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Chiloe island people preserve craft shipyards like this beauty...

Posted an image of these before, but had another attempt during the day and went for mono as getting into B&W quite a bit now.


Long exposure to try and bring a different take to these old x-craft from World War II that are slowly rotting on the beach at Aberlady Bay.


This location is definately a tide out only as the flats are pretty level so you could get cut off quite easily.


These are mini subs that carried only 2 people so they are pretty small.


Added noise to skies as suggested previously but still having banding issues especially in mono Long Exposure shots. Adding the noise layer doesn't seem to help in many circumstances. I have tried several options, but can't see to get rid of it so any advice appreciated on how to darken skies without introducing banding. If I left the sky as it was I wouldn't encounter this problem so maybe that's the answer..

Such a beauty with colors and lines crafted by the mother nature for the one who likes.

See what you can do with pine cones (and LOTS of hot glue).

Just don't do what I did and hot glue yourself to a pine cone...Dang, that hurts!


Hand crafted

With artistic persuasion the potter molds the

clay into a beautiful work of art.

The eye delights in form and shape,

in things handcrafted from the heart.

Our lives are like that potters clay

ours to fashion as we may-

like earthenwares of brown and blue,

our lives can be useful, and beautiful too!


Taken with a Nikon D100, fitted with a Nikon 24-120mm ED VR Lens. Handheld.

Peters Valley School of Crafts Layton, New Jersey July 20, 2013


See more of my photographs here

This is my contribuition to "Dance des Lumières" and a tribute to every person lost at sea trying to escape war, famine and global warming effects.


Clouds by Venus Adored

“Masks” designed by Ray Komei and hand printed on a linen-like textile, part of a set of coordinated fabics and wallpapers in the “Contempora” series by Laverne Originals. Blogged at Aqua-Velvet.

More details - Blog


CONVAIR Village Store @ Illuminate event


PACK / Calla Lilies @ Illuminate event


Dahlia - Tenerife Lanterns @ Illuminate event


[InsurreKtion] Craft Room @ The Chapter Four


MudHoney Cale Patio @ 6º Republic


Other decor

hive // macrame hanging plant

Concept} Ca'Pepe. Coffee table

..::THOR::.. Newspaper

..::THOR::.. 6- The Coffee Cup

Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm

Soy. Wall art [Sea Echo]

Gerberau and craft canal (dt. Gewerbekanal) in the city of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.


As promised, here is the last of my pictures from a journey to the beautiful city of Freiburg. I especially like the colors and structures of the buildings in this one...


From the Freiburg Session.

Mid 20th Century pond yacht in cradle

Had a difficult time trying to level the bridge against the horizon. They bend at different rates. Took this a while back. Have been wondering if this Cosco Busan coming underneath the Golden Gate to dock at Oakland Port before it hit the Bay Bridge and spilt on it's way out. Probably not. We are getting into the autumn stellar sunset season in the SF Bay. SFBA expects!

Had these for a long time and almost forgot about them...2014 will be their year :)

preview of craft show

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Torie Jayne

For Our Daily Challenge: Many.


Guess who's been crafting far too much over the Christmas break? That's right, yours truly!

brooches & clutches in a vintage suitcase

NEW from Lil'Bug - Books Pose Gacha Set ~ Imaginarium

*AF* Craft Room Gacha Set ~ Imaginarium

BananaN - CHIYO GACHA Set ~ Imaginarium

CREDITS at Her Sketchbook

At least these will stay organized. . .

The Art of Wooden Chinese Craft

The last upload of the market series. I received nice feedbacks on this series, thanks very much!





it doesn't lean in real life................... This was the photo that made it to HGTV!!



Old craft in a old lost village. Shot with my Nikon d800 and Sigma Art 20mm.


Village: Malo Grablje (croatia)

Ett av mina favoritsysslor, förutom fotografering, är pyssel med stämplar, kort och scrapboooking.


One of my favourite hobbies, other than photography, is crafting with inc stamps, cards and scrapbooking!

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