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If you decided to outsource customer service like many businesses now, you must take steps to ensure this business strategy will not damage your small organization. Make sure that you get yourself a customer service provider for the business that specializes in your industry. Find reputable service providers with a great track record.

"Welcome to the who-shot-first hotline my name is Greedo how may I help you?"


Poor Greedo!


A long time ago in a toy box far, far away....

...would you please spell your last name....




[SCHYLOLABS]Sci-Fi Holo Screen Board

A&Y Zeo Cyber Hair (Male)- multicolor

AZOURY - Conception High Leg

AZOURY - Ephese Arm

[NC] - Steampunk Goggles

[The Forge] Kiera Bodice, Black


NYC Olympus E-M5, MZuiko 45mm f1.8 lens

Best on Black


Thank you for calling...

This is QuEpAsA Boy speaking.

How may I not help you?


OMG! Today was awfully awkward, yet somehow when I look back at it, kind of hilarious at the same time. See after six weeks of learning everything there is to know about cell phones and billing for my job, I instantly forgot everything I had learned once I was on the phone with the customers for the first time today. It was so scary.


I had about eight people call in that I did not know the answers quick enough to find the solution to their issue, before their patience thinned to anger. One lady called me an idiot and said I was worthless. I believe it's because I kept putting her on hold multiple times to find the answer. Once I got back on the line, she had already found the answer herself to the question, but not before leaving with some really rude remarks. The same thing pretty much happened with seven other of my customers. I don't blame them, sort of. I would be angry too if I got a newbie like me, but I wouldn't have gone so far to say such mean things. I guess I will just have to get used to it. That's not even really the worst of what I heard can happen. I could barely understand one guy asking me questions because of his New York accent. Sheesh


LOL. There was only one customer I actually could help because I knew the answer. Better yet I even made him happy unlike the other customers! That being because I gave him 200 dollars in credits for his overages, which I think I was able to do. (hopefully) I almost accidentally credited him 20,000 dollars by mistake, luckily my partner next to me noticed before I pushed the enter button.


Probably the funniest thing of the whole day was this, and likely not helping my problems anymore. Before you start your calls, you record the greeting above, so you don't have to keep repeating "Welcome to Verzion blah blah blah" every phone call. You hear it go off in the headset, and then afterward you talk to the customer normally, without them ever knowing it's a recording. Well, for some reason my greeting didn't go off..... So immediately when I put on my headset, I heard a random voice say "Hello?" to me. I was like " uhhh heeeeeeeello?" And then they are like, "uhhhh is this Verizon?" "And I'm like "OH CRAP!" because I had noticed I was in a call. They probably thought I was prank calling or on drugs. This happened for about three calls until I figured out what was happening. I didn't know when they would pop up, since the computer answers the call for you. Really funny. I fixed my greeting afterward so I would know when they were on the phone.


My partner I was paired up with listened to my calls for two hours while I worked, and then we switched vice versa. I was angry because he got all the sweet old ladies that were like, "Take your time dear, no rush!". I was so mad that I got all the mean people. LOL.


So in conclusion, I don't know about this call center stuff. I hope day two goes better.


Closer interior view of the completely installed Emerald Cubicle System.

If only the Dell representative knew...

We've all been on both sides of this phone call at some point in our lives, right? No, just me?? Here's hoping your holidays are as stress free as possible and if you do manage to find yourself on either side of this phone call, take a minute and put yourself in the other person's shoes.


(details @ Chimerical Scurryfunge)

Volkswagen T1 Double Cab

"Kundendienst-Hilfswagen" (German: customer service support vehicle)

production year: 1964 engine: air-cooled flat-4 boxer

displacement: 1.5-litre

power: 42 CV

top-speed: 105 km/h

production: three million units (all T1 versions)

production periode: 1950-1967


Autostadt Wolfsburg (Germany)

Februar 2014

Street vendors, downtown Valencia

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The Shoe Doctor.


Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA.


Tokyo, Chuo-ku.

Fujifilm X-Pro2

Fujifilm XF 35mm F1.4 R

Classic Chrome



En su llama mortal la luz te envuelve.

Absorta, pálida doliente, así situada

contra las viejas hélices del crepúsculo

que en torno a ti da vueltas.

Muda, mi amiga,

sola en lo solitario de esta hora de muertes

y lleno de las vidas del fuego,

pura heredera del día destruido.


Del sol cae un racimo en tu vestido oscuro.

De la noche las grandes raíces

crecen de súbito desde tu alma,

y a lo exterior regresan las cosas en ti ocultas,

de modo que un pueblo, pálido y azul

de ti recién nacido, se alimenta.



¡O! grandiosa y fecunda y magnética esclava

del círculo que en negro y dorado sucede.

erguida, trata y logra una creación tan viva

que sucumben sus flores, y llena es de tristeza.


PABLO NERUDA, 20 Poemas de amor y una canción desesperada

Best seen on black background - press L or click image above.


Just take a number, LOL. At a Walgreens drug store, San Francisco Bay area.


Leica S2 + Leica Summarit-S 70mm f/2.5



Edgar owns and works in a magical and muggle garage, he is fine with using muggle tools, but he cannot handle damn customers... yeah he will do a good job just be a git about it the whole way through it. XD


Edgar - " its not my fucking fault that you are a moron and drive it like your trying to bloody make jumps with it..." I think Edgar has a few conversations like this...



How a colourful customer service can improve customer experience


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