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Adonaira make this pic of me:, there.


So i want to thank her, for this and I do a pic of the place where she snap me.


You're really great lady :))


Dustman on the frozen Beihai lake in Beijing.

Original here, texture layer taken in Rome nearby Piazza Navona.

J'ai du changer d'avatar en jeu. Je suis en train de recuperer tous mes

contacts. Effectivement j'ai plus mon inventaire (le pire étant pour les

poses :/). Mais bon, je vais bien et je peux toujours faire des photos :)


I have change avatar ig, and currently trying to get back all my friend

list. And yes my inventory is empty (worst are for the poses :/ i got so

much). But I'm ok and I still can do pics :D


Pic taken at China


View On Black

Goose flying off at Lake Manasarovar in Tibet, China, Central Asia.

In China you climb mountains on stairways.


Near Heijing in the province Yunnan.

Time to revisit some photos from one of mine favorite places here in US. The Epcot park at Disney World, Florida. This China pavilion was photographed so many times but I've never seen it edited in B&W. I like dramatic B&W edits, hope you'll like it?

Being the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan, Songzanlin Monastery(松赞林寺), also known as Guihua Monastery, is one of the famous monasteries in the Kang region. The monastery is located near Shangri -La( 香格里拉) County, at the foot of Foping Mountain(佛屏山).

Taken at Zhuang Village,

Longsheng County, Guilin China


HBW Everyone!!!


Explore, April 15, 2009

Thank you very much Guys!!!



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レストランの壁面に飾られていました。中国の高級レストランには、必ずこのような飾りがあります。 ( ^)o(^ )


It was displayed in the wall surface of the restaurant. There is such a decoration in the Chinese prestigious restaurant by all means. ( ^)o(^ )

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China 2004, sensia 200

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China Video

(Taken with Hasselblad XPan)

At Tibet, China.

Huanan Forestry Railway in north east China, which was once an extensive logging railway but was by this time a single line conveying coal from a mine at Hongguang to Huanan. This is 762mm gauge C2 class No. 168 working empties from Huanan back to the mine across the rather barren plain that ran from Huanan as far as the major centre of population along the line at Tuoyaozi.

Another railway that has sadly ceased operating, this time in early 2011.

A peaceful section of the 16th century Yu Yuan garden in Old Town Shanghai

Guangzhou (also known as Canton, and less commonly as Kwangchow) is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province in South China. Located on the Pearl Riveris. Also, it is the third-largest Chinese city and the largest city in South Central China. As of the 2010 census, the city's administrative area had a population of 12.70 million.


It is a night view of XiTang in the suburbs of Shanghai.

Form and the reflection of the bridge are very sweet and are a favorite place.



It is not at all what I was expecting. The city is progressive, vibrant and growing at a breakneck pace. I tried to capture the mood in this photo. I was hoping to get some shots of classic China, but the attitude here is toward new and bigger. The slogan for the city is, "Better City, Better Life."


China, certainly is beautiful there ~~

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