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A late summer early morning reflection at Herbert Lake.


With a temperature right around the freezing mark, a lovely mist floated across the water.


Banff National Park, Canada

As we approach the middle of February, it certainly seems like mid-March in the Rockies.


Earlier this week, warm air spilling across the Divide from BC collided with cooler air making for mainly cloud and grey everywhere.


But---for a brief few moments--- some blues showed through the boundary between the layers of air under Castle Mountain.


Banff National Park, Canada

Not the usual view of Lake Louise, but the contrast of lake color and grey sky was most evident looking towards the murky skies above Mt. Fairview. The snow line is about at 2000 metres a.s.l., and that is only coming down now as November is here.


Banff National Park, Canada

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Very rarely if ever have I caught two of these geese nearly synchronized and in focus....(This one is severely cropped)



I'm always intrigued by the distinct lines of Mt. Chester. This shot is taken just above the basin of Chester Lake after a 2 hour snowshoe into this beautiful backcountry location.


Alberta, Canada



Orcas surfacing in the glassy waters of Johnstone strait, BC.


A day with my eldest son up on the Odaray Plateau yielded some great colour with the larches in autumn display.


Yoho National Park, Canada


Happy Weekend to All!

I could hear these Canada Geese before I could see them, luckily I had already set the camera up to take this scene the geese were a complete surprise!

What a place for meditation!


About 800 feet above the Waterton townsite, the Bear's Hump was vacant of visitors while I sat and pondered.


I had not hiked up here for years, and on a rare windless noon-hour, it was just beautiful. Looking south to the U.S. border halfway down the lake, I remembered scrambling up and camping out on the upper slopes of gigantic Mt. Cleveland(centre-left of photo) many moons ago in--- Glacier National Park, Montana.


Waterton Lakes NP, Canada


A frost-covered willow shrub under a reflection of Crowfoot Mountain at the start of a sunny day in the Canadian Rockies.


Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

From the Odaray Highline trail the view down to Lake O'Hara was just gorgeous on this afternoon. The larches were in full fall display. My son and I were headed for a shoulder of Mt. Odaray and just had to stop and soak it all in.


Yoho National Park, Canada


Again, my last shooting day started at Two Jack Lake, fifteen minutes outside the town of Banff.


I've shot this reflection before, but the little island in the foreground has lost a tree or two since then.


It was so peaceful early in the morning that I think I'll look at this image before starting my teaching day tomorrow.


*** Our forecasters have issued a statement that temperatures here are dropping tonight from 20+C down to the single digits with---gulp---"snow" in the forecast...I know it will melt in the coming week, but I'm just not ready for it yet***


Banff National Park, Canada


A view of the long ridge leading to Mt. Chephren north of the Waterfowl Lakes with a subtle reflection in the backwaters.


Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians!


Mistaya River, Banff National Park, Canada

Parkers Ridge Trail, Banff National Park, Icefields Parkway (IMG_5482)

Already the sun had been lighting the peaks for an hour or so around Bow Lake when it actually rose above the ridge to the south. The driftwood and shoreline made a good foreground, in my opinion.


Banff National Park, Canada

Little Linnet Lake---according to a shoreline plaque--- formed after the last Ice Age. A block of ice (I imagine it would have to be pretty big :) )was left on site and melted creating this pond-sized lake. It sits beneath the Prince of Wales Hotel and the ridge to the south blocks that famous Waterton wind (momentarily) creating a nice reflection on this morning.


Alberta, Canada

When in Canada, Rain or SNOW, there is always time for a row! Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

Probably a million times photographed, but still it was the first time I did :)


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While shooting at Bow Lake, the front-lit scenes usually captivate. I turned to look for more mist to frame when the sun came over the ridge to my left and thought: " I like that ".


Happy Friday and Weekend to All !


Banff National Park, Canada

A late summer mist starts to drift off Bow Lake on this gorgeous morning. The bulk of Crowfoot Mountain is lit and reflected across the water.


Banff National Park, Canada

A beautiful waterfall on my way to Jasper. The water spray was very intense, when the sunset light was hitting the trees...


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I spent about half an hour watching this Canada goose enjoying the sunshine. Although she did seem to be enjoying the sun, she also seemed a bit anxious. (I've no idea if this was actually a female but she seemed to be a she to me) I have an awful tendency to anthropomorphize animals but she seemed a bit lonely.


Knowing that Canada geese mate for life, to me it seemed like she was missing her mate. Every so often, she'd stand up and look about before settling down into the grasses again.


From all of our travels I have to say that Moraine Lake in Canada is the standout. We only spent two days in the immediate area. This was a side trip during our visit to Glacier National Park. The entire countyside in Montana and Canada is amazing.

The water continues to trickle under the snow into Emerald Lake below the President Range.


Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

Canada Goose shaking off water during bathtime on a beautiful, and warm spring day.

Horicon Marsh, Horicon, Wisconsin

Spring 2017

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