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...would you please spell your last name....




[SCHYLOLABS]Sci-Fi Holo Screen Board

A&Y Zeo Cyber Hair (Male)- multicolor

AZOURY - Conception High Leg

AZOURY - Ephese Arm

[NC] - Steampunk Goggles

[The Forge] Kiera Bodice, Black


The boys at work tonight were ready to party!

A hustling waitress at the Owl Diner - Lowell, MA

Vermont Rail System train XR-1 returns east on the Green Mountain approaching Bartonsville with one hot car from Imerys Talc in Smithville.

MadPea is hiring and you have a chance to join the fun. We are looking for a Customer Service Representatives to join our team and help our 20K Pea Pod. If you love MadPea and want to help spread the madness, please complete the following application:


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Comcast Center

17th and JFK Blvd

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for calling...

This is QuEpAsA Boy speaking.

How may I not help you?


OMG! Today was awfully awkward, yet somehow when I look back at it, kind of hilarious at the same time. See after six weeks of learning everything there is to know about cell phones and billing for my job, I instantly forgot everything I had learned once I was on the phone with the customers for the first time today. It was so scary.


I had about eight people call in that I did not know the answers quick enough to find the solution to their issue, before their patience thinned to anger. One lady called me an idiot and said I was worthless. I believe it's because I kept putting her on hold multiple times to find the answer. Once I got back on the line, she had already found the answer herself to the question, but not before leaving with some really rude remarks. The same thing pretty much happened with seven other of my customers. I don't blame them, sort of. I would be angry too if I got a newbie like me, but I wouldn't have gone so far to say such mean things. I guess I will just have to get used to it. That's not even really the worst of what I heard can happen. I could barely understand one guy asking me questions because of his New York accent. Sheesh


LOL. There was only one customer I actually could help because I knew the answer. Better yet I even made him happy unlike the other customers! That being because I gave him 200 dollars in credits for his overages, which I think I was able to do. (hopefully) I almost accidentally credited him 20,000 dollars by mistake, luckily my partner next to me noticed before I pushed the enter button.


Probably the funniest thing of the whole day was this, and likely not helping my problems anymore. Before you start your calls, you record the greeting above, so you don't have to keep repeating "Welcome to Verzion blah blah blah" every phone call. You hear it go off in the headset, and then afterward you talk to the customer normally, without them ever knowing it's a recording. Well, for some reason my greeting didn't go off..... So immediately when I put on my headset, I heard a random voice say "Hello?" to me. I was like " uhhh heeeeeeeello?" And then they are like, "uhhhh is this Verizon?" "And I'm like "OH CRAP!" because I had noticed I was in a call. They probably thought I was prank calling or on drugs. This happened for about three calls until I figured out what was happening. I didn't know when they would pop up, since the computer answers the call for you. Really funny. I fixed my greeting afterward so I would know when they were on the phone.


My partner I was paired up with listened to my calls for two hours while I worked, and then we switched vice versa. I was angry because he got all the sweet old ladies that were like, "Take your time dear, no rush!". I was so mad that I got all the mean people. LOL.


So in conclusion, I don't know about this call center stuff. I hope day two goes better.


Waitress at the Amsterdam Pancake House

While I unfortunately didn't get a good enough photo of this area to post during my Ollie's visit, I can attest to the fact that this Kmart's customer service counter is no more, and there's a solid wall here now. Perhaps Ollie's is using the space for a private office or two...


Kmart, 1992-built (closed summer 2016), U.S. 72 and S. Fulton Dr., Corinth MS

Naman's ghee is a dignified leading ghee manufacturer in India which has been trusted by its customers from 100 years. The company values, mission and vision is been presented with the words from managing director.

Last but not least, a shot that even back in 2017 I referenced as having wished I would have posted – glad I finally got the opportunity to do so tonight :) This shot simply shows a slightly different angle on the entry area of the store (and in particular, that “Customer Service” sign) than the one behind that link, but I like how it shows some different stuff in the periphery, such as the “We Are Moving!” sign in the window, and the yellow sale signs in the foreground (which I think complement the yellow in the Customer Service sign well!) Also notable is the Millionaire’s Club Card poster behind the registers. We have been loyal members for, well, probably longer than I’ve been alive!


More BAM teasers in three weeks, and more Overstock pics Saturday – stick around! And in the meantime, can’t forget to share my weekly set of music recommendations as well…


1. Home – American Authors

2. Passion – Rod Stewart

3. Naked – Goo Goo Dolls

4. Smoke and Mirrors – Paloma Faith

5. Inactive – “Weird Al” Yankovic

6. Long Way Down – Goo Goo Dolls 🔥

7. Battleships – Daughtry

8. Home – Blessid Union of Souls

9. Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne

10. Mysterious Ways – U2

11. When I Was Your Age – “Weird Al” Yankovic

12. Home – Switchfoot

13. The Ballad of the Nameless – Cold

14. Home – Three Days Grace

15. Home – Three Days Grace (clearly, as I wrote in my notes, “this thing [my iPod] is messed up sometimes.” It’s enough to play just about every song in my library titled “Home,” then the same one goes twice in a row?)

