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They may look different on other monitors.


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The story of Young George is long. Briefly -


He is a cycle-rickshaw-puller. His actual name is Ramana.


According to his narration, which I have recorded on my dictaphone, he is unaware of his age. He looks over sixty, yet leads an active and tough life. I found his facial features photogenic, and asked him to come to my house every Sunday for photo-sessions.


He was reluctant, but when he learnt I would be paying him for modeling, he agreed. In the beginning he was camera-shy, but soon got over it after a few sittings. These sessions went on for over a year, and I took over 2000 photographs of him on Fujicolor-100ASA, and processed the films in C41 chemistry.


I chose only 3 out of the 2000+ photographs to make both color and b&w images. The monochrome versions are elsewhere in my Flickr photo-stream.


I got the selected negatives custom printed on 8” x 6” paper, keeping the aspect ratio of a 35mm frame. The prints were scanned at 1200dpi.


I used Nikon FE2 with Nikkor 70-210 zoom lens. I used 6-point lighting, with a tiny flash, (pointing to the ceiling), on the camera hot-shoe, to trigger the 6 main slave flash-heads, the power of each adjusted with a flash meter. I placed the flash-guns inside white translucent polythene bags, puffed into sort of balloons, to get diffused light.


The backdrop was my navy blue colored sleeping bag spread out and hung behind, and I made George (Ramana) cover himself with a black shawl.


My article on George was published in "Better Photography": February 2003 issue


November 29, 2013 - Daytona Beach, Florida

Unless you've been there, you cannot imagine the expanse of the infield at this 2.5-mile race track facility. It's ginormous! And, for this event, packed to the rafters full of classic cars, rat rods, customs, and all sorts of automotive memorabilia. This may not be the greatest shot on earth, but I wanted something to document the enormity of this car show.

So this is just a sort of work in progress. I am attempting to make a lego Skyrim Action figure. The arms are my custom jointed ones. I sculpted the dragon armor as well as everything on the arms. I am going to try to make the helmet, and boots next. I got the sword by Brickarms from Toywiz amongst my many BA mystery pack purchases.

There were many who marked this as their favourite. However, when I removed it from my photostream for reasons given in, they lost it. My apologies. I lost them too. Sad !!



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The story of Young George is long. Briefly -


His name is Ramana; but people call him George.


According to his narration, which I have recorded on my dictaphone, he is unaware of his age. He looks over sixty, yet leads an active and tough life. I found his facial features photogenic, and asked him to come to my house every Sunday for photo-sessions.


He was reluctant, but when he learnt I would be paying him for modeling, he agreed. In the beginning he was camera-shy, but soon got over it after a few sittings. These sessions went on for over a year, and I took over 2000 photographs of him on Fujicolor-100ASA, and processed the films in C41 chemistry.


I chose only 3 out of the 2000+ photographs to make both color and b&w images. The monochrome versions are elsewhere in my Flickr photo-stream.


I got the selected negatives custom printed on 8” x 6” paper, keeping the aspect ratio of a 35mm frame. The prints were scanned at 1200dpi.


I used Nikon FE2 with Nikkor 70-210 zoom lens. I used 6-point lighting, with a tiny flash, (pointing to the ceiling), on the camera hot-shoe, to trigger the 6 main slave flash-heads, the power of each adjusted with a flash meter. I placed the flash-guns inside white translucent polythene bags, puffed into sort of balloons, to get diffused light.


The backdrop was my navy blue colored sleeping bag spread out and hung behind, and I made George (Ramana) cover himself with a black shawl.


"Jim Marshall- rock and roll shooter extraordinaire. We had coffee in SF - and discussed photography, life (Jim had a fair bit of experience with that!). he needed some Rapidwinders (custom numbered JM-13) and swapped me two prints of Janis Joplin prints (the Bourbon shots) for my effort." Tom


Marshall's WiKi at

part of




Today is the winter solstice and the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It's all due to Earth's tilt, which ensures that the shortest day of every year falls around December 21. Since ancient times people have marked the winter solstice with countless cultural and religious traditions—it's no coincidence the modern holiday season surrounds the first day of winter.

