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Mixed Cultures by Zimbabwean artist Edson Seda, carved in Springstone.


Part of the ZimSculpt exhibition at the Dallas Arboretum highlighting artists from Zimbabwe.


Entered in Sculptures And Feelings Challenge - AWAKE CHALLENGE - April 2017 (Ends in May 15)


Pusignan (Rhône)

Région Rhône-Alpes


the Kurdish tribes Clans and traveler files

Pusignan (Rhône)

Région Rhône-Alpes


Seen through the window of a chain's coffee shop in central London. Not sure if they realised that I was taking this shot. No flash used ;-). For the companion photo press here.

Rice, to the Balinese, is more than just the staple food it is an integral part of the Balinese culture. The rituals of the cycle of planting, maintaining, irrigating, and harvesting rice enrich the cultural life of Bali beyond a single staple can ever hope to do. At the beginning of planting time, after the water buffalloes walk the rice fields several times to prepare them, ceremonies are held to carry the young stems of rice that have been nurtured in a special nursery. On each section of the rice fields, the corner nearest to Gunung Agung will receive the honor to be the first place to receive the young stems of rice. The water level in each section is perfect; little streams of water effortlessly flow from the highest section up on top of the hill to the very bottom section. The planning and responsiblity of the irrigation and planting schedule are arranged through subak, a Balinese system that ties together rice cultivation with its water temple system. Historical evidence dates this system to around the 11th century, yet the yield per acre of a Balinese rice field is about the highest in the world!


Para otro gran amigo, con un gusto magnífico y unos B/N de libro:

Abel. Espero que te guste, crack


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


West Port St., Edinburgh (Scotland)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss24-70mm + Cokin filter : X121S


Larger Version


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pentaxSV+smc Takumar 50/1.4 FUJI ISO 100  洲本

a photo manipulatio that i decide to do. taking creative to broad life freedom

Merci à tous pour vos visites,commentaires et favoris.

Thank you all for your visits, comments and favorites


*winning duel: #23305 Colour

Antwerpen. Belgique. 1993.


I can imagine the local commuters the next day.. "Borloakes! What ish da faarkin hell ish dish mean?"


Just a thought.

A coffee shop window in central London one winter's evening.


For 'Coffee Culture (1)' click here

For 'Coffee Culture (2)' click here

Companion photo to 'Coffee Culture (1)', press here to see it. Inside a London coffee shop, from the street outside.

La cultura

El arte, las nuevas tecnologías, el conocimiento, la divulgación, la observación, el debate, la evolución. Una experiencia única.



Art, new technologies, knowledge, dissemination, observation, debate, evolution. A unique experience.

High in the hills of Busan, lies the Gamcheon Culture Village.


Initially the area was a shanty town, when thousand of people fled south to the safety of Busan during the Korean War. The area has grown exponentially since, upgrading from shanty town to brick and mortar houses with the colourful facade you see today. Some 10,000 people now live here, although it remains the poorest area of the city.


I had a great time exploring all the little alleyways here and getting lost. Rather unsurprisingly, the locals dislike having tourists wondering around their doorsteps, often shooing people away for taking pictures. I can't say I blame them, despite the revenue it must bring them

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Model: Victoria Grace

Painting: Aisha Amer


Eighteen years into this young life of mine and I'm being faced with so many decisions that will impact the rest of life. The next couple of years entail some incredible things including a road trip through Canada to explore my home country. I also plan to travel to Peru and Switzerland where I have family that live in the mountains raising thousands of sheep. Visiting them would be the opportunity of a life time and I happen to have a few friends that are willing to join me. One being Ansel Edwards and the other being this young lady named Victoria. We're all very cultural, Adventurous and excited to travel the world.


While this might not one of the most interesting of shots that I took in Korea of, looking at this photo again reminded me of the comparisons on the bicycle culture between South Korea and Singapore.


The thing is that South Korea and Taiwan had a very established bicycle sharing culture for many years, while Singapore has only started to catch up very recently. It impressed me that these two countries were able to do it very smoothly and efficiently, while Singapore still has a lot to catch up on, especially on bicycle manners.


I can only hope that Singapore might one day aspire to reach the likes of them.

texture thanks to JoesSistah

Built in 1456, Sayabouly’s oldest and one of its most beautiful temple houses a 7-meter-long reclining golden Buddha…the province’s largest. Located on a hilltop overlooking the Nam Houng River in Sayabouly District, the mural adorned Wat Sibounheuang attracts locals who come to ask for blessings before a trip and go to make merit upon their return. Also visible are the remains from the original temple. A Stupa on the grounds sits on a singkhone with four spirit ghosts-two small and two large-who are honest and strong. The village ghost also resides at Wat Sibounheuang, and each year in mid-March, the district’s three-day Boun Phavet (Ghost Festival) procession, held in remembrance of Phavet starts at the cemetery and ends with the burning of clothes and throwing them in the river.

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