16. The Ballad of Mona Lisa – Panic! At the Disco 🔥

17. Waiting for Superman – Daughtry

18. Million Miles an Hour – Nickelback

19. Long Train Runnin’ – Doobie Brothers

20. Things Can Only Get Better – Howard Jones 🔥

21. The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang (this must be the first time I’m linking this one… I wrote “Google” beside it in my notes, presumably thinking I was unfamiliar with the song. Since that time, I’ve heard it a lot, and always get a kick out of it. So you’ll be seeing it again on my lists in the future, and because of that, I’ll just go ahead and give you the warning now – it’s NSFW. Not that this is the first song I’ve recommended like that, but still…)

22. Bad Things – Jace Everett

23. Mr. Vain Recall (Radio Edit) – Culture Beat

24. Tell Me I’m a Wreck – Every Avenue 🔥 🔥 🔥 (yes, the three fire emojis are directly from my notes)

25. The Bad in Me – Jake Owen

26. Rock and Roll is Here to Stay – Danny and the Juniors

27. I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons

28. I Can’t Dance – Genesis 🔥 (‘tis true.)

29. Loaded and Alone – Hinder

30. Honky Tonk Women – Rolling Stones

31. Hook – Blues Traveler

32. Redemption – Redlight King

33. Bad Girlfriend – Theory of a Deadman


(c) 2019 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)


My second of two Oxford Mall blog posts is now up! Please check out the first, with a history of the mall as well as plenty of pictures, here, and the new one, covering the mall's closing JCPenney, here.


My final flickr shot from the closing Oxford JCPenney is of this customer service desk, one of two total in the store (this one facing the former mall entrance). I just liked how this shot turned out :) Also, remember how I said this store hadn't yet begun its liquidation on my visit? Well, for some reason, it still had all its closing signs hanging up already! My thoughts on that, and more pics, at the blog post...


(c) 2017 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

Big Kmart Tallmadge, OH

This store opened... a while ago. It originally had a pharmacy up until a few years ago and a KCafe until it removed the exterior "Big Kmart" sign and replaced with the newer ugly "kmart" sign.

These pictures where taken 12/1/19

Please contact me via FlickrMail

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if you'd like to use any of my photographs.


Or perhaps the cake counter person had to go help out at Customer Service - yikes, sure looks like there were a lot of people in this area at the time! I believe the lady standing in front of the counter was an associate as opposed to a customer though, so perhaps this area wasn't that busy after all, and that was the cake counter lady just goofing off :P (And so ends this week's completely made-up story about the associates of the Muscle Shoals Publix) XD And a quick programming note: I may move my "off" day to tomorrow (for this week at least), since I have yet to get City Hall update photos...and come back Thursday with more Poplar Ave. Office Depot pics.


Publix, 2015-16 built, Woodward Ave. at W. 6th St., Muscle Shoals AL

WEEK 3 – Oxford Walmart, Post-Remodel (II)


In the center of the front end “row of miniature storefronts” (if you have a better name for them, let me know, lol!), as you'd expect, we find the customer service counter. I actually quite like the Black Décor 2.x treatment for this area, what with the three-dimensional signage (something you'd think Walmart would be prone to cheap out on – not that I'm trying to give them any ideas, mind you!) and the alternate-colored interior walls (blue with white sparks on one wall/white with blue sparks on the other). As far as I'm aware, this portion of the décor has remained unchanged in all the BD iterations.


(c) 2019 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

A vendor in a Bang Lam Phu Bangkok, Thailand market opening an item for a customer.

Orlando, FL. April 2019.


If you would like to use THIS picture in any sort of media elsewhere (such as newspaper or article), please send me a Flickrmail or send me an email at

Customer Service and the Pickup counter reside just inside the Home & Pharmacy entrance. This is a very similar setup to the Horn Lake store, except the look is quite different: I like the snowflake effect of the random spark logos in this newer store, and of course, the black décor 2.0 is way nicer than the Cheap Impact the Horn Lake store got stuck with for it's opening!


Walmart, 2016-built, Raleigh-LaGrange Rd. at Whitten Rd., Memphis



Sorbet customer service has now resumed as normal!


Sorbet. Customer service will be temporarily unavailable from 17th August - 11th September 2017 due to vacation.


