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this was taken across the Detroit River from Windsor, Ontario.. it was really cold as you can see,,, have a good day/evening everyone and thanks for your visits,,,


Shot from the Detroit People Mover.

Downtown Detroit seen from Windsor, Ontario.Penobscot Building, completed in 1928, seen in the background.

The Penobscot was the eighth tallest building in the world upon completion (566 ft or 173 m), and was the tallest building in Michigan until 1977, the year of construction of the Renaissance Hotel tower.

Some great artistry near Eastern Market in Detroit.

I did a photoshoot on Saturday for Detroit's new minor league soccer team: Detroit City FC. Here is one of my favorites. You can find more information on the team on their facebook page.

The view down from the top of an abandoned church in Detroit.


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From this summer's trip to Detroit.

we are here on a charitable mission.

maybe. seems to me you're just looking for money.

we do need money to survive in this world.

you know what they say: money is the root of all evil. what do you think about that?

yes, however, I have it on very high authority that it is not the evil itself.

we should thank god for that.


downtown Detroit Aug 2013

First National Building, Detroit, Michigan

I took this shot yesterday morning just before sunrise of the Detroit Skyline. Took 3 exposures and processed through photomatix and edited in elements.

good morning, herr doktor.

look at this, my boy! my theory has been completely substantiated!

what theory is that, doktor?


psycho-ceramics? what's that?

it's my essential study of cracked pots! previously thought to exist only in scientists studying salmonella excretion in joy-riding pigs!

how. . . interesting.

turns out, it's everywhere!

wow. you coulda fooled me.

what's that?


Representing some of Detroit's brands. I know there are more...


Explored January 1, 2013. Peaked at #2.


Day 257


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Detroit yesterday, as seen from Windsor.

Here a movie about this beautiful city....


all my photo-news here:

A night-time view of the city I am from. I love the lights on the Detroit river at night.


If you are visiting Detroit for photography, bring your passport. The best views of the skyline are from Canada (Windsor). It's not hard (or expensive) to cross the border for a short time.


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edna? wanna go for a walk?

not now, stanley. my favorite TV show is starting.

I need some exercise.

well, go take your walk then.

ok. see you in a couple of hours.

that long? to take a walk?

and to stop at the ice cream store, of course.

I see. well go work those muscles then.

I will. I totally abuse the machine.

hot fudge sundae, I presume?

2 scoops. I'm cutting back.



hey boss, I finished what you wanted me to do. come check it out.

ok, let's see. what the? wait a minute! what is this?

whaddya mean? you asked me to paint the bridge. you don't like it?

paint the bridge? no you idiot! I asked you to decorate the fridge!

oh. the fridge. so that's why you said make sure I don't leave the door open. I get it!

unreal. I think I need a beer. do we have any cold ones?

yeah, we got lots. it's all in the fridge. the very boring fridge.

it's boring all right. nice bridge, though.

isn't it?

The light show in the underground walkway at DTW, the Detroit airport.

I've seen things like this happen on television and in movies, but nothing, and I mean nothing can describe the feeling of being right there in the moment, feeling the intense heat and witnessing the struggle that firefighters go through while trying to contain a fire of this magnitude.


*No one was hurt. =)

Sunrise in Detroit from the top of an abandoned factory.

The Detroit Skyline from Windsor.

how do you suppose things got to be like this?

who knows? god has a plan. except for defectives like you, of course.

me? whaddya mean?

you musta been born a bad seed, is all I can figure.

really? does it show?

well, yeah! I don't particularly mind, but you might want to consider changing your shroud once in a while.

but I do! every other year. whether it needs it or not.

I bet that gets you a lot of dates.

it does! not with real girls, of course.


Detroit People Mover | 2013

mail for you, lord. shall I open it?

what is it, archangel?

an invitation. it's from ba'al, for his . . . birthday party.

he wants me at his party? are you serious? the nerve!

he's throwing it at a palatial ballroom, in detroit.

do you suppose it's a trick, archangel?

you mean because it's in detroit?

no! because it's ba'al! he'll never get over what I did to him back in the day. that no-good fraud!

well maybe he has, lord. and you can bring a guest.

oh? but who should that be, do you think?

what about artemis, lord? remember? you always liked her.

oh yes. she is a cutie. you think she'd go?

how can she say no? to. . . the lord?

I do have a bit of persuasive power, don't I? a certain je ne sais quoi.

your cup runneth over in that regard, lord.

you really think so?

totally. I read your fan mail.

Faygo... like many areas, we have our own "pop" here in the Detroit area. (or "soda" if that's what you call it where you're from) Faygo would have to be it, that, along with Vernor's Ginger Ale would be the two quintessential Detroit sodas. The warehouse where we store our opera sets is right along this street, but I haven't been there in a few months. Apparently a building burned down, revealing this old Faygo sign. Now, this is the 1930's logo, but they also brought it back in the 50's when they came out with a quart bottle of soda. I'm thinkin' it's 50's. Either way, this old ad is amazingly fresh looking, and I really hope the store next door doesn't just paint over it once the fire debris is cleaned up. (Which, knowing Detroit, could take a year or more.)


Nice to see a bit of the past make an appearance like this.


You can see the history of the Faygo company here.

what can I get you?

just a coffee. I want to take a last look.

I don't blame you. it's on its way out. after all these years.

yeah. make it to go, would you? I think I need a smoke.

you got it.


that's what they say.


Michigan Central Station


Processed with Camera+ and DistressedFX

Detroit skyline


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Tomorrow morning Gene and I will be heading off to CT to visit our daughter and son in law. Catch up with everyone later.

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