There's also Kamiak Butte nearby which affords similar vistas, but we didn't get a chance to visit there as well, as I couldn't be torn away from Steptoe. I do wonder though how Kamiak would have been different ... more flowers, different agricultural fields, wildlife sightings along the hike up the butte ... ?


I heard from many of you that you had never visited the area, though geographically much closer than I. As guess that's fairly common. I think and say the same when I see images shot at the Dry Tortugas NP in south Florida. Never been there, though it is on my list. :-)


Hope that everyone stays safe in the weather associated with this system. Can't believe that it's already starting so early in the hurricane season.


Thanks for all of you views and especially for all of your thoughts and comments shared.


© Debbie Tubridy / © TNWA Photography - All of my images are protected by copyright and may not be used on any site, blog, or forum without my permission.




a shot I could have taken today since it's been raining, but this one is from earlier in the year ...


... unfortunately I had to stop processing any new photos on Lightroom because of a problem. I've been using LR 3.6 and it's been causing some of my files to get corrupted, at random. thankfully i have a back up of most of my images, but there was a small batch of photos from France that I started processing before backing them up, and I may have lost a few shots, one that I particularly liked. not sure if I can recover it. Has anyone had similar issues with LR? this only happened recently, and also seems to happen only for files that are saved on an external firewire hard drive, and not on the hard disk of the computer. I've run out of space on my computer, so I've been downloading files to an external drive and then backing up to a second drive. ... any feedback will be appreciated!! as of now I am apprehensive of touching any file on LR, as it might corrupt a file at random. not sure what the solution is ...

I decided, earlier today, to explore a cave (alone this time) where it was rumored a black mage was practicing necromancy. After disposing of a few animated skeletons, I, unseen, crept into the room where he was practicing his dark arts. From a distance, I shot him with an arrow. The arrow, as it turns out was only a poorly made iron arrow and the shot was sloppy... too much time in a pub the night before. The mage fell to the floor but was only wounded, He was reaching upward toward an enhanced magical dagger when I put a second arrow, better placed, into his skull... a clean kill. What you see here is his last attempt to reach that dagger. Now the villagers of the surrounding towns may rest a bit easier.

Today one of the summit craters of Etna, the Voragine, is producing a very strong degassation. This view is from the terrace of my home in Paternó.


"The Voragine is the only one of Etna's four summit craters, which has not erupted in the past decade - it was last seen in Strombolian activity in early October 1999, a few weeks after it had produced one of the most powerful explosive paroxysms on record at Etna in the past more than 100 years.


This morning, on 27 February 2013, the Bocca Nuova started erupting again, and this new episode was very similar to a series of miniature paroxysms from the Bocca Nuova we've seen earlier this year, from mid-January until early February - before the New Southeast Crater celebrated its triumphant return on the scene." (Boris Behncke - INGV volcanologist).


Nikon D7000;

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4.

..from my walk earlier today, sooc with small crop and just a tad of contrast. The little white flecks are insects flying around (looks like summer doesn't it???) ~ HBW folks.


Have a lovely and peaceful weekend everyone, and see you in a week. It is family time before school starts. I will be checking my mail and from time to time I will update my groups. Take care!


I'm not a morning person, but after picking trough the window early today, I decided to grab the camera and capture the first sun rays of the day...


My photography is mostly nature. I enjoy macro photography a lot, but it is difficult to decide what I like the most about this art.




Ninety-four of my photos have made it to Explore, one has appeared on the front page, and others at places 14, 25 and 52. If you’d like to see them, please go to my Explore set.




Flicker is giving me an opportunity to meet a group of wonderful people. Thanks for making me feel so proud of what I do and love.




I only submit my photos to groups whose pages are not private.




I appreciate your visit and your comments. Thank you!




So, happy to say that I made it to La Jolla today! We came home from Yuma early, the hotel was having WIFI issues, so we left! Went to our Cracker Barrel breakfast and headed our way home. We had to make a stop close to San Diego, and so, on the way from there to where we had to go next, we ran into La Jolla! My lucky day! With just enough time to click a few frames. I was still limited to the 40D which is OK, such is life. But its a lighter camera, and I know I need to not carry heavy stuff still!


I knew I was limited on time, and I knew what I wanted, I just did not think to walk further. The rocks just a bit south of this are better with the high tide, however, this will have to do! I am hoping, over the next 3 days of shots, is to bring to you a star trail and a sunset! Best wishes on my goals, thats what I say! I really do hope to go out with a bang! Only 3 more days left baby! Then the camera gets put down for a few days while I research astrophotography stuff! I think I will focus on the stars for 2011! But NOT as a 365! Thats for sure! :D Despite the fun, I am done!


Geek talk: For this one, I created a total blockage of light by 9 stops. I did this by using the B+W ND106 and the Tiffen ND8. Please, enjoy!

I have found again these old photos (early 1980s ) that I had done for a study on the Taleggio Valley . Many buildings, or even small districts, no longer exist today.

Some photos are contained in my book " Taleggio, the earth, the story " published by the Municipality of Taleggio in November 1989.


Today, 4:30am, my alarm clock was ringing. Wanted to caught the sunrise with ground fog above the seascape. At the first stop I was just overwhelmed about the amazing view. Merely 15 minutes until sunrise... so stepped in the car. But: nothing happened. The engine kept silent. While waiting for the tow truck, the sun rised so unbelievable above the fields. Cherry on the cake were the two herons, who approached.

For all eager for knowledge:

my starter was broken and will be repaired on Monday...


Heute morgen klingelte mein Wecker noch vor den Hühnern - um 4:30 Uhr! Ich wollte unbedingt den Sonnenaufgang über die in Bodennebel gehüllten Boddengewässer fotografieren. Schon beim ersten Halt, den ich machte, stockte mir der Atem über die Schönheit der Natur in diesem noch nicht erwachten Zustand. Aber es trennten mich nur noch 15 min. vom Sonnenaufgang. Also rein ins Auto und .... beim Starten passierte gar nix! Der Wagen sagte keinen Ton!

Nach einigen erfolglosen Versuchen rief ich den Automobilclub an. Während ich auf diesen wartete, ging ganz leise und langsam die Sonne über den Wiesen auf. Der Anblick war unbeschreiblich. Und als Krönung des Ganzen flogen schließlich noch zwei Fischreiher ein.

Für alle, die es noch wissen wollen: der Anlasser ist kaputt und es wird mindestens bis Montag dauern, bis ich den Wagen wieder habe...

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