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Brave Adventurers fight the fearsome Beholder, will they defeat it?


The Beholder design belongs to

Brandon and Taylor (2 Studs), Really solid design, just had to take a cool photo with it.

Here's the original design:


(The character Thorbert Magicfizzle belongs to the YouTuber Zisteau, but I adapted the character in a DandD game I played with friends and he became very iconic with my friend group. Sun Po is another fun character we created.


They needed a cool picture together.

Another Figbarf, but also some cool DND characters.

The Ravens ventured further and further into the harsh deserts of Omos. Genlen decided to part ways with the team. He was a nomad by nature and this was simply what he did. The Ravens came across a strange abandoned village. Exploring it revealed little. But there was always an ever-present sense that something was watching, and evils were lurking. Exhausted from their travels the team decided to sleep inside one of the abandoned buildings.


Sekarr awoke to see that Lia had disappeared. Readying his blade, he left to search the dark and abandoned city. He found Lia dancing in the town hall alone. But Lia seemed different. As if she was not herself. She took Sekarr and Koruel to the graveyard just outside the Town Hall, here Koruel and Sekarr did their best to wake her from this daze, but did so to little avail. The Duo sooner realized that Lia was possessed by an evil spirit, and did all they could to free Lia of this evil. In their attempts to defeat the spirit and rescue Lia, Koruel disappeared following the trail of another spirit. Wounded Sekarr fled outside the city, hoping to nurse his wounds and re-enter the fight.


Koruel discovered that the ghost tormenting them was the spirit of a man named Pascal, whom died about 400 years ago. The other Spirit that was guiding Koruel was a young girl named Zora who had been blessed by an Ethereal Dragon, which had spurred her fathers efforts and killed her in his experiment.


After much trouble and an almost unending barrage of horrors and spirits, Lia was freed, and our team escaped the town in relatively decent shape. Lia tried to return Zora to her grave, but she decided she wasn’t ready to leave and took shelter inside Lia.


The party ventured further towards Lemnos.


To be continued…


Here's a little bit of a sneak peak of what's to come this year at Brickvention 2019. Of course it'll be another Collab build with my Friend Eli

If you don't know what Brickvention is it's a LEGO convention in Melbourne Australia. If you're coming let me know, would be happy to hang out and chat :)


See you at Brickvention 2019!


(More info can be found here:

I am more active on Instagram. If you like my work, and are on IG, please follow me at @s1price_lightworks. Thanks!

Taken with iPhone 6s, processed with Alien Skin Exposure X.

This one taking my geekiness to a whole new level!

It's a semi-clear d20 i picked up the other day (in case for those who don't know what is a d20 is, it's a dice with 20 faces, usually use for board type RPG games). and I shined it with my green laser pointer (yes it 's green. not red!). took a close up shot of it...


also it's the first pict that i am trying to use cc license. let's see how it turns out! feel free to contact me for anything!


May 6 2007

What happens when a Level 72 Orc comes at you with a mace?

Roll the Dice.

365 Days


This photo is a tribute to THE MOST HILARIOUS video on Google Videos. This is the BEST video ever. You HAVE TO SEE IT!!

It doesn't get better than this!

Warning: don't drink while watching this or you may end up with soda all over your computer screen. It's that funny.

Here's the link again in case you missed it earlier.


Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest book

Without a doubt the most surprising themed slot machine I saw in Vegas. I wonder if you get to roll a saving throw when you lose!

Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest book

Two lonely heroes encounter a horrible beast - A HARPY! Its screech is unnerving and sickening. Brace for combat. Roll for initiative…

I wanted to make a brick-built monster for minifig scale. I really love the fur neck collar piece. It really makes this build. i don't usually build trees - and it shows here!

Locomotiva inscriptionata LDH 18-006, 98 53 0 88 0034 3, RO-DANDD, adusa in statia Radna cel mai probabil pentru a manevra vagoane utilizate la reabilitarea caii ferate tronson 2a: Km 614-Barzava cap Y. A fost fabricata in Romania la UZINA 23 AUGUST-BUCURESTI in anul 1982, seria 24639.

One (or two) of the most iconic characters of Western RPG gaming. Part of my much-improved Baldur's Gate II minifigs. See the rest here:

Neoplan party bus in Santa Barbara, California.

Playing Dungeons and Dragons, Lego style!

copyright: © FSUBF. All rights reserved. Please do not use this image, or any images from my photostream, without my permission.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action figures from 1983

With the new year came a new hobby/addiction. Dungeons and Dragons. Although I was technically in the DnD club in high school, the club was short-lived and little DnD-ing actually went on. This, however, is built with a group of like-minded friends, all new to the game, willing to give up their Saturdays to fight goblins in pursuit of exp and treasure.


It's been super fun so far, I play a Dragonborn Hexblade, which is a sort of melee warlock who can summon vorpal weapons from the fel planes. The only issue for me is that I had the character creator "auto-choose" most of my skills so I can do a lot of damage but can be killed by a feather. Luckily the DM is letting us reroll ourselves as we all get the hang of the game.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action figures from 1983

Scanned page from TSR Hobbies 1981 catalog, focusing mostly on Dungeons and Dragons merchandise

My homemade map for my Pathfinder (a tabletop RPG) game.

Gráfica del mito de la creación mapuche

la pelea de Cai-cai vilú y Ten-ten vilú

para el concurso de maestros del pixel

this huge dice was the coolest thing I saw....well besides the costumes hah

James works on his character generation for ver. 4.0

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