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Lors d'un trek dans le Langtang au Népal .

D'après diapositive en 1979.


It isn't all about downloading.


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hair from FOXY @kustom 9

Cultures in Limagne

Pont-du-Château - Auvergne - France

It was 4am and the previous nights rain had subsided but the heat and humidity certainly hadn’t. In that single moment, on my creaking bamboo raft and the most amazing karst peaks slowly appearing with the first dawn light, I had never felt further from home.


It’s obvious to say that China is on a scale of its own, from the sheer extent of its population, to the size and commercial scope of its cities and economy to the division of wealth between its people – I really cannot think of anywhere else that matches the eminence of this country.


Travelling through China was an amazing experience and one I certainly learnt a lot from. It is an ancient civilisation and rich in so much culture that it was easy to find myself lost and captivated by what the country has to offer. What’s more is that the future for China is looking bright. It has overcome so much to be where it is today and it’s impossible to not feel the excitement and buzz in the air of a country that is taking progression in giant strides.


In this moment however, I was completely and utterly lost and wanted to enjoy every moment of it 🌏 🇨🇳


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Mural "Weaving Cultures" by Sam Kirk and Sandra Antongiorgi (2016) West 16th Street and South Blue Island Avenue, Chicago Illinois

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Travel line

the documentary photo

this family lives in the one village near arbil city have a classic and a history life culture and a beautiful view

Varanasi, INDIA


Museo de la Biodiversidad, Panama City

Every year, August is the time to bring the elephant God, Ganesha home, in Western India. He is quite the favourite as he is believed to bestow knowledge and success. It's quite an extraordinary time of the year with the bling and the blare.


Ganesha idols, skilfully made by traditional artisans, are available in different sizes and avatars. They are brought home with great fanfare, worshipped for ten days and then immersed in water in a tearful farewell, only to be welcomed the next year. It's family time.


This year due to the lockdown, the celebrations are but a feeble remnant of what used to be. Here a young man and his sister seemed all smiles as they carry their Ganesha home. They hope Ganesha will help them tide over 2020. We all do.

Port de La Rochelle, jour de fête nationale...

"Preservation of one's own culture does not require

contempt or disrespect for other cultures."





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This picture represents my culture, its a bit rough i know, am still learning :)

Almost everywhere you look, China is a country bathed in tradition.


It’s history has shaped its culture and its lifestyle.


It is China. 🇨🇳

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Ancienne champignonnière / carrière de calcaire. Île-de-France.

more pics & details HERE


Goa Selomangleng, Kediri, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

glad to find the Synagogue of Cologne.The German police is guarding this ensemble day and night. It is a shame, that eighty years after hitlerism and holocaust antisemitism, now religious terrorism and political antijudaism endanger our post-world-war II society, where the grand-children of the Nazi-generation could grow-up in a tolerant atmosphere under the slogan: make love not war !

View from the Świętokrzyski Park towards the Culture Palace, Warsaw

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Onions, celery, and bell pepper – according to Wikipedia, that’s “The Cajun Holy Trinity” that is “the base for much of the cooking in the regional cuisines of Louisiana. The preparation of Cajun/Creole dishes such as étouffée, gumbo, and jambalaya all start from this base.” And if you want to know the proper way to cook these vegetables Cajun style, here is a link:


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Built after the architecture of the Lomonossow University in Moscow

The Three Cultures Square (or Tlatelolco Square) takes its name from the architectural ensembles of three cultures found there :

- Culture of Tenochtitlan, with pre-hispanic ruins

- Spanish culture: church and convent of Santiago, dating from the Spanish era (early 17 th century).

- Modern Mexican Culture: Modern Buildings



Place des Trois Cultures


La place des Trois Cultures (ou place de Tlatelolco) tire son nom des ensembles architectoraux de trois cultures qu'on y trouve :

- Culture de Tenochtitlan, avec des ruines préhispaniques

- Culture Espagnole : église et couvent de Santiago, datant de l'époque espagnole (début 17 ème siècle).

- Culture Mexicaine moderne : immeubles modernes



Mexico - Mexique / Mexico City - Mexico

For Culture Shock (May 4th SLT - May 26th)

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