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.... I could ask my Vancouver friends..... 'Guess where in Vancouver"...? :-)


.... computer hacker's meeting in Vancouver!

she is working on computer

The one that got away - still roaming freely in the house but I did 'capture' it under the computer desk :) Beautiful little field mouse brought in by one of our cats - hey ho!


UPDATE: This little guy survived 24 hours in the house with 2 big black cats and was spotted, captured and released into the wild again this morning. Looks a little dehydrated but hopefully will survive to fight another day :)

created for: Surrealart challenge "Computer"

BG images made in E3D/AE. Other images TK

I just noticed that from thumb nail size, this looks like a computer chip!:)

This was taken high above the Empire Plaza on the top floor of the Corning Tower building in Albany,NY.

Lots a parking in this and surrounding parking lots, but none to be found on the streets! If you do find a spot, make sure there's no sign saying "Parking from 4- 6pm Only", or that there's no yellow curb or that you're on the right side of the road. Otherwise you'll find a ticket on your windshield for some ridiculous amount. Possibly for $160.

I know, it happened to me when I went to drop off some images at a restaurant. I was gone no more than 5 minutes and when I came out there was a ticket with above said price on it. It would seem that I'd parked in a zone that wasn't available until 4pm. It was 3:45 when I parked, not seeing the sign, which was turned around and behind branches.

The following day I went to City Hall and pleaded 'not guilty'. They set a court date for me. The following day I brought the ticket in to the place of business where I got the fine. The owner said, " I'll take care of that for you", he gave me a couple of free dinners!

So, lucky for me all worked out well.

Sometimes you Can fight City Hall... and Win!;)

Happy Weekend All~


Find your parking space: View On Black


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My favourite tiny Teddy figurine. About 25mm tall. He is quite photogenic...

Christmas Computer Wallpaper

christmas computer wallpaper

Check for more free background wallpapers

The computer guru was in working on the computer and since I was trying out the new lens I figured, eh why not....

The death of my computer!!!!!


Yah! for the last 4 days ive tried to save my computer but a system melt down happened


its set me back on sending packs and getting collabs done....


ill be hung up over the next few days getting my computer back up and running......i have to go through all my files and recover as much as i can before i can start sending stuff out to peeps!


dont you just love computers!



I can create videos again!!!!!!


Try to get work done, and all of a sudden there is a cat on the computer! Ball-jointed cat doll from

This is a video for a very speical lady :)

computer background

This long rustic wood table is in our sun room just off the kitchen. It's where our computer sits and is one of Macie's favorite spots to hang out.

More info, pics and video can be found on my website:

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I Dislike my computer now,

I can nolonger get on to the BAF.

So I can't check to see when the next convention is:P

could some one please tell me when

the next lego convention will be?

-one that is sponsored by brickarms-


Computer Keyboard with minimun DoF.


Simply, "is my life . . .♥


نحنُ أمةٌ لا تقرأ .. وحسبْ ، نحن أمةٌ تقرأ وتكتبْ وتنتج !

=) ..


بالمناسبه :

يوماً ما .. قالَ أبي :

في أيَ قُطرٍعربي

إن أعلنَ الذكيُ عن ذكائه ِ

فهو غبي !

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