If you require assistance with your Sorbet. purchase, please read the FAQ first, as it is likely your question has already been answered:


If you still require assistance, please leave a NOTECARD with Xantheanne Resident and I will get back to you as soon as possible. But please remember this will take a long time.


Thank you for your understanding, and we'll see you in September!



Penfield, NY. September 2016.


If you would like to use THIS picture in any sort of media elsewhere (such as newspaper or article), please send me a Flickrmail or send me an email at

This is probably the best shot I've ever gotten of the Customer Service area: one of the few areas that retained it's original, pre-flood signage. The photo did blur out at the bottom right corner, making it hard to see the stamped out/cut-out Kmart logo on the cart. Here's a better view by Retail Retell, taken at the now closed Greenville MS store: I do have a better photo myself of one from the Corinth location that I plan to upload in the near future.


Kmart, 1992-built (closing July 2016), U.S. 72 and S. Fulton Dr., Corinth MS

Since I missed a good view of the customer service counter on the last visit, I made sure to get several photos this time! Previously, the customer service counter looked like this. At first I liked the odd pastel colors in this store, but I believe I might like the new bolder color scheme even better.


Walmart Neighborhood Market, 2002-built, Goodman Rd. at Hurt Rd., Horn Lake MS

Crewe Station, Cheshire, UK. 7th March 2016.


For alternative railway photography, follow the link: to the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle.

Checker Aerobus

Found at a towing company in Orland, California, that is located in a former roadside motel on the old US Route 99W.

Passenger train crews are front line customer service representatives in addition to being professional railroaders, and Assistant Conductor Vanessa Sanders is no exception, seen here greeting a passenger boarding an on time Amtrak Train 316 at IDP on the UP Sedalia Sub.


Vanessa is now engaged to her engineer that day, Matt Phalen.



Independence, MO

WEEK 28 – Raleigh-LaGrange “Secret” Walmart


At the left side of the front end (on the right side of the store) sits a combined customer service and Pickup area. Of course, in many Walmart stores customer service is in the center of the front end, and Pickup is in the back of the store. I wonder if they're going to try to take Pickup up front in stores they remodel in the future. Assuming they'd have to keep the items people are picking up in the rear stockrooms anyway and then lug them all the way out to the parking lot, it probably doesn't make a difference where the desk is located, so why not have it conveniently near an entrance instead of as far away from one as possible?


(c) 2016 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

WEEK 23 – Columbus Kmart Closing, Set 1


One more overview of the customer service/former café area before we hit the road. Or, more accurately, the racetrack. The left-side actionway is where we’re headed next.


I think this pic does a better job of showing the interior of the old café space, even if it is slightly blocked by a number of clothing racks and other quad displays. Pay particular attention to the “Rest Rooms” lettering. Do you think it’s original to the store… (cont.)


(c) 2020 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)


November 21, 2016 - Anyone else been the victim of Telus's version of customer service?

Bergamo - Via XX Settembre

The customer service counter is just inside the main entrance at Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid. I got a close up pic of the overhead sign, but it didn't turn out as well as some of my other sign photos.


Bass Pro Shops, 1991-built (as The Pyramid arena), Bass Pro Dr. at Riverside Dr./Front St., Memphis

WEEK 24 – RRT, Greenville Kmart


A customer service sign in distress rounds out our upload set from the Greenville Kmart for today. Stay tuned, there are two more days of photos from here coming up as Retail Road Trip nears its end... plus, there's another companion blog post in the works over at the Mid-South Retail Blog, which you can check out soon now, here!


(c) 2016 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

WEEK 14 – BAM Southaven Relocation: Old Store, Set 2


Before we step back outside, here’s one last interior shot, this one taking a glance over at the checkout counters. As in stores like, say, TJMaxx, the register layout here (and at the new store, for that matter) was/is a set of registers and cashiers all behind one large desk with the customers queueing in line, waiting to be called. (The only difference is, the line isn’t as organized as TJMaxx since it’s not usually as long, haha!) Gotta love the drum lights over the checkouts, as well as the customer service sign itself! I got a similar angle on this shot that showed that sign a little better, and grappled with the decision for the longest time, but ultimately chose to go with this one (at 1:something this morning, when I wrote this, lol!) to show the checkouts better.


(c) 2017 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)


WEEK 38 – Horn Lake Walmart, Set III


Finally stepping away from the pharmacy, we come over to the front end for this look at the combined Customer Service and Pickup area, which also serves as our final interior shot. I'm used to Customer Service being in the middle of the front end, so having it on the right side of it here (or is it considered the left side, since it's beside the left-hand entrance to the store? :P ) is a bit odd to me, haha! Pickup in the front is also odd, although it seems to be becoming more and more common these days.