During the winter solstice the sun hugs closer to the horizon than at any other time during the year, yielding the least amount of daylight annually. On the bright side, the day after the winter solstice marks the beginning of lengthening days leading up to the summer solstice.


The Winter Solstice is the longest, darkest night of the year. It is traditionally celebrated with nature-based holiday decorations such as holly, mistletoe and evergreen boughs ... a sumptuous feast, creation of a Yule log, and a lot of singing and merrymaking.


In ancient Pagan customs, the sun is the bringer of light, of warmth and fertility. To agricultural and pastoral societies, the sun represented a vital life force. Without it, grain would not grow and meadows for pasturing would be bare. All aspects of survival depended on the sun, and the day when it hid in darkness was considered and still is to us Pagans, a magical and spiritual day.


Often hearth fires would be lit throughout the night on the winter solstice and candles would shine from every window, in an effort to tempt back the fiery energy of the sun.


Since Cerridwyn is the Goddess of cycles, seasonal cycles as well as life cycles, it is fitting that she would be the midwife to the sun, aiding and assisting in his rebirth. She is the crone of winter basking in the warmth of the child sun, as the Wheel of the Year turns, once again, to the light. Spring is far away, but the promise of warmth has arrived, just as it does every year, with the help of Cerridwyn.


"So the shortest day came, and the year died,

And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world

Came people singing, dancing,

To drive the dark away.

They lighted candles in the winter trees;

They hung their homes with evergreen;

They burned beseeching fires all night long

To keep the year alive,

And when the new year's sunshine blazed awake

They shouted, reveling.

Through all the frosty ages you can hear them

Echoing behind us - Listen!!

All the long echoes sing the same delight,

This shortest day,

As promise wakens in the sleeping land:

They carol, fest, give thanks,

And dearly love their friends,

And hope for peace.

And so do we, here, now,

This year and every year.

Welcome Yule!!"

- Susan Cooper, The Shortest Day


**And with this image and these words I would like to wish you all a joyous feast.

Thank you dear Flickr friends for a wonderful year of warm-hearted friendships. I am so grateful for your support and motivating comments, your inspiring works of art and wonderful images, I have learned so much from all of you, dear friends.... wishing you all LOVE and LIGHT!! **


Forest images are my own stock images.

Texture by courtesy of Skeletal Mess

Snowflake brush by Meldir snowflakes

Model by faestock

Lanterns by artress-stock at DevianArt

Holly bush by discordiA stock at DevianArt

Mistletoe by beefstock at DevianArt

Stag by Sassy stock at DevianArt

Dark fae by AngelMoon17 at DevianArt


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Want to play? This sort of just happened because of some of the comments. Anywho...Just dress your girl in some "old" clothes (worn before - remixed - but NOTHING NEW) and let her strut her stuff on WEDNESDAY each week. LABEL the photo "WEAR IT AGAIN WEDNESDAY" ... and tag it "WAW" :)


OK...done deal...feel free to join! XD

I really look at this group as not only a place to showcase remixed, reused, recycled outfits, but obviously bits and pieces of things we have for blythe that we love from our favorite *E* sellers! ;)



This photo Is a sort of HDR with two exposures, one for the house and one for the tower.




Beck, Wes, Lucky Striker or Miko (for the pig)


Chambered in .300BLK

Noveske cold hammer forged barrel.

SRW precision stock, flip up iron sights, muzzle brake, ambidextrous controls.

M115 RIS allows for quick swapping via the QD clamping ring and lever.

Reciprocating charging handle and recoil counter piston.

SRW MK2-Six lower receiver.

You should view it here. It's much better.


One year ago today, I took one of my most popular pictures ever.

Doing some photo archiving today while waiting for the hiking winter weather to return to some sort of normal . . .


We don't have many real log cabins around here anymore, but this custom hand built "gem" is near the state park!


The owner was a retired Danish guy, nope no relation, and lived out his remaining years in this quiet, quaint cabin next to the woods!


Copyright 2015

These are my secret files. You mustn't see my secret files. If you look at these files, I will be forced to get all ninja up in your business.


Now if you'll please excuse me, I am now going to go eat some cereals...I secret things that you mustn't be aware of, because they are also secret sorts of stuff.

This series will showcase what I think the best portraits of the boy Barong dancers.


