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For my next trip, I invite you to discover another mysterious civilization of the Andes: Tiwanaku. The journey takes us to the high plateaus at 3800m of altitude in Bolivia.

Pompeo ruins, Italy

All Civilizations Either Become Space Faring or Extinct.

Carl Sagan


Featuring: SᴏɴɪC

Hair: Barberyumyum P13 (Fatpack)

Outfit: Osmia

Location: Chankanaab

Scene Props and Effects: Mish Mish, Remarkable Oblivion, Zenith, Izzie, !SH! (Free Torch)


Thank you Charlie for the compass and map ^^

A moment during our last day of round trip around Iceland, when we left Snaefellsnes National Park with its outlandish volcanic landscapes and endless hrauns (lava fields) to see a real village again.


PX500 | BR-Creative |

Soundscape // Paysage sonore: DEDEKIND CUT ("DE-CIVILIZATION"):


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Cold rainy, snowy day made for lots of time to re-edit images of years past. Built around 1450 and still looks amazing.

Machu Picchu Nine images stitched .



Slurl -

Death Stranding


- Camera Tools by Frans Bouma

Design by

© Petscho Photography






Several decades after the diaspora of the D'ni survivors of the Fall, Atrus and Catherine searched through D'ni Ages for survivors, and, along with the survivors they found, founded a new D'ni civilization in Releeshahn.

From the begining of human civilization, nature is a major partner of human creations...

An old Slav settlement


7DWF Saturday theme "Landscapes"


And those who were seen dancing were thought

to be insane by those who could not hear the music.


Friedrich Nietzsche

Sylt Island, Germany, 2018

I still live, I’m just more active on Instagram mainly because Flickr, to put it bluntly, is dead as shit.

snippets of their faces ...

A scene the wonderful city of Madrid. (PE04589)

...and on 'Greenwater'.

Thanks for your comments and views.

Morning Star painted by Alex Janvier and his son Dean/on the dome roof in the Museum of Civilization Ottawa

Another beautiful night for the northern lights.

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