I guess it makes enough sense; the merchandise is still stored in the back of the store, and this way customers just don't have to walk all the way back there to request a worker to pick up their package (plus there's the added benefit of guaranteed assistance here, seeing as how it's sharing a space with customer service!). But by the same token, the way I understand retail psychology would seem to indicate that having the customer walk all the way to the rear of the store for online pickup would actually be a good thing in Walmart's eyes, because the customers would then be exposed to more merchandise along the way that they might add to their purchase instead of simply going in and out! So in effect, seeing Walmart (seemingly) put customer convenience above their own gain is surprising...


(c) 2017 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

I want to say other "project impact" Walmart stores have their customer service counters at the general merchandise entrance as well. This store also has the pick-up in the front instead of in the back. I believe the newer stores tend to have the pick-up in the front.


This store is one of the few supercenter stores closed in the January 2016 Walmart store closing wave. There were 269 stores closed (154 in the U.S.). Of those closings only 12 were Supercenter stores. The closing wave included mostly smaller stores like Neighborhood market and Walmart Express.


This is an approximately 192,000 square foot Walmart store that opened on August 26, 2009. This is the Hartland, Michigan location I'll post the pictures of the closed Bedford, Ohio Supercenter as well within a couple weeks after finishing the Hartland pictures. These and many of my Bedford pictures are currently floating around elsewhere online.


I believe the big box retailers were overly ambitious when they built up at the intesection of U.S. 23 and Highland Road. Due to the recession, a lot of developement due to happen around this intesection never happened. Target doesn't seem to be doing that well either here. Meijer is the only store that looked like it was doing well in the area. Then again, the Meijer locations around here seem distributed weirdly. There are three Meijer stores on Highland Road within 20 miles of each other yet Fenton (a decent sized city to the north) does not have a Meijer. Both Walmart and Target have stores in Fenton though, so I wonder how many people come from Fenton to go to the Hartland Meijer. I also imagine the grocery section at this Walmart contributed to its closure. When I was at this store, I noticed a bunch of grocery items, on the shelves, that were months expired. I doubt Meijer lets that happen as much. Since Meijer is a Michigan based company, they probably have a more loyal following in the area to begin with.


If you want to use this photo please contact me (Nicholas Eckhart) in one of the following ways:

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This involves a long customer service nightmare at Kernersville Ram in Kernersville, NC. I'm saving for my records

Pickup and Customer Service are right next door to each other in the front of the Horn Lake Walmart, next to the Home & Pharmacy entrance. This is where one would find the vision center in many older stores, which has been moved to beside the pharmacy in Walmart's latest Health & Wellness layout.


Walmart, 2015-built, Goodman Rd. at Horn Lake Rd., Horn Lake MS

Pittston, PA. March 2018.


If you would like to use THIS picture in any sort of media elsewhere (such as newspaper or article), please send me a Flickrmail or send me an email at

WEEK 25 – Columbus Kmart, Set 1


From a perch across the way (within the women's clothing department, which is straight ahead when you enter the store), here's a look back toward the combined café-customer service area. The former café still has its signature wonky lights™, as well as its restrooms, the signage for which you can barely see to the left of that section of green shelving on the right of the photo. The café sign, meanwhile, has since been removed. (This ought to be normal for a former café, but with Kmart, you never know!)


(c) 2018 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

WEEK 23 – TRUbble BRUing (II)


The left half of the front end at this TRU was home to the store's customer service counter, which can be somewhat seen here. The shelving eating up the foreground of the photo is my fault, given that I was trying to be stealthy when taking this... but TRU has no one to blame but themselves for placing that hanging “customer service” sign to where it blocks the “can we help?” signage behind it, haha!


(c) 2018 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

Remodel, Week 1


This other view of the front end shows signage missing from customer service, and a repaint inside the area that actually began yesterday. The former photo center has been missing its sign for a while now, and it looks like the SmartStyle salon may be keeping its sign for now. Note the “happy to help” set of signs in the left photo, taken yesterday: gone as of this afternoon. No wonder Walmart never bothered to repair the wall when they installed the signs a few months ago! Random Retail saw a similar scene at the Olean, NY, Walmart back then. Could it, too, be prepping for a remodel?


(c) 2016 Retail Retell

These places are public so these photos are too, but just as I tell where they came from, I'd appreciate if you'd say who :)

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that after a pause to put COVID protections in place during the recent pandemic, the walk-in NYC Transit Customer Service Center in Lower Manhattan has reopened, by appointment only. The Center is an accessible location for customers to receive information and assistance for various matters related to NYC Transit services. There are now numerous COVID-19 protections in place for both MTA employees and customers, including a thermal scanning temperature device, plexiglass barriers, sanitizer and social distancing guidelines in the waiting room and at service windows.


Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

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