It's the most popular dance for tourists. A straightforward battle between good, the barong, and bad, the rangda. The barong is a strange creature, half shaggy dog, half lion, propelled by two men like a circus clown-horse. The widow-witch rangda is bad though and certainly not the sort of thing you'd like to meet on a midnight stroll through the rice paddies. The Barong dance is truly a triumphant display of bright colors and graceful movements.


At the end of the dance, the masks of the Barong and of Rangda, as proof of their sacred nature, are stowed in a special room inside the temple. They are covered very carefully, especially Rangda's mask, because its deadly powers are greatly feared. It's a way of saying that the ritual victory of the Barong, that is of good, which marks the end of the dance, is only temporary: tomorrow the eternal and unresolved conflict could begin again.


I met this group of boys’ barong performers and found them fascinating. They were from a village in the north and the instructor even invited me to their training ground to photograph their activities.


I hope I could meet them again in the near future.


This photo was a portrait of a boy who was a prince in the performance.

Lengthy HDR Workshop Review

First, I should make it clear that I don't have any more plans to do more workshops. I know there is a lot of demand all over the world -- and these two previous ones have been ultra-successful. I may end up doing a few exclusive workshops in select cities around the world, but nothing is currently planned. I get approached all the time for this and that - and I'm looking at everything... but nothing is decided yet.


For sure, you should get ready for the HDR DVD to come out. It's being worked on currently. It will be ready when it's ready, but you can sign up there to be sure you find out first.


As for the Florida weekend workshop, Terry Reinert wrote a lengthy review on his blog. He was a nice guy, and I enjoyed meeting him. After the workshop, RC Concepcion asked Terry and Vanelli (his site) to take me out to shoot the sunset. Well, it was probably a top 10 sunset. It was one of those perfect sunsets where the sun was twice as wide as the skyscrapers in downtown Tampa. Even better, it was a perfect half-circle on top of a cloud.


The only bad thing is that we were in a car the entire time. I'm not sure what the heck happened, but I am sure what the heck didn't happen. I had a chance to get the greatest photo of Tampa ever made, but I was stuck in a car. I have not yet ruled out conspiracy.


After that, Vanelli, Terry, and I ended up at Tampa University. Or maybe it's the University of Tampa. We moved around there and they used a few of the new tricks from the workshop. I got some great shots that I haven't had time to process yet... But I was happy to hang out with those two guys. RC tends to be a good filter on these sorts of matters!


Daily Photo - The Portofino Bay

Today, I drove to Orlando and decided to put myself in charge of a sunset shot. Of course, it worked out well.


We stayed here at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando. This place is gorgeous. I never know how I feel about these "recreations" of other real-world places. The REAL Portofino is very pretty and unique, of course, but this recreation is also really nice. I mean, it's actually pretty here, even though it is just a facsimile. It's not the same as being in Italy, of course. But, it's better than being at a Walmart in Ft. Lauderdale, you know? Okay, it's a WHOLE lot better. There are six Italian restaurants, a pretty boat that takes you back and forth to Universal Studios and Adventure Island, and a very nice staff that is helpful and attentive.

An extremely compact personal defense weapon designed for space travel and jungle combat, the Corsair is a completely custom design from J-Tac. Utilizing high-impact polymers and a reinforced titanium frame, the Corsair is a featherweight, coming in at 1.3kg with a fully loaded magazine. It is chambered in the venerable 6.8mm SPC, fed from a unique circular 45 round magazine, and incorporates a AUG-style trigger group, one pull for semi-automatic, keep the trigger depressed for fully automatic fire.

Even at the brisk 900RPM fire rate, recoil and muzzle climb is controllable due to the proven multi-function suppressor, which acts a muzzle break while keeping the report remarkable diminished.

What makes the Corsair the most ideal for extraterrestrial travel is it's supremely compact size. The stock and foregrip both fold, and without the suppressor the weapon is a mere 15 inches long. This makes ideal for carry by non combatants, and for missions where storage space is limited. The curved nature of the magazines is also conductive to space saving, and they stack easily in handy tubes.

