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Seoul, South Korea


The Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park (DDP) is a large urban development project in Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea that includes a park, exhibition spaces, and restored parts of the Seoul fortress. Originally planned for completion by 2010 to coincide with Seoul's designation as World Design Capital that year, but construction only started in April 2009, and the DDP was officially inaugurated on March 21, 2014. Organizers hope to make Dongdaemun the fashion hub of South Korea and possibly the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Modern and classic design building in the Times Square section of New York City.

Interior designing, interior decoration or decor is a practice concerned with anything that is found inside a space - walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. All of these elements are used by interior designers to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for a building's user.


The work of an interior designer draws upon many disciplines including environmental psychology, architecture, product design, and traditional decoration (aesthetics and cosmetics). They plan the spaces of almost every type of building including: hotels, corporate spaces, schools, hospitals, private residences, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, and airport terminals. Today, interior designers must be attuned to architectural detailing including: floor plans, home renovations, and construction codes.


Camera: Canon EOS 50D

Aperture: f/8

Focal Length: 18 mm

ISO Speed: 100


Location: my house


P.S not edited =)

aka the Design Museum, London. Beautiful building and geometry here.

I was taken with this design inside our hotel in Lima, Peru.

The aluminum “reeds” on the west façade of the Edith Green–Wendell Wyatt Federal Building are attached to a steel structure that creates shade to mitigate heat gain inside the building.

Used Corel to edit my Red Berries shot.




One thing lead to another... how much does your own actions impact what is to come?

How much is set in stone or bound to happen no matter what you do...

Regarless, always keep trying your best, it is as much and the only thing anyone should ask of you...


Don't look back.

Keep on track to break the curse.

Take the chance:

Design your universe.

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Xplosion Complete Avatar Nelly!


Xplosion Design Mainstore :


Movie made by Sevent Uriza!


( from 9. Februar 2010 )

I'm playing around a bit with more interesting presentations for some of my MOCs.


Really, I'm trying designs that are interesting in their own right, rather than merely highlighting the build. The idea is to be something interesting and eye-catching on it's own, not to make the MOC easier to view or interpret.

Cabinet Vision Elements VE22 from Pastoe.

Design: Karel Boonzaaijer and Pierre Mazaraic.

Office block next to the o2 I just loved the design of the windows.

Paris quai de Valmy (near by canal St.Martin) spring 2010 .

This year I participated in the copenhagen photomarathon like last year where I came in number 3. I did not do as well as last year, I came in number 8. you can see the whole series here

I'm playing around a bit with more interesting presentations for some of my MOCs.


Really, I'm trying designs that are interesting in their own right, rather than merely highlighting the build. The idea is to be something interesting and eye-catching on it's own, not to make the MOC easier to view or interpret.

Shoreline at Paignton, Devon, England, UK

Inside Casa Batlló, an art nouveau masterpiece of Antonio Gaudí, in Barcelona.

This is the spiral design on the ceiling of the Noble Floor (the living room).

A huge design raked into the sand on the beach at Brean, Somerset.(published in The Daily Telegraph 12/07/2017)

Basic and clean architectural design.

Bee Designs - Pumpkin man,cats & flags

Salem Event.

.:Bee Designs:. Mainstore.




irrISIStible Mainstore




irrISIStible Mainstore


Titans - The Grace Cottage.

TCF Event



See my Lightroom blog for before & after shots. The link is on my profile page.

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Z Ward was designed by EJ Woods, Architect-in-Chief who also designed many other prominent buildings such Parliament House. Its high ceilings, magnificent windows and advanced ventilation system represents what was, for its time, an innovative attempt at providing a humane solution for patients.


The architecture style uses polychrome brickwork, which is rare in South Australia, as it was considered not long-lasting compared to stone. But of course it is still structurally solid today, 132 years since it was completed in 1885.


Z Ward was a separate building at the Glenside Mental Hospital that catered for the criminally insane. The criteria for being an inmate was having committed a crime and posing a danger to others and/or themselves due to insanity. Built in 1885, it is now empty and preserved by the National Trust.



Traveling abroad, a lesson in design~



Designed by Susan Budge using Aspen Court, Adventure, Playtime, Journey,

Network convergence of human world. Only Banner Design

Vienna Hoher Markt Hotel Topazz

KP Designs + Nessmarket = <3 @ The Grab Event




Tattoo: *KP* Designs - Tattoo Skull Candy

Blouse: *KP Designs* - Nati

Heels: Nessmarket - Liquid Strap Heels (Peach)


All available August 28th at The Grab Event August Edition!



Soaring roof structure and illuminated balconies in the Design Museum, London UK

the future !!~


Modeling CLS ASMA design * ASMA SHARK II design *~

all by «Ќ•Ї•Ѝ•Ģ•»~

© All Rights Reserved~

don't use any of my work without my permission !


LO,ok here in case u don't know what ASMA design is~

Made by Santiago Calatrava in the City of Arts and Science in Valencia

coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world.


Albert Hadley

Found at Home.... Clicked with Nikon 18-55 mm lense

In world store - terra design -


Flickr group


I opened pose shop - terra design -. The shop has poses and a part of Furniture Store ** terra **'s furniture. Because of some people contacted me "Why did you quit terra?" then they wanted my furniture when it broke. I quit terra's MarketPlace shop at the same time so they looked for my products. I will not furniture maybe. But they can get what their wants :))

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