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The clouds were good that night.

Downtown Detroit seen from Windsor, Ontario.Penobscot Building, completed in 1928, seen in the background.

The Penobscot was the eighth tallest building in the world upon completion (566 ft or 173 m), and was the tallest building in Michigan until 1977, the year of construction of the Renaissance Hotel tower.

how do you suppose things got to be like this?

who knows? god has a plan. except for defectives like you, of course.

me? whaddya mean?

you musta been born a bad seed, is all I can figure.

really? does it show?

well, yeah! not that I mind, but you might want to consider changing your shroud once in a while.

but I do! every other year. whether it needs it or not.

I bet that gets you a lot of dates.

it does! not with real girls, of course.


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downtown Detroit Aug 2013

The "Murals in the Market" project begun in 2015 has sponsored about 100 artists from around the globe to create murals in the Detroit Eastern Market area. Another 50 artists will work in the 3rd annual installment in September 2017.


This building on Orleans Street, near Adelaide St. was painted by two Detroit artists. The flowers are by Ouizi, and the "Nothing Stops Detroit" by Ryan Doyle.


Detroit is in somewhat of a minor renaissance. At its height Detroit was actually called the "Paris of the Midwest", with booming economy in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Recent days have seen accelerated deterioration of Detroit, ending in bankruptcy in 2013. A slogan "Nothing Stops Detroit" epitomizes the current mood, with new construction and bright spots like Eastern Market.


we are here on a charitable mission.

maybe. seems to me you're just looking for money.

we do need money to survive in this world.

you know what they say: money is the root of all evil. what do you think about that?

yes, however, I have it on very high authority that it is not the evil itself.

we should thank god for that.


Representing some of Detroit's brands. I know there are more...


Explored January 1, 2013. Peaked at #2.


Day 257


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A night-time view of the city I am from. I love the lights on the Detroit river at night.


If you are visiting Detroit for photography, bring your passport. The best views of the skyline are from Canada (Windsor). It's not hard (or expensive) to cross the border for a short time.


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how do you like the new headquarters, vinnie?

this? we're moving in here?

well, yeah. what, you don't like it?

what's to like, paulie? it's a dump!

don't let the boss hear you say that, vinnie. not ever.

right! I mean, it's perfect!

it just needs a little fixing up, is all.

no shit.

Detroit yesterday, as seen from Windsor.

edna? wanna go for a walk?

not now, stanley. my favorite TV show is starting.

I need some exercise.

well, go take your walk then.

ok. see you in a couple of hours.

that long? to take a walk?

and to stop at the ice cream store, of course.

I see. well go work those muscles then.

I will. I totally abuse the machine.

hot fudge sundae, I presume?

2 scoops. I'm cutting back.



Sunrise in Detroit from the top of an abandoned factory.

Edited ISS052 image of Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Canada.

hey moe, I finished the job. come check it out.

ok, let's see. what the? wait a minute! what is this?

whaddya mean? you asked me to paint the bridge. you don't like it?

paint the bridge? no you idiot! I asked you to decorate the fridge!

oh. the fridge. that's why you said don't leave the door open. I get it!

I need a beer. we got any cold ones?

look in the fridge. the very boring fridge.

nice bridge, though.

ain't it?

First National Building, Detroit, Michigan

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