The optics package vastly increases the formidability of the weapon, and integrates night vision filters, infrared filters, and enhanced zoom options, as well as the ability to layer said filters for a truly encompassing battlefield awareness. The scope corresponds to a built in IR laser/rangefinder in the receiver.

Finally, required maintenance is

very low for the Corsair, and it is remarkably durable and robust, due to a very simple operating system.

With a variety of specialty 6.8mm SPC ammunition to choose from, including armor piercing, frangible, tungsten core, subsonic, tracer, and even flechette rounds, the J-Tac Corsair should be considered for any excursion into the unknown.

Portfolio & Services


The Shot

The lighthouse at Pigeon Point is one of the tallest lighthouses in the United States at 115 feet tall and is approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco along a rugged stretch of coast in San Mateo County. Saturday night was the 138th anniversary lighting of its first-order Fresnel lens which is comprised of 1,008 prisms. This lens is massive, standing 16 feet tall and 6 feet in diameter while weighing 8,000 lbs.


Last year, due to budget cuts to California's State Park system and insufficient funding from donations, the lighthouse lighting did not occur in 2009. I almost missed this year's event, but several fellow photographers made sure I didn't. Ultimately, I headed up for the event with none other than JaveFoto, Diego Tabango, Joshua Cripps, and the lovely Miss Kendra Karr. While there we ran into none other than Miles Morgan from the PNW. I made sure to sabotage his camera so we'll see if he ever posts any images from this night. ;) Many other flickr folk were there I'm sure, some of whom I met. In fact hundreds of photographers from all over attend this unique event. As Aaron Reed would probably say, "this is the largest frame bang along the California coast!". Indeed it was!


The Gear

Nikon D300

Nikkor 12-24mm @ 15mm

30 sec @ f5.6, ISO 800

Markins M20 ballhead, Really Right Stuff clamps & plates

Gitzo GT3531 carbon fiber tripod


Software & Editing

RAW file imported with ACR as 16-bit file: main adjustments included clarity and recovery increase. The RAW file was processed 3 times total for multiple distortion problems then layered, and blended together. Being close to architecture like this and shooting with a wide angle zoom lens creates all sorts of wonky distortion. I spent a lot of time correcting it.

In Photoshop CS5, layers included noise reduction, a Basic Mid-Tones luminosity mask for contrast, a Vibrance mask to increase saturation, a Saturation mask to reduce saturation (great tools by Tony Kuyper), and some color balance for some harsh green light in the doorway. Dodging through a Burn/Dodge layer with a Light Lights luminosity mask to enhance the beams a little more. I did extensive cloning for the "artistic" sake of removing the ugly chain link fence at the bottom of the image. I chose aesthetics over 100% reality. Nik Sharpener Pro with Local Contrast only as a layer with selective masking to define stars and beams more. Another Nik Sharpener Pro layer mask to selectively sharpen parts of the lighthouse only. Resize for web with custom action to downscale, sharpen, downscale again, convert to sRGB, reduce to 8-bit, and embed basic file info (my copyright, name, web, email, etc).

Meet my new Happibug custom! Thank you so much, Lynne, for this adorable girl! I just love her!! I really love her pull charms too! You always find such amazing charms!! Thank you too, for the darling traveling companion who arrived with her! Will show him later!


Satine has led an exciting, but sometimes sad life, searching for her dreams. She remains very hopeful, but fully understands that life is not a fairy tale! She arrived on a cold day, that is now sort of "spitting" snow at us! Will be taking more shots of her this afternoon, but couldn't wait to introduce you to her!

It's been a while since Jean Shrimpton had her picture taken! She is so happy to have one made today!


Okay...will stop with so many posts! :D Taking too many pictures...will get back to finishing cleaning my office, which is always a challenge...but I AM getting there...sort of! :D

I am a car guy. Big time. August is a month of major car shows in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterey and other places in Nevada & California. For the next couple of weeks I'll be posting many photos of vehicles of all kinds...from customs to sports cars, from trucks to toy cars to motorhomes...all in celebration of the creative, eclectic, and superb designs that have been applied to motorized vehicles. My aesthetic photographic approaches are used in some cases, and in other cases the photos will be primarily of the documentary sort. I hope that you enjoy this sort of intermission from my typical fare, although my typical assortment of images often includes my four wheel friends anyway.

