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Hebrews 6:17-18 New International Version (NIV)

17 Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. 18 God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged.

No: it is not yours to open buds into blossoms.

Shake the bud, strike it; it is beyond your power to make it blossom.

Your touch soils it, you tear its petals to pieces and strew them in the dust.

But no colours appear, and no perfume.


Ah! it is not for you to open the bud into a blossom.

He who can open the bud does it so simply.

He gives it a glance, and the life-sap stirs through its veins.

At his breath the flower spreads its wings and flutters in the wind.

Colours flush out like heart-longings, the perfume betrays a sweet secret.

He who can open the bud does it so simply.



The Roman Catholic mountain church Eisenstadt (also known as Haydn or Kalvarienbergkirche) is in the district Oberberg-Eisenstadt the municipality Eisenstadt in Burgenland. It is dedicated to the feast of the Visitation and belongs to the deanery Eisenstadt in the diocese of Eisenstadt. The building is a listed building.


The church is known for the neighboring "Kalvarienberg", a place of pilgrimage, which has its model in the Calvary Maria Lanzendorf. The mountain church is called after Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) also "Haydn Church". Haydn spent much of his life as composer and Kapellmeister not far from Esterházy Palace. Since 1932, the Haydn Mausoleum, in which the coffin of the composer Joseph Haydn stands, is located in the mountain church.



Church exterior

The church is a four-sided block with hipped roof. The building is preceded on the west side by a two-storey entrance hall with the adjoining two tower stumps on a square floor plan. They are completed by tent roofs. To the south, the sacristy is added to the church. In front of the sacristy, low huts connect to the devotional sale. The north hall was built around 1795. This has a flat central risalit above a segmental arch door. In the Risalite the coat of arms of the family Esterházy is represented.



The church interior is circular with a western vestibule and shallow altar niches in the three other circular pages. In between are two high pilasters with entablature on the sides of the doors and oratory windows. In the dome lunette windows are cut. Above the porch is the gallery, which rests on three groined vaults. Above the organ is a basketball barrel vault.


The altarpiece "Maria Heimsuchung" comes from Stephan Dorfmeister (1729-1797). The fresco in the cupola by Wolfgang and Christian Köpp from 1772 represents "Ascension of Christ". It was renovated by P. Müller in 1889 and restored again in 1954. (Wikipedia).


On sale inside one of the Great Chola Living Temples, in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

I was passionate,

filled with longing,

I searched

far and wide.


But the day

that the Truthful One

found me,

I was at home.




Lalla Ded. (Lalleshwari) (1320–1392) was a mystic of the Kashmiri Shaivite sect. She wrote many devotional and mystic poems, expressing her longing for the Divine.

For over 700 years Muslims have performed a devotional worship, a form of sema, whirling in continual remembrance of their Creator. This tradition of whirling became commonly known through the Sufi Mystic Poet Maulana Jalal’ud-din Rumi. The word sema, which is arabic for “sound” is described best by Shamsi Tabriz, Maulana Jalal’ud-din’s master and shaykh saying,


“There comes a Sound, from neither within nor without,

From neither right nor left, from neither behind nor in front,

From neither below nor above, from neither East nor West,

Nor is it of the elements: water, air, fire, earth, and the like;

From where then? It is from that place thou art in search of;

Turn ye toward the place where from the Lord makes His appearance.

From where a restless fish out of water gets water to live in,

From the place where the prophet Moses saw the divine Light,

From the place where the fruits get their ripening influence,

From the place where the stones get transmuted to gems,

From the place which even an infidel turns in distress,

From the place to which all men turn when they find this world a vale of tears.

It is not given to us to describe such a blessed place;

It is a place where even the heretics would leave off their heresies.”

"Armenia!" exhibit, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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A work I just finished...


Copyright © Ioannis Lelakis.

All rights reserved.

Shot in The Hague's West Dune Park; beautifull sand dunes at about 3 km distance from city centre

Photo title inspired by Australian band 'The Triffids'

This week’s theme “Relaxation” ... and I was dismayed that I wouldn't have a shot for today. Sitting with my cats in their room for a few minutes this morning, trying to read my daily devotionals and unable to concentrate. So I just relaxed a moment and sat there petting beloved Abbie Smith. Stroking the head of a little kitten who loves me, warm and purring and soft ... closest thing to relaxation I'll get all day me thinks! Artful editing as that also relaxes me so much! Happy MACRO MONDAYS to all!


OBTW, couldn't have done this without my new cell phone. It actually triggers the shutter when I say "Cheese" ... ain't technology grand!

This picture is taken in suburbs of Simhachalam Temple in Vishakapatnam where i found it pretty much interesting to find people offering both coins as well as fruits/flowers along with their beliefs

The 125-foot Dhyana Buddha statue at Amaravati in Guntur district.

Near St. Nicholas' Church. In the shop devotional articles are sold.

Día de Muertos Michoacán 2011

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I really really love colors; especially when they are vivid and full of light and transparent.


