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From the begining of human civilization, nature is a major partner of human creations...

This photo is taken from Astoria Park by the East River. The bridge on the front is Hell Gate Bridge and the rear one is Triborough Bridge. And the highly illuminated cityscape on the background is, of course, Manhattan.


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I had couple hours of free time this evening and the weather was so darn good. Zero cloud, nada! So, I grabbed my camera bag and a tripod and hopped on the subway train to Astoria. It was about 30 degree Fahrenheit outside with moderate wind. Not too bad. So, I wore what I usually wear for this kind of weather - sweater, double jacket, jeans and sneaker. Normally, that’d be just enough. Not today!


I forgot to think about the river. It’s usually much colder and windier when you’re by one. Let alone the fact that I was there for almost an hour. I had no gloves, no beanie, no scarf, no board pants (I hate long john). It was fine the first 5-10 minutes… then hell began. My face and hands turned solid within twenty minutes, and I didn’t feel a thing after that. Well, consider what I got out of the evening, it’s still worth it. But next time around, I’d definitely bundle the hell up before I go out doing photography work.


Moral of the story: Never underestimate the weather… EVER!!!

No more hope for this land....just old signs.

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Los Angeles Downtown at Night


A classic view from the Griffith Park Observatory.


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thanx أبرحلـ واتركـ احساسكـ luv U =*

part of our Aztec sand temple. We got carried away building places for Danbo to explore :x

I left an hour early for work to capture the thick fog at the Wakarusa Wetlands. We don't have too many foggy days here and it was a treat.


This post is for my dear friends Brigitte and Andreas...

Leading Lines is the theme in Our Daily Challenge for Wednesday July 16, 2014.

Tokyo under pressure. If earth quakes, our civilization quakes too. These several days are my worst days for sure. but we shall overcome. Our society should become more tough more wisely. This is the trial of our civilization.

Cologne at dusk as seen from the Kreuzberg in Bonn. View Large On Black

Yup, that house is made of tin.. located in the Tin City at Port Stephens' sand dunes. The tour guide told us that the movies "Mad Max" and "Sahara" were filmed here..


This place is amazing.. so full of interesting things. And apparently further down the sand, there's a shipwreck too, but we didn't have time to see it. Maybe i'll be luckier next time.. =)


I thought about erasing the car from the picture, but i decided not to coz i think it spices up the picture a bit more.. ^,^


Marie-Laure is back in modern civilization, this is Liege's railway station.

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Another beautiful night for the northern lights.

Acrylic on Cold Pressed watercolour paper

It is the front area of the Peace Memorial Museum, Okinawa, Japan.

Kiev-60 with homemade soft focus lens (monocle)

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Kiev-60 with homemade soft focus lens (monocle)

Front page Explore#442 May 29,2009

Ahu Tongariki site is the largest Ahu on Rapa Nui/Easter Island


It is one of the most isolated islands in the world but 1200 years ago a double-hulled canoe filled with seafarers from a distant culture landed upon its shores. Over the centuries that followed a remarkable society developed in isolation on the island. For reasons still unknown they began carving giant statues out of volcanic rock. These monuments, known, as "moai" are some of the most incredible ancient relics ever discovered. The people of Easter Island called themselves the Rapa Nui. Where did they come from and why did they disappear? Science has learned much about the enigma of Easter Island and has put to rest some of the more bizarre theories, but questions and controversies remain. Go and Explore this site to get your own conclusions of the island's history.

La un sfert de oră depărtare de ultimul bloc din cartier, în spatele civilizației; Zărnești (Brașov)

After they get off the commuter train on time and get out of the Tokyo Metro station there is an atrium where the high-speed elevators deliver employees to their offices within thirty seconds. They don’t waste even one minute. Everything in their society including themselves is controlled by the machines they made.


Taken in Nakano-Sakaue Sunbright Twin

Nakano-sakaue Station, Tokyo.


"A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization." - Anonymous

The famous view of Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak by night.

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