For best bricker vs Brickitivity.

(I think Effie's a little out of sorts this evening.)

This castle was the summer home of the Bavarian (southern Germany) King in the mid 1800's. The castle is called Hohenschwangau with Schwansee (Swan Lake) in the foreground and, yes, there is some link to Wagner's opera of the same name. Alps in the background.


hdr Posted, new first&page=4&photo_type=250&noform=t&search_domain=Tags&photo_number=50&tag_mode=all&sort=Interestingness&textinput=breathtaking&search_type=Tags germany&count=20&delay=5&s=int Germany&search_type=Tags

Ellery Oleander took the time to "reflect" on her life with me even though it was sort. But she seemed quite excited on our trip to the post office. She's looking forward to her new adventures with Alisa!!!!

One evening I was walking around Roppongi, taking in all the sights. There doesn't seem to be a bad direction to go. Everything was alive and full of life.


Getting into this particular position took a few Cirque de Soliel moves that no one was around to appreciate (or warn me against). There is a pedestrian set of stairs that blindly switchbacks its way up an outside drum-tower of sorts. I had a feeling that on top of this little tower would be a good vantage in this particular direction, which I had not seen, but I had mapped out in my brain. I did one of those moves like children do when they work their way up a doorframe -- but I did it in a narrow stairwell. It got me to the top, which was extra-difficult with the tripod! I ended up with a clean view of everything. But then, only then, did I start to wonder how the heck I was going to get back down.


I waited for a nice-looking stair-walker to pass by underneath, and then I handed down my camera before performing an unceremonious jump/fall.


from the blog

is a determined sort of girl.

Finally these badboys are available to per-chase!!


Fleshie Wright Brothers choc full of exciting custom parts and designed and printed by a who is who of minifig customising (and me)!


Hit up my buddy Neonbricks to pick up these badboys! extremely limited numbers in this color way!


Please don't ask for prices etc. or websites etc. Flickr doesn't like that sort of thing!


Here is a shoot with Coco in one of the outfits she will go home with (one of her "stock" outfits). It's a handmade black and white polka dot pencil skirt layered under a flower-shaped black lolita skirt with a black Melancholy Kitties top and, one of my all-time favorite items, Cornice's hat. I wanted to give her sort of an Audrey Hepburn in mourning vibe, I think she looks quite stylish.

This exact location was a little path not too far from the city center. I was unable to pinpoint exactly with the GPS, but if you show this photo to any local, they can point you in the right way with a nice Japanese-gesture.


The little train that carried me into Hakone started winding through misty mountains. The trees were thick and a fog was rolling in. I had a feeling that it would stay wet, moody, and fairly perfect. It had that heaviness that made you feel like it would remain like that for a few days, and it did.


Before I get on train rides, I have a wonderful but dangerous habit of loading up with pastries. Train stations seem to have nice little selections of all sorts of foreign twists on the usual subjects. And, since I consider myself an explorer, I thought it would be good to get a TON of pastries and try them all. It's very nice... sitting there... looking out the train window at a new land... rain falling... eating pastries... (and I'm only a little ashamed to say that, upon arrival, my pastry bag was empty.)


from the blog at

It's hard to mess w/ perfection, so not much has been changed on this sidearm. Custom barrel, suppressor, and a quick detach leash. (I had to rebuild this 3 times due to flash crashes) Let me know what you all think!


credit to Eagle for the blending technique

Project 365 // Day 320

A local vinyl shop, Dragatomi, hosted DrilOne’s all new solo show called “Greetings from Hell”, this past weekend. He is a great artist who customizes vinyl figures as well as all sorts of different things, including signs, toy cars and alarm clocks . He has a unique style, and has mastered the "corroded metal" look you see in this piece. I enjoyed looking through his gallery, and found this "Che Trooper" to be one of my favorites of his work.


To see the complete Project 365 photo gallery, click here.

Copyright © 2011 Onigun Studio. All rights reserved. Follow me on twitter.

Photographed at Cangyan Shan

Outside of Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

June 23, 2007

on black at my site


Our interest in visiting this temple that spans a gorge was our primary reason for visiting and spending time in Shijiazhuang, a city that didn't have much to offer the foreign visitor. The Lonely Planet indicated that it would be a 2 hour bus ride from and back to Shijiazhuang, but it turned out to be far more complicated.