I cannot imagine my work as a photographer without this whole spectrum of light. And without this painterly effect like everything is merging and becomes one, which is so difficult to realize for a human mind that produces perception that is so far away from vision and knowledge of how reality really is.


Photography can be a way to lift this heavy veil before our eyes and lead us directly to vision.


I am so thankful to receive this kind of vision through the lens of a camera...

Forever devoted to the light and in unison with it...





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Gangamatas Gaudiya matha (Bhakti Yoga Centre) in Walthamstow, London 🇬🇧

10th August, 2018

1 Peter 1:24-25 King James Version (KJV)

24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:

25 But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.

Every day thousands of people are fed at the temple, by anyone who wishes to volunteer to do so, it is an act of devotional worship.

... a devotional kitsch delirium

Yeha [ይሐ], Tigray [ትግራይ ክልል], Ethiopia [ኢትዮጵያ]. Africa [አፍሪቃ].

Greatest Love Letters


George Custer to Elizabeth Custer

His feelings toward her were devotional. George was court-martialed and suspended without pay for a year for having made an unauthorized visit to his wife at a near by fort.


Please don't use my images on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. ©

"Absorbed in devotional love,

one sees only the beloved,

one hears only the beloved,

one thinks only of the beloved"


Narada's Bhakti Sutra

AoPPW Devotional Scriptures


My wife asks why I have to get up at 4 a.m. in the morning. I tell her I need my morning coffee.

* a flower who experience itself as a butterfly ;)


Wishing everybody a wonder-ful Pentecost

AoPPW Devotional Scriptures


© 2012 Loren Zemlicka


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This park in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, is on the site of St. Raphael's Cathedral, which burned down in 2005.


The 1.3 acre park contains a Catholic devotional "stations of the cross" walking path. The 14 stone crosses are meant to denote scenes from Christ's suffering and death.

Depeche Mode-In Your Room (Devotional 1993)


In your room

Where time stands still

Or moves at your will

Will you let the morning come soon

Or will you leave me lying here

In your favourite darkness

Your favourite half-light

Your favourite consciousness

Your favourite slave...


This story based on...


Poses from ROQUAI's Enchantment Neverland

left pose : ROQUAI peter 4

right pose : ROQUAI peter 2

My devotional for today taken from "Jesus Calling, Enjoying

Peace in His Presence" by Sarah Young, it was truly timely:


This is a time in your life when you must learn to let go: of loved ones, of possessions, of control. In order to let go of something that is precious to you, you need to rest in My Presence, where you are complete. Take time to bask in the Light of My Love. As you relax more and more, your grasping hand gradually opens up, releasing your prized possession into My care. You can feel secure, even in the midst of cataclysmic changes, through awareness of My continual Presence. The One who never leaves you is the same One who never changes: I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. As you release more and more things into My care, remember that I never let go of your hand. Herein lies your

security, which no one and no circumstance can take from you.


Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,

who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord. - Psalm 89:15


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8


"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." - Isaiah 41:13


Thanking everyone for their prayers for my family

and wishing each of you a blessed Easter weekend!!!

The Digambar Jain Temple is the oldest temple of the Jain religion in the capital, originally built in 1526. The main devotional area of the temple is on the first floor. You'll find here a number of shrines but the main shrine is of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. Born in 599 BC in the ancient republic of Vaishali (Bihar) as a prince, he renounced all worldly pleasures and comforts and went in search of 'Moksha' (salvation).

(remarkable similarity with Buddhism)


The man in the corner was sweeping the floor after all visitors were gone, the temple closes at noon.




Addendum: some thoughts ...

When you travel through many cultures, it becomes rather obvious that all religions are based on the same principle, the story of an enlightened guru, assimilating all existing thruth translated to the need of their time. Bible, tora, talmud ... all trying to prove their true origin but still all man-made inspired most probably on the cradle of India.

Are we living in a time were there is a growing need for renewal of religion, seeing so many new born in the US lately ? Is religion the answer to the powerlessness of growing poverty and greed in the world ?


Like I said once to a priest who asked me teasingly to disturb a protestant service as his concurrence: I got respect for every kind of folklore, also yours ! (China)


But if the world would need a not-imposing religion accurate to the need of our time, then more then others, Jainism would fit best the picture: RESPECT FOR NATURE in all their forms by living sober !


Date Taken: 2008-04-09

Canon EOS 5D, 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, RAW, ISO-800

Exposure: f/2.8, 1/30 seconds

oochappan ©®

Celebrating 168 years of Our Lady of Guadalupe's presence in the province of Bohol.



The pilgrims reaching over the mud volcano called PARVATI to perform the religious rituals there while a group is already busy to follow their practices.


Throwing rice, beetle nuts, coins, and other things into the crater and applying mud over face -all from the rituals of Hinglaj Mata pilgrimage they are on here to perform.

Memorial to the Unborn located on the grounds of the Shrine Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

In der kleinen Kapelle (vorheriges Bild) - ein Autopsieraum, ein Lagerraum für 4 Körper sowie ein Andachtsraum.

A devotional statue of the Sto. Niño of Atocha that I'm still working on. Inspired by Mexican Retablos depicting the same subject.

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