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I’ve seen it with my own eyes

How we’re getting’ otherwise

Without the luxury of leaving


The touch and feeling of free

is intangible technically

Something you’ve got to believe in


Connect the cause and effect

One foot in front of the next

This is the start of a journey.


And my mind is already gone

And though there are other unknowns

Somehow this doesn’t concern me.


And you can stand right there if you want

But I’m going on


I have been playing Gnarls Barkley on loop all week. Cee Lo's new stuff is really good but I miss his days with Danger Mouse. Man, that was some musical gold they made. It felt like Mentos and Pepsi in your ears!!!


This song is pure gold




Day 45:This shot was from my photo-shoot with the incredibly talented Gabrielle DeLoress. . It was lots of fun and I can't wait to share the rest of the shots. Check out her EP Love | Confusion! I produced it :o)

pra quem se lembra da imagem de abertura deste programa numa versão beeem antiga eheheheh.


Foto durante o Open de Balonismo em Rio Claro SP onde encontrei pessoas fantásticas e fotógrafos DE VERDADE!


Confiram aqui:


Silvio Tanaka

Tiago di Gaspari

Murilo Cardoso


Rafael Sales


Tiago Henrique

Guilherme (Beiçola)


(este eu QUASE CONHECI :0D ) Diego Ocanhas

e este também: Marcelo Cerri


e a cobertura aqui

A collage processed with the KPT filter series.

Painted Rose - digitally created in Painter and Photoshop --

ODC = Kitchen related idea...


Day 160 I would like to thank all the hand "volunteers" who turned up for this shot. I appreciate all your cheering as I "borrowed" your limbs...although I'm not sure the screaming was necessary; but I was as excited as you were. Needless to say, I hope you find the accommodations in my basement quite satisfactory. Sorry I don't have any lights down there. I also hope you don't mind the chains fastened to your remaining limbs. Those are just to prevent the hurricane from blowing you away. The weather has been quite erratic lately... Anyway, If you have any questio...if you have any que...let me fini...ok ok please, one person at a time. Jeez, and try to use English words. I'm not sure what "aaaargh" means.


...I think I need sleep...


hope everyone's year will be filled with the light of hope, joy and peace!


this is one of the many paintings i've had to do over the last 6 months...the interesting thing about this fairy's house is that it is made from a cut crystal bowl that she found in the woods so this was quite a challenge capturing the light from within and much like life i guess...capturing the light and holding on to it!


on a sad note this book is probably the last time i'll get to paint environments like this as the company has decided to make all of the upcoming books CG, simply put, they plan to take actual stills from the dvd's and make books out of more drawn or painted images...i will still be working on them but not in the fashion that i've grown to love with all of my i have been a little down this past month with this news as well as judie, the woman who created this fantastic world over the past six years.


the decision that they have made is based on the assumption that children don't like drawn art...for this company with it's long history of creativity and artistry to come to this "corporate" decision is painful to all of the artists that work with makes me seriously think about quitting...i am an artist first and i would do what i do for nothing i love it so much...i had to get that off my chest.


took this yesterday, it looked as though the strand of colored leaves were displayed on the tree by a designer.

trying different techniques......

I dreamt of an all night buffet featuring gallons of Kalamata olives, moussaka, spanakopita, and avgolemono soup, and I woke up in Greece, on the isle of Corfu. Tonight, I am afraid to go to sleep for fear of waking anywhere other than here.


; }) For kerkira!

Corel painter + Photoshop cs6

I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers.




Day 13: I would say that solitude is the one word that glorifies loneliness. Being left to your own devices is one of the most liberating feeling. The irony is staggering considering solitude will be illegal tomorrow :o)



digitalpaint Photoshop cs6 + corelpainter 11

Una bellisima foto del mio amico Alberto Parma pitturata con Corel x3 + Photoshop

Corel Paint; pastel, pencil, crayon, and smear tools

this is tink's room...drawn by judith holmes clarke painted by me in photoshop and corel painter...another painting of the world that i have been immersed in for the past 4 years...happily.

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