We had to take a two hour bus ride to even make it near this canyon. We got off the bus at a tiny town bus station only to have to board a second bus, a mini-bus. Travels around Southeast Asia and other parts of Asia have familiarized me with the common practice of convincing people to board, saying they will leave immediately, but refusing to leave until they are able to find enough passengers to fill the vehicle. As (bad) luck would have it, we were among the first to board and ended up sitting in the far back seat of this small bus that was slowly filling with locals.


Waiting was one thing, but to constantly be told that we were departing "right away" while the driver was laying down in the front of the bus with his shoes off and his feet propped up was just too much. On top of that, it was sweltering outside without even a semblance of a breeze, which made the inside of the bus stifling, even with the windows wide open. It was the kind of heat where you feel like you can't breathe and the only relief you find is from fanning yourself, but it's so hot that any sort of movement on your part is too much exertion and makes you that much hotter and makes you sweat that much more.


We finally departed with a bus full of people squeezed far too tightly together for comfort. People were even sitting on tiny, custom-made stools designed especially for sitting in the aisle. Once we got going, we discovered that the high school girl sitting next to me (the third person of four on our three-person bench seat) was studying English and was interested in talking to me. She was sweet and we managed to have a good conversation half in Englisha and half in Mandarin before we arrived at her stop and she had to shove her way off the bus.


Four hours after departing the city, we arrived at Cangyan Shan, already sweaty and exhausted. After a relatively easy-going hike and some stair-climbing, we arrived at this amazing temple, called the Hanging Palace.


The Hanging Palace spans a gorge, connecting two sides of a canyon. This photograph was taken from a bridge that also spans the gorge. Both may be familiar to you, as they appeared in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


The Hanging Palace and surrounding canyons were well worth the trip in retrospect, but this was probably one of the hardest-to-get-to places we visited on this trip to China. After our time there, it took us about two and a half hours to return to Shijiazhuang. We paid a taxi to take us all the way back, but once we reached the outskirts of the city, the driver insisted that he wasn't allowed within city limits, so he dropped us off to wait for yet another bus at a single-sign bus stop on the side of a busy road with no sidewalks. Making it back to our room that evening was quite a relief.

Well... sort of.

Violet got a new faceup! I am seriously in love with it; It's the best faceup I've ever done! I'm really proud of it ^w^ She's my dream doll now, I love her! I just need to get her a new obitsu! I have different eyelashes I'm putting on her, but I think I packed them up by accident ^__^;;;


Please leave me feedback, it's really appreciated. Also, please view on black!

...Jean Shrimpton felt this way today!


Just playing around...trying new things...not so sure about this one, yet, I sort of like it.


I tried this shot after seeing Tiffany's (Squeaky Monkey) shot of her Little Girl Lostl...I took the light tent outside in the bright sunshine. Have wanted to play more with the light tent. This one is so huge that I rarely use it...however, it does work outside!! :D Thanks, Tiffany for the inspiration! I shot this on manual, letting in lots of light...well, yeah!


Tiffany's shot:

Scottish Industrial Armaments – React Line – Vz 939


New for 2019, the 939 is a compact weapon system designed to brave the harshest of environments.


Purpose built as a wet-work weapon, the platform bridges the gap between SMG and assault rifle and is chambered for the subsonic 9x39mm round making it perfect for suppression.




•Carbon composite receiver for supreme lightweight and strength

•Polymer handguard (grooved on underside for additional RIS)

•Top rail

•30 round polymer casket magazine as standard with option to upgrade to 100 round beta mag


Scottish Industrial Armaments – Fac et Spera©


Credit to Shockwave for the T1, Nikita for the magazine base and Miko for the lettering.


Please view in Lightbox for crisper details.


Cookies will be distributed to those who can tell me the two preset parts that form the grip.


Oh Mister Duck! It is far too windy out here, and Kyle obviously has her camera on the wrong setting. Either that, or the pills we took were the wrong sorts of pills.

so between high school community service stuff on sunday and french class on monday and soccer practice on tuesday and french class on wednesday and photography class and soccer practice on thursday and french class on friday and soccer games on saturday on top of my normal school work stuff i am left with absolutely no days to take pictures


therefore, this is very old.

i really can't take a decent picture right now so it has to be.


i am having a huge sale on my etsy and i am selling prints now in the request custom item section, you just have to send me a message of what photo(s) you want and what size and stuff and i'll list it for you.

i learned to crochet and so i am going to have a bunch of stuff on my etsy in september, like crocheted hats and crocheted hairbows and 18 dollar fall dresses that aren't crocheted but will still be there.


p.s. i'm sorry if you've written me a letter (of the flickr and/or penpal sort) and i haven't responded. things are hectic. i'll get back to you soon, i promise.

This is maybe my tenth trip to Milford? I always have a lovely and different sort of time there. I've never seen it so starry, though! I was here with my friends Mark and Curtis and the photos and wine were flowing nicely! :) Curtis had suggested we go back to the room and relax for a while then come back out for the stars. I refused to follow this plan because I was afraid we'd never make it back out! But then just about 45 minutes later it was dark enough to take these sorts of photos.


- Trey Ratcliff


Click here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

This was taken with my first Hasselblad, and it's one of the photos that made me fall in love with it. I do love my Sony too, but this one a bit more. This was shot at an extremely high F-Stop and you can just sort of see the sharpness in it, eh? This was shot in San Rocco in Venice.


- Trey Ratcliff


Click here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

My custom AK in which I took a modern aspect to it but also wanted to keep some classicness to it. credit to mr. badger for the wood grain.


by the way, i do not know if classicness is a word XD





When in Rome you do as the Romans


As we travel outside of our home state TEXAS we find some trends, customs or just plain habits; unusual but not at all unpleasant. The 'ol adage "When in Rome, do as the Romans" rings a bell, a wakeup call of sorts announcing loud and clear we ain't in Texas anymore!!


We've lived in other countries where certain customs unique to each; must be considered or else run the danger of classified as " that American tourist" American traveler who behaved in a completely culturally insensitive way while traveling, working, or living abroad. The person who tromps into a Japanese house wearing his shoes. In an effort to not be that person, friends have told me they try their darnedest to follow that age old maxim: when in Rome, do as the Romans do – i.e. follow the customs of the land and culture that you find yourself in, even if they aren’t your customs. Nothing wrong with trying to be respectful in all ways possible of other cultures, right?


The Three Key Considerations of Cultural Customs

When you’re faced with a differing tradition, custom, or habit of a culture you’re interacting with or a country that you’re traveling through/living in, the main decision you have, of course, is whether you want to follow this different custom, stick to your own ways, or try to chart some sort of middle path. In making this decision, I think there are three main considerations to take into account:


1.Manners - Is this a simple rule of behavior that the people of this country find polite? Will behaving in my normal manner seem rude? Is this just one of those intercultural quirks that I should just follow without bothering my head about it?


2.Practical – What will happen to me if I don’t follow this custom? What about if I do? Will my life or the life of others around be easier? Better?


3.Ethics – Is this custom ethical according to my beliefs? Would I be violating my ethics to follow the custom – or would it be wrong of me to not follow it, given the particular facts of the culture/country I find myself in?


Trying out that darkening technique that Cami came up with. Also trying out a sort of grip texture.

Really quick straight outta camera shot.


I'm currently attempting to sort out my props (sounds better than toys). And came across a box I have with my small collection of custom minifigs. This is the first custom figure I bought, it must have been a few years ago now. I had some plans for a few shots but never got round to doing them.


I love taking photos of Izumi because he sort of looks good in every angle to me. But a downside to this is that somehow all his photos turn out looking a bit of similiar :/

Went down to Seafield for an hour before sunset tonight. The sky was a bit muted and the tide was well on its way out. Didn't really get anything that I was happy with and as the sun set I was about to call it a day when I noticed this clump of seaweed. It's bigger than it looks (about 6ft long) and I dragged it back into the surf. Started taking shots but the tripod was sinking as it was on soft sand. Went back up the beach and returned with three stones to sort that out and then had to reposition the weed again as the sea was receding rapidly. Took a lot of shots to get the right movement in the surf. This is the one I am most happiest with. The tower in the distance is the ruin of Seafield Tower which has collapsed further in the past few weeks.

Used a Lee 0.6 Soft Grad and a custom white balance to remove the very strong blue cast.



The Anglesey Arms Hotel in Caernarfon was a 18th century Customs House before being converted to a hotel and sits on the old site of the Castle's hanging post and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a victim of the hangman's noose.

So together with whisky, you can get another sort of spirit, if you want a room (and if you're brave enough)


Not sure if this is custom enough... Oh well. I'll try not to base my next Rapture weapon on an already existing gun. xd

This is the Perito Moreno Glacier that empties into Lago Argentina. It was simply awesome to be there, as you can plainly see.


I was there with a bunch of Russians who had brought an insane amount of cognac. Between shots, they would all drink cognac, yell, and try to bring down the next ice wall. We were the only ones there, and we stayed until the last moments of dark to eek out every last bit of light from the sky.


Also, I wanted to point you to an article over at Abduzeedo yesterday about the new book. It was written by good man Paulo Canabarro (his Twitter account here). You can also follow @Abduzeedo if you are looking for another good set of Tweets. I notice that people that complain about Twitter always have the same sort of complaints: "I don't want to know when everyone is standing in line at Starbucks!" Well, then, I say, you are following the wrong people! Once you get 50-100+ people to follow, it becomes a nice source for information, fun, and inspiration. It might take a while to build your personalized list, but then you will be hooked. (I am @TreyRatcliff, in case ya didn't know).


From the blog at

I View Sydney in White On Black I


Although I find this sort of photography ( infrared ) too messy to do to often I found this one in my archive so quick PP and here we go....sight on Sydney CBD in infrared.


Worst part of doing and PP infrared images it is the reducing high noise in background due long exposure... this image is one of my first IR shots done with Canon is winter here in Australia so it is good to see Sydney in White...


I More images in IR World I


About photo:

F: 4 / E: 30' / FD: 25 mm / ISO: 200 / WB: Custom / Filters: Hoya R72 /


All comments and suggestions welcome.


Copyright: Mario Bekes Photography ©

Polaroid SX-70. Polaroid ATZ.


Happy Polaroid Week, all!


First, I would like to give a testimony on how I owe my scanning abilities to Focal Point in Deltona, Florida. I have owned my Microtek Scanmaker i900 for 4 years and have never had an issue with newton rings until a few months ago. They were on every integral Polaroid I scanned. I tried all sorts of tips and tricks to try to get rid of them and had no luck. I tried and used John Thawley's method, using the cartridge (read about it here). This worked splendidly, however, I did notice a decrease in sharpness of the image. This would not do for printing purposes. Finally, after hours of scouring the Internet, I found Focal Point. I talked with Mike Sparks, who just happens to have the same scanner as I do, and he custom cut Anti Newton Ring glass for the top part of it (the Microtek i900 has two separate parts for flatbed scanning and film scanning, which I have never had a newton ring problem with the film part). After a not so easy switching out session from the old glass to the new AN glass, I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am about it. Absolutely NO newton rings and NO image quality loss. Beautiful, crystal clear scans! This glass is such high quality that I barely have any dust/specks cleaning up to do after a scan. I have been very happy with this scanner and I am glad this solution worked and gave it a second life.


Needless to say, I am beyond impressed with Focal Point's AN glass and their customer service. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you are experiencing newton ring problems.


finally found a Create a Monster base kit in store last night.

I've been looking for about a month now, and stores pretty much everywhere have been pretty wiped out unless you happen to catch them right after a restock.

anyway, she's all finished now and I couldn't be happier ;3;

she also finally has a name.

my friend sara suggested that I name her Cadavra after this hilarious horror movie called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra; and that name made me think of avada kedavra, the killing curse from the Harry Potter series for anyone who isn't a giant nerd like me xD

so I've decided to call her Ava Cadavra as sort of a mix of the two.

anyway, I hope you all like her now that she's finally all put together ^_^

I still need to finish her shoes from the add-on pack, but I only just got new paint yesterday; so for now she's wearing the shoes that came with the base kit.


Ava Cadavra - Monster High Create a Monster Skeleton Girl custom.



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